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Raw Video: Inmate Repeatedly Swears at Judge
PlusRaw Video: Inmate Repeatedly Swears at JudgeRaw Video: Inmate Repeatedly Swears at JudgeThe Associated PressA shouting match develops inside a Kansas courtroom between the judge, an assistant district attorney and an inmate being sentenced. Michael Gaines was convicted for spitting in the face of two deputies. He was sentenced to 13 years. (July 18)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.
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Estelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' Dies at 84
EntertainmentExtraEstelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' Dies at 84Estelle Getty of 'Golden Girls' Dies at 84The Associated PressEstelle Getty, the diminutive actress who spent 40 years struggling for success before landing a role of a lifetime in 1985 as the sarcastic Sophia on "The Golden Girls," has died. She was 84. (July 22)Estelle Getty - star of "The Golden Girls" - has died at age of 84. She would have been 85 on Friday.Her son says she died early Tuesday at home in Los Angeles. He says she suffered from advanced dementia.Getty spent 40 years struggling for success before landing the role of a lifetime in 1985, playing the sarcastic Sophia on "The Golden Girls." The role won her two Emmys.
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McCain Counters Obama 'Arab' Question
While on the campaign trail Friday, Republican presidential nominee John McCain countered views by some in his audience who expressed fear of an Obama presidency, and a notion that the Illinois senator was an Arab. (Oct. 11)
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Future Planes, Cars May Be Made of 'Buckypaper'
It's called 'buckypaper' and looks a lot like ordinary carbon paper, but don't be fooled by the cute name or flimsy appearance. It could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made. (Oct. 18)
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New Britney Still Owns the VMAs
Britney Spears has provided some of the most notorious moments in MTV Video Music Award history. Sunday Spears made news and earned a standing ovation just by showing up, smiling and not making a fool of herself. (Sept. 8)
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Raw Video: Polar Bear Sees Double
Germany's polar bear cub Flocke is enamored with her own reflection in the mirror. The cute cub is almost five-weeks old. (Feb. 1)
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Whoopi: I Owe Patrick Swayze My Oscar
Whoopi Goldberg says her friend Patrick Swayze - recently diagosed with pancreatic cancer - is the reason she won an Oscar for the film, 'Ghost.' Listen to her comment on Thursday's 'The View.' (March 6)
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Clinton, Obama Clash at Debate
Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engaged in an angry exchange Monday over past statements on Republican ideas and the words of former President Clinton in a presidential debate five days before the pivotal South Carolina primary. (Jan. 21)
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Kucinich: Bailout 'Driven by Fear Not Fact'
Ohio congressman Dennis Kucinich suggested the $700 billion bailout package was sending America towards 'casino socialism, where the only real product is debt'. (Sept. 28)
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Soul Singer Maxwell Returns After 7 Years
Maxwell, one of the key voices from R&B's neosoul era, is back making music after a long hiatus. The Grammy-nominated singer talks about his U.S. tour and upcoming fourth studio release, 'Black Summer's Night.' (Oct. 7)
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Singer, Songwriter Isaac Hayes Dies at Age 65
Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft'' won Academy and Grammy awards, has been found dead at home. He was 65. (August 10)
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George Clinton Celebrates 67th Birthday
EntertainmentExtraGeorge Clinton Celebrates 67th BirthdayGeorge Clinton Celebrates 67th BirthdayThe Associated PressFunkmeister George Clinton marked his 67th birthday with a blast of celeb friends, including Sly Stone and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The bash also celebrated Clinton's new album, 'George Clinton and Some Gangsters of Love,' due this fall. (July 25)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.
