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9/11 WTC Tribute (Enya - Only Time) Read Description
I don't own any of the music or clips. Any mean comments will be deleted. Enjoy! Don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Never Forget 9/11!
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LIRR #2056 Passes Central Islip Going To Ronkonkoma
I was going to go on the platform, but it was too late to make it came right on the dot and it was less than a minute when the train came and I was able to set up my tripod about 30 seconds before the signals activated. So skip to 0:40 Crossing Info: Left Signal #1: 3 pairs of Safetran 12x24 Inch Lights And a Safetran Gate motor. Left Signal #2 WC Hayes Gate Motor Safetran 12x24 inch lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical bell. Right Signal #1 Safetran 12x24 Inch Lights WC Hayes Gate Motor and a WC Hayes Mechanical bell. Right Signal #2 Safetran 12x24 Inch Lights and a WC Hayes Gate Motor.
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LIRR #2771 With Idiots At Grant Ave (Crossing Resets)
Signal info: Left signal: Safetran Gate Motor, Safetran 12x20 inch lights, and a WC Hayes Mechanical bell Right signal: Safetran Gate Motor, Safetran 12x20 inch lights, and a WC Hayes Mechacical bell with a Cast Iron Gong
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LIRR 2773 Passes Saxon Ave In Bay Shore, NY With a New Crossing Signal 11/28/16
The signal on the right is new. The bell is new, the gate motor and gate are new, and new 8 inch lights. Signal info: Right Signal: WC Hayes Gate Motor Safetran 12x24 inch lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell Left Signal: WC Hayes Gate Motor WC Hayes 8 Inch Lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell
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Federal Signal STH-10 and Model 5 Attack Ambiance for an AFA Central Islip, NY 12/23/2017
I apologize for background noise and the fact that the person upstairs put a Christmas tree right in front of our window. Today was a very clear day and the model 5 is not this clear. Thanks for watching!
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LIRR #8064 Passes Old Railroad Crossing in Brentwood, NY
This was filmed at the 2nd St Railroad crossing In Brentwood, NY. Signal info: Signal on left: WC Hayes Gate Motor WRRS Lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell Signal on right: WC Hayes Gate Motor WRRS Hayes lights
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Federal Signal STH 10 Noon Blast Short Alert Bay Shore, NY 1/10/2018
This siren is one of 4 STH-10’s in Bay Shore, NY. This one is located on top of HQ at 195 5th Ave. STH-10 #2 is located at Station 2 on Tillie Street near Brentwood Road on a pole in the far back near the trees. STH-10 #3 is located behind the Bay Shore High School hidden in trees on Rhodes Ave in the northwest corner. STH-10 #4 has a question of if it’s active or not. It is located on Orinoco Drive near the water tower next to the train tracks on the west side of 411 Orinoco Drive. It’s camouflaged with the trees as it is insanely covered in vines.
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Railroad Crossings 1-10 Which Do You Like Best?
You can comment down below to tell me which is your favorite.
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Federal Signal Modulator II 4016B Noon Blast Bohemia, NY 6/28/17
This siren replaced a Federal Signal STH-10B in 2015. It wasn't as loud as I expected even though it shook the ground. I apologize for the background noise. There was a landscaper and it was windy. Thanks for watching!
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Fedelcode Model 5 Noon Blast + Ambiance West Babylon, NY 11/18/2017
This is probably the best ambiance video ever. 2 other (regular) Model 5's wind up right after this, and then at 1:01, 1 of Copaigue's Thunderbolt 1003's is heard faintly. Thanks for watching! 😊
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LIRR #1622 Crosses 11th Street in Huntington Station, NY
The bells on this crossing ring continuously! Another good thing is that there is an Electronic Bell on it. LIRR, please start adding electronic bells to railroad crossings when your replacing old ones. Crossing info: Right Signal: WC Hayes 12x24 inch Lights, WC Hayes gate motor and a General Signals type 2 Electronic Bell. Left Signal: WC Hayes 12x24 inch lights, WC Hayes gate motor and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell.
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Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1003 Weekly Test - Alert Holtsville, NY 5/1/2018
This Thunderbolt 1003 is located atop the Holtsville Fire Department in Holtsville, NY near Waverly and Long Island Avenues and tests every Tuesday at 7:30 PM Don’t tell me because I know already!!! Yes!! A solenoid is stuck shut!! On Saturday April 28, 2018, I attempted to film this sound for a call since it doesn’t go off at noon. Somebody came out and I got to go inside, and was talking for a while with a couple volunteers. I asked them when they test it and they said every Tuesday at 7:30 PM. I informed Sirens of Long Island and we decided to meet up here. After four days of excitement and anxiety, it turned out to be a great success. Thanks for watching!
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NOAA weather radio winter storm warning 1:17 P 3\5
my weather radios going off for winter storm warning thursday March 5 2015
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Federal Signal Modulator 3012 Noon Blast North Patchogue, NY 5/26/2018
This Modulator is very unique with this tone. It was originally dual tone until the low tone drivers broke. I’m not sure how long this is going to last but it was VERY QUIET as you can hear the click from my iPhone turning off. This siren is located at the North Patchogue Fire Department on Davidson Ave off of Franklin Street and tests everyday at noon. there are no tones for this siren. Thanks for watching!
