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Saint Anthony's Church - Greenwich Village, New York, NY - A Walking Tour
Saint Anthony's Church in Greenwich Village is one of the earliest Catholic churches in New York City. Once, a vibrant and dominant Italian Community which built this city, the church was the forefront of all this activity, from neighborhhood feasts, etc. Saint Anthony's Church was featured in the original Godfather movie as well as many TV series in the 60s thru the 80's. The neighborhood is changing. High Rents have pushed many of the Italian community who grew up here, out. It's whatever the market can bear now. But Saint Anthony's will live in the hearts and minds of those who grew up here.
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Is There A Difference Between Hypnosis And Hypnotherapy!
NYC Hypnosis - http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com - NYC Hypnotist John Petrocelli, 4 months after being caught in a debris shower 1/2 block from the towers during 9/11, went through hypnotherapy to see if it would work to alleviate the paralyzing effects: Anxiety, Depression .. That he was experiencing himself. The results he experienced were nothing less than miraculous. The hopelessness was gone. Prof John Petrocelli traveled to meet with the innovators of this new therapy: Gil Boyne, Stephen Parkhill, Mark Cunningham .. applied the techniques with his emerging band of young hypnotists and organized groups of 9/11 survivor volunteers ..... Listen to this New York City Hypnotist Explain it all. Filmed With an HTC One Phone ... and a 5 dollar gorillapod stand purchased off of ebay for 5 dollars.
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Street Hypnosis: Hypnotized Young Girl Shakes Her Booty In Times Square
NYC Hypnosis - http://www.nyctrance.com - Hypnotized Young Girl Shakes her booty when hypnotized by Mr. P, the world's greatest street hypnotist in Times Square New York on Saint Patrick's Day Weekend. Her friends watch on as she finds herself full body smelling another man's crotch
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Hypnotized Girl Turns Into Maneqinn In Times Square On St. Patty's Day Weekend
http://www.beststagehypnosis - NYC Hypnosis and Mr. P, the worlds greatest street hypnotist, hypnotized young sexy girl to turn into a mannequin on 40 degree day. She dances and hugs him under the neon lights. this is a demonstration of improptu street hypnosis. Professor Petrocelli, Karla, of New York Hypnosis Center Join him.
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Silva Method: Dream Control 101 .. Get Answers In Your Sleep
The Silva Method, Jose Silva's Dream Control is a very powerful way of allowing your mind to access information moving toward health, success prosperity. Here's my story and how the technique revealed how I could heal my knees.
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Saint Anthony's Church - A WalkThrough - Greenwich Village, NYC
The Shrine Church of Saint Anthony of Padua on Sullivan Street in Greenwich Village, New York, NY 10012 .... staffed by Franciscan Friars (Order of Friars Minor) St. Anthony's is located at 154 Sullivan Street + New York City, New York 10012 + 212-777-2755 Serving Greenwich Village, SoHo, Tribeca, and Hudson Square The Shrine Church, located in the SoHo (Greenwich Village) section of Manhattan, in New York City, on the corner of West Houston and Sullivan Streets, is staffed by the Franciscan Friars (Order of Friars Minor), Province of the Immaculate Conception. Established in 1866, it is the oldest existing parish founded for ministry to Italian immigrants in the United States. Parish Mission Statement To all who are weary and need rest, to all who grieve and need consolation, to all who are discouraged and need hope, to all who are homeless and need a Savior- the doors of this church are open to all who are in need and who seek to worship in the Spirit, proclaiming Jesus as Lord. The Parishioners of St. Anthony are a community of faith, bearing witness to the glory of God and concern for all creation. In the Spirit, we strive to share our gifts with all who come- witnessing to the love of Jesus for all.
