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Canon rock guitar and violin. (Funtwo and sori1004jy)
Canon rock arrangement by JerryC famously played on the electric guitar by Funtwo. Join that skill with the talented violinist sori1004jy to make an amazing piece of music. The rock arrangement of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D is a fast-paced adrenaline filled blast taking a classical piece into a rock classic. Thank you very much, Jerry C! Listen to the electric guitar with the backing of the long high notes from the electric violin. Complimenting each other perfectly Great job funtwo and sori1004jy. Funtwo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF6cnLnEARo Sori1004jy (Fan channel: caecilius192): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W23WQp6fopY
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Menorca family travel vlog: Day 1
Early start to the holiday. Flying out of Gatwick to Mahon, Menorca. The first family holiday of 2018, hopefully, more to come. We stayed at the Globales Apartamentos Binimar in the district of Cuitadella, Cala en Blanes. Our first day was mostly taken by travel but we did get out to have a look around the area before an early night. I am hoping to do more travel vlogs and family vlogs in the future. Subscribe to stay up to date :) Music Lights by Ikson Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ikson
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Burger King with the best view and exploring Ciutadella: Menorca Day 2
The second day of our family trip and we took the bus down to Ciutadella. Exploring the old capital of Menorca what was destroyed and rebuilt in the 17th century before the British made Mahon the new capital for its strategic position. You get a great sense of history whilst walking through the narrow streets with grand archways lining each side of the passages. The cathedral seems strangely positioned but has a strong presence once behind the shop fronts on the main square of Plaça des Born. After strolling around the beautiful city we fancied lunch and found a Burger King. We're more fans of McDonald's but at least it is something we are more familiar with (proper tourists). I tried ordering in Spanish but managed to get it a little wrong and got Jessica a large meal. Head upstairs to sit down and eat and we are presented with the best view of any Burger King(?) Take a slow walk down the port following it right out to the Sea. Soak in some sun, wave at some passing boats and head back to the bus. Music Early Hours by Ikson Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ikson
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Menorca family vlog: Cala Galdana
Now over halfway into our holiday, we hunt for another beach. We travel down to the south coast again in search of one of the best beaches in Menorca, Cala Mitjana. This beach is quite remote and would be too far for us to walk so we tried to be clever and find a shortcut. However, the gate was locked and we decided to drive down into the main resort town of Cala Galdana. The TUI rep had mentioned this place as a place to visit as it is known as "The jewel of the med". It certainly is very nice and although popular, the beach more than large enough to make it feel empty. To get onto the beach you must first go over the bridge which leads you to either the beach or Restaurante El Mirador. We first sat down there to soak in the view and grab a bite to eat but Jessica wasn't too happy so we moved on. Just as well really because the food was quite expensive; a prime location I guess. Perched on the edge of the natural bay. We spent a few hours on the beach before taking Jess to the play area. Play areas are everywhere in Menorca, Jess loves it. Then back in the car, drive to the apartment, have dinner and off to the kids' Disco once again. Finally, in an attempt to get Jessica to sleep at a "normal" time we went for a late car ride into Ciutadella to get a glimpse of the city at night. She didn't sleep, and so we sat and watched as a few boats passed us back into the port whilst the lighthouse shines on. Music Calling by Ikson Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ikson
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Our first time at Disney World. BXH - SFB (Day 1)
Florida: Day 1 of our Disney world holiday. Jessica's first time ever on a plane, straight in at the deep end. She loved it! Cheering on take off. Hard work for us to keep her entertained for almost 9 hours, little monkey didn't want to sleep. Arrive at our hotel, the Enclave Suites, home for the next 2 weeks at 4pm. Have a little wonder around and visit pizza hut with all the family. Our first meal of the holiday. Back to the hotel and get some sleep ready for our first full day. 11pm (4am UK time), Jessica finally goes to sleep. Only a 21 hour day with no nap. #disneyworld #orlando #disney #vacation #holiday @enclavesuites #enclavesuites #thomson ---------------- Rock Angel by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/K8eRXvLL7Wo
