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Obama Jokes About Birth Certificate Controversy
President Obama showed his skills as a comedian at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner, focusing mainly on Donald Trump. He made fun of the birth certificate controversy, and ribbed Trump about his presidential ambitions. (April 30)
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Shaq Announces Retirement, Will Miss Free Throws
Shaquille O'Neal announced his retirement Friday after pro seasons. Speaking at a news conference at his home in Windermere, Fla., O'Neal thanked family and coaches for their help along the way and, as usual, dropped in a few one-liners. (June 3)
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Wozniak Tearfully Remembers His Friend Steve Jobs
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with The Associated Press Thursday morning about his friend and former business partner Steve Jobs. (Oct. 6)
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Raw Video: Homeless Man's Voice Gets Natl Buzz
Ted Williams, a homeless Ohio man with a golden radio voice has already received job offers after this video, first posted by The Columbus Dispatch, made him an online sensation. (Jan. 5)
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Raw Video: Man Politely Robs Wash. Store
Authorities have made an arrest in a weekend convenience store robbery that a Seattle store owner found remarkable for the robber's politeness. Officers quickly identified a suspect from tips received after this surveillance video "went viral". (Feb. 7)
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Meet Amanda Hocking, e-book Millionaire
Twenty-six-year-old Amanda Hocking is the new toast of the publishing world. After years of self-publishing paranormal romances as e-books, she signed a reported seven-figure deal with St. Martin's Press. She shares the story in her own words. (March 25)
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First Person: Frank and Louie, the Two-faced Cat
His name is Frank and Louie, and he's just entered the record books. He's now the longest-living cat with two faces, also known as a Janus cat. (Sept. 29)
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Sept. 11 Survivor Recalls Stairway to Safety
Death seemed certain for those who worked in the World Trade Center above the impact zones on 9/11. In the South Tower 4 people survived from above where United flight 175 hit. Brian Clark was one of them. (Aug. 30)
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Eddie Vedder Opens Up on Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam and director Cameron Crowe talk about the band's new moive, 'Pearl Jam Twenty,' and what makes them continue to play. (Sept. 28)
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Stone Cold Steve Austin: Are You Tough Enough?
Stone Cold Steve Austin is looking for the next wrestling superstar on the USA Network series, 'WWE Tough Enough.' The entertainer talks about the show and its contestants, which includes Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih. (April 8)
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Lambert's New Single Honors Shelton's Brother
Country couple Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton talk about writing Lambert's new single, "Over You," about the sudden death of Shelton's older brother, Richie. (Dec. 13)
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Raw Video: Burning Car Lifted Off Trapped Man
A motorcyclist who was pinned under a burning car after a collision says he's grateful for the help of strangers who lifted the vehicle to rescue him. (Sept. 13)
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Marcus Jordan Making a Name for Himself
Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, is making his own headlines these days at the University of Central Florida. Jordan is leading the Knights in scoring and hopes to take them to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2005. (Jan. 18)
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Homeless Man With Golden Voice Reunited With Mom
A homeless Ohio man whose silky announcing voice has catapulted him to national fame says he's done a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. And MSNBC reports he's accepted an offer from the network to do voiceover ads. (Jan. 6)
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Mini Horse Gets Lifesaving Prosthetic Leg
A Texas horse named Midnight is recovering after receiving a $14,000 artificial leg. (March 22)
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Beyonce Talks Performing While Pregnant, New DVD
Beyonce discusses performing while pregnant during an interview with The Associated Press' Alicia Quarles at the New York screening for her new concert DVD, "Live at Roseland." (Nov. 20)
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New Exhibit Makes Comic Artist Crumb Uneasy
Counter culture comic book artist Robert Crumb says he doesn't understand why his work is on display in New York. (March 31)
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Fla. Man Shows Off Priceless Baseball Collection
Dennis Schrader has a vault in his Florida home, dedicating to protecting his world record collection of autographed baseballs. Schrader has collected more than 4,000 signed balls. (Oct. 18)
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Chris Evans: 'I Said No' to 'Captain America'
Chris Evans reveals why he originally turned down the lead in 'Captain America: The First Avenger' - one of the biggest roles of the summer. (July 19)
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Obama, Trump Together for Correspondents' Dinner
President Barack Obama is shifting from consoler to comic for his appearance before the White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington, DC. And some of his most prominent would-be rivals are in attendance, including Donald Trump. (April 30)
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Video Essay: Life in an Oil Field 'Man Camp'
Temporary villages known as "man camps" are rising from the North Dakota prairie. They house the hordes of workers who are flocking there for a modern-day rush for black gold. (Sept. 2)
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Aretha Franklin Hosts Star-Studded Birthday Bash
Aretha Franklin celebrates her 69th birthday with a big bash in New York City. The AP's Alicia Quarles takes you behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the Queen of Soul's big night. (March 26)
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How Movies Handled the Loss of the Twin Towers
From 'Zoolander' to 'City by the Sea,' Hollywood made some interesting choices about whether to depict the World Trade Center in films that were released after Sept. 11, 2001. (Aug. 19)
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Cuban Woman Celebrates 126th Birthday
Cuban Juana Rodriguez looked to be enjoying her 126th birthday Wednesday, even if her status as the world's oldest person isn't recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. She marked the occasion with family, friends and a cake. (Feb. 3)
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Timothy Olyphant 'Justifies' Season 2
