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Natural kratom alternatives
Carpos video got me thinkin on what may be some good herbs to try and replace kratom. It obviously wont be as good as the real thing but who knows.
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The 10$ dab pen!! Source Vapes 10cig Review
Today i review a 10$ dab pen that comes with everything you need to dab all for a cheap price!
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Ocean Beach meetup! Quick recap and a blunt with Brandon from Mystonerlife!
Whats going on guys! We headed down to ocean beach to hang out with some awesome youtubers as well as viewers! Didnt get as much footage as i would have liked but ill talk more about this meetup in a future video! Be sure to check out mystonerlife on youtube!
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How marijuana changed my life in a positive way
Today im gonna ramble about why i love weed so damn much :)
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94% THC distillate (the clarity by vader extracts) review
Talking about thc distillate, the purest form of thc currently available to man. This stuff is about as pure as it can get!! Its also known by brand names like the clear or clarity extracts. The one i got is a pineapple express distillate from vader extracts. Hope you enjoy the video and have a great day, cheers to you all
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Akuamma seeds review
A possible alternative for some, but im still looking. Check out break free herbs for akuamma seeds and much more https://breakfreeherbs.com/shop/
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Grateful Dead- Anthem of the Sun (1969) Album Review
Hey guys! Just here to give some quick thoughts on this psychedelic masterpiece! Cheers
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My experience switching to the JUUL
Cheers everyone! Today i take a look at one of my new favorite devices. It is admittedly overpriced but the juul is the closest thing to an actual cigarette, and uses salt based nicotine instead of freebase nicotine
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Kratom alternatives: The final word
Some honest thoughts on kratom alternatives
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Youtube censoring drug education and cannabis related channels
So i got my first youtube strike for a bullshit reason, and they have taken away my ability to livestream. If anyone can help me please contact me
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Cheers! Dabbing off new quartz banger!
I finally got a quartz banger and decided to share my failed creation of what i call the “mace” dab. Cheers, hope youre all having a good weekend!
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Mini Bubbler Sesh and Rambling
Hey guys! Happy thursday, no real point to this video just wanna smoke a nice bowl with yall. Hope you all have a good day
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Talkin about hash vs wax/ the hasheesh eater
Different kind of video today let me know what you all think
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Source Slim 3 Travel Kit Review! The best budget wax pen?
Today i review a wonderful vape pen sent over from the good folks at Source Vapes.
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Godzilla OG Hash by Moon Lion Extracts Review
Hey guys! I picked up another job so between two jobs and trying to maintain a social life i havent had much spare time! That being said, enjoy the review!
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My 2 cents on the twin galaxies controversy, Todd Rogers, and Billy Mitchell
Turns put billy mitchell is as much of a douchebag as you thought he was! In addition, Todd rogers has been exposed as a fraud. I also talk about my own experiences with twin galaxies and trying to submit world records
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