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Must see This , Amazing drone footage of sky anomalies
This is the craziest Sky I have ever seen !!
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Structures on the moon ? HD video.
in this video I am aiming to prove man has already "built" on the moon and "they" are keeping it a secret.
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Everyone needs to see this Sunrise (Not a joke)
Sunrise on 06/18/2017 6:44 am Eastern Time. Filmed from 42.301769 north -83.019992 west Detroit is 345 - 350 degrees North slight Northwest Sun has been setting approx 320 degrees Northwest and rising 85 - 90 degrees East
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Part 2 I think I had heat stroke and my kid lost a tooth funny video
There is never a dull moment in this family .. I like to make the kids laugh. oh ya that link . https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOEfgcWi0L0tLn8NmpIH1AA
What is happening to the Sun ?
I'm publishing my videos of the sunsets, sunrises and strange anomalies for other Youtubers to research further . My opinions are not professional and merely speculative although all my videos are raw hd and original.
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Very Fast UFO Must Watch !!(Personal drone footage) Real!
Watch how fast this object travels from left horizon to my location and gone! Please share this I have more on the way.
While filming the Sun something strange happened You Decide WTH?
@ 6 seconds coming from left in the distance from horizon center something flew past me and over my head High velocity Must watch , and that sun is ridiculous .Watch in hd and its still hard to see but once you see it you will say wtf ..
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WTH? The Sun Looks Like a Flashlight! MUST SEE!
Original live drone footage and sound , You can hear me battling some wind a bit , I went out just for this shot then landed.
Weird Sun every day isn't normal !!! sunset 06/13/17 pt.1
There is a red object above Detroit every day in my footage along with other strange anomalies.
CME caused some very interesting colors in our skies
This is my latest Drone footage after the huge solar mass ejection . My next projects will involve some astrophotography and planetary videos using my new Celestron 130 slt Telescope with upgraded lenses and barlow , waiting on a camera from Amazon to get started. Stay tuned and Subscribe if you haven't already. You won't want to miss what I have planned for you guys.
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beautiful Timelapse sunrise 6/11/2017 Pt.1
Tried to get the full Sunrise in here. The wind definitely killed my run time but this drone holds up nicely in up to 40 kmh winds anything more and you risk losing it imo. I managed to get about 20 minutes of video and a bunch of stills .
Another weird daily sunset 06/12/17
Not sure if its my cam malfunctioning or the sky is just really screwed lol
Ft Maiden flight Funny fail, Cessna 180 scratch build.
One of Flite Test's designs , its actually a good build the error was all mine .
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Venus is on fire and the Moon is full of surprises
Cool video , that is all
Is this really Nibiru?
I had to ask .. this is strange right?
Amazing Fireworks from 2.5 km away Windsor/Detroit 06/26/2017
I fought a bit of rain and high wind gusts to capture this 4 minutes , hope you all enjoy watching it. I'm filming from 2.5 km away.
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The Sun! (our last 2 weeks)
A slideshow of my last 2 weeks observing our Sun Rising and Setting but there seems to be other objects, or should I say "anomalies" ? anyhow I'm going to find some good music to go with it so hope everyone likes it.
I got another warning from the cops for filming  this sunrise 06/16/17
I was warned I will be charged for filming the border flying without permit and they will confiscate my drone if they speak to me again about this . Good times. I'm going to be more careful but I'm not going to stop filming .
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New! Clear HD Pictures of 2 Suns and the last 30 days of sunrises and sunsets on this amazing Slides
It's not just a coincidence that everybody is capturing these things , they are so very obvious now !! All these pictures are original and only available here lol There are objects in these pics i didn't point out just to see if others would notice . please comment if you see something unusual. I posted A video of the sunset last night July 2nd 2017 with the Yellow and Red sun , actual live video not stills.
OMG! Everyone Must see Raw Unedited Sunrise needs Expert analysis , WSO Thor  anyone Please.
Im without words over this Sunrise .. I left it raw as filmed no sound added This sky footage is ridiculous. I have Stills available with amazing detail I can Email to anyone no charge , no catch, fair use . PM your Email on my home page or post in comments if you are already public .
We are getting closer to the truth , Sunset 06/13/17 pt.2
This is a short video but it shows a strange sky once more , we are so used to it now it seems normal to most people but I didn't grow up with it looking this way. Neither did you .
WTH!! Is this really our Sun? (It should be down by now) Raw drone footage from today 6/9/17
I took some footage of Our Star ... 30 minutes apart , the second was after the sun should be down , WTF Indeed , Must See This!! Oops Got the date wrong lol.
Seriously WTF is wrong with Our Sun pt.2 light filter 2x time lapse 6/11/2017
Just posting part 2 of today's sunset , it looks crazy. !!!
Boxing? Nobody plays boxing, A training video only Boxers will appreciate
I decided to do this video to honor Jay Van V , ExpertBoxing and Fran Sands whom have helped me re-refine my rusty old skills . Any "constructive" criticism is welcome providing it helps my form or technique. Preferably experienced trainers , Boxers or coaches . I have done a lot of things in my life but this is what I am best at and love the most . The difference between a soldier and a warrior is , soldiers get ordered to battle , A warrior lives for it , hence I'm a warrior at heart and naturally so . I am also a kind loving soul , I want this made clear since this is the first time showing this in a public arena and my motive is to show appreciation for the training tips and advice given to me in the most honorable and respectful way .
