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Words of Wisdom from MBBS UTAR Lecturers
A milestone we, as classmates achieved together. White Coat Ceremony marks the beginning of our medical career, where we promised to earn the trust and respect of our teachers. Thus, we value the words of wisdom from our teachers. A good teacher will be missed by every soul. Thank you, beloved teachers!
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The Mannequin Challenge! | UTAR GTF Taekwondo Club
UTAR GTF Taekwondo Club presents the Mannequin Challenge!
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Pirate Roulette Challenge!
Hi guys, we're just a bunch of hobos attempting the pirate roulette challenge! yes #dontjudgeus #wedowhatwelike. Hope you guys enjoy!
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Island Hopping and Snorkeling in Koh Lipe!
Part 2 of thailand vlog with my fellow course mates! Sorry for the shaky video...
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Day 1 - Koh Lipe Vlog
This time round I traveled with my beloved course mates! We went to Koh Lipe and Hatyai. This vlog is a part 1 vlog and stay tuned for the rest!
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UTAR MBBS White Coat Ceremony 2018
Thank you all the course mates for being there throughout Year 1. Year 1 is indeed a bitter sweet year with lots of ups and downs but thank goodness these awesome people are part of the journey! Besides, also thank to our lecturers for constantly encouraging us and push us forward. Also not forgetting our friends and families for making sure everything goes well (us not breaking down during our hard times). Thank you!
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Kuala Terengganu! | Vlogmas #3
The purpose of us going to KT is to get back our car after 3 months!
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Tree Planting at Raja Musa Forest Reserve! | Leo Club of KL Central
Hi guys, Leo Club of KL Central goes to Raja Musa Forest Reserve for tree planting! Huge shout out to the staffs in Raja Musa Forest Reserve that helped us throughout this event. And not forgetting to thank all leos that spared their time to make this event a success! Good job, fellow leos!
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Discussing Post-Polio Syndrome with Dr Robert Chen
Thank you Dr Robert Chen for making this interview a success. Watch this video to know more about PPS and the life of Dr Robert as a polio survivor. Biography of Dr Robert: -Solo family practitioner in northern Canada for 15 years. -Honorary president of the Post-Polio Awareness and Support Society of British Columbia for 2 years. -Volunteered in Thailand for 2 years to help disabled youth. -2002-2006, Senior Fellow at UKM. -Successfully received 1.2 million ringgit grant from the Malaysia government to start a Standardized Patient Program. -2006-2009, he was an Assoc. Prof. at Monash University Faculty of Medicine and Help Sciences, Sunway Campus. -Currently an Assoc. Prof. in University Tunku Abdul Rahman. -An inspiring speaker and doctor.
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The Whisper Challenge | Melody & Joey
Follow us on Instagram: Joey Ooi https://www.instagram.com/joeyeyeyeyey/ Melody Tu https://www.instagram.com/melodynamics/
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Last video of the year! This video is specially for my cutest best friend, SUK YAN. Hope you like it! Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/melodynamics/
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Found a garden that named after me?! | Arts & Lights Vlogmas #2
ARTS & LIGHTS is an interactive pop-up art exhibition that travels around Malaysia. Entrance fees: FOC.
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Self-Defense Workshop | UTAR GTF Taekwondo Club
UTAR GTF Taekwondo club presents Self-defense workshop. The response from students and public was overwhelming. We had a good session with all participants. Stressed at the workshop, self-defense is not merely hobby or a sport but a surviving skill that one must know. Thank you all committees and instructor, Mr Ting for making it a success. Not forgetting to thank all participants that supported us. Follow us on Facebook: UTAR GTF Taekwondo Club, https://www.facebook.com/UTAR.GTF/?fref=ts PTWPKL, https://www.facebook.com/PTWPKL/?fref=ts TSC Taekwondo Academy, https://www.facebook.com/groups/325809402665/
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'Serve' for Charity Badminton Tournament | Leo Club of KL Central
'Serve a shuttlecock, serve for charity' Serve for Charity is a fundraising badminton tournament in support of Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Pu Ai, PPM SEL:1280109, PPP SEL: 0290109 (普爱残障儿童协会). It is a private charitable organization taking care of the mentally and physically disable children from a single parental background, fully free of charge. Visit https://www.facebook.com/puaihandicapped.chuah?fref=ts to find out more about them. Congratulation to all Winner who win the events. Thank you so much to all the participants , sponsors Ling Mei (Shuttlecock) Acti-Tape , Kuala Lumpur Pharmacy (W.O.) Sdn. Bhd. , Vinco Academy - Taekwondo , World Champ Ryan Lim , Pro One Badminton Centre , Mr Sean , 木酢健之貼 Flexi-Patch , Forum Pudu , Massimo for your kind sponsor.
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The Days in Saxon!
Enjoy the video as I enjoyed filming it during the days I taught in Saxon Conservatoire! Huge shout out to all the kids and staffs in Saxon. Visit Saxon's Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/saxonconservatoire/
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Spicy Ramen Challenge! | Melody & Stephanie
Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. I have my best friend with me to do the spicy ramen challenge together which everybody has been doing! Enjoy!! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: Stephanie : https://www.instagram.com/stephiepieee/ Melody : https://www.instagram.com/melodynamics/
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一分钟内吃不完一片面包?!| 1 Min Bread Challenge X Bean Boozled Challenge
江佩谕的挑战影片 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8nFI0iUjKI I got my course mates to try eating bread in one minute!
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Food Distribution & Christmas Celebration with KLUF
My first vlogmas with KLUF which is located at Jalan Petaling. KLUF is one of the Street Ministry reaches out to the homeless, hungry and needy by extending a hand of help and friendship. KLUF seek to let them know that there is hope and a future for them and that God is waiting to give them a new lease of life. I'm glad that I can be part of it. God bless.
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