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DiCaprio, Crowe Remember Paul Newman
Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe take time out of promoting their new movie 'Body of Lies' to remember screen legend Paul Newman, who died Friday at the age of 83. (Sept. 29)
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Afternoon Tea With Ozzy and Slash
Ozzy Osbourne was officially named a Living Legend at the Classic Rock Awards and to celebrate the occasion he posed for photographers alongside legendary guitarist Slash. (Nov. 4)
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Pink Floyd Founder Wright Dies at 65
Richard Wright, one of the four founding members of Pink Floyd, died Monday at the age of 65. (Sept. 15)
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World's Tallest Man Has Trouble Fitting In
Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk took the title of World's Tallest Man from a Chinese man. His newfound celebrity status is giving the impoverished man new opportunities for health and transportation. (March 24)
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Tot's Grandmother to 911: Dead Body Smell in Car
SelectPlusTot's Grandmother to 911: Dead Body Smell in CarTot's Grandmother to 911: Dead Body Smell in CarThe Associated PressThe grandmother of a missing 2-year-old Orlando girl told an emergency dispatcher that a car driven by the girl's mother smelled like there had been a dead body inside. (July 25)[Notes:911 call NATS]911 Call: "there's something wrong. I just found my daughter's car today. And it smells like there's been a dead body in the damn car." [Notes:ANCHOR VOICE][Notes:cindy anthony in court]Grandmother Cindy Anthony made a pair of calls to 911 when she realized her granddaughter was missing.The first one was to ask police to come and arrest her daughter, Casey Anthony, and to report her granddaughter Caylee was missing.SOT: "I have someone here that I need to be arrested ...In my home...and I have a possible missing child."[Notes:casey anthony in court]During that call, Cindy Anthony also accused her daughter of stealing her car and money.Two hours later, a much more frantic call...SOT: "I called a little bit ago, the deputy sheriff's line, I found out my granddaughter has been taken, she has been missing for a month. Her mother finally admitted that she's been missing."[Notes:still of missing girl]Cindy Anthony cries through the report to the dispatcher.911 CALL: Anthony:"my daughter finally admitted that the babysitter stole her. I need to find her."Dispatcher: "your daughter admitted that the baby is where?" Anthony: "that the baby sitter took her a month ago. That my daughter's been looking for her."[Notes:still of missing girl]The grandmother goes on to describe the missing 3 year old. Then the dispatcher asks to speak to the toddler's mother.911 CALL: Casey Anthony: "my daughter's been missing for the last 31 days."Dispatcher: "and you know who has her?"Anthony: "I know who has her. I've tried to contact her, I actually received a phone call today."[Notes:wide of billboard for missing girl]The dispatcher gets some details from the young mother, then asks, 'why now?'911 CALL:Dispatcher: "why are you calling now? Why didn't you call 31 days ago?"Anythony: "i've been looking for her and have gone through other resources to try and find her...which was stupid."[Notes:casey anthony in court]Since the calls, police say they've learned that the babysitter ... And much of what Casey Anthony told them, may not be true.[Notes:WOFL - exteriors of home and search]And authorities say there is evidence of possible human decomposition in her yard and in her car. [Notes:still of casey anthony]Casey Anthony currently faces charges of child neglect and lying to investigators. She remains behind bars -- her bond set at half a million dollars. [Notes:still of missing girl]While she sits in jail, the search for her 3-year-old daughter Caylee continues. ___ ___, The Associated Press
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Raw Video: Tool Bag Lost During Space Walk
Space walking astronauts lost a tool bag while preparing to do work outside the International Space Station. (Nov. 18)
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Some People Trading Lawns for Veggie Gardens
An increasing, albeit small, number of people are trying edible landscaping: growing fruits and vegetables mixed in with traditional, ornamental flowers, to save money on food, eat healthier and ensure their fresh food is safe. (Aug. 25)
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Being Big Bird: the Muppet Unmasked
