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Battlefield 3 Mission: Going Hunting(F-18 Jet mission with Bombing part)
Battlefield 3 Mission: Going Hunting in 1080p on PC Normal diffculty.
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Battlefield 1 Plane clip
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Battlefield 4 Operation Locker in 2018 [FULLGAME]
I was planning on doing a video of PUBG weapons in Battlefield 4, but ends up doing okay on the score board, Enjoy! The video is really long, here are some time stamps: 0:00 M416 1:19 SCAR-H 4:15 AUG A3 5:55 M16A4 10:20 GROZA-1 15:12 UMP-45 19:06 SKS 22:14 M39 EMR(MK 14 in PUBG, but no FA mode) 25:52 M249 31:08 SAIGA 12K 34:44 M40A5(An almost identical version of M24) 43:51 L115(AWP) 50:19 GROZA
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six  Siege Twitch
Attachments: ACOG, Vertical grip, Laser sight, Flash hider Terrorist hunt normal difficulty
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Forza Motorsport 7 - A lap with Renault R.S. 17
A lap with a F1 car
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Battlefield 1 Turning Tides: Achi Baba first game
Joined my first game after update, enjoy
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A Round of Battlefield V Closed Alpha
A good round of Battlefield V Closed Alpha #2
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Battlefield 1 Incursions Alpha First game
Battlefield 1 Incursions gameplay
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