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ICF Guard Cabin
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What is Continuity Testing in Indian Railways
Continuity testing is done by LP and Guard to ensure that the Brake Pipe pressure is properly maintained in train i.e from locomotive to rear coach of the train. It is done when train starts from origin station or loco change or loco reversal and in all other scenarios when any coach is attached or detached from front of the train.
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Indian Railway Guard All Right in LHB Rake
How Guard gives All Right Signal in LHB Rakes as All windows are closed compare to ICF where all the windows are open. Please Subscribe to our channel and also Like our Video..
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16507Jodhpur  Bengaluru Express departing from Miraj Jn.
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Rajkot Coimbatore (16613) passing through Ahmadabad yard
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Saurashtra janta 19218 entering Rajkot with lovely track sound passing through Rajkot yard
Saurashtra janta entering RJT and will go towards bandra terminus passing Rajkot reva in Rajkot yard..
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Saurashtra mail crossing Saurashtra mail along with cranking sound of WDP4 (SBI)
Saurashtra mail 22945 towards okha crosses Saurashtra 22956 at paddhari going towards BCT and will couple at RJT with veraval coaches and gets ready for becoming complete Saurashtra Mail
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Live Chain Pulling and how it works
Live chain pulling with a view from guard cabin and working of Brake Pipe Pressure.
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Nagpur Mumbai Duronto Express derails.
The incident at Maharashtra took place on the wee hours of Tuesday.
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Rajdhani Express departing from Bengaluru
Train no. 22693 SBC to NZM starting it's journey...
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