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Singapore fireworks near kalangmall
I want to hit 16357 likes today i also posted a the ninja turtle movie make sure to subscribe and turn on all notifications on and by the way if you here my parents talking please ignore i also will be making another video about this this year it was on christmas.
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The trip back to Singapore for Vietnam
I had a excited trip back to see my family from Vietnam.I went there to teach people how to play golf in the golf club
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My first day being a firefighther*with my cousins
If you see me live a like and comment down below what was your favourite part and ignore the police
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The ninja turtle movie *in human kids size* short film
Be sure to click the like button i want to hit 160000 likes on this video if i hit 160000 likes i will make a video killing someone i was naugthy when i was nursery and i am at singapore kids play area to film this if you hear my parents saying things ignore it and the hunter is my sister and leanardo is my cousin called jason
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