Timothy Olyphant teases season 2 of FX's 'Justified,' premiering Wed., with new Elmore Leonard characters, new bad guys and love tales along with Marshal Raylan Given's good ol' boy charm. (Feb. 3)
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'Downton Abbey' Cast React to 11 Emmy Nods
Stars from the hit British TV series 'Downton Abbey,' including Michelle Dockery and Rob James-Collier, react to the show's 11 Primetime Emmy nominations. (Aug. 3)
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Perry Stumbles on Agencies He'd Eliminate
During Wednesday's Republican debate, Texas governor Rick Perry struggled to remember the names of the federal agencies he has promised to eliminate. (Nov. 10)
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Wanda Jackson Teams Up With Jack White
Queen of Rock 'n Roll Wanda Jackson is out with a new album, "The Party Ain't Over," produced by White Stripes front man Jack White. (Jan. 25)
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Raw Video: Obama's Limo Gets Stuck
President Barack Obama's limo got stuck exiting the U.S. Embassy in Ireland on his way to a speech in Dublin. Secret Service agents hid the car from public view while they freed the car's tires. (May 23)
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Dunst: I Did 'Melancholia' for Von Trier
Kirsten Dunst says she couldn't resist working with controversial director Lars von Trier on 'Melancholia,' while Stellan Skarsgard reveals the joys of working with his son Alexander. (May 31)
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Raw Video: a Look at Minot Flooding From the Air
Officials in North Dakota's fourth-largest city said Thursday they had done all they could to protect critical infrastructure from the rising Souris River as it headed toward a record flood. (June 23)
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Fan Page Creates Virtual Superhero in Milwaukee
A Facebook fan page has attracted a following of thousands and mystique for Milwaukee man people have nicknamed the Milwaukee Wolverine, or just Milverine. Turns out, in real life he is something of a mysterious beast. (Oct. 7)
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Raw Video: Heckler Interrupts Obama Fundraiser
A heckler shouting about Jesus Christ interrupted President Barack Obama at a fundraiser before security dragged him out. As he was taken out the man called out that Obama is an antichrist. (Sept. 26)
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Mickey Rooney: Elder Abuse 'Emotional Blackmail'
Mickey Rooney spoke out against elder abuse before a senate committee on aging on Wednesday. The 90-year-old actor says he's been the victim of abuse at the hands of his own family. (March 2)
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Fire Destroys Country Star Trace Adkins' Home
Country music star Trace Adkins lost his home to a fire Saturday afternoon. His wife, Rhonda, and their daughters were not injured. (June 6)
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Judge Milian Still Holding 'The People's Court'
Judge Marilyn Milian talks dispensing justice on 'The People's Court' a decade after she claimed the bench on the popular TV court show. (Nov. 8)
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Meyers Fires at Trump at Correspondents' Dinner
"Saturday Night Live" comedian Seth Meyers took aim at Donald Trump at this year's White House correspondents' dinner. With Trump in attendance, the comedian mocked him about his wealth, his ego, even his hair. Trump was not amused. (April 30)
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Soldier, Loyal Dog, Make Final Journey Together
Liam and his dog Theo were a team doing a dangerous job-- searching out roadside bombs in Afghanistan. On Thursday, they were flown back to Britain in a somber repatriation ceremony for the soldier remembered for his empathy with animals. (March 10)
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Scorsone's 'Private Practice' Intervention
Actress Caterina Scorsone on her character Amelia's dark story of addiction and how her fellow 'Private Practice' doctors step in to rescue her on the ABC medical drama. (Nov. 15)
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Few Americans Take Immigrants' Jobs in Alabama
Alabama's tough new immigration law isn't producing farm jobs unemployed Americans want. Many of those who have ventured out into the fields to pick crops have quit after a single day, telling farmers the work is too hard and not worth the pay. (Oct. 20)
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Poor Caught in the Middle
One in six americans are in poverty and people in need continue to grow. Pembroke, Illinois has been on tough times for years but the lingering recession has made it worse. Robert Ray has the story. (Sept. 14)
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Keith Allen on Controversial Diana Documentary
Talking at Cannes film festival, director Keith Allen defended his documentary 'Unlawful Killing', about the death of Princess Diana which was funded by Mohamed Al Fayed. (May 13)
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Raw Video: Trooper Stops Speeding Cop
A Miami police officer is accused of driving 120 mph on a turnpike because he was late for his off-duty job working security at a school. (Oct. 31)
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Raw Video: Punxsutawney Phil Predicts Spring
The world's most famous groundhog did not see his shadow today making a prediction of early spring the 125th annual weather forecast from Punxsutawney Phil. (Feb. 2)
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Actor Gets to the 'Root' of His Characters
Prolific character actor Stephen Root on some of his many roles - including in the films 'The Conspirator' and 'Office Space' and TV shows 'King of the Hill' and 'Justified.' (April 15)
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Band Burlap to Cashmere Reemerges After Tragedy
Folk rock band Burlap to Cashmere will release its second, self-titled album on July 19 after more than a decade apart and a near-death attack on guitarist John Philippidis. (June 30)
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Video Captures Scuffle Inside U.N.
AP has obtained video from last Friday's General Assembly session at the U.N. that shows U.N. guards scuffling in the hallway with the security detail of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Sept. 27)
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Rhett and Link Bring Comedic Web Ads to IFC
The comedic internet commercial making duo Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal take their schtick to TV with their IFC show, 'Rhett and Link: Commercial Kings.' (July 26)
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Raw Video: Tsunami Wave Smashes Boats and Cars
Dramatic new pictures have emerged of a tsunami wave smashing into the Japanese town of Miyako on Friday. The wave crashes over the seawall carrying away everything in its path, including cars and boats. (March 13)
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Travis Partners Up With Tim Allen in New Sitcom
Nancy Travis co-stars in the new sitcom 'Last Man Standing' with Tim Allen. It airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8/7c. Travis talks about the show, her TV family and the set. (Nov. 29)
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