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Amazing helicopter ride over Disney World then fly home! (Day 15)
Florida: Day 15 of our Disney World holiday. This was our last day in Florida, our flight due to leave at 5pm and pickup by 1pm. That left us with just enough time in the morning to head right to the sound end of International Drive to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets where we found the helicopter tour. Hidden behind a McDonalds is Air Force Fun Helicopter Tours. We went in and booked our 8 minute flight to take us over all the Disney parks except Magic Kingdom (no fly zone). I had been wanting to do this the whole time but we never managed to find time for it. This was Lou's and Jessica's first time in a helicopter, how many 2 year olds have been up in a helicopter? She loved it but was quite hesitant, holding onto Lou's hand whilst hugging Mickey. Not a fan of the headphones, she took them off. The 8 minutes we were up in the sky actually felt longer, taking in all the views. The parks seem so much smaller, it's really hard to believe it takes all day to get around some of them. I didn't realise we had completed our loop until the outlet shops came into view followed by the helipad of which we swooped down onto. The pilot was very friendly, pointing out all the sights and having a chat along the way. As soon as we landed and got the photos we went straight to the bus stop. Took a fairly long ride all the way back up International Drive to meet the rest of the family at the hotel. 15 minutes to spare before the coach was due to arrive. The coach arrived and we reluctantly got on to head for the airport and then home. The holiday had come to an end. It was so great to spend time with the family, for Jessica to play with her second cousin and us all to have created great memories. We will no doubt be going again when Jessica is a bit older. In loving memory of our Nan (Grandmother), Olive. ------ MUSIC Vibe with Me by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Disney's Magic Kingdom show (Day 2)
Florida: Day 2 of our Disney world holiday. First thing you have to do is visit Magic Kingdom. Soak in the atmosphere and get a real sense of what Disney is all about. So much so I forgot to record most of it. that said we didn't spend all day in the park but we did get to see some shows, most notably the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor where the audience are the stars of the show. My uncle and cousins fiance were shown up on the screen several times. Great fun. Meeting Buzz and riding the Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin was to next followed by heading over to Fantasy land for the kids to go on some rides. We then spent most of our time meeting characters and wondering around watching shows. ------- MUSIC: They're Coming by Elysian Bailey. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/) Artist: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Elysian_Bailey/Singles/Theyre_Coming
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Universal Studios! The Simpsons, Blues Brothers and Parade (Day 10)
Florida: Day 10 of our Disney World holiday. Time to visit Universal again but the the attention towards Universal Studios. This park is definitely a lot more relaxed and easier than Islands of Adventure with the main focus of hitting shows after shows. Shrek and the Minions shows were first in line. Practically right in front of you as you walk in. Both are great for kids, although with the Minions, Jessica was too small to ride the motion seats. That's not a worry as benches at the front allow you to watch the 3D short film without being thrown about. Both shows are great for kids but contain a few hidden jokes for the adults. Moving further into the park we enter a great open space of the Plaza stage with Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit located just behind. 15 minute queue and we're on. Whilst heading straight up you have a moment to select the song you want to listen to using a touch pad, my selection, Limp Bizkit - Rollin which I feel was the perfect song. This roller coaster is actually really good although very violent. The speed at which you are thrown around corners is a huge strain on the neck but it was worth it. A Hulk rival. In complete contrast the next ride was the Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon. Utter crap. The motion didn't seem to match the visuals and the show just seemed pointless. But that was made up for by the Blues Brothers show right around the corner. Full of energy and got everyone dancing. Its a shame they didn't arrive in the car as I remember them doing when I last came, 10 years ago. Get some Pizza and follow the lake around through "London" and into the Simpsons area. Another chance for Jessica to have a blast on anther flying-fish, dumbo and alien ride. She loves them, proper thrill seeker. We head off back after a full day at the park and prepare for the inevitable rain and wind from incoming Irma. ----- MUSIC Happy Days (rmx) by Jeff Kaale https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale
