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Sailor Moon Ending Theme♥[English lyrics by Isabella]♥Cover
Sailor Moon Ending Theme "Heart Moving" with english lyrics written by me. I hope you'll enjoy my rendition of this legendary song (well, extract of the song). My lyrics are based on the translation of the original song. P.S.: this time I managed to create some good subtitles, yay :) However, now the sound is humming :( I guess this happens because I am a freaking cheater and can't buy a normal version of Mixcraft 6, so I have to do extra things to get the audio out of the program and in the process it becomes humming. I DO NOT OWN FOOTAGE OR AUDIO FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO. I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE AND LYRICS.
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Weirdmageddon Theme with Lyrics ▲Isabella▼
Gravity Falls - Weirdmageddon Opening Theme Song, now with english lyrics! YouTube user "Bill Cipher" requested me to write lyrics for that theme. Thank him for a great idea :D It was not an easy task for me but I think my lyrics are quite good. At least they fit the rhythm of that sequence. Thanks for watching the video! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, subscribe! I OWN NOTHING! GRAVITY FALLS BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS! SERIES CREATED BY ALEX HIRSH. DISNEY XD IS THERE TOO.
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[Gravity Falls Theme] with Lyrics by Isabella
I am a huge fan of Gravity Falls and I've recently become fond of writing lyrics for parody songs and stuff, and I finally (better late than never XD) decided to write something about my favourite show! Lyrics and vocals here are made by me, they are not as good as they could be but I just gave it a try. As always I hope you'll enjoy this cover! I DO NOT OWN BACKGROUND AUDIO OR PICTURE FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO. IT IS COPYRIGHT DISNEY, I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE AND LYRICS.
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Winx Believix Multilanguage Cover ☆Isabella☆ [Ita+Rus+Eng+Ger]
Winx Club Believix Transformation Song from season 4 - multilanguage cover. I couldn't resist doing this. I planned to record this cover a long time ago, and there it is! Languages: Italian, Russian, English and German. Italian and German speakers, please forgive me :D I tried what I could. Btw, I hate Believix. I hate everything that happened to Winx after season 3. Although this song is catchy. Last time (Enchantix cover) I asked you what language I can pick for this cover, you didn't reply, so I've chosen German. You can now suggest what song and what languages I will use next time if you're interested in such things. Thanks for listening to this cover and reading the description, my precious viewer :*
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Moonlight Densetsu♡[English lyrics by Isabella]♡Sailor Moon
"Moonlight Densetsu" is Sailor Moon's opening theme. This is my english cover of this song with my lyrics. They are based on the translation of the original lyrics where (to someone's surprise) there's no word about Sailor Warriors or their mission, but would we care? :) P.S.: guys, I swear I don't know what happened to the subtitles :0 As I have already said for millions of times I am not a videomaker, so... sometimes this happens... But, again, would you care? :) I hope that you will enjoy this song (and probably the video), yay! I DO NOT OWN ANY FOOTAGE OR MUSIC DISPLAYED HERE, I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE AND LYRICS.
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Hide and Seek / 숨바꼭질 - Music Video Cover ♪ Isabella ♪
English lyrics by amazing Lizz http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq36dja_0U4SgB3wYVtr_Zw Time for some spooky Halloween videos! I loved this song ever since I heard it and the lyrics written by Lizz are just perfect. It is MY COVER, which means that I sang it (bit it's not a live-cover, 'cuz it's a music video cover). For more details watch my "Stupid Comments" video on my channel (dated to be uploaded in June 2017) As for the flaws of this cover... All vocaloid songs are soooo high, damn it. Do they really have to be like that? Secondly, the quality of the video isn't high because I record things with my web-camera. I will fix it in the future, I promise. And... F** THE CHAIR. Guys, never forget about the chair when you record such videos. Never. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this cover :) Check out my Marceline's Medley and Sally's Song cover if you haven't done this yet.
