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San Antonio victims share heartbreak after catfish scam
BBB warns community about catfishing scams, news story aired on KENS5 02/13/2013. BBB recommends you: Never wire money to anyone Limit the amount of information divulged Research the person on the other end Set stringent privacy settings For more tips, visit centraltx.bbb.org
Online Dating Safety Tips
BBB's Erin Dufner talks to Good Day Austin about how to pick a safe online dating site and avoid scams. KTBC-TV (2/13/12)
BBB Customer Reviews
Customers can now share their marketplace experiences on Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving Central, Coastal, Southwest Texas and the Permian Basin’s website.
Tips for Avoiding Timeshare Scams
BBB's Erin Dufner appears on Good Day Austin with advice for consumers buying or selling timeshares. KTBC-TV (3/26/12)
BlueHippo Computer Scam
BBB is interviewed for a story on BlueHippo by KWTX-TV in Waco (5/19/09)
Local Mom Duped by Government Grant Scam
BBB is interviewed by Channel 10 Waco about a phone scam claiming consumers are eligible for grant money from the government. KWTX-TV (12/6/11)
Appliance Repair Service Under Investigation
BBB is interviewed by FOX-7 for a story about Reliable Appliance Repair Crew. The Austin company has an F rating with BBB. KTBC-TV (1/18/12)
2017 Student Video Contest: Red or Blue  BBB Trust- Ann Richards School
Students: Wendy Rodriguez, Ava Martinez, Olga Salazar Teacher: Mr. Soden, Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
Renting Storage Units
BBB's Erin Rodriguez talks to Good Day Austin about the details you need to know about before renting a storage unit. KTBC-TV (7/9/12)
BBB Austin staff members accepted the #MSDizzyChallenge
BBB Austin staff members accepted the #MSDizzyChallenge this morning to bring awareness to multiple sclerosis. We challenge the staff with BBB Dallas, BBB Boston and BBB San Diego to join us. We look forward to seeing your dance moves! The National Multiple Sclerosis Society also happens to be a BBB Accredited Charity http://go.bbb.org/1b4WiPy
BBB's Resolution Center
Learn how to turn a customer grievance into a positive experience for your business through the BBB's resolution process.
Consumer Investigation: Tim's Tree Service
BBB is interviewed by KXAN Austin about complaints against a local tree trimming company. KXAN-TV (7/20/11)
Web Site Offers to Build Fake Resumes and References
BBB is interviewed for a story on CareerExcuse.com, a Web site offering to help job-seekers by providing fake resumes and references. KENS-5 San Antonio (11/17/09)
BBB Video News: Air Conditioning Repair
Nationally, BBB received more than 700 complaints against commercial and residential air conditioning contractors and repair companies between May – Sept. 2014. Learn more ... http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/news-events/news-releases/2015/bbbeat-the-heat-with-an-ac-repair-business-you-can-trust/
Red Flags About Dog Breeders
BBB's Lydia Hekman talks to FOX-7 Good Day Austin about what to look for in a good dog breeder. KTBC-TV (5/2/11)
Austin American Statesman's Top Workplaces: Better Business Bureau
For the fourth consecutive year BBB has earned the honor of being one of the Austin American Statesman's Top Workplaces. This special profile was created and produced by the Austin-American Statesman team.
