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Night Sounds
This was a fun video to make and demonstrates my love of the night and its sounds. I like the night so much I wrote a four-line poem about it. I'm proud to be a night owl.
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Eric's Girl
I'm posting this because, on my previous video, it was too hard to read the poem I wrote to honor my daughter's relationship with her dad. The most painful part of Eric's death, besides being forced to watch him die, is how much it has hurt my daughter. She accepted her high school diploma in the mail, because she was unable to attend graduation without him being there. She refused to get married, because she could not see anyone but her father giving her away. She's not a weak person. Being forced to watch him die affected her in an intense way, which I believe would happen to anybody. Anyway, I wrote the poem to emphasize how positive her relationship was with Eric. My main satisfaction was that she liked it (she has it in a frame on her wall). Beyond that there is no "closure" on this issue, only a long series of attempts to live despite what happened. Which I intend to do, if for no other reason than to spite the idiots who killed him.
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My sister & me--Showtime
Pictures of my sister and me, posing before our dance and acrobat shows. I forgot the titles of the later revues. I only remembered the 'Pied Piper' because of how many times I had to practice getting in and out of that bag.
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Pandora's Box Revisited
A longer version of Pandora, I used every good picture I could find of her. I promise my next video will explore a different topic. Stay tuned : )
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My Sister's Life (Or Why I Became A Paramedic)
Dedicated to the Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs of Washington Township. Also dedicated to Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs everywhere who, on a daily basis, help others and regularly save lives. Thank you
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Brothers of the Fur
A slide show video of a friend's cats. They really are brothers, hence the title 'Brothers of the Fur.'
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Spending Time With Tortoises
My friend brought her tortoises to the church picnic. They're very pretty and drew a lot of interest from kids and adults alike. If you like tortoises, you'll like this vid.
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My tribute to Estelle
Estelle Getty is my favorite actress. Her role as Sophia Petrillo on the Golden Girls always brought me such joy and laughter. I felt that giving her a short tribute was the least I could do to thank her for entertaining me all through the 80s and 90s. Vicki
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Enrich the Lives' of Big Cats
A liger and two tigers need your help to be relocated to Big Cat Rescue, so they can enjoy the freedoms the Sanctuary has to offer.
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This Is Not Goodbye
I made this for a friend, after we drifted apart. I believe that the good parts of our relationship live on, even though he's gone. Vicki
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In The Army-My Brother's Photos
This is simply a tribute to my brother, SPC Tom R., who's in Iraq now for the second time. The photos are of his unit preparing to deploy both times. His home base is Ft. Hood now. It used to be with 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.
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The Things He Left Behind
Dedicated to my daughter's dad, who died in a fire, just like Anne Bradstreet's husband. Anne Bradstreet wrote the poem, and she loved her husband with the same intensity I loved Eric, my daughter's dad.
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Oh my! They turned into tigers.
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Pandora and company
More pictures of my cat, Pandora, which I forgot I had. A few more kitties make an appearance with her.
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The Ghost of Christmas Present-Reupload
This video will be obvious. It's a vid-log of me showing AngryAussie one of his Christmas gifts. I got his entire family gifts, because I was so grateful for how much he's helped me with online issues: like how to deal with pathetic, loser haters. But he's done more than that, and some of how he helped me surprised even me. I used to have a recurring nightmare that happened 4 to 6 nights a week. After I started watching the backlog of his videos, I noticed that the nightmare had completely disappeared. Replaced by dreams of the scenery in his videos, which was extremely pleasant to dream of when compared to dreaming of failing to save a relative of mine from dying in a fire. In the case of this relative who died in a fire, the Conspiracy theorists STFU video helped too. And continues to offer me support. I think after all he's done, the AngryAussie and the AngryClan deserve a gift from me.
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Pandora's Box
My first video of my cat, Pandora, who is no longer with me. Hope you enjoy her--and if you like, subscribe to my channel.
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Tom's San Antonio Trip
My brother's trip to San Antonio, Texas. He's mad-crazy about the Alamo and everything Spanish. Enjoy!
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Calico Corner
My brother and sister-in-law's cat, a girl name Charlie. She was named after Charlotte, my sister-in-law. Enjoy!
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Remembrance Day Tribute
This is more than a tribute to soldiers killed in war. My brother, Tom, is based at Ft. Hood and will be returning to the chaos that is still going on there. Thirteen people were killed, 31 more were injured, and I still don't know how many my brother may or may not have known. Either way, he has to have a response to what has happened. I just don't know what it will be. One act of violence that occurred b/c of one fool's stupidity. The aftershocks continue even if people are unaware they do.
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Introducing Mongo, Master Sheltie
Who's not doing anything after I turned on the camera. But, as I said, looking pretty qualifies for video material when it's a pet.
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Testing new camera settings.m4v
A video I did before but this time has new camera settings. It's a test. I decided to use a song I like so, if nobody else likes it, at least I still will enjoy.
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Mom's Memoirs
Nearly one year after my mom's death. These are pictures of my mom with various family members.
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What the 4th means to me
This video is deeply personal to me. My brother went to Iraq in 2003, and might have to return. Ever since he served his first Tour of Duty, freedom has developed a more sobering, realistic meaning to me. He served with the 101st Airborne unit, which I think are called the Screaming Eagles. The poem at the end of this video is one I wrote for my poetry class.
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Christmas Eve Service, 2008
My church service on Christmas Eve, 2008. Enjoy.
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