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Orlando Sea Word. Dolphin Days, Orca Encounter and  Light Festival (Day 4)
Florida: Day 4 of our Disney World holiday. Time for a relaxing day at Sea World. Have a stroll around heading from show to show, sit down and enjoy. Well, that's what we'd planned but that seemed to be in doubt after waiting for over an hour just to collect our tickets. Labor day weekend not treating us well, it was only today did we realise something was up which was confirmed after speaking to the Woman behind the ticket desk. Finally we get in the park and decide to call it a day but decided that we'd watch the Shamu Whale Show before leaving. We didn't leave after the show and made our way to watch the indoor Pets Ahoy Animal Show then dash to the dolphins. Grab some food and have a wonder around to look at all the animals. Watching the dolphins under the water was the highlight of this, Jessica loved it. We found our way to the Sea Lion show and got a early seat. This was probably my favorite show of them all. The clown(?) got the crowed laughing, pulling people up and making them do silly dances. This being the evening show it was little different to the day show, which we actually didn't see. The difference is this show is a parody show, making fun of all the other shows in the park. Sea Lions acting in the same ways, performing the same tricks as the other animals whilst the trainers mock their colleagues. The atmosphere was like a party, a taste of what was to come on the evening. Later we enjoyed a party and a dance on the huge bay side stage. Not quite what I was expecting. I had imagined a light/water show of some kind but when they got everyone on stage for a rave, well, we couldn't resist. Me and Jess have a bounce around under the lights and have a great time. Then we get some food while waiting for the fireworks. Fireworks, lasers, water jets and fire, what more could we want. Whilst everyone makes their way to the exit my aunt and I take the most of the 5 minute queue and ride Mako, Jessica crashes for the night and we're done. ------- MUSIC Bay Breeze by FortyThr33 https://soundcloud.com/fortythr33-43
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Disney World's Magic Kingdom Parade (Day 9)
Florida: Day 9 of our Disney World holiday. Back to it! Grab an Uber and head to Disney's Magic Kingdom ready to watch the parade. We positioned ourselves on the corner of main street to watch the action as it goes past and then again as it ends behind the shops. Front row seats, though we had to defend our territory from people who don't understand the concept of personal space. The parade lasts for quite a while but we enjoyed every minute of it, taking as many photos and videos as possible. Once the parade had passed we systematically went from character meet to shows to rides with very little hanging around at all. Dream along with Mickey to flying over London on the Peter Pans flight and floating around the Its a Small World river. We aim towards the Pirates of the Caribbean but then rain, lots and lots of rain. We're used to rain, its not uncommon for it to burst with rain and stop with 15 minutes but this was constant. The paths turning into rivers, we took shelter but couldn't stay there forever, we needed food. We dart to the Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café to eat whilst the rain stops. Then we fill the time with more shows, rides and meets until 9pm for the fireworks. Music ----- By My Side - by DJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Disney World's Epcot and meeting Mickey. (Day 13)
Florida: Day 13 of our Disney World holiday. Unfortunately this was our last park of our time in Florida and I didn't record much either, annoyingly. The park was very quite, not many queues for anything. Walk straight onto Spaceship Earth which was alright, travelling through time from cavemen to our future selves. We then continue further into the park and take a right where we met Baymax followed by Mickey, Minnie and Goofy. By this point in our holiday Jessica loved the characters and had no problem walking right up to them, even the huge Baymax. Next up we follow the path round to see Nemo and friends along with exploring the aquarium. This was much more fun than Living with the Land. Granted its not meant to be a thrill ride but the ride was quite long and got boring quickly. It