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Authentic NBA jersey collection Revolution30 rev30 Part 3 (Pro-Cut, Game Worn)
Part 3 features some of my favorites in the collection. Pro-cuts
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Blank Colt 1911 Chrome, Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction front firing gun.
9mm front firing colt 1911 chrome with mother of pearl colt grips. Emits huge flames from front end of .40cal sized barrel (custom size change). Its actual weight, and has a magazine that holds 7 plus 1 in chamber. 9mm blanks are the loudest of loud and blow out ear drums instantly without ear protection. This gun should never be shown off in public. Also have locking black hawk holster with belt clip and waist clip (no belt needed). Message me if you like it. or Comment for questions. Thanks for watching! This is a 1 of 7 made. Also have a custom blank firing 8mm saturday night special I will list later in week. Its a palm pistol comes with nice ankle holster (60$ worth of holster). Mirror Chrome with SNL SPECIAL in old english engraved on one side. Has ivory resin grips. Great for movie props. As a gangsters side arm Vinny Vega custom blanks inc. These are not made to fire real bullets, and can not. They are used for theatrical or movie making only and should not be flaunted in public. They are all to realistic, and will be taken as the real deal.
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Authentic NBA Jersey collection Rev30 Revolution30 part 2 (pro-cut, game worn)
Part 2 of my personal rev30 collection.
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More of my favorites in the collection. Gamers and Pro-cuts only.
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NBA authentic jersey collection revolution30 REV30. Part 1 (Pro-Cut, Game Worn)
Part 1 of my rev30 collection. Each jersey is 100% real. Some are game worn, some are pro-cut very hard to find limited jerseys. Each feature light weight clima-mesh structure, heat applied logos, 1 layer twill mesh numbers. And a ton of detail and quality. Enjoy. I will post more vids if you guys like what you see so far. I will do my game worn football vids including new Nike jerseys, and Reebok. Will also post more of my NBA jerseys, and new pick ups every month. No fake jersey adds please, I don't support fake merch. Thanks. I don't collect retail authentics anymore. Don't like the wide cuts, and they are very common being they make tons. Plus its cool to get player worn quality. Adidas pro-cuts are right next to Champion gamers and pro-cuts for me as far as quality goes. Adidas does great detail work on there pro-cuts, but for some reason does horrid work on there swingmans and authentics lol. Go figure the jerseys that the retail stores can't get, get all the detail. Good thing I have a connection for myself and JC members. Some pro-cut jerseys I've gotten for Jersey-central.org members this year include. HWC-Jeff Teague- Hawks X-Mas Big Color- Durant X-Mas Big Color- Lin X-Mas Big Color- Faried HWC- Deng- Bulls HWC- Noah- Bulls HWC-Hayes- Kings HWC-George- Pacers HWC- Suns- Scola HWC- Suns- Dragic Durant- Thunder Rubio- Wolves alt Faried- Nuggets alt, home, away Warriors- Sleeved jersey- Klay Thompson. Kyrie Irving- Home and Away ex.. I usually only get 1-2 of each player for the whole season. So they do hold a strong collectors value which is good. The HWC are even more scarce and very limited. The X-Mas too are limited. Thanks for watching guys! Feel free to drop some comments on what you think. If you want to score nice pro-cuts, gamers, and all around good deals. Please join our jersey talk forum Jersey-Central.org, Its a great site to show off your pickups and talk jerseys. April 2013- Enjoy playoffs everyone!
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