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How to: Block text messages on Sprint and Virgin Mobile
Just a quick video showing how to block people from texting you if you are on the Sprint network. One person confirmed it works on Virgin Mobile (It's a subsidy of Sprint) so if you have Virgin Mobile feel free to try it out and let us know if it works for you! Full list of commands are found on Sprint's support forum, I just went over the basics. http://support.sprint.com/support/article/Block_or_allow_text_messages_from_your_phone/case-cx832318-20091103-160141
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How to: Get into EPST settings alternatively
Just a very short video explaining on how to get into your EPST settings if using an HTC phone with/without a different ROM or dialer using the calculator.
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Cloning Websites with Backtrack 5
Here is how to clone a website to get a users login info. Note: They have to visit the IP address listed when you type "ifconfig" in a terminal. For educational purposes only.
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App Review: zANTI - Mobile Pentesting
Today I am reviewing an App for rooted phones called zANTI. It was originally called dSploit until they partnered together and it still has all the same features and more.
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App review: Bluff My Call
Just a quick review on the spoofing app, Bluff My Call. As well as how to get it working on Android 4.0+ devices. Hope you enjoy. Download from: www.bluffmycall.com
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App Review: QuickShortcutMaker
Just a quick app review going over the basics of QuickShortcutMaker. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sika524.android.quickshortcut&hl=en
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How to: Hack PS4 Knack
Just a quick video explaining how to "hack" or progress quickly in the Playstation 4 game Knack. You must have a rooted Android device for this hack.
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App Review: MyScript Calculator
Just a quick review of an Android calculator alternative. Very simple design but with many applications. For Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.visionobjects.calculator&hl=en For iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myscript-calculator/id578979413?mt=8
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How to: Boost WiMAX signal
Just a quick video explaining on how to get a better WiMAX signal at the cost of some speed, but still (may) be faster than 3G depending on how far from -100 you set your number at. You must click "Menu - Commit Changes" at the top right in order for the settings to save. It will reboot your phone.
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Increase your 3G speed on Sprint.
This is a quick video on how-to increase your 3G internet speed when using an HTC Evo device on Sprint. *May work on other devices, but these are the devices I tested on.* *Works on Galaxy Note 2 by doing the same way to get into the menu, Other, Multimedia*
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How to get someones login information
Quick video showing how to get someones login information for any website using Backtrack 5 with the Social Engineering Toolkit.
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Minecraft UHC Trap
Hai there! This is my first Minecraft video so bare with the audio, and lag since I'm for now playing on my laptop. Also sorry about the brightness, will make it higher in future videos! Anyway, this is a trap for UHC or for any server related kinda trap you can do, which basically traps someone in the nether, (unless they have flint and iron on them) ultimately killing themselves by ghasts or other means.
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How to record your Android's screen
Just a quick video explaining one of the best apps out there to record your Android's screen which is Screencast. You must be rooted for this to work How to root many of the HTC Evo phones: http://htcevohacks.com/
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Customize your jail broken iPod/iPhone.
How to customize your jail broken iPod/iPhone more than SBSettings with Springtomize.
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Star Wars cat.
My kitten practicing her Jedi moves. Until she's finds out I'm onto her. :p
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How to record your iPod/iPhones screen.
A brief video explaining how to record your iPod/iPhones screen with Display Recorder.
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Random-nessss!! xD
Me and a few friends being stupid xP
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Unlock your iPod/iPhone with Stride.
A different kinda unlocked for your iPhone/iPod. Does NOT work with iPad.
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Free Serials
How to get free software serial codes from www.youserials.com. Works on any browser, I was just using Backtrack when making the video :) so most of the time you want to go to the website that has the software you want, download a trial version, and usually within the trial version in the file menu or something there will be an option to upgrade to the full version or to fully activate it and will ask you to put a product serial code in and well..that's how you get it :)
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Bambi & Hot's Minecraft Adventures: EP2 - Spelunking
Episode 2 of our Minecraft let's play series. Enjoy! And remember to leave comments on how to improve our content!
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Hair spray isn't so safe..
One day while drying my clothes I didn't realize I left a pen in a pocket so it dried to the walls. No high price cleaning crap got it off but hair spray surprisingly did..
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Bambi & Hot's Minecraft Adventures: EP1 - And so it begins..
McHot's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheeMcHots Hello there! McHot's and I decided to do a Minecraft series so...here it is! Leave suggestions so we can make this as best as we can :] i.e brightness settings, mic settings, and all of that good stuff.
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MAG No Gun
Pretty sweet glitch that randomly got ahold of me
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MAG No Gun 2
Random glitch that I found
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How to: Get into your phones Testing interface
A quick video explaining how to get into the testing interface on the HTC EVOs and most other phones to check your batterys health status, percentage, WiFi info, and other phone information.
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Helping Target's Cart Guys
Leave no cart behind!
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Minecraft Pocket Edition: Episode 1
Trying out a lets play of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Video is kind of choppy so I will try to tweak my video settings. Also sound is kinda loud so I will lower it for future episodes. :)
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Bambi's View #1 - Social Age Range Issues
Testing the waters in my first moto vlog. Don't expect perfection. Will be doing a different mic setup within the next few videos as well as a proper intro. Just getting a feel for things at the moment. Excuse my awkwardness :)
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Samsung Note 3 NC5 bug
When closing out of Facebook using the home button, this some times but rarely happens.
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Channel Update
Sorry for the crappy mono audio. Having a mic sent to me in the mail as I type this. Just a short channel update. I plan to do more vlog videos like this one from now on. If all 100 subs want me to do something technical or how to do something in Kali-Linux or almost anything, just ask and I'll try to get a better quality video out than my previous ones because I have A LOT more newer and nicer equipment.
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How to: Screen Recording on Android 5.0+
Quick video on how to record your phones screen if your running Android 5.0+ without rooting.
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