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Chinese Wedding (Michael Ashe & Ying)
This is my wedding video, online so all my family and friends who couldn't make it can see it. Also it is a great example of what a Chinese wedding looks like. Please note that I am not making any money from this video, this is just for people to see Chinese style wedding and for family members that were unable to attend to watch. Like to give credit to the artists for some songs that are in the Background: Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are BOND - VIVA! Ricky Martin - She Bangs
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Age of Wushu overview and quick tips.
A very simple over to the Age of Wushu. I also talk quickly in the beginning about the 3 major points that I think make this game a little more unique compared to your average MMO. (PvP, Always online and no levels, just skills) I talk a little about how to get around, how to "cultivate" your skills and what to do with what skills. Any questions I will try to answer the best I can! Thanks for watching... (OKAY, I realize this is not the best guide, and i'm working on making a real beginners' guide.
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Hail storm jully 12th calgary alberta, canada
I just started to hail. I have never seen a hail storm in July like this before.
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Greenbush Road Ontario, Canada
This is Greenbush Road, off the highway 29 outside of Brockville Ontario. I missed Tue first 10seconds of recording. Late at night people will drag race down this road. This video was uploaded from a nexus one.
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The Window Cleaner dance
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. (Nexus one )
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Chinese Country Side and farmland (Couple of hours outside of Shanghai)
Just a video I took with my Nexus One of some countryside about a 2 hour or more drive outside of Shanghai, China.
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Snow on May 29th 2010 Calgary Alberta
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. (Nexus One) it continued to snow for a couple of days after this!
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Driving in Nantong During Chinese New Year
Nothing special. Might be a little boring. Driving down the street during the Chinese new year holiday. Traffic is nuts. This is a little town about 1-2 hours drive from Shanghai.
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Lightning Storm Over shanghai.
The video was recorded with my Phone. (Nexus 4) Yes, There was a little editing to skip the boring parts. The video was taken Jully 31st 2013
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Fire Works, Shanghai, China, New Years Eve. (Western NYE)
This is just the end part of a video I took of the fireworks we had on New Years Eve in SHanghai. We had them all set up on the roof but the guy on the floor below was an ass and had us kicked off the roof. (Something about an antenna for CHina mobile) Se we found his apartment and set up the fireworks so they would blow up next to his room. Should have let us stay on the roof... The fireworks are average ones you can buy in the shop, dirt cheap. MORE FIREWORK VIDEOS COMING THIS WEEK FOR CHINESE NEW YEARS! If you see the camera move or jump, we were being hit with debris or stray fireworks. (Filmed with my nexus one phone)
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Snow! May 29th. Calgary Alberta (2010)
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. (Nexus ONE) it continued to snow for a couple of days.
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Annie Ashe, "Swimming at 2 days old"
First of all, sorry about the poor camera work. This is just a very quick video I threw together of Annie having a swim just 48 hours after her birth!
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