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Sean Price & Joe Budden freestyle on Hot 97 (Joe Buddens dissing Sean P?)
Sean Price and Buckshot Live on Hot 97 DJ Clue Monday Nights.you be the Judge and tell me who got at who. Since i had it for a minute i figured i'll post because Joe budden got a lil buzz going after dissing meth. Well fortunatley for us folk there was a little animosity going on between Joe and Sean this night. Joe gets some shots sent his way in this session for having a big mouth on a night in which he was'nt even billed.Basically he get served for being in places he should'nt be.Its seems Clue keeps getting Joe in trouble (Remember why game dissed him?). Since it was Clue's show i guess he had Buddens there who was his Dessert Storm artist IIRC. Sean was not to be outdone this particular night though and it made for a good session. Enjoy Fellas.
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Poor Righteous Teachers - Shakiyla II
A request Off The Poor Righteous Teachers Album "Holy Intellect" One of the Illest Non-love ballads to ever get blessed. My brother Don P used to play this these guys records all day in the early 90's and i still remember them like yesterday. Long Live Real Hip Hop!
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The Dutchmin - Reunion (Produced By L-Blades)
Unreleased Track from The Dutchmin. Featuring Longtime Member Wraith Bone. Straight Hardcore track.
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L-Blades Mixing and Scratching cutting up 3
L-Blades Back at it again Mixing and Choppin' up a ill Bruce Lee sample and a classic joint by the RZA just for fun while the StreetBoxx SB-246 plays a pattern i created just for that mix. Im trying to get him back into mixing.
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L-Blades Mixing and Scratching cutting up 2
L-Blades scratchingup once more but this time on a Classic record. You may remember the sample being used by Biz "Markie for Just a Friend"
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The Dutchmin - Peanutz (Produced by L-Blades)
Unreleased Music by the Dutchmin. Tony Rut Goes off after True Da God and L-Blades light it up in the beggining. My favorite track right here. Please show your support.
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B-Rut - Toney Kills Frank (Feat Tony Ruffin Of Dutchmin)
Freestyle Over Raekwon's Classic "Criminology" By B-rut once again Featuring a verse from Tony Ruffin to end it off. This Track is Featured on DJ Big Bad Bolo New Mixtape "Dj Big Bad Bolo Present the Rutland Rebelz Pt2." See Me when You See Me!!! Peace
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L-Blades mixing and scratching cutting up.
L-Blaze doing a little mixing and scratching over Big Noyd's recognize & Realize Track. This Freestyle by Kid Creole was featured on the Tony Touch 50 Mc's Mixtape.
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Tony Rutland - Dumb Rappers (Lesson A!)  (Chorus Scratches by PF Cuttin.)
Real Hip Hop Unsaturated.Tony Rutland Spittin' over a Legendary Beat we all know and love. I hope you guys enjoy the cheesy vid i put together. The list could've been a whole lot longer but why state the obvious right? Its All in good clean fun atleast to me.
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B-Rut - So Whatcha Sayin' Feat Flowjack. (Produced By PF Cuttin)
90'z Very own B-Rut spitting darts over a PF Cuttin laced Banger Of the Mixtape "The Rise of Rutland." Featuring "The Flowjack Terrorists" R.O.Y. & Mello. Shoutout to EPMD on this one. Me and Rut grew up listen to these dudes idolizing the flow and style they had so It was only right. Enjoy this right here PEACE!!!!
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Street Boxx Original Beat -  Go Harder
One of the earliest beats i ever did once i got the hang of sampling off the CD sampler.One of my personal faves. I wish i could hear Pharoah Monche Light this track up one time.
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B-Rut & Mello - Under Da Bus (Flawless Diss)
B-Rut & Mello Back to Back adressing some issues about a former member off the Dj Big Bad Bolo Mixtape.It hurts me to post this because we all fam but i love the lyrical fury on the motherfucking track plain and simple. These two went in hard I can't front.
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Streetboxx Original Beat - Natural High
Another Joint i did on the Streeboxx SB246. Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Editor's Note - The Streetboxx does not sample. I use a CD player that can loop and memo sections in a song playing. I do all my drum and bass patterns on this beautiful little machine right here couple with the sample i choose to rock with.
