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DIY Garden Arch
How to build an easy wooden garden arbor / arch / trellis. My husband built me this wooden garden arch to help hold the knockout roses back when I just couldn't bear to cut them back. Measurements and such for our arch are on my blog, diydanielle.com.
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How to Make Reusable Cloth Wipes
This is a pretty easy project to do with a serger. Be careful not to put your fingers under the serger knife. You'll damage your fabric with blood... oh and your fingers (wink). This also demonstrates how to serge a square corner or a rounded corner with a Brother 1034D serger. My book/eBook explains even more about How to Sew, Use, and Clean Cloth Diapers (affiliate link): http://amzn.to/2zbv3yl Subscribe to my channel to see more sewing tutorials, and go to diydanielle.com to see videos AND photo tutorials for all sorts of diy projects and crafts.
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Sewing a Nursing Shawl
How to make an easy breastfeeding cover as a baby shower gift or for yourself. These are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable so they are AWESOME covers. I made this by sewing, but you could easily use hem tape to close the one area that you would otherwise sew. Tutorial: http://www.diydanielle.com/2013/03/nursing-cover-nursing-shawl.html
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Easy desk distressing
How to distress wood furniture from www.diydanielle.com. I turned a beat up wood desk into a beautiful lego desk for my son. #WithCaptions For more information, visit http://www.diydanielle.com/2015/04/drabtodreamylegodesk.html and please subscribe to get updates from my channel! #WithCaptions
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How to Build a Farmhouse Baby Gate
How to build a farmhouse baby or pet gate. This is a great option, particularly if you want to leave a small gap underneath it for a small animal like a cat to go under it. More info here: https://diydanielle.com/diy-farmhouse-baby-pet-gate/
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How to Make Concrete Candle Holders for Gifts
How to make a candle holder (candle jar) out of concrete and a silicone mold from Buddies Artisan Mix. Get info on the supplies here: https://diydanielle.com/cement-candle-holder/
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How to Sew Angel Gowns from Wedding Dresses
Tutorial for how to sew angel gowns using old wedding dresses. We made these for a group service project for our MOPS group and were able to make 13 to donate to the local hospitals. Get more information on the project: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/angel-gowns-upcycled-wedding-dress-tutorial.html
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Mobile Homes for Mom
Some new mobile homes for purchase in Maryland. Price includes transportation to lot. Does not include add ons. Things like porches can be added to the homes for additional fee. This is part of a post I wrote on diydanielle.com on senior housing options for 55+ individuals or couples: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/06/independent-senior-living-options.html
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How to Make a Wood Cross Display with Fabric
Those burlap and wood crosses are popular on Pinterest, but you can just as easily do this project with lace or fabric. Learn how to make these lovely decorations to keep or give as gifts. https://diydanielle.com/make-fabric-wood-crosses/ Read more about this project: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/09/make-fabric-wood-crosses.html
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DIY Duck House and Attached Run
A tour of our duck house/coop and the attached run. We added a large storage area for straw, feed, and our worm composting bin. LOVE how it came out. Check out the blog post and get the FREE eBook explaining how we built the coop here: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/08/build-duck-coop-with-storage.html
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How to Sew Cloth Wipes and Napkins
How to sew reusable cloth napkins and cloth wipes using a serger or regular sewing machine. https://diydanielle.com/sew-cloth-wipes-napkins/
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How to sew a car seat poncho with hood.
How to sew a car seat poncho with a hood and bias tape (no fringe). This poncho allows you to buckle your child into their car seat underneath the poncho without removing coats as you get in and out of the car. More info on this project is available on: http://www.diydanielle.com/2012/12/diy-carseat-poncho.html
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How to Cut Wine Bottles
How to cut a wine bottle quick, easy, and effectively for use in Upcycling projects! This was a lot of fun once I got it right. Please use caution while working with glass. This is the wine cutter I used (affiliate link): http://amzn.to/1S6oLGJ This is my blog post about it: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/04/how-to-cut-wine-bottle-with-less-mess.html
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Tips for Upcycling Clothing
No clothing is TOO old to be repurposed or upcycled. I have lots of ideas for how you can save your clothing from the landfill. Learn more: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/upcycling--decluttering-clothing.html
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How to Sew Reusable Bowl Covers
How to sew reusable bowl covers with FOE and PUL fabric. You can also make casserole dish covers the same way. These make great gifts or make them for yourself. https://diydanielle.com/sew-reusable-bowl-covers/
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Installing Blue Hawk Premium 3-in-1 Underlayment
Installing underlayment for our laminate floors. Fairly quick and easy. You need a good knife and/or good scissors. Uploaded via YouTube Capture
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How to Sew a Soap Bag
How to sew a soap bag to hold your soap. These are great for kids and easy to sew. They're also a great use of scrap fabric. More information on how to sew them: https://www.diydanielle.com/2018/02/how-to-sew-soap-bag.html
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Creating a tidy, eco-friendly laundry room with method detergent (sponsored)
How to keep your laundry routine eco friendly and tidy with method laundry detergent. Please check out my blog for more tips and ideas. My blog post was sponsored by method detergent, but I created this video as an additional review of this product to demonstrate how it works. Because I dig it.