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Acadeca - Cover by Isabella [Equestria Girls: Friendship Games]
My Little Pony - Equestria Girls Friendship Games - "Acadeca" ("We're Gonna Take You Down". Instrumental by the amazing WeimTime http://www.youtube.com/user/WeimTime007 They are very talented and friendly guys, so go and subscribe to them! :D I am not really into Equestria Girls movies, but "EG: Friendship Games" excited me a lot! It's an awesome movie. And all songs there are splendid. "Acadeca" is just one of them. If you don't know the plot, here it is: Canterlot High team wants to beat Crystal Prep in friendship games. The problem is that Crystal Prep is the most hardcore school which wins every event. Besides, human Twilight Sparkle is a part of that team too. And she's got a device which can absorb magic and turn humans into winged evil demons. I decided to "turn into" 8 girls, who are Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sour Sweet, Sugar Coat and some unknown chick (Upper Crust?). I thoght it would make this cover more engaging. Thanks for watching the video! Stay tuned for my next music video cover. Probably more from EG:FG is coming. I OWN NOTHING, MLP BELONGS TO HASBRO.
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Winx Enchantix 3D [Eng+Rus+Ita] ♥ Сover by Isabella
Winx Club - Enchantix 3D Movie Song from "The Secret of the Lost Kingdom" - Multilanguage cover. Highgainix and his amazing guitar covers - http://www.youtube.com/user/highgainix D. Light and his videos with lyrics - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2VkXJ4t5do To begin with, I've recorded this cover because I love season 3 of Winx and Enchantix transformation so much! I can't watch seasons 4-7 without permanent facepalm, it's such a shame that a great show like Winx Club was completely destroyed. I wanted to record a multilanguage cover a long time ago, and now I finally got time to do it! I sang in English (using official lyrics), Russian (after writing my own lyrics) and Italian (I don't speak Italian, please forgive me for my mistakes). If you liked this and want to hear more multilanguage covers - just ask me and I will spend hell lots of time on figuring out how to pronounce those French or German words :D I tried that today, and it was miserable. Singing in other languages takes so much practice.
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My Little Pony Theme Extended - Visual Cover
"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" - Theme Song Extended. This is my first experience with green screen, so the video isn't perfect, but I definitely had lots of fun while making it. Why is the ending so long? Sony cursed Vegas. This lousy program tricked me again. I've shared some links to my other MLP videos to make up for this mistake. And btw, I couldn't find the proper instrumental for this song. Which surprised me a lot. So I had to work with what I was able to find on YouTube, that's why there is no "our friendship's magic, and it's growing all the time..." part. I hope the same thing won't happen to "EG: FG" songs 'coz I want to cover them so badly.
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Part of That World - Human Version Cover ❣ Isabella ❣
Ariel the Little Mermaid becomes a real-life human to sing the human version of "Part of That World". Orchestra cover by Leizel Banci http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QhIEAYztQc&index=2&list=LLZTQHgc72OdAPfuoaDD3gtg I also borrowed lyrics from Callioscript's video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r22dbb4H_-A&list=LLZTQHgc72OdAPfuoaDD3gtg&index=4 I do love mermaids. That addiction is real :) That's why I thought about recording something like this. Yes, it lacks special effects and exciting actions but I am happy with the way it is now. In the future I will try to be more creative and I will also have better equipment (I hope). If you need lyrics, ask me in the comments.
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Sally's Song - Visual Cover ♪ Isabella ♪
Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" - "Sally's Song". One more important thing to say: I didn't try to do Sally's voice impression. It's just my cover the way I feel it. I love gothic movies and tragic songs, it goes without saying for me. As I have said in the end, I have done a fandub of this song long ago (good old times, good old headphones with a microphone, good old Windows Movie Maker), but now it's time to move on and get on a higher level. This level is still a pathetic one tho, 'coz green screen lets me down by screwing quality. You might also like to check out my "This is Halloween" cover and "Marceline the Vampire Medley", they are on my channel (surpise, duh). Thanks for tuning in, watching the video and reading this descriprion because I write them every time with passion although I have a feeling no one ever reads them. So if you've come so far (jeez!) that's impressive. I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS.