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B-Rut - Brooklyn shit (Produced By SDS Overfiend)
Fresh off the "Rise Of Rutland" Mixtape hosted by PF Cuttin. B-Rut delivers over a track laced by me that im quite sure you Dudes are familar with. It feel good to finally get him on a track due to him being busy trying to master his craft in and out of studios. from us to you youtubers. Rate it Show love,comment and enjoy. Congrats on the New Baby Girl My Niece Delilah Pettway!!!!
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B-Rut -  Machine Gun Rap (Feat.Machine Gun Telly.)
Freestyle Over Nas's "You're The Man" By B-Rutand Machine Gun Telly Off the 9oz's very Own Dj Big Bad Bolo newest Mixtape.
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StreetBoxx Original Beat - '88 Mindstate
Streetboxx original beat i like to call "88 Mindstate" I hope you like it.
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MPC 500 - The Utmost
Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Whats Good everybody? Im back Showing love to all my Peeps.This is New Banger i made last week.I just figured i'll upload it to give my youtube freestylers something to spit to lol! Pure simple Boom Bap Track to Keep the Head Nodder till you break ya fucking neck.Shout outs to My boy HedTec who gives me inspiration on the daily. Shout outs to the Dutchmin, Rutland rebels,Jae Khemis and Big Bad Bolo. See Me When you See Me!!!!
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MPC 500 - The Relapse
I'm back on my bullshit once again Giving you more of the Raw at your front door. Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ First off I wanna Give shout outs to the Small Fanbase that i've acquired because its a start in the right direction of resurrecting the Boom Bap Hip hop.I am Greatly Motiviated by the Love and the respect i get from you guys and youtubers. In return i have a to do my part bring hip hop back to the fans cause We got the power. Also Shout out to the Man himself HedTec in General.1) for making Me go back to the lab and create more fire through his inspirational vids. 2) For Repping Real hip hop also. Enjoy Everybody cause i do this from the heart and for hip hop!!!!! PEACE!!!!
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L-Blades Mixing and Scratching 4
Once again cutting up some wicked classic tunes for fun with a new Reggae riddim created on the Streetboxx.
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MPC 500 - 1 Hectic Week
Download the New Beat Tape Here: http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Dirty Grimey Track basically. There nothing more to Say Except i Made this during one hectic week in my lie and thus i was aptly named. I hope you guys Enjoy it..
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L-Blades Mixing and Scratching cutting up 5
Mixing and scratching with my Cuzo L-Blades over a simple streetboxx made pattern along with Wu-tang's One Blood sample. Please people keep in mind we are just having fun with it the way music is supposed to be done. Standalone player. http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=WQkojf7N
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StreetBoxx - Scary Hours in NYC
Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ The Most Scariest Beat i ever did lol!.The Drum Pattens was done on the Streetboxx and the Sample played on a CD sampler and looped.
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Girl Genius
D'Yarah Finessing the computer like advertised. BTW She's was only 2 at the time.
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B - Rut - The Way That We Live Feat. Machine Gun Telly (Produced By Known Creature)
Crisp Kicks,Hat Lo Presents B-Rut's The Mash Out Pt.1 Hosted By Da 90'z Own DJ Big Bad Bolo.
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Streetboxx - The BFCD Jam.
A Beat i did on the StreetBoxx 246 along with a CD sampler for the sample. Just something that i did playing around learning how to mix samples with the Streetboxx Drums patterns.
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StreetBoxx Original Beat - Da Durty
My first Dirty Souf Track i ever did on the streeboxx and i had a lot of fun doing it. This beat was so interchangable that i could swerve in and out of samples/paterns and it cuts dead right on like a .38 Saturday night special. I hope my Georgia,Tennesee,North Cak,South Cak,Florida and Louisiana Niggas Bang they fucking head to this shit. This one to ya'll from the NY.
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B-Rut & Tony Rut (Dutchmin) Freestyle 2001 Park Jam.
