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Emilie Autumn - Shalott
She's locked up with a spinning wheel She can't recall what it was like to feel She says, "This room's gonna be my grave And there's no one who can save me," She sits down to her colored thread She knows lovers waking up in their beds She says, "How long can I live this way Is there no one I can pay to let me go 'Cause I'm half sick of shadows I want to see the sky Everyone else can watch as the sun goes down So why can't I And it's raining And the stars are falling from the sky And the wind And the wind I know it's cold I've been waiting For the day I will surely die And it's here And it's here for I've been told That I'll die before I'm old And the wind I know it's cold..." She looks up to the mirrored glass She sees a handsome horse and rider pass She says, "That man's gonna be my death 'Cause he's all I ever wanted in my life And I know he doesn't know my name And that all the girls are all the same to him But still I've got to get out of this place 'Cause I don't think I can face another night Where I'm half sick of shadows And I can't see the sky Everyone else can watch as the tide comes in So why can't I And it's raining And the stars are falling from the sky And the wind And the wind I know it's cold I've been waiting For the day I will surely die And it's here And it's here for I've been told That I'll die before I'm old And the wind I know it's cold..." But there's willow trees And little breezes, waves, and walls, and flowers And there's moonlight every single night As I'm locked in these towers So I'll meet my death But with my last breath I'll sing to him my love And he'll see my face in another place," And with that the glass above Cracked into a million bits And she cried out, "So the story fits But then I could have guessed it all along 'Cause now some drama queen is gonna write a song for me," She went down to her little boat And she broke the chains and began to float away And as the blood froze in her veins she said, "Well then that explains a thing or two 'Cause I know I'm the cursed one I know I'm meant to die Everyone else can watch as their dreams untie So why can't I And it's raining And the stars are falling from the sky And the wind And the wind I know it's cold I've been waiting For the day I will surely die And it's here And it's here And it's here.. And it's here, it's finally here!" And it's raining And the stars are falling from the sky And the wind And the wind I know it's cold I've been waiting For the day I will surely die And it's here And it's here for I've been told That I'll die before I'm old And the wind I know it's cold..."
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Miriam Stockley - Perfect Day
The rain has moved on And left a new day Nothing seems to move everything is still It's just a perfect day The shadows and light That move with the wind Hidden violets grow splashed with summer spray Just another perfect day On the wild and misty hillside Fear is nature's warning Hunger here is never far away And all of this world Is for children who play Days that never end always should remain Another perfect day
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Highwayman - Loreena Mckennit
Lyrics and editing done by me. Sorry for the cut off at the end. I had to make it less then 10 minutes long. =[
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Butterflies - Sia
I haven't done one of these in a while, so I decided I would. :] Editing done by me. I do not own this song, let alone sing it.
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Swallow - Emilie Autumn
Swallow Emilie Autumn I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I will swallow I will.. I will swallow I'll tell the truth: all of my songs Are pretty much the fucking same I'm not a faerie but I need More than this life so I became This creature representing more to you Than just another girl And if I had a chance to change my mind I wouldn't for the world Twenty years Sinking slowly Can I trust you But I don't want to I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down I'll take a deep deep breath But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I don't want to be a legend Oh well that's a god damned lie - I do To say I do this for the people I admit is hardly true You tell me everything's all right As though it's something you've been through You think this torment is romantic Well it's not except to you Twenty years Sinking slowly Can I trust you But I don't want to I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down I'll take a deep deep breath But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown Low tide and high tea The oysters are waiting for me If I'm not there on time I'll send my emissary If I photoshop you Out of every picture I could Go quietly quiet But would that do any good Will it hurt? No it won't Then what am I so afraid of Filthy victorians They made me what I'm made of The brighter the light The darker the shadow I don't need a minder I've made up my mind Go away Twenty years Sinking slowly Can I trust you But I don't want to I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown I will swallow If it will help my sea level go down I'll take a deep deep breath But I'll come back to haunt you if I drown
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Within Temptation - In Perfect Harmony
In a world so far away At the end of a closing day A little child was born and raised Deep in the forest on a hidden place Mother never saw his face Ancient spirits of the forest Made him king of elves and trees He was the only human being Who lived in harmony In perfect harmony The woods protected, fulfillled his needs Fruit by birds, honey by bees He found shelter under trees He grew up in their company They became his family A thousand seasons They passed him by So many times, have said goodbye And when the spirits called out his name To join forever, forever to stay A forest spirit he became
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Emilie Autumn - A cure?
