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Coming of Heroin, Trainspotting Movie.
This is a self help video for the millions using this terrible drug Heroin and/or Methodone. It is also posted in memory of the hundreds of thousands world wide who have lost their lives through taking this drug.. I do not own copyright BUT i am sure Channel 4 would like the message the movie portrays delivered to the world.
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Dark web. Prescriptions and shit uk doctors
Crime is forced upon us. I'll take it to court. You cry babies. Leave the video alone. Contact the authorities. I've got a good case. People out there committing suicide because of these young inexperienced doctors. +4407745827936 whatsapp
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ประเทศไทย pattaya Thai Guitarist plays Sultans of Swing
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Another brick in the wall Thai player
Saw a great Thai Guitarist last night ..get on it..
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สวนยางจังหวัดระยอง Rayong Rubber Plantation!
FAO MR Huntsman------ This is a small rubber manufacturing plant, soon to employ people In the area and change from small to big. There are approx 15 fields around 80 Rai ( Acre) each. Only 3 have been used by the previous owners. Time to open all fields and do this the Western Way.
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Simple cheap guitar tuition Skelmersdale.
Anyone can learn chrds or scales. Whilst i am in UK awaiting heart stents, i thought i would give out cheap guitar lessons. Only £ 5 PER HOUR. One condition, if only once a week. You have to take this seriously. Do your home work and in no time at all, you will be playing along to all your favourites..Guitar
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Hotel California simplified intro.
Chords used to play a simple yet effective into for Hotel California
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Johnny be Good liverpool version
This is just to shut the idiots up from the last video where i am trying to let players see where my fingers are going..IE For the dumb a little lesson for advanced players..
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Nissan. Take 2
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Cadbury milk tray. Ad copyright time stamp.
A time stap for an AD campaign with Cadbury of London. All copy right belongs to uploader. Any copying, editing and or using with out owners permission is a criminal offence.
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Acoustic strings on an acoustic guitar are not very good.
Proof that in order to string bend on an Acoustic Guitar. Better to use Electric guitar strings. 9 Gauge.
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Official fathead finally coughed up his Guitar proof.
I must thank the OFH for without his cooporation this video could not of been made.Thank you for the photos although this doesnt really conspire to a decent Guitar collection now does it?
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Nissan take 3
Own nothing Mr Ballbag. I N-Joi your Jealousy.. Get your head around that grammar .
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Sultans of swing solo on acoustic
Just to prove that cheap acoustics can play solo's, just buy 9 gauge electric guitar strings, or 8s if you want practice to be easier.
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