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WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ ! Leopard gameplay
Like a boss 😎😎 Music : https://youtu.be/bqafEwLT3Ec
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World of tanks 2v2
Let's do some training Music : https://youtu.be/wwvkQB9AlfM
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Fighter Wing flight simulator ! And better sound quality !
Music used: Tremble : https://youtu.be/8R2edW-oc6o Energy Drink : https://youtu.be/7eZIbmq5Jiw Wide Awake -Ready : https://youtu.be/6WbZIoCtBmk
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Clash royale
He was lucky but eh ... Music: All the way up https://youtu.be/MCjq3yB76F4
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Standoff 2 easy peasy
Standoff 2 is finally out of the beta version ! Make sure to try it ! Music : Forward Thinker
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Clash Royale ( don't touch my tower )
Music: https://youtu.be/piXRVCRY_ls
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Clash Royale ! Weird Team Mate too !
Just some random battles and some sound bugs :))) Music : Pretty little gangster : https://youtu.be/ujgQOosyIYk
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Clash Royale cu Edi ! Mai original la culori
Acesta va fi primul si ultimul episod cu astfel de culori !
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World of tanks blitz calm gameplay
Music : Sift Heads world : Bloody Newcomer https://youtu.be/cbdzGACr_Lc Sift Heads World : The Treacherous Return ( ninja beat ) https://youtu.be/duj7iySylbE
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A full match of deathmatch ... great ..
Watch the full video tough ( don't be rude but fighting lag is haaaaard) Best moments starts at around 9 minutes or more ( if you don't like waiting 😅) Music : Energy Drink ( too lazy to give link ) Aaaaaand this is maybe one of the videos that will end the standoff series sooo stick close Again thanks for watching and see you in the next video 😉
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New intro in use
music used: https://youtu.be/1AAu4WLsLMY
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Castle Clash after 2 years ( description)
After 2 years of beeing offline i tooked the game again and this is my progress MUSIC : https://youtu.be/UOMFHQWug0g
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Shooting like a noob in Standoff 2 ( but still win)
Music: Bad Karma :https://youtu.be/knfrxj0T5NY
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