Awesome violin solo made from Emilie Autumn. I think I fell in love all over again...
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Serene Dream - Kidney Thieves
Very pretty song by Kidney Thieves. I did the lyrics the best I could, excuse any typo-s. ;] It's fun to make this videos!
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Crystal - Stevie Nicks
Gorgeous song from Stevie Nicks. :] Intro is from the movie Practical Magic. I was watching Practical Magic, which is a childhood movie of mine that a friend of mine and myself knew word for word. This happens to be my favorite song off the entire track. :D Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it! I did not create Practical Magic nor did I sing this song. I do make requests to make lyrical videos of songs - so if you have a song you think I might like (the general music I usually post on my profile) then feel free to give me a link of youtube and I'll look into making a video for it. :D Peace and Love Julia
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Emilie Autumn - The Asylum (Story/Indro)
This was made before there was official lyrics. This was all done by ear. ===================================== And when I looked out I saw that we were heading fast upon a series of iron gates set in stone wickedly arched and crowned with tall spikes But what on earth knew completely was beyond the gates A set of doors Have been wooden pointed arched towering higher then any entrance any building I have ever seen Crossed with iron bars and feathered with heavy bolts The doors were set in a great wall that appeared to be protecting whatever waited inside So paralyzed by the sight in before me I did not notice that we had driven past the first of the three spiked gates guarding access to the door until I heard it crashing to a close behind us (Where am I?) The short drive onward and we were at the second gate I turned to look behind me and saw the gates closing one after another by power of unseen hands or simply three years of habit of were accustomed were to be close when opened Were these gates erected for protection of this great establishment for the security of these honorable administers of magical medicine Were these prison bars meant to keep intruders out, or to keep it's inhabitants in? With each turn of the wheel that brought me closer to the last gate I tried harder to drown out the answer to my question with whatever music that I could conjure into my head Approaching the third I began to lose my grasp on reality I imagined we were going in circles Driving through the same gate over and over again Endlessly circling As though there were a certain number of rotation that must be completed before access to this unknown world was granted to us I thought of the lock the cabinet in my muse masters studies the one with four lettered plates that had to be rotated in an imbedded amount and a-lined in a perfect secret order before it would open I had once, unlocked it I felt dizzy and much too warm the wind screamed around the carriage the wheels rattled And though the gate was close ahead we seemed to be eternally racing towards it Making no progress A bird something like a raven but a great deal larger Soared overhead and admitting a great metallic into the blackening sky circled around the ever approaching gate As it did so I caught sight of the sharp spikes breathing in the pumbling rain Still galloping at full speed I heard the muffled squeals of what sounded like a swarm of insects Looking out I swore saw, though I did not believe my eyes at the time, a great pack of rodents perhaps a hundred perhaps more sleek furry bodies skimming the earth leaping over each other black eyes sparkling A quivering mass they swarm over the copal stone Like one creature Squiving, spilling into water and infecting it with deep black in seconds How they were able to keep up with the horses mystified me And when the swarm disbursed And shot on ahead of us they darted in and out beneath wheels the carriage And around the horses hammering hooves yet were never trampled I followed them with my eyes as they melted together again and slipped beneath the gate to the other sight like a gush of dark water the tide coming in It was all so ghastly so intoxicating my body convulsed into quivering waves somewhere in-between horror and wild anticipation and then the final gate having closed behind us We were at the ultimate prefaces at last Three Two One The doors began to open There was an awful grinding of metal A clashing of loosened chains And with the sky seeming to come down around us It appeared The Asylum
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Steven Universe Speed Paint - Temple Goddess
It's just a guess (: I can't wait to see the canon version of the Goddess. first time in a long time I painted over a sketch instead of just doing lineart. Done in 3hrs Song: Steven Universe - Giant Woman (hunchback. REMIX)
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[WoW speed paint] Edune Twins
About 3 hrs. Original: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Edune-Twins-outfit-425316860 Half of it is lower quality because it was recorded via livestream, and extracted as a mp4, and then converted into AVI. It lost a lot of quality. The rest was just recorded with Camtasia.
