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Lost in Time (pt2) - a video tribute to time travel
Featuring "The Time Warp" by Richard O'Brien
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Summer of the Zombies (A Zomedy)
Summer of the Zombies is an award-winning short film written and directed by Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley of Owlet Pictures.
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PILOT - A short about working in television
PILOT - written and directed by Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley
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Where is the Groove? - Movie Dancing Montage
A selection of my favorite dance scenes edited to Dee Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart"
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Copy/Credit/Meals - A short film
Starring Eric Shani and Jerry Chappell. Filmed on the Flip HD. Check us out at www.owletpictures.com
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Coffee Shop Squatters Season 1 Trailer
"Coffee Shop Squatters" is a new web series about those people you encounter on a daily basis in your local Starbucks. You know the ones, laptops out, single cup of coffee, external hard drive going, overly loud printer, etc. Starring Chris George, Barak Hardley, Laura Spencer, Brody Stevens Created by Ashleigh Nichols and Eddie Beasley Premiering March 7th, 2013
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A Live Bear on a TV Show Set Spring 2011
A live bear and his handler being used in the scene of a television show.
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"Summer of the Zombies" Q&A at Comic Con International Film Festival July 2012
"Summer of the Zombies" at the Comic Con International Film Festival July 13th, 2012. Brock Frye (Composer) Eddie Beasley (Co-director, Co-writer) Valerie Pensky (SPX Makeup Artist) and Andrew McGuinness ("Bub") were in attendance for the Q&A.
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Newborn Puppies January 2011
I was working on a design show that was shooting at a house in Los Angeles. There were these two white dogs that wandered around for a few days, one of whom was pregnant. Within the last few days, the dog had the puppies in the yard next door. I grabbed a few shots. The neighbors were gone, so we bought dog food and snuck it over the fence to them . The good news is that the homeowners ended up taking care of all of the dogs. I stopped by a couple of weeks later to drop off some stuff and grabbed another shot of the puppies
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"Summer of the Zombies" Q&A Portland Oregon's Women's Film Festival March 2012  (SPOILERS!)
Ashleigh Nichols answers questions after a screening of "Summer of the Zombies" at POWFest. Be careful, there are SPOILERS about the film in the interview!
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Crossroads Film Festival April 2012 Eddie Beasley and JG Hanks Q&A for Summer of the Zombies
Co-writer/co-director Eddie Beasley and Greg Hanks of JGH Relations (PR for Summer of the Zombies) Q&A after a screening of SOTZ at the Crossroads Film Festival in Madison, MS April 2012.
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