B-Rut & Tony Rut Going Back and Forth Freestyling off the head over Benzino's Figaroh Track. Classic Freestyle from 2001.DJ BigBadBolo on the wheels of steel that day.Classic Throwback to the Jams in the park era. Sorry i don't have the actually footage
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MPC 500 - The Hunger.
Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Whats Good Peeps SDS Overfiend is back once again and brought a new toy along for this ride. The MPC 500!!!! Don't get it twisted i still rock out on the streetboxx but as a fan of music one must diversify his sound always. Now please don't think for a sec my previous beats were done on this machine because i just copped this. You can here a quality increase in the production as far as the clarity goes.I'm Glad to have your ears once again so please enjoy this one.
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Streetboxx Original Beat
I little Party Joint i did on the streetboxx SB-246. Tell me what you think. stand alone. http://www.imeem.com/dialogs/standaloneplaylist/?p=sw_g_Y8k
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B- Rut - Throats
Crisp Kicks,Hat Lo Presents B-Rut's The Mash Out Pt.1 Hosted By Da 90'z Own DJ Big Bad Bolo.
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MPC 500 - J-Dilla That Nigga!! (We Miss U.)
Download "Overfiend Luvs Youtube" http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Whats up Eveybody Trying to Bring some more heat for the winter while still learning this MPC500.This track was heavily influenced by the late great J-Dilla. Im sorry for Not posting a better vid showing how i did and put this beat together but It take times and i dont have the right tools at the moment. Leave Comments please and show love.It will be greatly appreciated because I do this for Yall.
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Cash Out (Produced By H.A.P.H. of The Ranjahz)
Crisp Kicks,Hat Lo Presents B-Rut's The Mash Out Pt.1 Hosted By Da 90'z Own DJ Big Bad Bolo.
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SDS Overfiend Says Thank you.
Overfend Luvs Youtube: Get it here: http://www.zshare.net/download/55518067909f80ab/ Collection of my beats and ruff Drafts you can call your own. This is the closest thing you get to me doing a MPC vid lol! Nah but i just want to say thank you to all of the people who showed love,Subscibe and ask for advice. I don't have the largest Fanbase in the world but i have people who show love and thats what matters period. I once said when i start making music i hope i can be a legend with sacrificing my humanity or crediblity and so far i think im on the right path. There no make to make Correct Music...JUST DO IT!!! whether you sample or not music is art and a form of expression...One of the last forms we still have left. Big Shout outs to: Dj Hedtec,Dutchmin,DJ Big Bad Bolo ,B-Rut, Riosbeatz,revelashaun68 ,Sauce303 (Where you At?),Choco,SB246JT314 ,boogz1989 ,HannibalLickedher, SeanBlues91,Boondoc, Boombapshow,DJEclipse,D3hundred ,HaGutta,SuavecitoBro2 ,tumigeller ,MoneyOverZombie ,SponserSk8ter Peace,Blessings and Good Fucking Music!!!!!!
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Copy of Rock Out with Ya Cock Out!!!!!!
I'm back and i know its been a minute so bear with me. Just a Beat i had Lying around so i figured i Just post it and show love. It has the Late 90's Feel to it. I notice a lot of my beat start off Drums first.I guess that how i grew up listening to hip hop or real Music. I hope you guys enjoy it though.
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Shmoney Dance + Maya = Shmaya Dance!!!
4 years later.. She back at it.. The Shmoney Dance with a twist lmao...
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B-Rut - Put the Money Up (Feat. Tony Ruffin.)
Some More Heat From B-rut Feat. Tony ruffin. PLease Leave a comment and show love. Feedback is always appreciated.
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The Dutchmin - Dance Wit Me (Produced By L-Blades)
Unrealeased Tracks from The Dutchmin. A Real club banger. Check it out tell me what you think.
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Original StreetBoxx Beat - The Abstract Track (No Samples)
A Nice little beat i did where i did'nt try to overproduce to drown out the artist but only to accomadate him.
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Rock Out with Ya Cock Out!!!!!!
I'm back and i know its been a minute so bear with me. Just a Beat i had Lying around so i figured i Just post it and show love. It has the Late 90's Feel to it. I notice a lot of my beat start off Drums first.I guess that how i grew up listening to hip hop or real Music. I hope you guys enjoy it though.
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