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[WoW speed edit] Vaxir
I never thought I would make a speed edit with armor because most of the edit is just me repainting... but I thought I'd do it anyway. Full picture: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Vaxir-and-Scarlets-276150123 Commission work - more info on my side www.avannteth.deviantart.com
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Iron and Wine - Boy with a Coin
An absolutely serene and beautiful song written by Iron and Wine. I actually only discovered this song yesturday, but I loved it sooo much I felt like I should make a lyrical video for it. Also, for those who actually watch these, if you have a request for a song that you would want me to make a lyrical video too, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I absolutely love making these and they're very easy and fast! I actually got this done in an hour or so, not including the 20 minutes it took to actually render it. I hope you enjoy. :] There is one spelling error, but I suppose it's a little too late to correct it.
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[WoW Speed Paint] - Minksy + Caydynce
Recorded upon request c: Eitheror - Little People
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Novakid Speed Paint - Starbound
about an hour of work. a bit sketchy. finished product on my tumblr! No music this time, but I was jamming to this while drawing if you're interested: http://youtu.be/48Gwx7WE7Oc
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[Speed Paint] WMV Edit - Sumaka
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Emilie Autumn - How to Break a Heart [poem]
A short poem written by Emilie Autumn. Editing done by Avann.
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[WoW Speed Paint] Ana
For Puddingpack.deviantart Over-all time about 2 hrs i am not worrthyyy
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[WoW Speed Edit] Snow
Featuring Melody (avannteth.deviantart.com) and Sariella (foxtheimmortal.deviantart.com) Finished picture: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/92-Snow-with-Speed-Edit-205634358 My livestreams are so long and not everyone has the time to sit there and watch what I do for 2 hours, so I thought I'd just record and speed up the process. :)
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Bittersweet - Within Temptation
A very emotional song that I was addicted to maybe a year or so ago. I decided I would make a lyrical video for it, since I couldn't really find one on youtube. I hope you enjoy. :] The only program I really use is Vegas 7.0. Very easy to use, but really expinsive... Once again, I hope you enjoy. I in no way own this song, let alone sing it.
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Daiwalala - World of warcraft speed edit
FINISHED PICTURE + ADDED FEATURES: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Daiwalala-Dekret-159426042 This is a speed edit I did for http://dekret.deviantart.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDekret If you would liket o see more from me, go here :3 http://avannteth.deviantart.com/
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[Photoshop] Self Portrait Speed Paint
My realistic sketches tend to look hideous until I start painting/refining. Enjoy that. lol Time: 1hr Music: Emancipator - Maps
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[SpeedEdit] IMVU 1
I don't even play this game, but people pay. ;D Who knows, maybe I'll get into it - but until then, I play probably 1 week out of the year for the giggles. I discovered this stuff a few days ago and it's perfect commission material. 40min each. Username: Diezrest (made 7 years ago lul)
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[WoW Speed Paint] Moonshroud Revamp
Nothing impressive. Just showing off how I do my coloringz. Commission for a friend. Obviously the title is the wrong music. Shake It - Violin Quartet Fireflies - Violin Quartet
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Floral - Abstract water color painting
abstract painty stuff. Recorded mostly for my own amusement with a webcam. you get to see my sausage stubby fingers at least. Music; Ratatat - Swisha & Ratatat - Loud Pipes more information at: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Floral-381258608?ga_submit_new=10%253A1372393069
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[WoW Speed Edit] Caedus
Doesn't seem very impressive to me but 'twas fun. Est. time: 2.5hr Finished product: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5i5rjr
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[WMV Speed Paint] Silent
Music by Little People - Enola You can buy it here: https://littlepeople.bandcamp.com/track/enola
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[WoW Speed Edit] Make U Mine
www.avannteth.deviantart.com original picture: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Make-U-Mine-264635612 Estimated time: 1hr Ah... back in the day when I didn't care about lore rape.