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Ariel's Voice - Reversed [Cover by Isabella]
Hello there! Ever since I watched "The Little Mermaid - Reversed" on YouTube I've been absolutely enchanted by this charming melody ("Ariel's Voice" sounds amazing even in reverse, yeah :D), so I decided to sing it myself. This song wasn't made by reversing the original melody, I've actually sung it. I hope you enjoy this and have fun! P.S.: Lol, I wonder if this song could be used for trading your legs for a tail XD
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"Gonna Eatcha Brains" in Fluttershy's voice [cover]
JUST DERPING AND HAVING SOME FUN GUUUUYS :) Don't take it seriously :P Yes, pony.mov parodies are amazing in my view regarding how nimble most of jokes are. And I just got an idea to sing Fluttershy's shed song in her original cutie cute voice, and though it wasn't really close, I hope you'll enjoy it.
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"This is Halloween" - Female Cover by Isabella
Hey guys! This is my rendition of the amazing song "This is Halloween" from "Nightmare before Christmas". It was definitely lots of fun ro record it and I hope you will enjoy this cover! P.S.: as you could have already noticed after watching my other videos I am very BAD at editing videos, therefore they all are so weird. Just ignore it :)
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If You Can Dream [Cover] Disney Princesses
My cover of "If You Can Dream" originally sung by Disney Princesses. This is not a very good work imo, but I had to record something after a pretty long break. I am sorry if you don't like this rendition, I tried to sing from my heart. Thanks for listening and watching anyways! Have a great day! Stay tuned to watch my new upcoming visual covers and voice impressions (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ P.S.: yes, I included Odette in the video, that's because I love her :D Non-Disney girls can dream too, right? I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY.
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Lilian Voss - The Fear [WoW parody cover]
Hey there! This is my first experience in making a World of Warcraft parody cover, so don't judge it firmly. It's about one of my favourite lore characters Lilian Voss. Yeah, I'm not so good at making videos, but I decided having some footage would be more entertaining than simply looking at one screenshot, so, there. You may also notice that the face I gave Lilian here is different from the one she has in game, but I found it a bit too ugly and sad and made her prettier to match her "alive" look. Here are the lyrics: I. I want to be swift, a professional rogue, Slay all the Undead and flee up in smoke. I want lots of blades and fuck loads of armor, I'll fight for the Scarlet and honour my father. But something has happened, transformed right within me, One horrible strike awfully changed my whole being. I look at the sun and look in the mirror, I'm on the wring track, no, I just can't be here. I don't know what's right and what's real anymore And I don't know how I'm meant to feel anymore. When do you think it will all become clear? 'Cos I'm being taken over by the fear. II. It's hard to get used to the sight of bleached bones And when people spot me they start throwing stones. Though what I find vexing is realization That everyone you knew wants your humiliation. But I don't regret the tough measures I've taken 'Cos now I am willing to join the Forsaken. I look at the sun and I look in the mirror, I'm on the right track, yeah, I'm on to the winner. I don't know what's stress and what's pain anymore And now I'm so happy to be the part of the Horde. Why do I think that it all became clear? 'Cos now I'm not taken over by the fear. That's it, I hope you enjoyed this video! Original song: Lily Allen - the Fear. Game: World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment.
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What My Cutiemark is Telling Me - Cover
Here is my cover of the song "What My Cutiemark is Telling Me" from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". First of all, probably as a disclaimer, I want to say that I do think I don't really sound like all those ponies and this cover is just my voice impressions of them. Secondly, I hope (as always :) that despite the fact that I don't sound like Rainbow Dash or Applejack you will enjoy this cover :D Your pegasister Izzy
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Musa Loses Her Voice - Extended Rendition ♫ Isabella ♫
I am so random :) This time I couldn't resist making this a cappella (?) cover of Musa's Voice, because... Ariel's Voice is my favourite sequence of all times. Winx Club - Season 6 Episode 22 "The Music Cafe". Brief story: Selina is a witch who can summon mythical creatures from the magic book Legendarium. When Musa finds a way to create a protective barrier with the power of music, Selina summons the most deceitful and smart dwarf called Rumpelstiltskin. He is immune to all kinds of magic which makes him invincible to anything Winx can do. They don't manage to defend Musa and Rumpelstiltskin steals her voice. Without it Musa is able neither to talk nor transform, and the dwarf doesn't to give it back just like that. I liked this moment ever since I first watched it. Hope you liked my rendition of it. P.S.: I wish I could I could be in HD, but this is the best you can get of my web-camera.
