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Airbrushing Snake Skin Paintjob
How to airbrush rattlesnake skin.
DIY Multiple Rain Barrel System How To
Homemade 220 gallon rain barrel system for under $150. Uses 1 water inlet and uses water from all barrels with 1 hose connection. This system is also easily expandable. Inspired by MNT Rainwater collection with manifold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdqznxPT_cY
Garden Trellis for Cucumbers and Melons
I built some trellis' to try vertical gardening. garden, homestead, suburban homestead, suburban homesteading, urban homestead, urban homesteading, victory garden, freedom garden, trellis, vertical garden, melon trellis, growing up, SHTF, WROL, economic collapse, inflation, hyper inflation, permaculture, sustainable living, watermelon trellis, watermelon, cucumber trellis, cucumber, cantaloupe trellis, cantaloupe, pole bean, green bean, green beans, sunflowers
Squirrel in my Sparrow Trap
I caught a squirrel in my repeating live sparrow trap. See the how[to here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBPqxLlCgrI
My New Greenhouse and thanks to Michigansnowpony.
My new low budget greenhouse and thank you to Michagansnowpony for the kind words.
Backyard Suburban Homestead
My backyard homestead. Many reasons to grow your own food. Maybe you are worried about food shortages due to economic collapse or just want to know where your food comes from for health reasons. Whatever the reason you should be growing some food.
No-dig Potato Boxes
Expandable planter boxes for growing no-dig potatoes.
Starting Store Bought Garlic
I wanted to see if I could grow some store bought garlic I had. Instead of just planting it I put it in a wet paper towel and it did start growing roots and sprouting shoots within a day.
Breeding Rabbits FAQ
My answers and advice on some of the questions I get asked on rabbit breeding.
Chick brooder with chicks
My chick brooder made from an up-cycled wooden chest and my chicks. Couple turkeys also.
Praying Mantis Egg Hatch
Bought an mantis egg from the feed store. It hatch while we were away camping. Luckily we put it in a cage before we left so it did not hatch in the house.
Raised Bed Weed Barrier
Chicken Tractor Update 5-25-11
Tractor is working great and the ladies are growing up nicely.
Foxpro Spitfire Electronic Game Call Review
My in field review of the Foxpro Spitfire. Basic features and some volume and remote testing at different ranges.
Tilling the garden by hand.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! : )
Prepping the garden. Rototiller crapped out and decided to try turning the soil by hand. Wife, kids and chickens all chipped in.
Feels Like Spring-First Bunnies of the Year 3-3-11
First bunnies of the year and some nice sunny weather...FINALLY.
Broody Hen Adopts Chicks and Chicken Update 5/15/13
https://www.facebook.com/KainanrasSuburbanHomestead Introducing chicks to broody hen. Had a hen that had been broody for about a week. Feed store had some day old chicks so I decided to try introducing chicks to the hen to see if she would adopt them. Seems to be a success. Im sure I will get a lot of comments on all the things I did wrong or could have done better and that is fine. Just happy it worked.
Late Start on the Garden
Getting a later start on the garden than I did last year. I have planted seeds in the garden and also have starts in the greenhouse that will be ready to plant soon.
Meat Rabbit Update-Free Range Rabbit
I let my buck, "Big Gus" out into the yard to save on feed costs. He will now be a free range rabbit. The garden was all done for the year so I decided he could go to town in there. He has been out for a week and is having a blast.
New Zealand meat rabbit ready to kindle.
This is an update on my rabbitry. The New Zealand doe is ready to pop and is busy building a nest. Our Californian doe lost her litter after she destroyed her nest and left them to die. No idea why she did this. We never touched the kits so we know that wasnt the problem. This was her first litter so maybe it was just inexperience. The only thing the I can think is she did not feel they were secure and had planned to move them. I will build her a new nest box that has a cover or something, hopefully thats works.
