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Can i sing good? ZAPinkLady_ Gaming
Hey guys i know i cant sing good but this video is for Jennifer go check his channle out. If you cant find his channle out then look at my subscription Bye Yall!
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What to do what to do???
open me----------------------------- Hi welcome sorry i wasn't uploading videos again i have school! Have a nice cool lit day!
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Little video/ ZAPinkLady
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February 7, 2018
Murder Mystery 2
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NEW INTRO?!!?😱😱😱
Hey my little gamers. Today is a day that i finally made an intro. If you like it please make sure you hit that like button oh and please subscribe also hit that bell so you know when i make a new video. Have an amazing day my little gamers! πŸ˜€
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How to get cool fonts
Fonts fonts fonts YUSSS
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Did you see the EMOJI Tell me if you did!
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Playing music for 20 subscribers!
Hey lilttle gamers sorry i was not posting for EVER!!!!! I had school and it was hard to get a video made then post. And thanks so much guys for 20 subscribers that means so much to me our next goal is 30 can we make it? I bet we can enjoy!
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ZAPinkLady MINECRAFT: How to make a tablet
Hey gamers. Today i dont have that much to say but hope you enjoyed the video. Also in going to do shutouts now (Look down) have a good day Shout out goes to... Fanoliy Question of the day: What is your favorite thing to do in the weekends tell me in the comments below
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ZAPinkLady MINECRAFT: Playing minecraft with my brother! πŸ‘¦
Hey little gamers. Yes i did make another video at the same day but today i played Minecraft with my brother. Hope you enjoyed. Make sure you give this video a big fat thumbs up and make sure you hit that subscriber button as well make sure u hit the bell so you know when i make a video everyday *plus you can comment first*. Bye have a nice day
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Random youtube day what did i do πŸ€”
Hey my little gamers. Today i did a video about doing some stuff... But anyways hope you enjoyed. Im going to be doing some questions of the day *look at the bottom to see*. Make sure you subscribed hit that like button and also make sure u hit tha bell so you know when i make a new video.Have a good day Question of the day: What is your scariest day of your life tell me in the comments below.
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Bloxburg Series: Part 1 UPDATES!
Hey lil gamers hope you enjoyed today's episode! Today i played roblox Bloxburg. You can freind me my user is ZAPinkLady. If the max is full follow me but for now it's not. We are almost at 30 subs and imma do a subscribe special for 30 subs! Oh.....Make sure you subscribe turn on the notifications so you will know when i post! Spring break almost ends so maybe imma post on weekends Byyyye lil gamers!
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Random Minecraft roleplay
Hey guys today i did a minecraft roleplay tell me if u want me to make more
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Roblox bloxburg: Just random
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Roblox Bloxburg: BUILDING YUUS!
I don't know what to say... Subsribe...
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February 25, 2018
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Jealous of Lucy: S1 ep1- Jealousy
Hi lil gamers. Thanks for 30 subs im happy from my bottom to my heart enjoy this Gacha video!
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February 12, 2018
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RANDOM YOUTUBE DAY 2: Making a intro for my channle and play ROBLOX
Subscribe and hit me to 10 likes we can do this little gamers!
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