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How Can Hypnosis Help Me To Be Confident With Women
INCREASE CONFIDENCE … SELF ESTEEM w/ NYC Hypnosis NYC Hypnosis: Increase Confidence .. Let your Self Esteem Soar You experience moments where you doubt yourself. You don’t have the confidence, or you just don’t believe in yourself. How has this held you back? Are you ready to motivate yourself to new heights? Stick with me for a few moments. Won’t hurt. And you may experience a powerful change in understanding …. You know when your life gets out of hand. You feel an inability to cope. Feel trapped, helpless. Low confidence, to taking that first step, or any step for that matter .. to assert yourself. And you know this isn’t the first time it’s happened in your life. Self confidence and especially, low self esteem, most often are a direct result of events, behaviors, attitudes, what was said, what we witnessed, when we grew up. Those first 10 years when we didn’t have that analytical part of our mind that could discern the difference. Comments heard, whether there were in jest or not, ‘You’re not as smart as your brother. You’re a bad child. Why are you soooo stupid …” Sound familiar? Right? And these comments effects you today. As an adult. Even though you should know better. When someone gives you a compliment and you apologize, you can’t accept it. Or You make excuses instead of taking just credit. Or on the other hand, you apologize for the actions of others, the weather. “Oh, I’m sorry. That won’t happen again. How could I be so stupid. Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you.” Feelings of deservedness. No matter how much you were responsible for the success of an event, a behavior, a relationship, you can’t allow yourself to be comfortable with it. “It was just a fluke. Anybody could have done it. I was just doing my job.” Sure !!!! We all, actually do, have an extreme form of self confidence. Some, are confident in knowing, they are not confident. You might be confident in knowing, you can’t do as well as the next guy. You’re confident that you don’t deserve something. We all really are, Very confident in what we believe. Confidence is simply a state of mind. Self Esteem is an attitude. And just as you’re confident that you AREN’T CONFIDENT, you can learn to be CONFIDENT that you ARE CONFIDENT. Confident that you can be successful. Confident that you can have relationships, be powerfully successfull …. Achieve your inner dreams …. Just a little restructuring and tweaking is what you need. And my powerful hypnotic regression techniques that I’ve developed, will help you, to move in the direction you want. To restructure that Confidence that YOU ARE CONFIDENT. MY NYC HYPNOSIS AND UNIQUE HYPNOTHERAPY APPROACH, A PROCESS, WILL HELP YOU TO RESTRUCTURE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM IN POWERFUL AND LASTING WAYS. How would you like to be able to walk up to ANYONE, start a conversation, have unique things to say, even be the life of the party? Huh … Sound good … right? How Would You Like to create powerful relationships. Sounds Phenomenal. And I’m sure that inner critic in you, if he’s listening, okay, if she’s listening, is saying … ‘Maybe for other people, that will work. But not for me.” Boy, that inner critic sure isn’t lacking confidence. Lets look at my humanistic hypnotic process as simplistically as possible. Imagine the process as nothing more than a washing machine, washing and cleansing all the negativity out of your mind …… Lets go further, imagine you could relive all those early experiences with what you know now ….. You could go through those event totally different. Vanish, dissolve, evaporate, ahnialate the hold they had on you. Let go of the hallucinations you created back then, with the limitations you had at that time. Experience those old memories totally different. You’d be a totally different person? Beginning to catch on? If not, you may have to listen to this message a few times … and maybe tonight, tomorrow, you’ll just say, hey, Professor, I got it. A little slow mind you….. And I’m ready to change. Book me in. Give me a call, they call me one of the top hypnotherapists in the world, and if I was to negate that, that would also be an example of low self esteem, worthiness …. so … I’ll accept the title. The sessions we do together are long, powerful, and results producing. I don’t have to see you over a lifetime to get powerful lasting change. Only a few sessions are necessary. What are you waiting for. NYC Hypnosis Center http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com New York City (NYC) Hypnosis Center Professor John Petrocelli, Cht http://www.johnpetrocelli.com
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See Thru Blue - Master Guitarist John Berenzy .... Excellent
John Berenzy , an amazing NYC performer who, early in his career, starred at CBGBs and the NYC scene ... Early on, recorded on Columbia Records (along with Eric Clapton, Cream, BB King and Johnny Winter) and also was recorded on Strange Brew records. ... Listen to this hauntingly beautiful performance of 'See thru Blue" .... John Berenzy Bio http://johnberenzy.com/#biography
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Hypnotized 6 Hot Bare Chested Dancers in Times Square, NYC - They Can't Believe It
http://www.hypnoboss.com - World Reknown Street and Stage Hypnotist, Mr. P., hypnotizes 6 bare chested, hot and sexy rappers in a matter of seconds and piles them up into a heap of hypnotized flesh in the middle of times square while onlookers squeal and laugh in sheer amazement. New York Hypnosis center and Mr. P have amazed the crowds, especially when demonstrating how hypnosis can remove all of one's inhibitions. Times Square, NYC is the perfect place to have this warm Sept 2015 evening take place. Joining Mr. P was his student from California, World Class Atlantic City Hypnotist Ajedi, and top New York City Hypnotist Professor John Petrocelli
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Hot Pretty Girl And Rapper Get Hypnotized In Times Square - "I Can't Stop Dancing !"