BusinessBeing Big Bird: the Muppet UnmaskedBeing Big Bird: the Muppet UnmaskedThe Associated PressOn the street, Caroll Spinney is a 74-year-old of modest proportions. On the job, transformed into Big Bird, he stands 8 feet 2 inches tall and is 6 years old. (June 16)[Notes:UPSOUND SESAME STREET THEME SONG] For nearly 40 years, Big Bird has been entertaining kids and adults alike on Sesame Street. Since his first TV appearance, Big Bird has seen only a few changes. He's a bit bigger now and he's got a few more feathers - but underneath that fluffy exterior, Big Bird remains the same. Meet Carroll Spinney. Spinney is Big Bird. [Notes:UPSOUND: SPINNEY, (Out of Costume, On Set): OH, HI. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SEE IF I HAVE ANY MAIL TODAY....]Spinney has been inside the bird suit since the beginning. And while the Big Bird character remains a six-year-old, Spinney, it now 73. Continuing in the role however, suits him just fine. [Notes:SOT: Spinney]ONE OF THE THINGS THAT I REALLY ENJOY ABOUT SESAME STREET IS THAT I GET TO DO SOMETHING THAT MOST PEOPLE ONLY DREAM OF. YEARS GO BY AND YOU'RE STILL THE SAME AGE.Sesame Street's longevity can be attributed to its wide appeal. For kids, it's often the engagement with the show, and parents can take comfort in knowing that their children are learning. [Notes:SOT SPINNEY]I FIND THAT KIDS REALLY ENJOY IT IF YOU TALK TO THEM LIKE YOU RECOGNIZE THEIR INTELLIGENCE. TRY TO BE AN EQUAL AND NOT TALK DOWN TO THEM. And with Big Bird being so, well, big. You'd think Spinney would be talking down to them regardless. But he's actually at about the same level as them, just separated by about six thousand feathers. [Notes:SOT SPINNEY:]HE IS 8 FEET-TWO. SO MY ARM IS IN HIS LEFT WING AND HIS RIGHT WING IS LIKE A CANTALEVER SYSTEM. YOU PLAY TO THE CAMERA AND IM WEARING A TINY MONITOR STRAPPED TO MY CHEST. .... .... .... Spinney also provides the voice of Oscar the Grouch. As Spinney puts it, a character based on a true New Yorker.I ACTUALLY WAS PICKED UP BY THIS CAB DRIVER WHO SAID, 'HEY MACK' AND THEN PROCEEDED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT MAYOR LINDSEY. AND NEW YORK CITY WAS REALLY A MESS BACK THEN WITH GARBAGE LITERALLY PILED ON THE STREET. .... ... AND IS SAID GET AWAY FROM MY TRASH CAN AND JIM HENSON SAID THAT'LL DO FINE AND I HAD A JOBSpinney says that he'll continue with that job - as well as the Big Bird gig - for the foreseeable future. [Notes:UPSOUND SESAME STREET THEME SONG]UPSOUND: Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letter xx and the number xx. and, Jon Belmont, The Associated Press. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Luke------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: APTN/Sesame Workshop--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL:------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS:----------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE:
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Auto CEOs Tell Congress Why They Need $25b
General Motors Corp. chief executive Rick Wagoner told the House Financial Services Committee that collapse of the U.S. auto industry could lead to a loss of 3 million jobs within the first year. (Nov. 19)
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Haunting Ledger Portrait Unveiled
A portrait of the late Heath Ledger was considered for one of Australia's most prestigious art prizes. The portrait was painted by Vincent Fantauzzo, a friend of Ledger's. (March 25)
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Stars Pay Homage to Bernie Mac
Stars out in Los Angeles react to the death of comedian Bernic Mac. Mac died in a Chicago-area hospital Saturday at age 50. (Aug. 10)
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America's Best Lemonade Stand?
A lemonade stand run by twins in North Carolina has been dubbed the best in the country by Inc. magazine. The "Lemon Sharks Lemonade" stand is inspired by Jimmy Buffet, and the boys have donated $200 of their earnings to a local museum's shark program.
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Madonna Gives It 2 the Cameras
EntertainmentExtraMadonna Gives It 2 the CamerasMadonna Gives It 2 the CamerasThe Associated PressCatch Madonna on the set of her new video "Give It 2 Me" featuring Pharrell. In this video provided to the AP by her music label, the pop icon voices her opinion about media attention while singing and dancing for the cameras. (July 11)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.
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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Rights
PlusSupreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun RightsSupreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun RightsThe Associated PressThe U.S. Supreme Court offers its first-ever take on gun rights under the Second Amendment, saying Americans can have guns for self defense. The ruling overturns a gun ban in Washington, D.C. (June 26)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] [Notes:NATS UP gun firing?]A DECISIVE RULING FROM THE U-S SUPREME COURT ... SAYING AMERICANS CAN KEEP GUNS AT HOME FOR SELF DEFENSE. [Notes:VO court exterior] [Notes:VO broll of gun store]THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THE HIGH COURT HAS OFFERED ITS INTERPRETATION OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT ... GRANTING THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. [Notes:VO Washington beauty shot] [Notes:VO file of crime scene]THE 5-TO-4 RULING STRIKES DOWN A BAN ON HANDGUNS IN THE NATION'S CAPITOL ... THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HAS ONE OF THE MOST RESTRICTIVE GUN LAWS ... DESIGNED TO STOP VIOLENCE. THE CITY'S MAYOR IS VOWING TO REQUIRE THAT RESIDENTS REGISTER THEIR GUNS. [Notes:DC Scotus Fenty AP 13:06:42]SOT: More handguns in the District of Columbia will only lead to more handgun violence.THE DECISION WAS HAILED BY SUPPORTERS OF GUN RIGHTS. [Notes:DC Scotus Gun Atty 7:39:29]SOT: It basically told us what Americans have long suspected. We do have an individual right in this country to have guns. The government cannot ban guns and it cannot regulate guns out of existence. [Notes:VO Heller outside court]A SECURITY GUARD, DICK HELLER, BROUGHT THE SUIT AFTER THE DISTRICT REJECTED HIS APPLICATION TO KEEP A GUN IN HIS HOME ON CAPITOL HILL ... A SHORT DISTANCE FROM THE SUPREME COURT. [Notes:VO DC police file][Notes:VO rack zoom from son's picture to interviewee]THE RULING WILL MOST IMMEDIATELY BE FELT IN WASHINGTON, WHERE A STIFF HANDGUN BAN HAS BEEN LAW SINCE 1976. KENNETH BARNES SENIOR LOST HIS SON TO GUN VIOLENCE HERE. [Notes:DC Gun Intv AP 15:45:39]SOT: Almost everyday we're hearing about gun violence in Washington, D.C. ... And yet the Supreme Court says to everybody in the city of Washington, all over the world. Let's put more guns on the street. Let's have more guns. Now what kind of message to a civilized community does that send, to a civilized world?*THAT* IS AN ISSUE D.C. LEADERS NOW HAVE TO GRAPPLE WITH ... IN A CITY THAT HAS SEEN MORE THAN 8,400 HOMICIDES SINCE THE GUN BAN TOOK EFFECT 32 YEARS AGO. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE:-------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: Lee Powell------------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: File, WJLA, AP, pool--------------------------VIDEO APPROVAL:------------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS:----------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: BC-Scotus-Guns, 10th------------------------------------
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41-Year-Old Swimmer Makes Olympic History
Sports41-Year-Old Swimmer Makes Olympic History41-Year-Old Swimmer Makes Olympic HistoryThe Associated PressDara did it. The 41-year-old will be the oldest woman ever to compete in Olympic swimming after finishing first in the 100-meter freestyle event at the Omaha trials. (July 4)((TRACK))((SUPER: Omaha, Neb.)) ((PICS added in WDC)) ON A NIGHT WHEN MICHAEL PHELPS BROKE ANOTHER WORLD RECORD, DARA TORRES STOLE THE SHOW.THE 41-YEAR-OLD POSTED A TIME OF 53-POINT-7-8 SECONDS, TOUCHING THE WALL FIRST IN THE 100-METER FREESTYLE EVENT.SHE BESTED NATALIE COUGHLIN, A SWIMMER 16 YEARS HER JUNIOR, AND A FIELD FULL OF TWENTY-SOMETHINGS.BEIJING WILL BE HER FIFTH GAMES.HER FIRST WAS IN 19-84.NINE MEDALS AND TWO RETIREMENTS LATER, SHE'LL BE THE OLDEST WOMEN TO EVER COMPETE IN OLYMPIC SWIMMING.((SOT))((SUPER: Dara Torres/U.S. Swimmer))'I was shocked when I touched the wall. I could not see the scoreboard. With my age, I was like, 'Gosh, what does that say?' Then, I heard the announcer, and I could kind of see it like, blurry. But, they need to make those numbers bigger for people my age. // I'm shocked. I don't think it's really hit me yet that I'm on a fifth Olympic team. I walked into drug testing and Ryan Lochte and Aaron Piersol and Phelps are in there and I was like, 'Whoa, I'm with them.'((SOT))((SUPER: Michael Phelps/U.S. Swimmer))'You know, Dara. Yeah. As I call her, my mom. You know, at 41. She's 41 right? 41 with a kid?'((SOT))((SUPER: Dara Torres/U.S. Swimmer))Reporter: 'Michael was in here earlier and he referred to you as his second mom. What can you say about that?'I like to be referred to as a big sister to my teammates, although I am as old as some of their parents. // I feel like I'm on their level on one hand. On the other hand I have a lot of experience and I'm maybe not on their level. I actually take that as a compliment that he refers to me as the mom there. But, I don't know if the kids actually think that. Maybe aunt. Go with aunt.'((STANDUP))((SUPER: Jason Bronis/Omaha, Neb.))'Torres isn't finished here in Omaha. She'll look to make history again by qualifying for the Olympics in the 50-meter freestyle event over the weekend. JB, the AP, Omaha, Neb.'