is very educational, just we weren't in the mind frame for learning. Within the same building we saw Soarin', which takes you flying over wonders all over the world. I only wished that we were over each area for longer, as I was getting immersed in each zone we were whisked away to the next location. Good but not living up to the hype. We then went further round the park to watch the Disney short film shows which were really good. Three short films which invoked different emotions. This was 3D as most shows are and I thought is worth the time to sit down and enjoy. It gave us time out of the punishing Sun, we'd only been in the park a couple of hours and were exhausted. In need of food, we wonder over to the UK to get a refreshing Cider and British pub grub. Since we dined in the table service area it was quite expensive but for a one-off it was quite nice. That ended our day at Epcot, after a few days of cooler weather the Sun was just too much and we had to call it a day. ---- MUSIC Wonderful World by DJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Boat to Magic Kingdom, bus to Hollywood studios and Stormtroopers (Day 3)
Florida: Day 3 of our Disney World holiday. After a very long 3 hour journey from our hotel we finally arrived at Disney's Hollywood studios. Never attempt Disney during the morning rush on Labor Day weekend, lesson learnt. The savings grace is that we had prepared a few fast passes in combination with rider swap. First things first head towards the Tower of Terror and take a slight diversion to grab a fast limo ride at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. I managed to get on it twice with rider swap whilst the kids slept (its already 12pm at this point). This is probably my favorite ride. The visuals and soundtrack throughout the ride makes for a party like mood. After my two blasts of speed we head to the Tower of Terror. My aunts favorite ride and therefore managed to get on twice with the help of rider swap again. This is one of the few "thrill" rides my wife Louise could actually go on due to health issues so it was great to see her have a laugh. We then wondered around for a bit, saw the star wars march and grabbed some food. Whilst paying for the food something crazy happened.....they all started singing/chanting and I got a free dessert...whatever that was about? It was good :) Then we head to Toy Story Mania which is by far the best shooting game where you physically catapult virtual objects to hit targets. Quite tiring but massive amount of fun. Finally it started to rain, we ran under cover and waited to meet Mickey and Minnie. Now for the journey back. $35 taxi split between the 6 adults with no doubts. 15 minutes and we're back. -------- MUSIC You are never alone by DJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Irma strikes on our Disney Vacation. Stuck in the hotel (Day 11)
Florida: Day 11 of our Disney World holiday. The rain had rolled in. Absolutely hammering it down, everywhere is shut. The only thing we can do is stay at the hotel. We did venture out in the rain, after all, we're from England. We are used to it. But nothing was open apart from one bar which had a limited menu with no service so we left and went straight back to the hotel. Got a pizza and headed for our room. Try and get the swimming ring over Jessica head to pass the time and wait for the storm to roll in. As it did we noticed water coming in from the window, then wind bowing the window pane. The storm was still miles away from us so we requested to move rooms just to be safe. The last thing we wanted was the window to blow out in the middle of the night. The hotel staff were rushed off their feet preparing for the worst so this process took a little while but eventually we moved. We had heard other hotels in the area had no staff on hand at all, all at home with their families. The Enclave Suites had plenty of staff staying on site, ready at any time. Come midnight, Louise and Jessica fast asleep, I move the bed across to the other side of the room, away from the window. Irma at this point was very close and the wind was constantly battering away at the trees and window. Lighting strikes that lasted a lot longer than I had ever seen before making a buzzing sound like a Tesla coil, was actually quite scary. Due to hit us at 2am, I could not wait up anymore and tucked in for the night. Video credits Fox News - https://youtu.be/UFah_Dro-JA ABC News - https://youtu.be/InwmRvzSG60
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Orlando International Outlets and Walmart Shopping on Disney Holiday (Day 14)
