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The Pizza Game
A fun game for teaching English to ESL students. Very simple to apply to almost all target expressions. For an example of a complete pizza game drawing click the link: http://i.imgur.com/WPmLT1F.jpg?1 Please note this is not my idea I am simply using this video to demonstrate how I apply it in my teaching.
Beer Pong ESL game: Im in the 6th Grade
I often use a game similar to beer pong to practice speaking English with my students. I use it mostly with elementary students but I have had great success with middle school classes too. The rules are simple: 1) Make two teams 2) Put out 6 cups on each side of a table 3) Place the target expression on a piece of paper in each cup 4) Students take turns throwing a ball into the other teams cups 5) If they get the ball in the have to say the target expression 6) No points are awarded if they can't say it and the cup is put back 7) Once the have said the expression the cup is removed 8) First team to finish the other teams cups is the winner