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Historic Flooding in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
PlusHistoric Flooding in Cedar Rapids, IowaHistoric Flooding in Cedar Rapids, IowaThe Associated PressThe Cedar River poured over its banks here Thursday, forcing the evacuation of more than 3,000 homes, causing a railroad bridge to collapse and leaving much of downtown underwater. (June 12)Steve Shriver/owns flooded business "Something is collapsing over there.""What do you think it is?""I think it's a parking garage." (TRACK) CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA IS FALLING APART AS THE CEDAR RIVER SWALLOWS THE CITY. IT LOOKS MORE LIKE VENICE, ITALY THAN THE MIDDLE OF IOWA. Steve Shriver/owns flooded business"The river is literally running through buildings." (TRACK) STEVE SHRIVER OWNS AN ORGANIC LIP BALM BUSINESS LOCATED IN DOWNTOWN. AND HIS PRODUCTION ROOM IS IN THE BASEMENT...SEVERAL FEET UNDER WATER. Steve Shriver/owns flooded business"we have a million sticks of lip balm sitting in the at building waiting to be shipped out, that we cannot reach." (TRACK) DESPITE DAYS OF PREPARING FOR THE FLOOD, NOTHING WAS ABLE TO STOP THE WATER FROM RISING INTO DOWNTOWN. SOT:(Tom Aller/Pres., Interstate Power and Light Alliant Energy) "Water has risen to the point where all of downtown is really under water. All of our steam system is down and under water so the major customers of steam, such as quaker oats and folks like that are out. And our electric system is out as well." MARK CARLSON/STANDUP CEDAR RAPIDS CEDAR RAPIDS IS OVER RUN BY AN UNIMAGINEABLE AMOUNT OF WATER. THE CEDAR RIVER IS TAKING WITH IT ANYTHING IT CAN AS FLOOD WATERS CONTINUE TO RISE. (TRACK)The city has put an evacuation order in and that's helping because the workers are not coming downtown." The amount of flooding in this area is unprecedented and no one knows how long it could take to get back to normal. SOT:(Tom Aller/Pres., Interstate Power and Light Alliant Energy) "As far as what we're telling our customers, we're talking about an indefinite outage here, for sure." Steve Shriver/owns flooded businessNats "deep sigh" IT'S JUST TOO MUCH TO LOOK AT FOR SHRIVER. HIS LIVELY HOOD IS UNDER WATER. Steve Shriver/owns flooded business"There is no insurance to cover it. We need some sort of help from FEMA." FOR NOW, ALL ANYONE CAN DO IS WATCH THE WATER RISE. MARK CARLSON, AP, CEDAR RAPIDS, IA.
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Raw Video: Gary Coleman on 'Divorce Court'
The honeymoon is over for Gary Coleman and his new bride. The 40-year-old actor and his 22-year-old wife, Shannon Price, are set to appear on TV's "Divorce Court" on May 1 and 2 to air out their differences. (April 30)
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Brady Surprised by Burress' Prediction
Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress' prediction of a Super Bowl win over the Patriots was still the main topic as players and coaches from both teams met the media Wednesday. (Jan. 30)
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Spears Shakes It for New Rolling Stone Cover
Britney's back! On the eve of the release of her new album 'Circus,' the pop singer shows her moves and toned body for cover of Rolling Stone magazine, on sale now. (Nov. 28)
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The Vatican's Take on Aliens?
SelectPlusThe Vatican's Take on Aliens?The Vatican's Take on Aliens?The Associated PressAccording to the Vatican's chief astronomer, believing that the universe may contain alien life does not contradict a faith in God. (June 8)he Gandolfo Castle perched above a glistening green lake near Rome has a magical aura. It is the Pope's summer residence, and it is here that Vatican astronomers have for decades studied the heavans.Perched on the roof of this 17th century castle are two domes holding telescopes that Vatican astronomers have been using since the 1930s.Now they have much more powerful telescopes for their research located in Tucson, Arizona, but it is here at Castel Gandolfo that the astronomers have their headquarters. One would almost expect to find the wizard Gandalf from the "Lord of the Rings" striding through the long hallways in his dark robes, with his wooden staff and flowing beard. But, instead, inside the walls of this Castle an unassuming Jesuit from Argentina leads the Vatican Astronomical research and has recently caused an uproar by opening a debate about aliens.SOUNDBITE FATHER JOSE GABRIEL FUNES, CHIEF VATICAN ASTRONOMER, IN ENGLISH" In a universe so big, huge I would say, as the one where we live with 100 billion of galaxies, each galaxy with a hundred billion stars probably with many of these stars having planets, it could be possible that life could evolve as they way we know on earth." Father Funes says he is not sure if other forms of life would be more or less intelligent than humans, but he is convinced that the existence of Aliens is not a contradiction with the Catholic faith.There has been no word from top vatican officials about Funes' comments, but some people on the street find them odd. Richard Charnock was taking a group from the All Hallows Catholic High School on a trip to Italy when he heard about the comments from the Vatican astronomerSOUNDBITE RICHARD CHARNOCK, COORDINATOR RELIGIOUS EDUCATION, ALL HALLOWS CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOL, in English"I think it is preposterous that they are saying that--there is one human that god created --. We can go back to the bible. He didn't create Adam, eve and ET did he, it was Adam and Eve. It goes against what we believe as Christians." STAND-UPWe probably won't be seeing aliens attending mass any time soon, but the Vatican's chief astronomer says that they could be other forms of life outside earth and if they are out there, he says they are God's Creatures.Tt, Castel Gandolfo, Italy