Florida: Day 14 of our Disney World holiday. Our last full day had arrived and we'd done all the parks that we'd wanted to do. We made the most of our time to go shopping.......again. This time we went to the Orlando International Outlets which is the North side of International Drive. Since we was leaving the next day it made sense to buy gifts to take home. Walked around and got some icecream, called a Uber and went off to our next shopping location, Walmart. We had been to Walmart previously already but Jessica was not a happy bunny making shopping very difficult. This time however she was as good as gold. We spent a decent amount of time again looking for gifts. Walmart has so much stuff there its quite overwhelming, too much choice makes it difficult to make a decision. We got what we wanted and went for some lunch at I-hop down the road from our hotel. For some reason we were the only customers in the whole place and this was around 5pm. The food was nice and cheap, you get what you pay for and we had no problems with it. We ate up quickly as Jessica's angel like behavior started to fade away and we needed to go. That evening we all went to I-Drive Nascar Indoor Kart Racing for a couple of races in their all electric go-karts. This was the first time I had driven a powerful electric go-kart and it definitely felt more responsive than petrol. As much fun as it was, it was dampened by ridiculously long wait times. We spent around 2:30 hours there for under 20 minutes of racing, with kids who were getting very tired. Consolation prize is that I had managed to get the fastest lap time of the day. Back to the hotel at around midnight, pack and sleep. ----- MUSIC Lullaby by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Orlando Rain & Poncho (Day 5)
Labor day! We decided to take the day off. The original play was to go to Universal's Isle of Adventure and take ride the Dueling Dragons for the very last time. That plan was abandoned after the huge amount of queues we encountered at the other parks. So rather than queuing for hours on end we took a relaxing day by the pool. We also got an Uber to Walmart, get a taste of American shopping. Wished i got more footage but nothing was that interesting anyway.
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Exploring Islands of Adventure. Hulk, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park (Day 6)
Florida: Day 6 of our Disney World holiday. Labor day weekend had finally passed, now back to business. Crowds are low and queue times are short, perfect time to hit the theme parks. The postponed Islands of Adventure gets us back into it. Since we had a free shuttle to Universal we went a little early than the rest of the family getting to the park just as it opened for the day. This allowed me to get in and on the Hulk with practically no waiting. Such a great ride I feel is now single-handedly holding the Island of Adventure thrill seeker status since the closure of Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons). I had my moment of fun and we then walked anti-clockwise around the park knowing the rest of the family would probably follow the popular clockwise route. The gave Jessica the opportunity to explore the Seuss Landing area. Although she was still too small to ride a lot of rides, she managed the flying fish and carousel, both of which she loved. As we made our way round we were greeting with the mesmerizing entrance to the Harry Potter area. The view through the arch and up to the castle is quite a sight. Under the arch and into a new world we were fully immersed. I'm not a follower of Harry Potter but it will still very interesting to look at the amount of detail around and in the shop windows. Passed through Jurassic Park and into the Marvel Super Hero Island to meet up with the rest of the family. At this point we'd managed to circumnavigate the park, albeit skipping most of the rides. Once all together we made our way back around. Riding the Harry potter robo-coaster which was very weird but crazy how real it feels. ---- MUSIC Boost by Joakim Karud https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud
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Menorca vlog: Day 3 - Cala en Bosc
The third day into our holiday and we've hired a car. A small little fiat panda. Big enough for our needs....just, but small enough to get around the narrow streets of the Menorcan towns. This was the first time i'd ever driven in a left hand drive car. After a few gear changes I got the hang of changing gear with my right hand but for some reason I could never grasp the fact the seat belt was on the opposite side. For our first day with the car we headed down to Cala en Bonc which has some nice beaches and the Cap d’Artrutx Lighthouse. This was a great Menorca beach with a trail that takes you out over the rocks to deep blue water. After half the day at Cala en bosc we went back to Ciutadella to go food shopping in Lidl which required my basic Spanish skills to ask where the milk was. We then took the groceries back to the apartment, chilled out for a bit and went to the kids disco. The evening sunset just finished the day off perfectly. Music Ocean by Simon More Summer Vibes by Simon More Embrace by Sappheiros Simon More Sound Cloud https://soundcloud.com/user-73416670 Sappheiros Sound Cloud https://soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic
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Shopping at Orlando Premium Outlets (Day 8)
Florida: Day 8 of our Disney World holiday. We've been to a lot of parks and only had 1 rest day of the trip. Day 8 we had a lie in and went for a bit of a shop. I am not a fan of shopping, I hate spending money but my wife loves shopping......even though we hardly buy anything. This time was no different. We spend a few hours looking around the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, full of top brands that people love to chuck their money at. Fortunately for my wallet we don't do brands which kind of made this trip pointless, still a day out :) Many, many shops later we did buy a few things. Disney wristbands for $1.99 vs $22.99 at Disney and a few clothes for our daughter. Grab a McDonalds and head back. Whilst waiting for the bus we saw a Helicopter whizzing around quite low then noticed the helipad just behind the McDonalds we were just at. Jessica was sure to point and shout "Plane! Plane!", she doesn't know the difference yet. Music Early by DJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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Hurricane Irma damage. Curfew till 6pm then a mad rush for food (Day 12)
Florida: Day 12 of our Disney World holiday. Irma has come and gone with the eye of the storm just missing Orlando. The damage isn't too bad since it was a Category 1 by the time it got to us. Few trees and branches taken down along with the billboard sheets. The hotel itself did sustain a bit of damage with a few leaks and some of the facade ripped off. Across the road the Pirates show roof (Made of fabric material) had been ripped open. The state had enforced a curfew right up till 6pm, that meant we had been stuck in the hotel for 24 hours :( Plenty of people disobeyed this temporary law and walked/drove up I-drive but everywhere was closed. We stayed in the hotel and snacked on pizza until we were free. Come 6pm we walk down I-drive looking for food, the problem was that everyone else was doing the same thing at the same time. Roads were gridlocked the paths were heaving and queues outside of every single restaurant. After failing to find anywhere to eat without a queue we settled with Applebees which was very nice. Jessica and Lou both had chicken meanwhile I treated myself to a steak. The stake in America is so much better than in the UK! The waitress was very nice even though rushed off her feet. Back to the hotel for a late night, I think at this point it was 11:30. We had to make up for the lost time. ---- MUSIC The One That I Want by DJ Quads https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
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The Lion King and Pandora at Disney's Animal Kingdom.(Day 7)
Florida: Day 7 of our Disney World holiday. *camera on phone was playing up :(* A week into our holiday and we find ourselves at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Today however the rain hit hard. Whilst everyone was hiding under cover huddling under tree branches or the floating mountains of Pandora, Jess and I were playing on the drums. Both wearing our poncho's running around banging and making some music for all to hear. With no signs of it stopping we moved on towards Africa. Surprisingly as we got near the Africa area the rain stopped and the sun blasted from behind the clouds, coincidence? We get to the Lion King show just in time to get good seats, we sat and waited whilst the rest of the family caught up. Jessica loved it and was mesmerized the whole time. We then went on the safari ride to see all the animals, Elephants, Hippo's, Giraffes and more. Its not quite like a normal drive round safari, this one we felt like we were out in the wild driving through a rain forest. Very bumpy but we got to see loads of different animals in a authentic habitat. After it was time for food. Chicken Masala, a delightful change to the burger and fries or Pizza we'd been eating for the past week. We scoffed that down and went back over to the Avatar area to ride the Flight of Passage. Apparently this is the best ride of all the parks. It is really good, you feel like you're flying over Pandora, the massive screen really gets you immersed. That said I would not wait 3 hours for it, I wouldn't wait 3 hours for any ride. It has a similar feeling to the Harry Potter ride at Islands of Adventure, which I queued for 5 minutes. For this we had our fast pass, thankfully. ---- MUSIC Bae by Jeff Kaale https://soundcloud.com/jeff-kaale
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