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Auto Sniper and proud
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Scout Jumpshot Kill
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When your teammate just cant get enough of your shots
Maaaan, shit just really happens. Oh well.
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That scrumptious positioning
Upload testing
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A random typical Chinese guy killed me for mysterious reasons. Reference for a ticket report. So the story for this is I decided to change the pace from doing solos and duos to squads. I queued in with a bunch of random players from squads which apparently are all Chinese from the SEA server. See this part for me is frustrating as every time I queue in with random squads, at least from the only Lag-free server for me which is SEA, there's always a couple of Chinese players. So there's bound to be no communication at all as I don't speak Chinese. So a question me and my duo buddy keeps wondering is how come the country with assumingly more playerbase than KR and JP have no dedicated servers just for them. Anyway, they dropped from a rather passive area in which isn't enough for 4 people let alone 3, so I chose a high risk high reward area, just do a quick loot and find a car to regroup with them. On the way through, 2 of them died, and that's when the video starts. I heard close shots near the area as I was nearing my teammate which I kept surveying at which would explain my actions throughout the video. If there's anyone who understands the language, I'd appreciate it if you could translate it for me. Just curious on what he was saying. Though I imagine it wasn't anything good.
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Kat I - Triple
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Git gud Malph
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Top 10 Anime Betrayals
"Essay, surrender your firearm or face the consequences" NANI?!
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Triple Pop I
The first of many
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Pubg Entry I - "#1"
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