http://www.hypnoboss.com - World Reknown, Street and Stage Hypnotist - Mr. P, hypnotizes this rap troupe WHO COULD NOT BELIEVE they could be hypnotized, and in the middle of times square. Sweet young hot and sexy female gets hypnotized by Ajedi, street hypnotist and can't stop dancing. Imagine how much fun you can have, because everyone in the crowd, once they've watched this, wants to get hypnotized too. New York Hypnotist Professor Petrocelli was joining them for this fun Sept 19, 2015 Saturday Evening in Times square for Hypnosis - hypnoclass.com
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How To Stop Being Angry !
NYC Hypnosis - How To Manage Anger - http://johnpetrocelli.com/hypnosis-to-alleviate-anger/ New York City Hypnosis: Everyday Life makes you furious. Emotions Flair, you get into arguments, fights. It effects your relationships, your work, may even get you incarcerated, but most of all, it effects your health Life is Unjust. Stupid. Unfair and We get angry to protest the unfairness of life and the way we’re treated by loved ones, strangers, employers, customers, the whole gamut. Even strangers whom we have never met, don’t know, can trigger internal and violent bouts of Road rage, physical violence; anger expressed outwardly. But inside, there is the seething, the repressed anger, anger at any moment, ready to burst, like a tea kettle, but in this case, not able to release the steam. Occasionally and very rarely, anger produces results. As infants, we are awakened at night and howled, and our fury may have brought a parent (if we had good parents) from the dark to pick us up, hold us, warm us, dry us, give us food. If no parent came, we continued to cry, but in twenty minutes, an eternity to an infant, your tears would turn from rage and anger to hurt and grief at the way the world was. And then to helplessness and hopelessness. We had been exposed to a lesson life endlessly teaches: protest may do no good; the only recourse may be mourning or feeling hopeless with no voice. Anger is caused by frustration over the fact that the world is not made to satisfy our desires. Anger is thus inescapable, with us in the cradle and with us as we face our death. If we are human, we get angry. Isn’t Anger unhealthy? Yes and no. Anger expressed – pushed out from the body – is as healthy as any other emotion. Anger repressed, anger suppressed, anger inhibited, anger kept in the body is toxic. Doctors are just beginning to understand how dangerous internalized anger is. Medical researchers have found that people who suppress their anger, people given to suspiciousness, fuming, and recurrent hostile rages, are putting their lives at risk as much as people who smoke and people who are grossly overweight. Anger is an emotion. And it has its root in your history, mainly childhood, when it was first experienced. The root may have been anger originally but could also have been begun as loneliness, sadness at not having your needs met. It may have begun as an infant, as indicated earlier, or as a toddler who felt ignored by a parent or caregiver. The adult expression of the original traumatic and emotional event becomes anger. This is where Hypnotherapy can help you. Consciously you don’t remember what it is that caused the feeling so long ago. You may beleive that the root began as a young school age child who was bullied and could not stand up for yourself. You may feel it began when you were a teen and your parents wouldn’t let you drive the family car. You remember how mad you got and hadn’t experienced that kind of inner rage. The problem is that the REAL emotional root is known subconsciously, deep in your memory bank. And your conscious mind doesn’t have the ability to delve into long term memories. Hypnotherapy uses regression therapy to guide you back, using your current ANGER feeling as a guide to it’s root, that significant event that had everything to do with the anger today. A process of reframing then takes place. This is when the protective subconscious mind can relearn that this emotional response to outside stimulus is no longer in your best and highest interest. It may have served the child but it doesn’t serve the adult. It doesn’t realize that you’re all grown up with rational thought available to you. You heal from the inside out because not only does the subconscious mind relearn, the conscious mind, although only an observer during a hypnotherapy session, ALSO gets the message. It’s so powerful! And when the relearning happens, the original emotional response is no longer a trigger. Does it mean you’ll be perpetually happy and never feel anger again? Of course not. But it is healthy anger that doesn’t reach the boiling point. It’s more like feeling irritated or frustrated than angry rage. YOU will have control of the situation vs the emotion having control of YOU. The New York Hypnosis Center - Hypnosis To Alleviate Anger, Hypnotherapy to get you over angry and rage in just two to three sessions with Professor John Petrocelli, Of the New York Hypnosis Center in Midtown Manhattan, NYC 10018
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Killer Gibson ES-345 w/ Varitone - Vintage Blues Test w/ Master Guitarist John Berenzy
Vintage Gibson ES-345 Stereo w/ Varitone ... smooth action, thin neck, one of those rare guitars that came off the assembly line that players dream of owning.