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'Man on Wire' Recounts 'miracle' Tightrope Walk
He performed the impossible in 1974 -- walking on a tightrope between the World Trade Center's twin towers -- and now there's a documentary about his feat. (Aug. 14)
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Charlize Theron's Indecent Proposal
Charlize Theron gets a marriage proposal from a journalist during a press conference at the film festival
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Raw Images: Obama on Election Night
New photos have been released showing Barack Obama on election night watching election results, and meeting with family members before delivering his speech in Chicago. (Nov. 9)
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Polygamist Rape Victim Speaks Out
PlusPolygamist Rape Victim Speaks OutPolygamist Rape Victim Speaks OutThe Associated PressThe woman who helped convict polygamist Warren Jeffs is speaking out. The AP has an interview with former FLDS member Elissa Wall. (May 19)The woman who helped convict polygamist leader Warren Jeffs is speaking out.She was by forced by Jeffs --at the age of 14 ---to marry a 19-year-old man.... [Notes:Elissa Wall//Former FLDS Member] [Notes:SOT: "Warren was a sexist person. he viewed his women as property. and it has since become a very widespread reality for many women."]Elissa Wall --- has written a book---- Stolen Innocence.In it--she chronicles her life -before breaking free from the polygamist culture----and F-L-D-S church. [Notes:Elissa Wall//Former FLDS Member] [Notes:"from day one i was told i had a choice in everything i did. but followed up with that sentence....was your choice was to willingly place your life in the hands of the what they call the priesthood and the leaders. so my choice was to give my life to them...for them to decide what happened in it."]In the tell all book --she also writes about her time with cousin and former husband Allen Steed, whom she describes as having a violent temper and a "calculating and controlling" personality.Steed is charged with raping Wall during their marriage, which was arranged in 2001 by Jeffs and other church leaders. [Notes:Elissa Wall//Former FLDS Member] [Notes:Former FLDS Member "so when Allen and i were married. even though i was extremely resistant towards him., i couldn't stand being around him. i had a really hard time around him. he was a boy to me. something didn't feel right to me. so when it came time to consummate the marriage people don't clearly don't understand the mindset i was in. because i didn't have any concept of sex. i didn't understand or any inkling of what it took to have children. i didn't really know where babies came from. i didn't know about the sexual acts that had to happen between a husband and a wife to have the children i was supposed to have.] Wall was granted an FLDS divorce from Steed and left the church in 2004...She is now married and has two children with husband Lamont Barlow --also a former F-L-D-S member. [Notes:Lamont Barlow][Notes:in my opinion any man that would marry a 14 year old girl is a pedophile. in today's society and the laws we have today, a 14 year old is barely reaching maturity. she is a young child. there is no excuse for that. "] A Utah judge agreed ----- and in November Warren Jeffs was sentenced to two consecutive prison terms of five years to life for his conviction on two counts of being an accomplice to rape. Steed, still a member of the church, could spend his life in prison if convicted.The Associated Press does not generally identify people who say they were sexually assaulted, but Wall has spoken publicly and is on a promotional tour for her book. ___ ___, The Associated Press
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Last Climber Rescued Following K2 Disaster
PlusLast Climber Rescued Following K2 DisasterLast Climber Rescued Following K2 DisasterThe Associated PressThe frostbitten last survivor of the mountaineering disaster that killed 11 people on the world's second-highest peak was plucked off K2 on Wednesday and taken to a military hospital, a Pakistani army spokesman said. (Aug. 6)A helicopter carries the last survivor of a doomed mission to climb one of the world's most challenging mountains. Italian Marco Confortola was rescued from K-2, nearly five days after an avalanche swept some climbers away and stranded others. (SOT: MAJOR FAROOQ FEROZ, PAKISTAN ARMY SPOKESMAN) "WELL, TODAY PAKISTANI ARMY AVIATION PILOTS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED THEIR RESCUE MISSION AND RESCUED 13 KOREAN MEMBERS AND TWO ITALIAN CLIMBERS FROM K2 AREA. 11 climbers died on the world's second-highest peak-the deadliest incident since seven climbers were killed in 1995. As many as 30 mountaineers began the ascent last Friday. (SOT: CAS VAN DE GEVEL (OFF-SCREEN) ON KOREAN AND ITALIAN CLIMBER) "ON THE WAY DOWN, TWO KOREANS WERE HIT BY ICE, WITH MARCO (THE ITALIAN) STILL SAFE." Confortola says the expedition was plagued by inexperience and poor equipment. He says some ropes and spikes easily broke. He told a scientific research group of feeling helpless when he and others made a futile attempt to rescue the three Koreans dangling from a rope. Another survivor blamed mistakes in preparation for the deaths.(NATS IN DUTCH)He also says bad luck and bad weather led to some people not making it down off the mountain.The 37-year-old Confortola is suffering from frostbite. He says he spent a very hard seven days on K-2. ___ ___, The Associated Press.
