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Playing a few of the guitar solos. "Get over it" by the Eagles
Got the amp back to working!!! Works like a charm. Very rare guitar (ayar 60-70 electric guitar) and amp too.(65 fender vibro champ amp) not exactly sure of the year for the amp. Very old peaces of history NOT MY SONG THE CREDIT GOES TO THE EAGLES
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Fortnite:I was spared
We need more people like this in fortnite 🤣 hope it put a smile on your face!
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Co2 revolver review and test fire
Thanks for watching leave a like and share. This isn't the full video I had to delete it because of copyright so I'm sorry I didn't think about it. Special guest account plus video: https://youtu.be/H4mlKYbO1II
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Colt 25 airsoft review+special guest
I hope you guys enjoyed the video. This video was made for comedy and I hope we made you guys smile!:) Special guest channel and video: https://youtu.be/ByTZJPUbNpE
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Take it easy solo
This song is not mine. Credit goes to the eagles. I'm not that good but I love playing music. On the road to getting good
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Noob streak bo3
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Veteran battle pack bf4
To unlock this battlepack you must own bf3/bad company 2. And play the online multiplayet
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Amazing Grace cover
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Battlefield hardline #3
Just another multi kill
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Battlefield hardline short match
Hey guys I got a x box one for a very good price and I'm now playing on it. I'm probably gonna stream on mixer quite a bit be sure to follow me "theMICAH01" have great day
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BB gun review
Thanks for watching share and like the video and have a great day!
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Exotic engram=no land beyond
Holy crap I actually got it!!!
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Battlefield hardline #2
Loving it!
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How to string a recurve bow
You can buy a bow stringer which strings the bow easily but if your like me and don't like to spend money just string it like this
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Shooting my 410 shotgun
I'm using 3" birdshots. The gun im using is a Rossi 410 single shot and the barrel is modified to us a 3" shell.... Really great gun
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Just playing some of the eagles
Reminder:this is not my song this song is credited to the eagles Hotel California intro. First part I played was something I added. The rest is all the eagles
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Player unknown battlegrounds
Just a small clip of some kills I got.
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