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Castle clash 15k gem roll( fresh account)
Nice Gunslinger ;) sorry all the salty people out there who don't have it rip you :'( ( best commentary so far ( in my opinion ;)))
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Castle clash: 14k gem roll( being P2W as hell)
Horrible 14k gems other than the grimfiend but the clutchest of the clutchest of prime hero cards forks over the long awaited Anubis... Now my account Is set
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Furnace+Cannon Cart= 2op4me
Oof Cannon card godly and furnace chip op git gud
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Rucoy online: LVL 100 BABY!!!
Probably the start of a series/ random uploads ik something other than clash Royale WOW :P
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Rucoy online: Low level charges into dragons
Thanks to: Firger Online Iddl For helping with a little grinding and some good ol fun Cookies for all
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Attempting to record castle clash
This is what happens when you try to record something that renders that many pixels apparently my tablet is shit or the recording app is shit 1 or the other guess I'll stick with clash Royale
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Castle clash: Horrible luck
Thanks IGG for the 6th death knight I really wanted skull knight or dread drake but no you have to give the worst possible thing KYS IGG
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Clash Royale: an actual chest opening
Been awhile since I made a vid was gonna make a vid on celebrating getting to arena 10 but ohh well
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BTD5: Golden Bloon Setup
Also I did Use the boomerang specialty building But that helped with the normal Bloons the sniper monkey solo-ed the Golden bloon So It would probably help honestly you don't have to use boomerang really use what u want just use the 2-3 sniper And your good also yes my recording software fucked up at the end for some reason I was just gonna go till round 50 anyway and was gonna sell everything for the apache on round 46 for the moab
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Clash of clans: ice wizard attacks
I like the ice wiz and it will be gone soon rip
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Epic battles with my new legendary (F2P)
Yaaaa I got a graveyard on my low lvl account from the free magical chest :0 !?!
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Trash magical chest opening (2X)
Happy solar eclipse day
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F2P Account Magical chest opening ( plz legendary )
Yea I pushed all the way to arena 4 as a lvl 3 to get to an arena where you get could a legendary I could a pushed to arena 5 but getting to arena 4 was hard enough with lvl 6s with lvl 2 epics and I had underlvled cards I was gonna get the arena 4 pack to but apparently Google won't let me redeem the $1 free gift card so fu¢k you google maybe at one point I will get the pack but I also don't know how to cover up the screen so my password doesn't show I'll get that worked out maybe or maybe not :/ thanks for reading through all this here is a cookie © don't eat it with out any milk though 🍼
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The 1st battle
I think I might make a series of this alought with my setup right now my tablet won't upload anything over like 5 or 10 mins so sad
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Huge giveaway ( link in description )
Giveaway: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DdQw4w9WgXcQ&ved=0ahUKEwjKjfej6IPTAhVIDpAKHWOCCrsQyCkIHTAA&usg=AFQjCNEPGa2VKuL0GefK_nkQoh9csTD8OA&sig2=1vpNEHXnL4NVOa4ATByyTA
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Clash Royale: 2v2 with randoms
Update is op farming chests everyday
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Giant skelly clone deck
Because its troll
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Clash of clans: and then there were none
Attention to all barbarians spammers: why?... . Why do you do this... Stop it, get some help 1st to comment "#Barbspam" gets a cookie
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Clash Royale: Ultimate 2 vs 2 Clutch
Jesus Christ its Jason Borne
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Clash Royale Video Test
Did u know I got the holiday pack on there and got only 1 legendary from 3 supers and 4 magicals
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Soul Knight or something
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Rucoy sellout video for views
A 4 min video of me tailing firger for attention and an unfortunate death from dragons :'P
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Clash Royale: Fireball challenge sweepage
Welcome to Davy's tutorial on how to effectively obliterate your opponents using the most overpowered deck possible, enjoy
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Best video in the history of ever ( MUST WATCH!!!)
No clickbait here 👙💦💣💥:0
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Amazing Sliver chest opening
Got them 3 muskys
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Unfortunate accident causes kid to get cancer( NOT CLICKBAIT!!!)
Thanks Mom for giving my cancer for only 4.88$ I love my new "midget spinner"™ @Walmart.com™
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Throwing Knife montage ( Flippy Knife )
Flippy Knife a game about Flipping Knifes I wanted to break my upload inactivity and this was short and easy I wanna upload once a month maybe lol?!? Anyway enjoy the very stale and unentertaining video and also the eclipse is tomorrow :D Happy 2 and a half mins of not having sunlight :0
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Rucoy: Double EXP weekend Grind
For this weekend Rucoy has a double EXP event and might as well take advantage of it right :D also probably gonna start having an intro in my vids sometime next week ... Maybe idk
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Castle Clash: Amazing 19k gems( Sasquatch)
Had some really old accounts from 3-4 years+ ago one account had 6k gems one had 5k and one had 8k so I decided to roll on all of them and dam was I lucky except for the last account :'( 6k without a legend... But at least I got 3 Amazing legendaries: Rockno, Creation 0-1, and the brand spanking new hero Sasquatch :0 I know what I'm doing this Christmas break :D
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Pro clone clutch/comeback
Yea I'm pretty good with the clone
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