I'm Sure You're going to love this Amazing Sunset 07/02/17
The most Amazing Sunset I have ever filmed, There are so many things to say about this within the solar/nibiru/geoengineering/conspiracy theorist etc community anyone that just loves the natural beauty of a sunset will love this video. My work is improving gradually hope everyone enjoys it. Filmed with CGO3 pro Cam and a Typhoon Q500 .
WTF That Can't be the Sun ?  06/10/2017
I think this just looks amazing I honestly am speechless how beautiful some of the simplest things in our world are. I still think it looks strange but still beautiful just the same. Try taking a screenshot and pasting in paint 3d for some zooms , You won't be disappointed I promise .Once you save it as jpeg you can zoom in pretty far since original video is 4k , try it with any of my vids its kind of cool i think , but im still a newbie lmao.
UFO Frame by frame and a near Earth asteroid  observation from this morning 6/11/2017
This is actually real and quite a sensitive topic , I can assure you I haven't made up my mind either way . This short video is compelling.original footage is on my channel make up your own minds .
Huge Sunset again Today 6/7/17 8:25 pm
Just keeping tabs on our Sun !!
Lightning in slow motion (my own experimental footage)
I was curious and decided to make this for fun. leave a comment, let me know what you think.
Part 3 The beautiful  Sunset
This is more like my usual videos , Music is produced by : Dope ,Title: Thanks for Nothing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOEfgcWi0L0tLn8NmpIH1AA
moon movie 1 the teaser
My next video of the moon is mindblowing , I promise you .
Sunrise 06/25/17 (do we have volcanic ash remnants in our clouds ?)
I wonder if it is volcanic ash remnants in our clouds, I have been learning a little about volcanoes lately and it made me curious. Could be the cause of SOME of the sky anomalies .volcanoes
Beautiful Sunrise   Nibiru Hunters may have interest in this
I have been filming a lot of sunrise/sunsets for all the flat Earthers (im not one of them ) and for Nibiru watchers to analyze freely and comment/edit filter etc. enjoy ,all my videos are free to use for research purposes.
Please Watch this Youtube channel Intro
I was trying to come up with a channel intro and this is the best i have so far . comments and opinions welcome I'm a newbie but my footage will only improve with practice .
"Attention Skywatchers!!"Don't miss this Beautiful Slideshow! (Enhanced) NEW!
My latest work . Skywatchers will love this presentation. There is a special pic at the end I would like to discuss in the comment section.
A month of Sunsets/Sunrises This Video Speaks for itself!
Our beautiful World from the Sky. . Quite a few hours went into this particular video.
International Border.I got close for some Amazing footage of Detroit From Windsor. Ontario!
Even if you are not from Windsor you will appreciate this , I braved the high winds and almost lost my drone lol but all in the name of curiosity and adventure.Those boats in the water are Coast guard / border patrol , i have been told , So this was close enough IMO.
Must see these Epic Fireworks up close! 06/26/2017 Windsor/Detroit(I don't clickbait this is real)
59th annual fireworks display , it gets better every year . If this doesn't blow your hair back .... well its because you don't have any hair lol. No clickbait on my channel all my videos are legit and authentic originals.Video is of average quality .
awesome sunrise pt.2 light filtered 6/7/2017
I added this filter just for my own amusement , it adds detail as if it were reacting to artificial light , I'm speculating here since i'm no expert . I have way more questions than answers. feel free to compare to pt.1 I filmed both parts concurrently by flipping filters back and forth
ufo  clips in here share plz!)
Rather than worry I decided to flood my channel and get some attention . I know I'm within the law and my rights so if they come for me I'm going to film everything.
Fake clouds? (short/06/22/17/sunset)
too windy for safe flight and the sun is blocked by clouds . Are they fake? they look strange to me.
The Sun appears massive in this video
I was just hanging out at the Casino waiting for the Megadeth Concert to start and I saw this massive Sun again , sometimes it just looks huge and I have seen some cctv footage that actually shows it expanding , It's very strange and deserving of attention.
Possible UFO need help analyzing
I captured this object with a 4 k camera on my drone by accident I saw the object with the naked eye but wasnt sure if i caught it on video feel free to use my original posting to add to your own compilations or for study and further enhancements this video is raw and my own so i gave all permission to use freely for further researching this topic. Here is the link to the original the object appears in the first 10 seconds which is why i decided to clip and slow it down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJ21t52dH2I&t=8s
This is obvious, something artificial above the Sun .  pt 2 of sunset 06/12/17
There really is something going on here I want to know what that straight line object is above the Sun , very reflective you can't miss it. Is it observing equipment or something ominous ??
Slideshow of the most beautiful Sunset (with zoom ins)  07/02/17
Amazing stills that will speak for themselves
The Sun today 6:25 pm 6/7/2017
Filming the Sun before Sunset for comparison
The sun has already set , WTF is this
crazy ass sky from Windsor Ontario Canada HD
Amazing Drone pics (quick slideshow)
Just a few still shots of my Drone footage some edits have been done to a couple of these , filters and enhance type of stuff.
Million dollar Epic Fireworks display
excellent footage!!