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The New Samsung Gear VR Motion Enabled Controller - Early Look!
Samsung asked Oculus to send our 2 VR Startup ( @NextWorldVR & @SchoolHomeVR ) an Exciting Brand New Gear VR Motion Enabled Controller to share, so we can work it into our upcoming projects (an Exciting Adventure/Puzzle game and a Customizable Telepresence Classroom for Teaching & Training) These Samsung Motion Enabled Controllers become available for sale on April 21st (Best Buy $37) - THANK YOU SAMSUNG and OCULUS for sending us a Free Controller so early!
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Use DAYDREAM app in GEAR VR for Increased FOV
I discovered, witha Gear VR package disabler, I can insert and run my Daydream App into the Gear VR and use the Daydream controller. You need to start in the Daydream then transfer, GREATLY improved comfort, cooler running, can use AR, and MUCH WIDER FOV!
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How'd they do that???!!!! -'CGI VR Worlds'- (NextWorldVR 2D Demo Video) -
Join NextWorldVR and Explore some of the most compelling CGI scenes made for Upcoming Virtual Reality Projects. Watch as Complex Dynamic CGI vistas and worlds are created right before you eyes! 2016 was the year of VR hardware. 2017 will be the year of VR content! Follow @NextWorldVR for exciting VR News, Experiments in VR, and one of the first 3D VR 360° Episodic Series! For VR World Creation & Mobile VR App Development quotes, Email us at: NextWorldVR@gmail.com
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GEAR VR 2016 FAN How To +Light leak tips! Etc.
What fan to buy & how to attach without the Consumer style face plate. Plus how to stop light leaking in.
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Star Trek TOS McCoy's SICK BAY VR 360° 3D HD/8k
BE SURE TO ENTER SETTINGS & SELECT 2160s (4k) or 4320s (8k) Quality! Star Trek TOS - SICK BAY in VR 360° 3D 8K HD You find yourself in a Star Trek Turbolift, soon you will enter Sickbay through the Enterprise's familiar connecting corridors, then you get to visit all 4 rooms of McCoy's part of the ship! Including the Lab and McCoy's seldom visited Office! This is but a test! What I would like to make for you, (and have the ability to create) are full breathtaking, beautifully rendered flythroughs of the Star Trek Ships complete interiors with true Spatial Audio, I don't have the computer power I need to create a fraction of what I would like, following exciting projects: 1) Full Flowing Flythroughs of the entire TOS and TMP era ships in VR 3D 360° 8K but also: 2) an Interactive Ship FOR GEAR VR / GOOGLE VR / VIVE etc. You decide what direction to go, which deck or room to enter, WHICH BUTTON To PUSH!) that can be output with Room Scale, even in Playstation and HTC Vive! Imagine exploring the Entire Enterprise with the ability to turn Crew On or Off (in case you get lonely!) 3) The continuing adventures of Kirk and crew in 18 full length Lost Star Trek TOS stories with all the voices of the originals in 3D VR 360° 3D Adventures! Be right in the scene with them! Read more about it here: http://www.axanarproductions.com/fan-film-friday-star-trek-beyond-antares-part-2/ (part one of the article is mostly just about me and my early project: http://www.axanarproductions.com/fan-film-friday-star-trek-beyond-antares-part-1/
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Virtual Star Trek Enterprise Bridge in 360° VR 3D 4k - @NextWorldVR
With 360° VR (especially 3D) always be sure to select the highest quality (usually 2160s) in settings, to avoid fuzzy output. Exit the Turbolift onto the most famous bridge: The Enterprise 1701, visit the Science Station, or sit in the Captains Chair! Follow @NextWorldVR for unique & unusual VR offerings!
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Immersive Outer Space Environment - CGI Test in VR 360° 3D 8K
At NextWorldVR, as we create one of the first full-length episodic series in 3D 360° VR, we will be uploading many unique and interesting VR tests to see what works best & why! Subscribe (& Turn On Notifications) to see what happens next! Get VR Exciting NEWS, Experiments in VR and updates by following us on Twitter: @NextWorldVR
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Samsungs new Gear VR Controller Tease!
I sent my trusty Note 4 for repair to Samsung (who were So Cool and installed a fresh PCB motherboard, and a fresh LCD with new glass screen, Samsungs Rocks! BUT look what came up as I installed my Gear VR:
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