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JustinCredible's BT Cruiser - 1 YEAR LATER !
Justincredible, youtube's rv living guru, took this 2004 BT Cruiser RV and turned it into a homey, log cabin on wheels, complete with wood burning stove, electric being constantly replenished by a full blown solar panel system on the roof ..... and of course, a kickass sensurround stereo system. I purchased the vehicle from him for the Brigade of Angels, an offshoot of the Society of Applied Hypnosis, whose aim is, to teach veterans a unique form of hypnosis and hypnotherapy in order to help themselves and help establish a career. For more information, to become an organizer for your local area and get involved, or to participate in a training (Free for veterans), head on over to our website. http://lifeforveterans.com/ BTW: Thank you Donna Wade for Giving a loving bath to the BT today. Now to arm her for her next mission
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The Silva Method - The Bio of Jose Silva and The New Age Movement
The Silva Method and Jose Silva JOSE SILVA - BIO ... The Silva Method ... This is more of an audio .. there's a few pics ... But you're better off closing your eyes and listening to the humble beginnings of Jose ... How tragedy caused him to grow up fast. How, from an early age, he learned how to solve problems ... How he created a method that was at the forefront of the new age movement ... Jose's method was 'The Secret' .... unfortunately, when the movie came out, only a handful realized that Jose was teaching us how to create perfect health and abundance years before anyone else.
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Millionaire Day Trader Reveals How He Made Money With This Technique
NYC HYPNOTIST Professor John Petrocelli (of the New York Hypnosis Center - http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com ) helped millionaire investor Kirk Thompkins increase his prosperity consciousness, overcome his limitations and self sabotage and in a matter of months, turn around, increase his business 30 percent, change the relationships with his family, and this after just one 5 hour, super nyc hypnosis session, in a process he calls 'Humanistic Hypnotherapy' which totally transforms one's thinking and creates a prosperity, success driven consciousness which opens one up to new health, new prosperity, new self acceptance, new friendships .. relationships. This powerful hypnotic process is the result of 35 years working with clients, from 9/11, the World Trade Center attack (which Professor Petrocelli, was involved in as he was 1/2 a block away when the incident occurred .... to working with alcoholism, eating disorders, anger, self destruction, panic, pstd). New York Hypnotist John Petrocelli, evolved the process over a 36 year period, working 12-18 hour days, in those early days, clients paid no fees, time and effort was out of his pocket - "We were looking to help client achieve results, not just fix them, we were looking to create a total transformation in their lives. And we were able to do that. None of these techniques are even promoted in the diploma mill training the National Hypnosis Organizations in this country promotes. "They don't care about results. They just want to create long term hypnosis students. Don't teach them anything. Fill them with promise and hope and you've created a money machine. But it doesn't help clients." There are now over 20 competitors using NYC Hypnosis center's name, credibility, copying Professor Petrocelli's website. The one thing they can't copy is the results he's achieved. A protege of the legendary Gil Boyne (A.C.H.E.) and Stephen Parkhill's Regression techniques, Professor Petrocelli's New York Hypnosis Techniques have pushed the boundaries of what can be accomplished with hypnosis.
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Sexy Hypnotized Girl In Times Square Hides Secret Johnny Dep Autograph  In Her Bra
http://www.hypnoboss.com - NYC Hypnosis And Mr. P, take to the streets of Times Square on St. Patty's Day Weekend 2014. Mr. P, street hypnosis 101, hypnotizes and pretty and sexy woman to believe she's getting Johnny Dep's autograph from a member of the crowd. Stage and street hypnotist, Mr. P, tells her to hide johnny dep's autograph in a safe place, she hides it in her bra to the excitement of the crowd. This is a street and stage hypnotist training live with nyc hypnosis and professor petrocelli
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How To Get Over A Relationship ... This Really Works !
