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how to customize default planet in starbound (workshop item)
hubworld workshop number 838421050 How to set your starting world. Requirements: 1. Text editing program like Notepad++ 2. An existing Starbound world to obtain a coordinate Installation: Installation of this mod is simple. Place the entire "Single Starting World Template - CG - 1.0a" in your mods folder (\Starbound\mods\) such that .metadata can be found within the folder pathway of \Starbound\mods\Single Starting World Template - CG - 1.0a\. Making it work is another issue. Please read the instructions below. Note: If using this on a server, ONLY THE SERVER WILL NEED THE MOD INSTALLED. It is perfectly compatible with vanilla and servers with more extensive modding alike. Procedure: 1. Open the file universe_server.config.patch (located within the same folder as this readme) in your text editor. It should look like this: [ { "op" : "replace", "path" : "/defaultWorldCoordinate", "value" : "" } ] 2. Navigate to your universe folder, in a file pathway like Starbound\storage\universe\ 3. Select a WORLD file in this folder and copy its entire name, underscores (_) included (ex. -113005402_77437457_-57282197_4). On Windows 8, I find it easiest to right-click and begin to "rename" the file, only copying the file name with Ctrl and C. 4. Back in the opened universe_server.config.patch, type or paste the entire name of your chosen WORLD file inbetween the quotation marks found after the word "value". After your file looks similar to this...: [ { "op" : "replace", "path" : "/defaultWorldCoordinate", "value" : "-143891298_89844024_30223009_5_1" } ] ...SAVE THE EDITED FILE WITH THE EXACT SAME NAME AS GIVEN. Then launch Starbound and create a new character to verify that it works. If using my sample coordinate, you will end up on a lush planet. If it does not work, re-check that you followed the above procedure closely and that the universe_server.config.patch file has not changed names. Good luck, and have fun!
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gtx 1080ti unboxing and review
i unbox the 1080ti
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windows 10 fix
wuauclt.exe /updatenow is what you will need to put into cmd (administrator) thanks for watching!
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Afterbirth plus episode 1 with michl457
this was made by accident, we were setting up michl's new recording room and we were testing recording on an alien-ware m7, and i also got to put new steam software to the test which i will do a review on soon.
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Custom pc, m.2 boot time, $7000 build
this pc cost me over $7000 not including the 4k monitor, it features a i7 4790k haswell@ 4.7 ghz, saphire radeon r9 295x2, corsair dominator platinum @2400 mhz,corsair ax1200i psu, creative sound blas
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