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How to Make Travel Kits for Kids
For this project, I made two easy take along travel kits: A Lego box and a Magnatile box. Both are toys that keep my kids entertained and they were perfect for this project. Read more:http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/diy-lego-take-along-kit.html
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How to Sew a Simple Lunch Bag with Hook & Loop Closure
How to sew a simple lunch bag with hook & loop closures. These make a fun gift! No zipper required! https://diydanielle.com/sewing-lunch-bag/
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Sewing Tutorial: World Traveler Burlap Purse
Sewing Tutorial: World Traveler Burlap Purse This tutorial shows you how I made a burlap purse. Please see my blog at www.diydanielle.com for more information, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to see lots of other great video tutorials! via YouTube Capture
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Making a kilt for a baby and a toddler.
A video tutorial on how I made kilts for my two sons (size 4T and size 9-12 mo)... Very first time making them myself but they came out fairly well. My toddler is helping video so apologies for any shaky camera or loud mimicking. It won't be long before he's making his own diy video tutorials. Post with more information on this project can be found here: http://www.diydanielle.com/2014/09/kidskilts.html
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How to Make T-Shirts with Freezer Paper as Transfer Paper
How to Make T-Shirts with Freezer Paper as Transfer Paper and your Silhouette machine. Supplies: Freezer paper, Silhouette, Shirt, Iron Settings: Copy paper setting, ratchet at 2. Not sure if it would be different depending on which Silhouette machine you own. Easy Grab & Go Gift Project. See the post: https://diydanielle.com/freezer-paper-t-shirt-transfer/
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DIY No Sew Yoga Mat Bag
Learn how to make a no sew yoga mat bag using upcycled yoga pants. More info here: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/03/how-to-make-no-sew-yoga-mat-bag.html
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DIY Bread Bag
I prefer to use reusable bags as much as possible so I decided to make these lovely bread bags for all of my homemade bread. They're easy to sew and made from dollar store dish towels. https://diydanielle.com/sew-bread-bag/ 7:23 starts the outtakes... totally worth watching, just by itself.
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Cricut Air 2: Printing a Card on Cardstock
How to print a card on card stock with the Cricut Air 2. This shows the initial walk through that comes with the Cricut Air 2. It's very easy and I'll show you how the Cricut software helps you learn your machine without making it intimidating! Read more: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/04/what-is-cricut-air-2.html
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How to make refrigerator liners
I made these reusable PUL liners for my refrigerator... They're very easy to use and make cleaning a breeze. They can be thrown in the washer and dryer for cleaning. For instructions on how to make them, visit: http://www.diydanielle.com/2014/11/reusablefridgeliners.html
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How to sew easy grocery bag holders.
How to sew easy grocery bag dispensers. These make great gifts and you can even use scrap fabric! Check out my whole 30 day DIY Gift Series: September 2016. Make sure to subscribe! The blog post for this video can be found here: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/09/easy-gift-grocery-bag-dispenser.html
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How to organize home and medical paperwork
How to organize paperwork such as medical records, veterinary records, and home renovation information. Blog post with more information: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/organizing-paperwork-keeping-binders.html
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Sewing a weighted blanket without hitting the pellets.