New York Hypnotherapy - http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com - NYC HYPNOSIS - Best Hypnotist in NYC How To Get Over A Relationship .... Getting over a relationship .. whether it's because of a death, a lost friendship, a spouse cheating .. it's devastating. Sometimes you wonder how you'll ever get through the day. Want a little insight into the matter? Watch This video.
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How A Hot NYC Fashion Model Hypnotizes Men
NYC Fashion Model Tells How Studying with NYC Hypnotist Professor John Petrocelli as the NYC hypnosis Certification Program - http://www.newjerseyhypnosistraining.com/njhypnosistraining/ and http://www.hypnoclass.com has opened her up to new possiblities. New York City Hypnosis Training and Certification Program is an entry level hypnosis training that far exceeds every advanced Hypnosis training specifications out there ... why ... it's hands on training .. a modified apprentice program that trains you with the exact techniques you will use when you work with a client or a loved one. At our New York City Hypnosis Center - healthwithhypnosis.com - we've had many hypnotists come to us, seeking a career opportunity and despite their having already spent thousands of dollars on training, weren't up to speed to getting results with our New York City Hypnosis clients. We had to retrain them. This New York City Hypnosis based Training course in hypnosis / hypnotherapy (including NLP and various techniques which have proven effectiveness with our New York Hypnosis Clients), "How TO Become A Hypnotist', teaches you EXACTLY what you need to know. NO fluff .. Hands on approach. "Most hypnosis instructors out there are just teaching a course. They're reading it from a book. I know. I wasted thousands of dollars, not including all the time I invested. They don't have a lifetime of doing one-on-one hypnosis sessions with actual clients like the 36 years experience Professor Petrocelli has. To me, a comparison would be the the NYU Film Making degree I received. Cost me several hundred thousand. Yes, I can make a movie, but that doesn't mean people will watch it. This is more like if you got to apprentice with Steven Spielberg for 6 weeks. Learning just what you needed to learn to create a blockbuster. Professor John Petrocelli's nyc hypnosis certification training in new york city will help you get results with clients sooner, than anything else I've taken. Plus, because it is hands-on, will instill the confidence you can actually do these techniques." - Marshal Rollins ... NYC Hypnosis Center is the ORIGINAL New York Hypnosis Center. Many Use our name, but they can't duplicate our results. Our sessions are 3-6 hours long and are life changing. You don't need 50 sessions. If a hypnotist in NYC or anyplace else tries to sell you a package consisting of a ton of sessions, the are what the industry terms "script-no-tists'. which means, their only skill set is reading a script at a third grade level. Think about it. Do you want RESULTs or do you want to forever hope and spend more and more money. NYC Hypnosis Center is located in midtown, 1 block from macy's at 152 West 36th Street, New York, NY - http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com
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Silva Mind Control - Hear Their #1 Lecturer - Paul Grivas of NYC
Way back, I had the privilege of training under and working for Jose Silva's #1 lecturer in NYC, Paul Grivas. There were no cellphone cameras back then, video cameras were new and of poor quality. This is the only record of Paul, and he's giving an introductory lecture in Laredo Texas at the annual convention. I was in the audience. Someone handed me this big VHS camera ... state of art at the time, would be considered junk quality now .... but I was glad to be there to capture this moment in history.
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Harry's U pull it
Harry's U-Pull-It junkyard in Hazleton Pennsylvania is an experience in itself period like a scene out of Mad Max 4
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Times Square Hypnosis: Young Girl Hypnotized in Times Square .. Can't Move
http://www.hypnoboss.com - In Times Square, Mr. P (world famous street hypnotist hypnotizes this young woman who, once she was hypnotized, she couldn't stop laughing at her own actions. She said, she knew what she was doing, but couldn't help but enjoy the ride. Street Hypnosis is the fastest way to building your confidence as a new hypnotist.
