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ASMR Music - All of The Stars (Ed Sheeran Cover). Quiet Singing and Guitar
I saw a cover of this Ed Sheeran song on YT by Jolien Javornik and Yaniza Dore, you should take a listen, it's beautiful. Mine is obviously much worse but I like the song so thought that I'd to it. If ASMR comes from it for you then even better! No copyright infringement intended. All credit goes to Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid.
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ASMR Piano - Zelda's Lullaby - Cover
I made a little mistake near the end, the F should have been an E.
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ASMR Music - Oasis - Whatever - Cover
Released - 1994
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Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful - Piano/Keyboard Intro Tutorial - Right Hand
Here are the notes for the right hand:- C# - B - E C# - B - E C# - B - A G & C# together - B - E C# - B - F# - E C# - B - E (this E is an octave lower than the other one) C# Octaves - D Here are the right hand and left hand notes put together, the left hand notes are in brackets:- (G) C# - B - E (A) C# - B - E (B) C# - B (D) A (G) G&C# together - B - E (A) C# - B - F# - E (B) C# - B - E (D) C# Octaves
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ASMR Whisper Reading - When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman.
Me reading When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman
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ASMR Whisper Countdown (Part 1)
Quick countdown relaxation video
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ASMR Guitar - Here, There And Everywhere (The Beatles Cover)
Quick cover of Here, there and everywhere
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ASMR DVD Collection Part 1.
Part 1 of my DVD collection. Was gonna' do it all in one but got interrupted. Part 2 soon!!
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ASMR - Jake Bugg - Country Song cover. Soft Singing and Guitar Finger picking/Fingerstyle.
Yes I can't sing and I don't pretend that I can. That's not the aim of the video. Hopefully some people find it relaxing which is what it's for or you can just concentrate on the guitar.
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Piano/Keyboard tutorial - How to play "Idler's Dream" intro by Oasis.
Here are the notes in order; C - F - A, C - F - A, C - F C - F - Bb, C - F - Bb C - F C - F - E - C F - E - C E C - F - E - C F - E - C E Then it just starts again. It's very nice, have fun playing.
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Piano Lesson (Right Hand) - Piano solo from Underneath The Sky by Oasis
The notes are B - F# - G - F# - E - D - B B - F# - G - F# - A - G - F#
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ASMR Laundry Time! Washing Machine White Noise.
Relax with some white noise whilst I do the household chores.
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ASMR - A Walk in the English Countryside (Part 3).
Last part of my walk.
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ASMR - Key jangling, glass tapping, lid sounds, water pouring, hole punching, paper sounds
Sorry for the little bit of background noise. Here is just a random assortment of sounds. I particularly like key jangling. I was sat in my car last summer playing with some keys and found it very relaxing so thought it would go great in a video like this.
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ASMR Music - This Guy's in Love with You - Cover - Quiet Singing and Guitar.
ASMR cover of "This Guy's in Love With You".
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John Lennon - Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out - Cover
From Walls and Bridges (1974)
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ASMR - A Walk in the English Countryside (Part 2).
Part 2 of my walk.
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ASMR Music - Save Tonight (Eagle-Eye Cherry Cover, Singing and Guitar).
Cover of one of the best 90's songs. I do not own this song. All credit goes to Eagle-Eye Cherry himself.
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ASMR - Thunderstorm
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ASMR - Pencil sounds, page turning, tapping.
Hope you find this relaxing.
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ASMR Music - Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle - Cover - Quiet singing and Guitar.
ASMR cover of The Importance of being Idle by Oasis.
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Simon and Garfunkel - Old Friends - Cover
Dedicated to an old friend
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ASMR Oasis - Fade Away - Finger style Cover
Released - 1994
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ASMR Music - Oasis - Half The World Away - Cover. Quiet singing, Guitar
Cover of Half The World Away by Oasis for ASMR
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ASMR - You're In A Shoe Box / Tapping, Scratching, Rubbing Sounds
Comment if you would like a longer version :)
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ASMR Book Whisper Reading - I Saw a Peacock With a Fiery Tail.
Reading an interesting book. There is also a really good reading of it on the TaraBooks YT channel.
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ASMR Music - Oasis - She Is Love - Cover
From Heathen Chemistry, double A side with Little By Little (2002).
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ASMR Music - Jake Bugg - Saffron (Cover, soft singing, guitar).
Cover of Saffron by Jake Bugg
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