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LIRR #8080 Passes Carleton Ave With New Signals Installed After Double Track Project
There was a collision here on November 6, 2016.
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LIRR #6906 Goes Eastbound In And Out of Malverne
Signal info: Left signal: WC Hayes Gate Motor WC Hayes Lights and a Safetran Type 2 Electronic Bell. Right Signal: WC Hayes Gate Motor And WC Hayes Lights.
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Federal Signal Modulator 4016B - Chimes - Great River, NY
This is a retake of the Mod II 4016B at Great River Fire Department. This is tested at Noon Monday - Saturday in Westminster Chimes. This siren replaces a Model 5 that is still on the roof of the department building. Since it’s still there, my theory is that they use it as a backup siren. To let you guys know, it went off at 11:58 so start filming early. Thanks for watching!
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Sentry 10V Noon Blast West Sayville, NY 8/9/17
This was the first time ever hearing a sentry siren. The upload was late due to the fact that my iPhone broke and I couldn't edit or upload. This siren replaced an STH-10. So yeah. Thanks for watching!
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East Islip FD Federal Signal 3T22A Noon Blast-East Islip, NY
I filmed this with Thunderbolt1003. His mom picked us up and we went here. It was a great time! Don't forget to like comment and subscribe. Thanks for watching!
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Federal Signal STH-10 and 3T22A Fire Siren Ambience From My House
There are 2 STH-10s in my area. One is on the corner of Sunrise Hwy and Commack Road in Islip, NY which is 4 blocks from me. The other is on Beaverdam road in Islip Terrace which belongs to the Islip Terrace Fire Dept. It was the second to turn off. The 2T22, which you can faintly hear belongs to the East Islip Fire Dept. It was the last to turn off
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Bay Shore, NY STH-10 Ambiance 2/15/2018
I heard this from my mothers house in Islip, NY. This call was for a car accident. (MVA)
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Deer Park F.D. Federal Signal Thunderbolt 1003 Noon Blast-Alert-Deer Park, NY 7/1/17
You guessed it! Yes I found my camera! My cousin called me up and said it was in her mom's car. Before you say it captain obvious, yes it had a very short wind down. I was with my friend Gabriel who owns the channel Thunderbolt1003. He said he didn't upload it because because his camera was facing down. So expect a retake! Thanks for watching!
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Railfanning in Islip 4/29/16
Signal info: Grant Ave: left signal WC Hayes gate Motor WRRS lights WC Hayes Mechanical bell Signal on the right: WC Hayes Gate Motor WC Hayes Lights and a WRRS Mechanical bell Signal info at the station: Signals at the street crossing: Signal on the Right: WC Hayes Gate motor WRRS Lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell Signal on the right: WC Hayes gate motor WRRS Lights Pedestrian crossing: WC Hayes Electronic Bell
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Federal Signal Model 7B Noon Blast Short Alert West Babylon, NY 1/20/2018
I apologize for the wind. I couldn’t help it. Anyhow, This siren is one of 3 in West Babylon. 1 is the fedelcode that I filmed on Arnold Ave. 2 is on Great East Neck Road bear stop and shop. And this one is located at the address of 1033 Herzel Boulevard. It is tested Mon-Sat at 12:00 noon activated by Babylon Central Fire Alarm who sets off and dispatches for every fire department in the town of Babylon, NY. Thanks For Watching!
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Central Islip, NY STH-10 Noon Blast + Church Bells 4/29/2018
I rode my bike to the STH-10 as i don’t live that far from it. I filmed with my iPhone 8 Plus as i didn’t want to carry my tripod on my bike, meanwhile my camera was dead anyway. This STH-10 along with the Model 5 tests every day (including Sunday) at noon and goes off for any call but rescue calls in attack. Thanks for Watching!
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Tour of Inactive Federal Signal Model 2 in East Islip, NY 6/22/2018
This siren is located at the corner of Craig B. Gariepy Ave. and Sunrise Hwy. It was probably used when East Islip Fire Department had 3 other sirens besides the 3T22 or it was probably a Civil Defense siren from the Cold War. This video was filmed with my iPhone 8 Plus. Thanks for watching!
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LIRR #8092 Bullets Through North Peters Blvd With New Signals Installed
Left Signal: (New Signal) WC Hayes Gate Motor, WC Hayes 12 inch lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell. Right Signal: (old Signal) WC Hayes Gate Motor, Safetran 8 inch lights and a WC Hayes Mechanical Bell
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H.O.R. Siro-Drone Noon Blast And Rescue Call - Amityville, NY 7/14/2018
Me and Christian (Sirens of Long Island) decided we'd meet up at Amityville's H.O.R. The Test was successful and we agreed we would stay for a while to wait for any calls. Lucky for us, at about 1:00, a rescue call comes through. Sorry for the shakiness. I had to readjust the angle. Thanks for watching and enjoy!
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LIRR #8768 Stops at Bay Shore 5/22/16
Signal Info: All equipment on this crossing is from WC Hayes!
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LIRR train at Islip going Westbound towards Patchogue
I never got to go on the platform because it was unexpected
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