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Old Mine Road House For Sale -- $25,000 - Very Scenic Views - Historic
This according to the markers, is the site of the first house built on Old Mine Road in the Scenic Delaware Water Gap in like 1650. Well, it's up for sale .. well, at least in this video. Check it out. The house has been updated with all the latest creature comforts as seen in this video. :)
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Russian Woman Hypnotizes Her Massage Clients To Float
http://www.hypnoclass.com - New York's Most Highly rated, fun, hands on learning class comes to New Jersey. We've pared down our 6 day training to three days. Taken out all the fluff (but we give you all the materials), and in those 3 days, we accomplish what the big wallet draining hypnosis organizations can not. We turn you into a highly competent hypnotist. How? Well, with over 30 years of teaching experience, running 4 hypnosis centers and constantly having to keep my workers up to par so they have the experience, I know all the shortcuts to your success. To keeping you highly alert in class, having fun, and being able to recall everything you learn. Our main location is the new york city - nyc hypnotist hypnosis center on 36th street in new york. But we also run the NJ Hypnotist Training academy at the montclair psychic center in Rutherford NJ. Come join professor petrocelli and karla solorzano on a unique adventure. You will learn more than just hypnosis.
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Sylvestor Stallone Made Self Hypnosis Cassettes To Write 'Rocky'
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DAMN YOU FREAKEN PILL POPPIN, TIE-DYED, POT SMOKING, GRANOLA EATING HIPPIES !!! I GREW UP IN GREENWICH VILLAGE AND I DIDN'T GET TO THE ORIGINAL WOODSTOCK CONCERT !!! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BEATEN BLOODY !! I wasn't Old enough in 1968. So today, in an attempt to make peace with the past (and my bucket list) ...I drove up to the Woodstock Museum in Bethel New York. I'm telling you ..... everyone should visit THIS SHRINE TO A MILESTONE IN AMERICAN CULTURE ... for a full fledged MIND BLOWING, Interactive EXPERIENCE. I revisited the Woodstock Concert Site in Bethel NY ... (which is about 40 miles from Woodstock New York) ... It was amazing ... NOTHING IN THIS AREA OF NEW YORK HAS CHANGED ... It's was like TIME TRAVEL. The old farms (some deteriorating), the 2 lane hilly farm road where 400,000 kids from the world over, came in masses over those three days, and changed the world forever. Here are my clips of my experience today. They're not Cecil B. De Mille ... Maybe Samsung Galazy B. DeMille ... I didn't have a staff of 300 .. it was me, a bottle of pasteurized sewer water I paid 2 bucks for, a stale kosher peanut butter sandwich (I guess that matters somewhere) and my entry ticket. Enjoy .. And recapture your youth for the next 7 or 8 minutes. Take a trip that happened almost 50 years ago this summer. That should have never happened. That everyone, from the President of the United States to local police, tried to stop .. where 400,000 event goers did something unheard of in history and gathered peacefully ...(could you imagine the politicians screaming collusion with the Russians if it was today) .... Next year is the actual 50th anniversary and the original organizers (if they're still above ground) are GOING to do it again ... another WOODSTOCK CONCERT ..... I hope I make it ... Hear that Saint Peter .. Don't you have me go tripping on a banana skin like you did with Doctor Atkins .... okay ??? ! :)
Hypnosis For Your Child. How It Works?
http://www.childrenandhypnosis.com - NYC Hypnosis And New York Hypnotherapist John Petrocelli and Brian Kastan have come up with some new and unique ways of helping your child move ahead, clear past issues, low self esteem and build a supreme sense of uninhibited confidence. New York City Hypnosis has been around more than a quarter of a century.
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Stephens State Park NJ - Another Sasquatch Siting!
This country life is for the birds . So one person in New Jersey tells me you have to go to the State Parks to experience the real New Jersey . So after Costco..... I turn off at Stephens State Park here's my adventure. Please pray for me.
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Why Youtubers wear Sunglasses ! - Its The Law
Why YouTubers wear sunglasses. . After you watch several thousand YouTube videos , you begin to notice a similar thread. Most youtubers wear sunglasses , even if they are filming at night. I don't know if it's just being cool .... or social pressure to emulate everyone else on YouTube or they're in the witness protection program. The second thing, a lot of youtubers are wearing hats. Well I guess I have to go down to my country western shop to get me a sombrero and a nice cow pie for morning breakfast to give it a try..... here I am at 6 a.m ... After beating the sand man to death last night with my pill and I got my sunglasses on. YouTube, where's my royalty check :-)
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MY PUBLIC SERVICE TIP: DO NOT FEED THE FRIGGIN BEARS ! In NJ, developers have encroached on the natural habitat of the wildlife in the state. Because of this, the bears must be constantly on the move and, land being at a premium, if there isn't a Motel 6 available, they could end up in your yard. In order to handle this dilemma, NJ, in it's infinite wisdom, is giving you tips ... Here, I explain.
