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Jungle -Futuristic/The Rise type beat Prod. By Joemian Alexis (Cleared Sample)
I had this beat for a long time and then I heard no way by futuristic and I decided to post. I hope you like it and done forget to like and subscribe. The Rise Tracklist: 1. The Greatest 2. No Way 3. Man On A Mission 4. OD (Ft. Pryde) 5. Not Enough 6. Whatever I Want 7. Let's Do Something 8. Catch You 9. Raw (Ft. Samson) 10. Too Easy 11. Call Of Duty (Ft. Castro) 12. The Rise (Ft. Devvon Terrell) 13. Music Saved My Life
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"Brave Men" Childish Gambino X Big Sean type beat
This beat was inspired by dark sky paradise and Because of the on internet,so i hope you enjoy and contact me for leasing options. https://soundcloud.com/joemianalexis/brave-men-childish-gambino-x-big-sean-type-beat Track Listing: 1. Dark Sky (Skyscrapers) 2. Blessings (Feat. Drake) 3. All Your Fault (Feat. Kanye West) 4. I Don’t F**k With You (Feat. E-40) 5. Play No Games (Feat. Chris Brown & Ty Dolla $ign) 6. Paradise (Extended) 7. Win Some, Lose Some 8. Stay Down 9. I Know (Feat. Jhené Aiko) 10. Deep (Feat. Lil’ Wayne) 11. One Man Can Change the World (Feat. Kanye West & John Legend) 12. Outro Deluxe Edition Tracks: 13. Deserve It (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) 14. Research (Feat. Ariana Grande) 15. Platinum and Wood Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe Edition) Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe Edition) Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe Edition) Big Sean – Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe Edition) 1. ‘The Library (Intro)’ 2. I. ‘The Crawl’ 3. II. ‘worldstar’ 4. ‘Dial Up’ 5. I. ‘The worst guys’ (Featuring Chance The Rapper) 6. II. ‘shadows’ 7. III. ‘telegraph’ (“Oakland” by Lloyd) 8. IV. ‘sweatpants’ 9. V. ’3005′ 10. ‘Playing Around Before The Party Starts’ 11. I. ‘The Party’ 12. II. ‘no exit’ 13. ‘Death By Numbers’ 14. I. ‘Flight of The Navigator’ 15. II. ‘zealots of stockholm’ (free information) 16. III. ‘umm’ 17. I. ‘pink toes’ (Featuring Jhene Aiko) 18. II. ‘earth: The oldest computer (The last night)’ [Featuring Azealia Banks] 19. III. ‘life: The biggest troll’ (andrew auernheimer)
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I Was Wrong- Lil Uzi Type Beat (Prod.Joemian)
Email me inquiries at JoemianAX@gmail.com https://www.instagram.com/joemianax/ https://twitter.com/joemianalexis
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life the adventure(emotional rap type beat)
I like this beat.This is a emotional roller coaster.It starts slow and builds back up.Anyways im will be taking a break because school starts on the 3rd and i need to focus on school until i find a balance.But i promise my next series of beats will be even better thanks for listening ,lol i know it's a long track and i hope u like it and dont forget to like and subscribe
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Have mercy Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, Pusha T,Cruel Summer type beat
this beat wad inspired by mercy from the cruel summer album
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New Years (2015) j cole type X chance the rapper X lupe fiasco type beat
I made this today lol.Hope you enjoy and thanks for supporting me through 2014 and 2015 will be awesome.my mix tape is coming and it's like nothing out there and the end of the year im releasing a mix tape with all my collabs with artist,i got amoney on it already and that will be fun.so thanks you and lets keep jaming. https://soundcloud.com/joemianalexis/new-years-2015-j-cole-type-x-wale-x-lupe-fiasco-type-beat
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6ix Drake Type Beat Prod. by Joemian
New Drake Beat inspired by Back to back https://soundcloud.com/joemianalexis/6ix-drake-type-beat-produce-by-joemian
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Loud freestyle from a school near you. For Inquiries, Bookings, And Beats Infinitelywavy@gmail.com
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"To Many Problems"Jay z X DR Dre X Eminem ft. Kanye West type beat (prod.Bo$$-Man)
This was inspired by old school rap so i hope you enjoy :D https://soundcloud.com/bossmanonthetrack/to-many-problemsjay-z-x-dr-dre-x-eminem-ft-kanye-westprodbo-man
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Good Freestyle Type Beat
This is one of my older beats,but I still love it, plz like and subscribe so i can drop a beat every saturday
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Kanye West type beat "My Life'
i watched a video of kanye making beats and i wanted to try his advice on making beats so i used samples from dj pain https://soundcloud.com/bossmanonthetrack/my-life
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"Desire" Views From The Six X Drake X Future X Tory Lanez Type beat
Plz Like Aand Subscribe for more check me out here https://soundcloud.com/joemianalexis and to contact me.Here's my email JoemianAX@gmail.com VIEWS tracklist below: 1. Keep The Family Close 2. 9 3. U With Me? 4. Feel No Ways 5. Hype 6. Weston Road Flows 7. Redemption 8. With You 9. Faithful 10. Still Here 11. Controlla 12. One Dance 13. Grammys 14. Childs Play 15. Pop Style 16. Too Good 17. Summers Over Interlude 18. Fire And Desire 19. Views 20. Hotline Bling (Bonus)
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Ooh(old school type beat)
I sampled one of dj pain's loops,and i was messing song at the end and i thought it would be fun to add a continuous loop from in the beat
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"Ooh Yeah" Dr.Dre X Kendrick Lamar type beat
this beat is a sample of aaliyah and i have fun making .so if want to lease i please contact me about leasing options. https://soundcloud.com/joemianalexis/ooh-yeah-drdre-x-kendrick-lamar-type-beat
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