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Fish Snacking on Feet? the Latest Spa Craze
PlusFish Snacking on Feet? the Latest Spa CrazeFish Snacking on Feet? the Latest Spa CrazeThe Associated PressA new spa service known as 'Dr. Fish' offers clients the opportunity to have tiny fish eat the dead skin off of their feet. The AP's Lila Ibrahim checked it out, and filed this report. (July 21)[Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS LIKED EATING FISH..BUT THE ROLES HAVE REVERSED AND THE FISH ARE EATING US...LITERALLY.SOT: COLLEEN MULLER, 1st Time Dr. Fish Client09:42:39 "We thought it might be kinda creepy, its actually really nice, it feels really good" IT'S A SPA SERVICE KNOWN AS A 'DOCTOR FISH PEDICURE' WHERE FISH EAT DEAD SKIN FROM YOUR FEET SOT: JOHN HO, Owner Yvonne's Hair and Nails:09:15:06: " We wanted something new, something different, to the beauty salon industry" 09:15:10JOHN HO, OWNER OF YVONNE'S HAIR AND NAILS IN ALEXANDRIA VIRGINIA SAYS A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE SWIMMING TOWARDS HIS SALON FOR THE 'FISHY' EXPERIENCE09:07:48 "Here we use it to remove dry skin and callous around your feet, in other countries they use it for removing psoriasis and eczema, for medical purpose" 09:07:58THE FRESHWATER FISH ARE FLOWN IN FROM TURKEY, SURVIVE IN WARM WATER, AND FEED OFF OF DEAD HUMAN SKIN, AND WHILE ITS POPULAR AT SPAS IN TURKEY AND JAPAN, YVONNE'S CLAIMS IT'S THE ONLY FISH SPA IN THE UNITED STATES.SOUND FISHY? WELL CUSTOMERS SAY THE RESULTS ARE WORTH ITSOT: Alice Piontek, Dr. Fish Client09:20:33 "To me it was amazing results, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to my feet and my husband even commented when I got home about how soft my feet were my feet, it was a huge difference.SOT: Elsie Johnson, Dr. Fish Client09:23:26 "When I first stepped in I was getting ready to get back out, I went like this and I had to sit for a few minutes and calm my nerves and once I calmed, its wonderful, I love it."AND GUYS, IT'S JUST NOT FOR THE LADIES...SOT: Chris Ide, Dr. Fish Client09:16:27" This is about my third time 09:16:29// 09:16:34 when I heard they had this I had to give it a try, I don't get pedicures on a regular basis"09:16:39 I DECIDED IT WAS MY TURN TO TRY...FIRST THEY WASHED MY FEET, AND GAVE A FEW TIPS BEFORE DIVING IN: nats"one foot at a time...you gotta jump""ready rick, here we go...aggghh!""it really does tickle ..it's a little gross"BUT AFTER A FEW MINUTES I COULD RELAX AND ENJOY THE SENSATION OF THE FISHSTAND UP(in this case sit down!):Normally I am very ticklish but this actually feels pretty good, the fish are supposed to stay away from the healthy skin and nibble away at the dead affected areas, clearly I'm giving them a good meal based on the number of fish surrounding my feet.AFTER ABOUT FIFTEEN MINUTES I EMERGED FROM MY TANK WITH SOFTER SMOOTEHR FEET!Nats of me getting outSO IT SOUNDS STRANGE, AND FEELS GOOD, BUT IS IT REALLY SAFE TO HAVE FISH NIBBLING AT YOUR FEET? Dr. Paula Bourelly, Dermatologist09:01:30 "There doesn't seem to be any harm associated with that, I'd be less concerned about the fish and more concerned about the water." 09:01:37THE WATER IN THE INDIVIDAL TANKS AT YVONNE' S IS CHANGED WITH EACH USE, AND A LARGER POOL IN THE BACK IS USED STRICTLY FOR STORAGE OF FISH.WHILE THE TREATMENT MAY MAKE YOU SQUEEMISH, THE PRICE SHOULDN'T. COST TO FEED THE FISH YOUR FEET STARTS AT THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS.LILA MERIDETH, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. ___ ___, The Associated Press.