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Off Roading : My Scarey, First Time Experience on Unpaved Surfaces
JEEP OFF-ROADING: This is my first experience. I climb in my 4.0, 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo as I drive along the Delaware Water Gap, Stokes National Forest ... and I come to a road that, if I had tried to navigate it with my Toyota Corolla, I'd still be waiting to be flown out ... but my 4 wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee was up to the challenge ... Check it out.
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Hypnotized Rapper Gets Finger Stuck On Face In Times Square - Street Hypnotist Mr. P.
http://www.hypnoboss.com - NYC Hypnosis with Mr. P. take to the street on Saint Patrick's Day weekend for all sorts of Shenanigans in Times Square. Mr. P, the world's greatest street hypnotist has rapper star get finger stuck on face while crowd roars. This is an example of street hypnosis (featured Mr. P, Professor John Petrocelli, New York Hypnosis)
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The Cafeteria in New Paltz ....
. Anything can happen at an open mic. And this Monday night in New Paltz New York proves it
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Imagine falling asleep in Washington Square Park and waking up a PIGEON GOD ? Pigeons FLOCKING to you (Okay, that's a stupid joke) It's Either that, or like the man in the video, you're lunch meat for a flock of a couple of hundred pigeons. Well, I'm not going to say this happened to this guy, but with NYC cops cracking down on such serious crimes, such as, having an open can of beer in public and locking people up for days in the tombs, a cement block prison that hasn't been updated since the early 1900's ... and never knowing when they will get to see a public attorney.. I'd keep my eyes open for the pigeon police. P.S. I'm sorry about the title ... but if you got this far .. I hope you enjoyed my little cellphone video ! http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com
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Hypnotist Ranting In Forest ! Squirrels Chucking Nuts At Him !
http://www.professorpetrocelli.com - NYC Hypnotist is ranting in the forest. Deers and Squirrels are chucking nuts at him. I think he's crazy ... or is he ... Maybe he has a point. But you won't know unless you watch.
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Instant Hypnosis Induction - Part 1 of 2
http://www.hypnoclass.com - NYC Hypnosis - Hypnotist demonstrates a very simple straight on instant induction manuever
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Not As Sweet And Cuddly Hahn's Macaw (Parrot) :(
Puch ....She has quite a vocabulary as many Hahn's Macaws do, but she's almost human in the fact that that, put a video camera on her and she almost becomes 'self conscious' and 'shuts up.'
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Instant Hypnosis Induction Part 2 - NYC Hypnosis
http://www.newjerseyhypnosistraining.com - NYC Hypnosis Hypnotist Professor Petrocelli demonstrates hypnosis instant induction on new trainee. New York hypnotherapy
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Man hypnotized in Bryant park ....amazing!
Street hypnotist Mr p hypnotized this tourist and girlfriend in NYC Bryant park.
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Hypnosis 101: Street Hypnosis - "I Can't Believe I Could Be Hypnotized !"
http://www.hypnoboss.com - She couldn't believe she could be hypnotized, but this young lady was hypnotized in a crowd of thousands while passing through times square in nyc. She couldn't stop laughing either. She said, "I was aware of what I was doing, bu I couldn't help myself." After she was hypnotized by Texas Hypnotist (street) Mr. P. Everyone in the crowd wanted to experience hypnosis. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (New York City) is a powerful change modality, and what you see is, is mere parlor tricks to the self confidence and self esteem building qualities. - for more info - http://www.hypnoclass.com
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R.I.P. eulogy for Dad - Ron Petrocelli, Nov 18, 2016
Ronald J Petrocelli, after double bypass surgery and complications, dad finally breathed his last breath on Nov 18 at 7:45 pm. His whole family was there to say goodbye. Audio recorded Monday, Nov 21 at the chapel in Monroe Township.
