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1969 Ford F100 Ranger
-360-2v 3 speed automatic -Gurentee it had 29,920 original miles because I've known every owner since new - I'm 4th owner -New true duel flowmeter original 40 series exhaust -1 old repaint that's flawless -New CD radio plays real good -NO rust -garage kept all its life -all numbers matching -c6 automatic -runs like brand new because it basically is. -this was a barn find it sat up for 3-4 years nobody but me knew about it. - always rarely driven and still is but it's my daily driver. -would sell but price would be high. Got a lot in it.
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Driving Raggedy Ann the 73 f100
240 I6 with 3 on the tree. Rat rod project
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1965 ford f100 "baby blue"
289 3 speed on the column 3:50 gear ratio Originally a 240 6 cylinder truck All stock but motor and exhaust hankook 235/75/15 tires I used every single piece I could original. Headliner, trim, bumpers etc. Found a pack of cigarette paper in it under seat probably as old as the truck. Found the build sheet under springs and another one under seat when I pulled the seat out. I redone the truck to drive so its not perfect. NOT a daily driver just to shows, around, town just a good grocery getter. The 289 is ALOT better than the 240 it looks stock and performs like stock good strong motor very clean no leaks. Truck smoked out some moisture when its cold (filmed 12-1-17) It went threw extensive restoration in about 3 1/2 months. Exhaust is not too loud at all but you can hear it. Better than Cherrybombs I had on it. It has 2.25 inch piping and turn downs all way threw. Flowmaster original 40 series. Its not raspy or don't bust your ear drums. Just a good driver quality restoration but not a concours style restore. Not For Sale
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My 1965 Ford f100 cold start
Not smoke you see it's steam from it being cold. It's all original but the motor 1966 mustang fastback 2+2 high performance factory setup 289. Going to start the restoration soon on the warmer weather.
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65 Ford F100 restored
this is my 65 Ford I restored. with 289 v8. everything was took apart and done better than factory. all came off frame but cab, motor & fenders. I have a before video posted. I loved it before sure enough now! 289 with 2.25 inch piping with cherrybomb glasspacks. pipes come out beside back tires behind tires like stock but duels. it's not for sale unless there's a stupid crazy offer. it's my dream and wanted to buy truck for years and finally got it and done my dream to it.
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Firing up the 70 ford f100
My 70 F100 all original restored 20 years ago. Motor never built still runs like a champ. Smokes sometimes when it first cranks but besttruck I've ever had. Has factory crossover pipe & flowmaster 1 family owned. My relatives bought it new. mine and my dads truck.
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1971 Ford F100 shop truck
302 3 speed on the column got aftermarket wheels for later duels and walker continenentals glasspacks which arent made anymore. im 3rd owner got all paperwork from where it was bought new. i will try to restore in next 3 or so years back to original. i wanted a shop truck themed truck so i sold my awesome 69 ranger for this one. was repainted black without no body work so no bondo/body filler. very straight body got normal rust for 45+ years old. 96% pin holes. awesome truck in top 2 best ive had.
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fly by in 65 Ford
in my opinion this is baddest Ford on the planet. no need of big blowers duel quad 4 barrels open headers big camshaft wacky gear ratios 5 speed tranny automatic (which they are nice) all you need is some factory parts and factory stock vehicle to restore all original with a good sounding exhaust. see this is stock but it scats down the road. like , comment, subscribe whatever just enjoy.
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cherrybomb glasspacks on 289 v8
True duels with 23 Inch glasspack Cherrybombs. My truck has a high performance 289 factory out of a 1966 Ford mustang fastback 2+2. I'm going to restore it next year. Frame on restoration. Back original but exhaust and motor. But it will still look production stock
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Thrush glasspack exhaust on 72 f100 with 302
All stock 302 v8. 24 inch thrush glasspacks with true duels 2.5 inlet/outlet
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302 walker glasspacks
302 2.25 inch piping true duels mufflers right on other side of rear end then piping goes over rear end and under the back bumpers with turn downs.
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360 flowmaster orig 40 exhaust
true duels original 40 series 2 inch piping feel free to comment or ask any questions.
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A good running 360
Rebuilt the carb. Checked and the passing gear works Runs better than it ever has. For Sale
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CD radio will fit in stock hole easily.
You can either cut.or I recommend bend the ears for stock backwards. Itll slide right in.
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Driving the 1965 Ford pickup at night
Cant see much but you can hear the 289 small block with cherrybombs purr!
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Hog cage on my 1971 Ford F100
Came off. I'm going to post videos of the truck soon. 240 I6 4 speed (3 speed overdrive) local truck and was a local school truck until about 2010 then it was a farmtruck then a daily driver
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1973 Ford f100 drive by "Raggedy Ann"
The 240 inline 6 with new 12 inch glasspack Cherrybomb.
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For Sale 71 ford f100 shop truck
best truck ive had so far. i need a automatic with my knee. daily driven 302 3 speed asking $3,000 call or text 205-442-8867 for more info and pics.
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360 Flowmaster original 40series exhaust
few revs and little idle I pulled it in gear to hear what it sounds like pulling.
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Revving up the 302 walker glasspacks
great old truck my daily driver. this winter and spring i hope to upgrade it a bit.
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