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Loopie - Ungrateful (Lyric Video)
neighbor diss
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(2:08) 10 Second Run Returns All Stars Levels 1-10 speedrun (Unofficial World Record)
I'm submitting this game to speedrun.com This is for Switch only, sorry guys. This game only costs 5€ and you should give it a try. It would help make this game alot more known because personally I think that this is a very good game.
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Loopie - Speedrun Drama (Official Music Video)
My first ever music video, and i have to waste my time. Anyways, there is no beef anymore with xein and i decided not to be friends with him while having no beef, and i believe xein let me make this rap without him being triggered :) Xein make a reaction video
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13 Year Old Raps "Pale Kid Raps Fast"
before you type something at the giggity part, watch til the end of the video. also here are the parts i messed up: giggity, giggity, giggity, and meditating If you see any other mistakes, let me know also i accidentally rendered my vid at 240p
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To Xein...
I'll be taking a break from YouTube and speedrunning, i'll still be on the smb discord, but i'll only talk to the people i have given trust, and to real friends apart from you, Xein.
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I did a Spirit Box session with an iPhone 6, and you won't believe the answers i've gotten.
My name was said many times, i got many answers and many inaudible words. 5 likes and i'll do another one 3 likes and i'll post the aftermath of the video (Just conversation about if god is real, if ghosts are real, and other stuff)
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Putting 100 Rubber Bands On My Finger
for each 5 likes i'll do 100 more (e.g. 15 likes = 400 rubber bands - 5 likes = 200 rubber bands ) 20 likes and i'll do 100 on each finger
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(5:02.847) Super Mario Bros. any% speedrun (2nd in France)
The journey continues.. and it'll end in a long time..
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trying to freestyle
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Speedrunning some games
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(3:27:59) Super Mario Odyssey Any% speedrun (First run)
inb4 vgm says that i suck and i need to speedrun sm64 -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/agardylan
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Putting 200 Rubber Bands In My Finger
listen, it was painful 20 likes = 100 on each finger i ran out of ideas and i need attention because my channel is dying
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Loopie - Quackdicka (quadecaX8 Diss Track) (Official Lyric Video)
Hey, it's currently 8:28, and i said 8:30, just in time to upload and i totally didn't have an excuse to make you wait lmfao
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Loopie - Snapchat Girls (Official Lyric Video)
sick bars, music video in a couple weeks
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RAP BATTLE | Loopie vs. Elmo
cast: loopie as loopie elmo as broadcast king he has a website: broadcastking.com he has a few gigs on fiverr: fiverr.com/broadcastking he also has a youtube channel: Puppethood if you buy from him once the next time you buy a $5 gig he'll count is as a 10$ gig i'll pick 3 judges it's a most votes out of 3 and if i lose i gotta do a forfeit and if i win i gotta
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Speedrunning some games
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(5:00?) My First Ever Super Mario Bros. Any% TAS
400 appeared at frame 240. Axe grab at 18288 18288-240=18048 18048/60=300.8= 5:00?
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Pokémon Blaze Black 2 | Live Shiny Hunting! | Entei
Today I will shiny hunt Entei!
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(24:21) Super Mario Land any% speedrun (First Run, 2nd in France),
I'll go for French Record but SMB1 and SMB2J are my main events. No sound cause my very intelligent mind muted the mic throughout the entire stream. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/agardylan
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(5:04.166) Super Mario Bros. any% speedrun (3rd in France)
PIGGYCHOMPAY -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/agardylan
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Speedrunning some games
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Mowgli being abused part 1
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NES mini is faster than VC but isn't faster than emu?
This video is specially for roopert FCEUX is 60, we know that, VC is 59.94, we know that, NES is 60.0988139, we know that, but NES mini can't be a 60 after that comparison
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Loopie - Effortless (Pale Kid Rap Fast Remix, But Not So Fast)
I wrote this rap in 45 minutes, I had to rap it in increments cause I was running out of time, that took half an hour. Had to put the lyrics, took me a minute, and the pronounciation is bad that I didn't even care (Triple don't critisize me on something I already know i did wrong)
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Scotts Bday 2/3
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Reading the entire human rights and rambling about it
"I was never taught my human rights, apparently there are 30, do you know them? I don't" -Boyinaband 2k15 Well, I read the human rights. Tune in to be taught what you will never be taught in school.
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DJ Rudy Sings to SkyJax
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i dont even know anymore
dubstep aye?
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Picking Words For My New Rap Song
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYERe8RuziU for the rap song
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Scotts Bday Part 1
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Part 2 of the beat making
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Speedrunning some games
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(Mid 5:02?) Super Mario Bros. any% speedrun (2nd in France) Stars 35:22
bad 1-2, bad 8-1, bad 8-4 water, free pb.
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I got 100,000 points in Google Feud in 42 seconds
Whoever can beat this time by 15 seconds wins a 15€ iTunes OR Google Play gift card. Must livestream and must keep the whole stream. All tabs must be closed apart from Google Feud. Good luck :)
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Speedrunning some games
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(3:48) Super Mario Bros. Any% WW speedrun (3rd in France)
Top 3 in France in 4 runs, wow.
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MonkeyCraft Fun! (REUPLOAD)
Reupload on my video.
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(5:04.166) Super Mario Bros. any% speedrun REUPLOAD
42 seconds of my pb was missing. Credits to Xein for telling me xd -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/agardylan
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