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Celestia's Ballad - Cover [My Little Pony]
instrumental http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7whXrMKphM by HannahCW RobloxUser My cover of Celestia's Ballad from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". I don't think my voice fits this song but I gave it a try because this song is so beautiful *-* My relationship with Sony Vegas is far from "nice and friendly" but at least this time it didn't spoil my video. I simply decided to use some footage with Twilight Sparkle and there we go. Simple and practical. P.S.: forgive me my "hey guys look I'm a unicorn haha" footage, I just love experimenting XD I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO HASBRO AND OTHER RESPECTFUL OWNERS.
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Fluttershy takes Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz
Disclaimer: first of all, I don't own any MLP or HP content, this is a non-profit video. Secondly, I know this voice impression is terrible, but you shouldn't really pay too much attention to it, I recommend you just to take it izzy. So, now you see the concept. One day I thought: "Hey, we know Fluttershy quite enough to guess what options she would choose!" and then I made this video. I sincerely didn't know what result I would get, so I was frankly pretending to think like our adorable yellow pegasus. I hope you'll enjoy this video :3 Thanks for watching it. P.S.: one more thing. I'm still not on friendly terms with Sony Vegas, because initially Fluttershy was supposed to have her own background (her room), but when I saved the video I found out that it was all messed up and I decided to leave Fluttershy like this. It isn't as pathetic as my voice impression though XD P.P.S.: I really hoped she'd get Slytherin, but, oh well, probably we still don't know what she hides in her shed whilst she just pretends to be "the good one" ;)
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Alicorn Mysteries [Isabella Talks on MLP #1]
Hey there, bronies and pegasisters! This is my new project "Isabella Talks on MLP" where I am going to share my opinion about the ponies' universe with you. Read the disclaimer before asking questions that probably have already been answered for you. I hope you will enjoy this video, because... swag! :D Btw... feel free to subcribe... plz :) P.S.: I am not a native speaker and professional video-maker, mind it MLP:FiM BELONGS TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS - HASBRO.
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My Little Pony Voice Impressions
Hey there! This video is about my attempts to do "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" voice impressions. I badly wanted to try something like this and I am definitely going to do more impressions from different movies and series. It wasn't lots of fun though, this kind of thing requires time, effort and energy. Nevertheless, I don't mean to say that I didn't like it, on the contrary, it's my life's passion, I just want you to understand that the process of video-making can be very devastating. This is the exact reason for such an ending, because I wanted to say more but suddenly decided to screw it. Some impressions are better than the others, I tried my best to make them all as close to the original as possible, so I really hope you liked at least some of them. I was kinda familiar with Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle's voices, Fleetfoot and Starlight Glimmer went naturally without problems. The rest of the impressions were tricky and I just learnt them in-process. The worst impression here imo is Applejack, I am sorry, but she's the part of mane 6, I had to include her. This is it, I hope you will enjoy the video and subscribe! P.S.: I promise to purchase a better web-camera in the future ;)
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Wicked - Defying Gravity [Cover by Isabella]
Hello everyone! I have finally finished my work on this cover and I'm ready to present it to you. It's been a long time since I started learning this song and this is the way I'm making it so far. "Wicked" is my favourite musical and "Defying Gravity" is my favourite song. And Elphaba is... well, you got it :) I couldn't resist recording this song after winning the singing competition with it and I really hope you'll enjoy it. Sound magic brought to you by the amazingly talented Alexander Sherbakov. Music composed by Stephen Schwartz. Originally performed by Idina Menzel. Art drawn by Squeegool. Musical production by Broadway.