BBB Student Video Contest: Mint Green
Students: Lauren Potersuak, Alexis Segura, Cristina Trevino Teacher: Mr. Soden , Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
Consumer Smart: Deceptive Trade Practices Act
BBB's Alan Bligh explains how the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act protects consumers from scams. KIII-TV Corpus Christi (7/26/11)
2017 Student Video Contest: The Pencil Case BBB- Ann Richards School
Students: Brooke Brogan, Sarah Brawn, Jessica Pinney, Patricia Mulland, Chole Levy, Shiren Dudnehr Teacher: Mr. Soden, Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
Local Man Victim of Appliance Repair Business Scam
BBB is interviewed by KIII-TV for a story on AB Appliance Repair. The Corpus Christi-based business has an F rating with more than a dozen complaints. KIII-TV (10/9/12)
BBB Quick-Tips: Keeping your identity safe while traveling
This summer, you might be planning a trip or vacation. Here are BBB tips on how to keep your identity safe. - Change social media privacy settings so people can't see your exact location - Place a hold on your mail - Don't access your bank accounts on public Wi-Fi - It isn't safe to put your full name & address on luggage tags - Destroy used boarding passes - Create password to "lock" your cell phone - Download a GPS app on your phone in case it gets lost or stolen For more tips, visit centraltx.bbb.org or check out our award-winning blog, WatchYourBuck.com
BBB Charity Profiles: Family Eldercare
Learn more about this charity:http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/Charity-Reviews/charity-elderly/family-eldercare-in-austin-tx-43226 (512) 450-0844 1700 Rutherford Ln, Austin TX 78754 www.familyeldercare.org
BBB Student Video Contest: Harris Mueller's Day Off
Students: Rewon Shimray, Georgia Oldham, Katya Wittliff Teacher: Mr. Soden, Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
2017 Student Video Contest: Skirt Problems BBB- Ann Richards School
Students: Julia Price, Chole Levy, Patricia Mulland Teacher: Mr. Soden, Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
2017 Student Video Contest: Haunted House BBB- Ann Richards School
Students: Lina Briening, Damita Williams, Haley Carson Teacher: Mr. Soden, Ann Richards School Cast your vote for your favorite, by clicking the 'like' button!
Consumer Smart: BBB Auto Line and Facebook Friends Scam
BBB's Alan Bligh discusses the BBB Auto Line program and a Facebook scam targeting your friends. Interview done with KIII-TV in Corpus Christi. (9/15/2009)
Buying RX drugs online
Here BBB's Erin Dufner talks about buying prescription drugs online. Good Day Austin, FOX 7 (12/10/2012)
Understanding Timeshare Offers
BBB's Erin Dufner talks to FOX-7's Good Day Austin about how to recognize a bad deal when it comes to timeshares. KTBC-TV (7/19/10)
BBB In The News: Can you hear me scam?
BBB Minute with KOSA-Tv. If someone asks you over the phone, "Can you hear me?" Do not reply and hang-up the phone.
BBB Video News: Father's Day Smart Shopping
BBB offers advice for finding the perfect gift for dad : http://www.bbb.org/central-texas/news-events/news-releases/2015/061/shop-smart-this-fathers-day/
Finding a Day Care
BBB's Erin Dufner gives advice on FOX-7 Good Day Austin on how to choose the right child care for you kids. KTBC-TV (8/8/11)
Beware of Debt Resolution Offers
BBB appears on KVUE's Consumervue to give advice on handling automated debt settlement calls. There is audio from a real debt settlement company trying to pitch their service. (3/24/10)
Tips on buying used appliances on KTBC
Erin Dufner on KTBC discussing a BBB investigation against a local company.
BBB on KMID-TV: Job Scams
BBB warns of job scams and fake online listings.
Red Flags of Investment Seminars
BBB's Erin Dufner talks to FOX-7's Good Day Austin about how to identify when an investment seminar may be a scam. KTBC-TV (5/23/11)
Starting a Home-Based Business
BBB's Kristi Pena talks to WOAI's SA Living about how to find a trustworthy work-at-home company to start a home based business with. WOAI-TV (2/25/10)
Filling Out the 2010 Census
BBB's Erik Johnson has tips for filling out the 2010 Census form and how to identify a Census worker. (3/17/10)
Consumer Investigation: Dog Breeders
BBB's Erin Dufner talks to KXAN about red flags to look for when choosing a dog breeder to buy from. KXAN-TV Austin (9/22/10)
Craigslist Housing Scam
BBB assists in a story done by KZTV in Corpus Christi about a housing scam posted on Craiglist (6/3/09)
Protect Your Cell Phone Number: Tyler Patton on CBS7
Regional Director, Tyler Patton, warns consumers to protect their cell phone numbers to avoid receiving scam phone calls
Consumer Smart: Auto Warranty Offers and Foreclosure Scams
BBB's Alan Bligh appears on KIII-TV to warn consumers about fishy auto warranty offers and avoiding foreclosure scams (3/10/09)