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WTF IS THIS??? Half Praying Mantis, Half Hornet???
Please help, is this a new species or one that I have never seen before? Both my friend and I are in our late twenties and never in our lives have we seen anything like this. It seems to have the front body of a Praying Mantis, but the hind quarters of a Hornet. Has anyone seen anything like this? And does anyone know if it has a name or am I the first to record such a creature?? Video taken in Dekalb Junction, New York on July 3rd, 2015
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Geo Engineering June 22nd, 2015
Location: 44.5975 degrees North 75.1711 degrees West. Canton, NY 13617. Time: Video starts at 7:30 pm. Last part of video carries us til 7:45 pm. If you have not yet been made aware of what is taking place in the skies above you, I implore you to do some investigation. Best place to start is by opening your web browser and typing in Geo Engineering into your search engine as well as on youtube. A man worth mentioning is David Keith, but hard to find related videos unless you search his name with Geo Engineering, other wise you will find many other David Keith's. Learn, Educate, Share. This is your children's future. Are we really saving the planet or are we creating another mess for the future generations to have to clean up?
HAARP or Jets? Canton, NY Nov. 7th, 2013 part 1
Turn up your volume and you will hear the roar of what sounds like Jets but this took place for over 6 hours on Nov. 7th of 2013. The nearest Air Force base is over 60 miles away. Either they were testing a new air craft or using the HAARP arrays. The rumbling in the sky shook my home and is what drew my attention outside and I captured the sound on my camera.
April 7th 2014 Full Day Collage - Geo Engineering
What a day!! Please watch the full video but be sure to watch the last half of the video for sure, that's where you will see a full Halo around sun, cloud flares on both sides of it and a third Halo above the sun. Crazy stuff happening when they spray. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this video is a 45 minute video of what I seen the entire day on May 7th 2014 over Canton, NY 13617.