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Special Force Cheater! Is that "Flash" or "XLR8"?
This player is using a cheat that can make his character move so fast!.....Poor enemies, they can't even resist or just fight in equal manners!!! His name is "instinct14" and look at that score, 23-1 WEW!!! Please ban this player GM Deedz if ever you see this video. :)
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SF Cheater: The Jumper!
I really hate Cheater like this one, I don't know what kind of cheat it is but his account should get ban. His codename is (IM)+_MaKeR. Beware of this player for a better and fair play :) GM Deedz! pls ban this player for the sake of others to play well especially his enemy!
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Cheater alert!
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Cheater na LTC!
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