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Laughing DUI Suspect Draws Longer Sentence
An Arizona woman got a longer prison sentence after a judge heard a recorded jail conversation during which she made light of the bicyclist she had killed. Melissa Arrington received a ten-year sentence. (Jan. 25)
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Dog Calls 911 After Owner Has Seizure
'Man's best friend' doesn't go far enough for Buddy, a German shepherd who remembered his training and saved his owner's life by calling 911 when the man had a seizure. (Sept. 15)
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Bush Welcomes Boston Celtics to White House
President Bush welcomed the NBA Champion Boston Celtics to The White House Friday. Boston, led by captain Paul Pierce, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in six games for their first NBA title since 1986. (Sept. 19)
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The Vatican Shines a Light on Solar Power
The first solar panels have been installed on top of the papal audience hall at Vatican City. Pope Benedict XVI's has made conserving the Earth's resources an important concern of his papacy. (Sept. 29)
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Fans React to 'The Dark Knight'
EntertainmentExtraFans React to 'The Dark Knight'Fans React to 'The Dark Knight'The Associated PressAP Entertainment caught up with some moviegoers after they watched 'The Dark Knight' in New York. See what they had to say about the film. (July 18)This video contains ONLY natural sound. No script is available.
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UCLA Researchers Find Largest Known Prime Number
Mathematicians at UCLA have discovered a 13 million-digit prime number, a long-sought milestone that makes them eligible for a $100,000 prize. (Sept. 28)
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Lionfish Population Has Scientists Worried
PlusLionfish Population Has Scientists WorriedLionfish Population Has Scientists WorriedThe Associated PressScientists and Caribbean governments alike are watching with alarm as the invasive lionfish sweep through the western Atlantic. The venomous lionfish are considered a danger to people, coral reefs and commercial fisheries. (August 4)Netting these beautiful but dangerous fish in the Atlantic is the first line of defense against a fast-growing and hungry army of invaders.A voracious predator, lionfish are an exotic species whose population explosion continues to threaten the U-S east coast and spread further south throughout the Caribbean.Scientists are struggling to understand this fast moving phenomenon ... But they are already sounding the alarm."They have just literally exploded through time, a population explosion - it is like a plague of locusts." Oregon State University Professor Mark Hixon was leading a team of research students studying coral reefs in the 1990s when they first noticed invasive lionfish. They were forced to change their research matter when the lionfish moved in."What we found was that lionfish reduce the abundance of small fish on coral reefs by 80 percent in just a five week period."The U-S government has continued to monitor lionfish spottings and tracked a substantial jump in sightings in 2004."They went up the Gulf Stream into North Carolina and established a population, over to Bermuda and then in about 2004 we started seeing them in the Bahamas."And scuba divers in the Bahamas first started noticing isolated specimens ..."We started off with one fish at one site that we knew of. Then we see another fish at another site and then another one, but the explosion didn't really hit until about 2007, that's when we really started noticing a difference and they were noticed everywhere - in groups of four and five and six fish even in just these coral heads of massive amounts of fish," says Sally Burrows, from the Stuart Cove Dive Company.Andy Dehart, the National Aquarium Director of Biological Programs, says there is no agreement on how the popular aquarium tank fish ended up in the Atlantic.Some believe aquarium breaches during Hurricane Andrew in 1992 released lionfish into the Bay of Biscayne and from there they spread, slowly at first.Experts say Caribbean reefs now face the prospect of turning into a vast nursery for the remarkably adaptable predator.The region's warm waters are allowing the tropical fish to colonize a far greater area than they can up north.There is widespread concern that the demise of the small reef fish will add more stress to fragile coral reefs."If we start loosing these smaller reef fish as food to the lionfish and the lionfish population get out of control, we can certainly be in a whirlwind for bad things coming for the reef ecosystem."Volunteer scuba divers, working with local governments, have established an early warning detection system to track the lionfish's expansion.But some say it may be too late ..."We are not very optimistic at this point that eradication is possible, because the lionfish population has grown so rapidly."
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McCain, Obama Face Off in First Debate
Senators John McCain and Barack Obama hammered away at each other for 90 minutes in their first face-to-face debate of the campaign. (Sept. 27)
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Ford Sells Jaguar, Land Rover to Tata
Ford Motor Co. is selling its Jaguar and Land Rover businesses to India's Tata Motors Ltd. in a $2.3 billion deal _ less than half the price that the struggling Ford paid for the two luxury brands. (March 26)
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Dunwoody Becomes First Female Four-Star General
At a Pentagon promotion ceremony Friday, Ann E. Dunwoody ascended to a peak never before reached by a woman in the U.S. military: four-star general. (Nov. 14)
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DeGeneres, De Rossi Engaged
Ellen DeGeneres announces on her talk show that she will marry her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi now that the California Supreme Court has declared the state's ban on gay marriages illegal. (May 16)
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'Joe the Plumber' Becomes Focus of Debate
Who is 'Joe the Plumber'? He is Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio man looking to buy a plumbing business who came to symbolize the notion of 'spreading the wealth' in Wednesday night's third and final presidential debate. (Oct.16)
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