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Glassfiber infusion test
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De Forbudte Trin
De forbudte trin Track : Spencer Insomnia - Nocturnal Original Mix Trolololololo :p
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Nok-Karosh vs Dualboxing Hunters
Thanks for watching my dualbox kill of Nok-Karosh. The original song was removed for copyright, so the song name doesnt quiet fit :). I am Dualboxing with 2x lvl 100 Markmenship Hunters. My main has ilvl 646. My slave has ilvl 616. I dont got much exp with Dualboxing, so i had to make some new keybindings and stuff, so it looks terrible in my action bars :-) The dps rotation could be better, but I had plenty of time to kill him, so rather safe than sorry. As you can see on the timer on the right side of the screen, the fight took me 9 minutes from pulling with my slave to killing blow. This tactic is great for the Hunter Class. That's why i decided to lvl up another hunter on my other account. Hope you enjoyed :-) - Donzantos
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H1Z1 Morning run with a few zombies.
Sry for the bad quality. This is from a live server, 30 march 2015. I dont think it's supposed to spawn that many walkers at the same spot. :-)
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Ole Slowmotion
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