Just a quick video to show how I sew a weighted blanket without hitting the pellets (and breaking needles, like I did when I made my first weighted blanket). Uploaded via YouTube Capture
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How to Sew Gift Bags
I'm going to show you how to make these simple gift bags. They're eco friendly, easier to store, and easier to use than wrapping paper or disposable gift bags. Use them off season to store and protect your Christmas decorations. Learn how to make them! These are a great beginners project. For more info, go here: https://diydanielle.com/diy-sew-gift-bags/
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How to Use Sportflex Vinyl from Cricut on Gym Shirts
How to make some easy gym shirts with Cricut Sportflex Vinyl. Get the free cut files for these shirts by subscribing at: https://diydanielle.com/cricut-sportflex-vinyl/
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How to Make Tile Coasters with Fabric
Use plain tiles to create awesome coasters with scrapbook paper, photos, or fabric. This tutorial will explain how. Check it out here and then get the whole supply list at: https://diydanielle.com/tile-mod-podge-coasters/
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Demonstration of Earthwise Tiller/Cultivator TC70001
Demonstration of Earthwise Tiller/Cultivator TC70001. If you'd like to purchase this product, you can use the following affiliate link AND help support my YouTube channel. Thank you: http://amzn.to/1SDdorN Check out my blog www.diydanielle.com for more information on my garden tilling and please subscribe to my channel.
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Cake Mix Cookie Mix in a Jar
Grab & Go Easy Gift Tutorials: Cake Mix Cookies Mason Jars These mason jars filled with cookie mix make the perfect gift- it's consumable! Learn how here. Blog Post: https://diydanielle.com/cake-mix-cookies-mason-jar-gift/
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DIY Refrigerator Cleaning
Tips for cleaning a refrigerator quickly and easily using shelf liners that are reusable and washable on high heat. These make the job a breeze. Check out the following link for a FREE printable to keep track of foods that are close to expiring: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/quick-refrigerator-cleaning-ideas.html
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How to Make a Dish Cloth Hanger
How to make an easy dish cloth hanger for above the sink so they're off the counter. This is an easy project and looks GREAT in my kitchen. Check out the full tutorial and more photos: http://www.diydanielle.com/2016/12/diy-storage-reusable-dish-cloth.html
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Family Trip to Beaches Negril
A video tour of our trip to Beaches Negril in Jamaica. We loved this resort because it offered a kid's camp (daycare). For a full review: http://www.diydanielle.com/2015/12/vacation-beaches-negril-jamaica.html
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How to Make an Easy Dog Toy
An easy tutorial showing how to make a simple DIY dog toy with scrap fleece fabric. My dog LOVED his toy. https://diydanielle.com/easy-diy-dog-toy/
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How to Build a Distressed Wood Backdrop
How to build a distressed wood backdrop that doubles as a sewing cutting table when placed over some shelves. This is pretty fast and easy to build and the photos look great against the backdrop.
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DIY Master Closet Shelving
How we built our master closet shelving and prayer area. Super simple with no drawers or fancy detailing. Just needed open shelving. Blog post: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/how-to-build-walk-in-closet.html
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Using water dissolvable stabilizer for embroidery.
via YouTube Capture
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Removing or Adding Labels Quickly on Blogspot
Very quick video to show you how to add or remove a bunch of labels quickly from your posts on Blogspot (Blogger).
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Problems with my Brother XR 65 and a Close look at how the "guts" of the sewing machine work.
I was having issues with my Brother XR 65 sewing machine and this is a video that briefly shows the problem, and then the next clip is what the machine looks like running after my husband took it all apart. It looks really cool so I figured I'd share. Problem with machine ended up being the power cord which could've been diagnosed easily if I'd just swapped the cord out with my Brother serger before we did all this. Oops. via YouTube Capture
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Transplanting strawberry plants
via YouTube Capture
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How to Sew a Coffee Cozy
How to sew an easy mug cozy, using a snap as a closure. This is part of the DIYDanielle 30 Day Easy DIY Gift Tutorial Series in September. Make sure to follow along! https://diydanielle.com/sew-mug-cozy-snaps/
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How to Sew a Pack n Play Sheet
How to sew a pack n play sheet for traveling when you don't have access to the measurements. I'm basing my measurements off a sheet I could buy. For more information, check out the blog post about sewing this on diydanielle.com
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How to Build a Drawer Organizer
How to Build a Drawer Organizer for Kitchen Wrap. This simple projects allows you to store kitchen wrap on the roll without the box... saves a lot of space! See More: http://www.diydanielle.com/2017/01/diy-kitchen-wrap-organizer.html
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Cloth Diaper Stash Video: Lots of handmade diapers!
Cloth diaper stash video of a predominantly handmade collection of pocket one-size diapers, plus some XL diapers and newborn covers. Also a tour of my cloth diaper sewing supplies! Want to get a book on sewing your own cloth diapers? Get "How to Sew, Use and Clean Cloth Diapers" on Amazon. More info on it here: http://www.diydanielle.com/p/the-complete-guide-to-using-laundering.html
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