Sparrow Trap Success
https://www.facebook.com/KainanrasSuburbanHomestead I have been targeting the sparrows in my yard for the last couple years now in an effort to procted native birds species from this invasive species. I am still seeing plenty of house sparrows but I have also seen an increase in House finches and other birds I would rarely see before.
Long Term Vitamin Tablet Storage
My process for labeling and storing vitamins and supplements long term.
Havalon Piranta Knife Review
Picked up a sweet skinning/light duty folding knife that uses replaceable scalpel blades.
Rabbit Manure
Time to clean the cages. Moved the stock pile of rabbit manure to the garden and cover with black plastic to dry out for a couple of weeks.
Beaver Swamp
Just a random beaver marsh I found while out in the woods.
Slug Control-Whats your favorite method?
Trying out different methods of slug control.
2014 Roosevelt elk hunt
My unit 572 solo elk hunt.
How to Slaughter, Skin, Gut, and Butcher a Meat Rabbit.  Clean and process a rabbit.
My process for butchering rabbits. This video shows how I dispatch and clean rabbits for the dinner table. http://youtu.be/dBYv3I9cCgo
Meat Rabbit Update 4-2-11
Update on the rabbitry for 4-2-11.
Rabbit Colony
Briar patch rabbits. : ) My bachelor herd of juveniles out for the day in the pen.
Meat Rabbit Update 10-31-10
Update on my meat rabbits. Rubi had her first litter with 7 bunnies. They all seem to be doing fine. Tried breeding Jalapeño with Gus but she was not interested in him so I bred her with Elvis instead. Gus is doing great as a free range rabbit and that is saving us money by not having to feed him. Butchered 5 rabbits and move the next batch into their own cages.
Meat Rabbit Update 9-26-10
SW Washington Suburban Homestead. Meat rabbit update for Sept 26 2010. Fern is killing and eating her bunnies so she will be retired to the soup pot after her current litter is weened. 6 rabbits ready for butchering and 5 ready to be moved out from mom.
Dehydrating Apples
Great snacks for the kids and I like them a lot also.
Backyard rabbitry.  Raising meat rabbits.
Just about done with my my hutch. Top cages are 30x36 lower cages are 24x30. This is a project I started for my daughter and me. We will be breeding three does when the youngest is old enough but for now we will have the Californian having litters in about two weeks and the New Zealand in a month.
Chicken and Turkey Update 7-15-13
Update on my flock.
SW Washington Aggressive Blacktail Buck
Was walking down an over grown road when I came across this little buck. I am standing right in the road wearing my safety orange and he started walking right towards me with his head down. He finally veered off and beat the snot out of a little tree. Guess he had something to prove. Gotta love the rut.
My Soil, Mulch, Fertilizer Mix
My recipe Im trying out for a raised bed mix.
Backyard Homestead Meat Rabbit Update 7-28-10
Update on my backyard rabbitry. Everything is starting to run real smooth. Gonna have a steady supply of rabbits for my family and I. Might even start selling a few to help pay for the feed.
Meat Rabbit Update 5-15-13
Crow Calling
Headed out of the woods when I saw these massive flocks of crows flying around. I had a crow fight sound in my Foxpro Spitfire and decided to rile them up a little. If you have never called crows you have got to try it.
Californian meat rabbits breeding.
Breeding my two Californian rabbits for meat bunnies. My Four year old daughter thought it was very funny and I would have to agree.
Meat rabbits and garden update 7-11-10
Trying to the keep rabbits cool in the hot weather we have had this last week but lots of growth in the garden.
Porcupine Damage
SW Washington porcupine tree peeling on Weyerhauser land.
Chicken Slaughter in Milk Jug Hanger
Needed to make room for more chickens so I slaughtered my older hens. I tried out some milk jug hangers and was extremely impressed with how they worked.
SW Washington Bobcat Nov 28th 2010
I got bored during late archery deer season and decide to do some predator calling. Got this bobcat to come in at 1:30 after 35 minutes of calling. He never slowed down enough to give me a shot with the bow.
Meat rabbit and Chicken Update 4-18-11
Update on the animals.