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[WoW Speed Paint] Rosewood
Rosewood sistas Missing some footage, sorry! Both songs from Transistor soundtrack enjoy your seizure
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[WoW speed edit] Lucy
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[WoW Speed Edit] Tier 1 Priest
I feel as though this is the most boring speed edit ever. finish product: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/#/d4vt7yh
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WoW Speed Edit - Seren
Missing some footage unfortunately ): Logistics - Shoot for Stars
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[WoW Speed Edit] Mother
finished product: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/#/d3etgu3 Featuring Sapphirelia, Jaydenn and Pyre ... This is so fun. :D www.avannteth.deviantart.com
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[WoW Speed Paint] Blossom
don't look at this Posia picked the song! Lana Del Rey - This Is What Makes Us Girls (New Rare Demo)
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[WoW speed edit] Hinatahyuga + Evayne
3hr work in 4 minutes. This video is too sped up; it's almost a headache! Sorry about that. Recorded by request.
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[Speed Paint] Agave Hair
Time; 2 hr Mature for boob.
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[WoW Speed Paint] Eve
music: emancipator - Eve Done in 1hr About 10 minutes of missing footage, but that 10 minutes is me just putting in flats and sketching shading.
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[WoW speed paint] Melody
Time: 1hr Music: Heavy - Florence and the Machine. Nothing special. I was just having fun. finished product: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/art/Melody-paints-396991166?ga_submit_new=10%253A1377900152
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Unlikely friends - World of Warcraft photo edit
Website: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/ Iia and Iij. Iia is an 11 year old holy priestess, and Iij is a... well, undead shadow priestess. Cold and almost heartless, Iij has never opened herself to someone as she had with Iia. But does Iia have a death wish, or does she really just find interest in those that would probably consider ripping her apart? Speed editing. Done in 40 minutes. :3
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[WoW Speed Paint] Angesty Teens
i zoom in and out way too much
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[Speed Paint] Sariella
commishun. About 15 minutes of footage missing at the very end. time: 2.5hr
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[WoW Speed Paint] Theodora
Sorry for the pause in the middle! No sound this time.
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[WoW Speed Edit] Ying-Yang
Finished product: http://avannteth.deviantart.com/#/d3ekvkx Featuring Sapphirelia and Jaydenn Introduction made by: http://www.youtube.com/user/FoxTheImmortal www.avannteth.deviantart.com
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[WoW Speed Paint] Esme Lingerie
lingerie! Destiny - Zero 7
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WoW Speed Paint - Lovete
Patreon Reward c: Commission of Lovete~ Missing some footage unfortunately :( Music; Toothwheels - Múm
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[WoW Speed Paint] Kazala of the Sunguard
This is meant to be a Patreon exclusive, but I thought I'd share! You can see more speed paints from me in the future by just donating 1$ to my Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/avannteth Vexento - We Are One
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[WoW Speed Paint] Coat
I switch from sai to photoshop constantly because I have no control in my life. time: 3hr just a "i can't sleep" doodle.
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WoW Timelapse  - Liantris
Sketchy commission with color of Liantris. This was footage from the 3hr stream I did
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[WoW Speed Edit] Once Upon a Dream
sisterly creepiness sort of a quickie. it's been a very long time since I've done anything "interactive" www.avannteth.deviantart.com time; 2hr
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