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Your Money Market with Albert D Angelo
Learn the difference between money and currency. Will your money be worth anything in the coming days. How to protect yourself financially
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Train To Be A Hypnotist - Rated Best Hypnosis Training In New Jersey
http://www.newjerseyhypnosistraining.com - Learn To Be a Hypnotist with New Jersey's Professional Hypnosis Training at the Montclair Metaphysical School In New Jersey, The NJ Chapter of the Society of Applied Hypnosis. Calls is taught by Professor John Petrocelli and several guest lecturers. There is a 6 day training, and the new comprehensive 3 day. These are not normal hypnosis trainings. Most hypnosis trainings are given by a teacher with no real world skillsets. This was originally designed as an apprenticeship program. It's a drill camp to get you up to speed from one of the top hypnotists in the country, Professor John Petrocelli, with over 35 years of hypnosis experience and teaching instruction. Graduates who have been through the 6 day training have been matched up with 10 to 20 year hypnosis veterans and these new students have blown the old timers out of the water. This is hard core, results orientated hypnosis. Something the big hypnosis schools have no clue exists or even know how to teach.
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B.T. cruiser arrives .... Definitely needs TLC
Finally received the long-awaited BT Cruiser from justincredible. Almost 4 months , between Customs delays and getting it to the east coast of America. Some unforeseen events , but we're doing the best to get it mechanically sound and on the road. A couple of little , but expensive , dings in the rear , corrosion in the bottom compartment where he had his cat bin and toilet station. A cheap repair done on the right bumper which opened up. With 90,000 us miles on it, it seems to have weathered pretty fine despite . Some mechanical good neglect. We had to add brakes and a new rotor to get it here. Now we're putting in heavy duty self adjusting Monroe Shocks ... A Monroe stabilizer.... . New spark plugs, oil change , maybe even new stabilizing bars from Hellwig. It's my first RV. Hopefully we'll have it on the road soon and up to speed .... Inside the vehicle a lot of the interior needs to be reglued, renailed and was never finished in the first place. The interior , Kimberly.it looked pretty good in the videos. . The wood burning stove the wood burning stove, the Kimberly.... was filled with gunk trapped in the mechanism. A lot of the wiring came unraveled ... It's really turning into be a pretty big job, so we brought some others in on it. TuneIn. And if one of you guys can fix that cracked right rear bumper cheaply in New Jersey. Give us a holler.
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Female Hypnotist Gets Girl Hypnotized Good In Times Square: Size Doesn't Matter
Times Square Hypnosis: Mr P brought one of his pupils in from California, a very petite hypnotist. She proved Size Doesn't Matter as she hypnotized 6' tall males and brought them down to the ground, safelly and comfortably. Hypnosis is a normal natural state and when you learn to bypass the critical mind, you can get people to do the strangest things.
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Times Square Hypnotized Man Believes It Is Raining Dollars And Goes Crazy
http://www.beststagehypnosis.com - Hypnotized Man who is hypnotized by street hypnosis expert, mr p, believes it is raining dollars in times square. he tried to pick them all up and new york hypnotist mr. p has his hand stuck to Duane Reed Drug store window. Then he has him believe there are drugs in his pocket. This is on St Pats Day weekend 2014. Mr p is joined by professor john petrocelli of the nyc hypnosis center - http://www.healthwithhypnosis.com
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Customizing your RVs interior
Most RVs look exactly the same inside. Whether it's a $20,000 third wheel or half of million-dollar one, they all look like my dad's sixties formica based basement. I asked one of the leading manufacturer is why and he joked comma because all RVs designed by Iowa fathers. I guess that has some sort of relevance in the Midwest. Here is a 2004 BT Cruiser by Gulfstream. From the factory , it's nice, but boring as hell. Justin incredible redesigned it, edit a wood stove security windows and put up some interior paneling. Unfortunately Justin a great idea guy doesn't have the carpentry skills that were required that allowed this vehicle to travel 3000 miles across America without it all falling apart. We called CTV Construction in to repair the alien vehicle. This is just a little documentary with some tips which might give you inspiration the transform I used or a new RV into something you'll be proud to call your home.
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My Dad's - Ronald Petrocelli's  Birthday Mass - Son Saying a few words
Ronald Petrocelli, my dad, asked for a mass for his birthday .. at 86, nice to have God on your side. Here's a summary of his life .. close your eyes and listen. I just added random shots of the neighborhood he grew up in so I could post this on youtube ... some have absolutely nothing to do with the content.
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Saint Anthony's Church And Neighborhood - Greenwich Village, NYC
Greenwich Village was a great place to grow up. There was a dividing line called Houston Street which separated an Italian Neighborhood to the South from what would later house beatniks, folkies, hippies and finally yuppies. Most of these photos were retrieved from the files of Harry Fields, a neighborhood photographer with his big old press camera. Many of those in this video have passed on, but their contribution was immense.
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