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Wings - Barbie of Swan Lake ♪ Isabella ♪
My cover of the ending credits song from the movie "Barbie of Swan Lake". Imo this song fits "Barbie in Fairytopia" better but whatever. Old Barbie movies (where she is "cast" as Rapunzel, Elina and Odette) will always be a part of me bringing fantastic memories from childhood. I still enjoy them because the animation is beautiful and the music is legendary. Yesterday I came across the instrumental of this song on my computer. I've had it for several years but I couldn't use back then until my "musical reincarnation". Now that I am able to sing I decided to record it and upload for you. Hope you'll enjoy it! The video is provided by Helen Sutcliffe http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEd2bfeakeQLwYG8ZdaY8Kg
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I Started a Joke A Cappella Cover (Suicide Squad Trailer)
I apologize for the bad quality of the video and random backgrounds, but that's all I could think up today. I hope my cover and Harley Quinn's makeup compensated for those flaws. I also did a cover of Pink's "Funhouse" (I will upload it soon) I DON'T OWN ANYTHING BUT MY VOICE.
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I Remember You - Cover (instrumental by Curran Son)
First of all, I want to say a hearty "thank you" to Curran Son for uploading a perfect instrumental of this song and all the artists who uploaded amazing arts, these are the names I found: AlisZombie, HazuraSinner, Ivanobich, tabby-like-a-cat, WortCat, Blindconcept. If you're one of the artists I didn't mention, write it in the comments, though I doubt it'll happen, but, oh well. ____________________________________________ So, I have many favourite songs that I find legendary, and "I Remember You" from Adventure Time is one of them. Oh, those feelings T_T "Come now, gather round, behold such a saddening tale, leave not behind your handkerchief, it may keep you well." I've already done this stuff btw, but those lines describe this story better than anything else. And, yes, I am veeery sorry, guys, the sound is humming again, 'cos I'm such a cheater and Mixcraft cannot forgive this. ____________________________________________ I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE.
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Part of That World - Cover by Isabella
Hello everyone and thanks for watching this video! It's been a long time since I started recording "The Little Mermaid" covers with no proper equipment, and now I have finally managed to somehow record this epic song originally performed by the goddess of music Jodi Benson irl and Ariel in the movie. I really hope you'll enjoy listening to it! :D
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Witch Hunt - Cover (English Lyrics by JubyPhonic)
First of all, I do not own anything but my voice here, english translation was done by the amazing and incredibly talented JubyPhonic, here's a link to her channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMsNS10PzxzEayT7UHS4p6g Now back to me. The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it and knew I would do a cover of it. Though it was a challenging and really tough one due to the high notes and the pressure (you can't fail 'cos that's a legendary song). I know I didn't do great and my rendition is far from good but... I still hope you'll enjoy it, guys! ^^ Best witches, Isabella :D
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World of Warcraft Voice Impressions
A new voice impressions video about "World of Warcraft"! Hope you enjoy it. I've chosen this game because it used to be my favourite one for a long time. Now I don't play it because subscription price is too high for me. Can't afford it sry. Though it would be cool to try the new expansion and the new class so we shall see, we shall see. Remember that this is the impressions video, so ofc I sound the same mostly. Why half of the video has the lowest quality you've ever seen? When I recorded impressions from undead to tauren my computer... crashed. It turned off because I had two recording sessions and too many audio files opened and the pressure was ultimate. I got really upset and decided to screw it till next week and turned the lamp off when I discovered that the footage was safe and sound and I could retrieve it. Then I recorded the rest of the video without the proper source of light. That's why. Why are my hands shaking sometimes? It comes naturally if I don't control it because it helps to do difficult impressions. I concentrate on my voice and my body goes loose.
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Marceline the Vampire Medley - Visual Cover by Isabella
I love mythical creatures, I love vampires, I love Marceline. Adventure Time is an awesome show, so I decided to make this video. But first of all, I say a big heartful "thank you" to those people who made the instrumental versions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlAgDAmdi8g - The Synthetic Orchestra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn68kTo2ctQ - Hayden Richardson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0384wYRcrU - Piano-Festival "I Remember You" - Curran Son Songs in this video: "Daddy, why did you eat my fries?", "I'm just your problem", "I Remember You", "Not just your little girl". My skills in making videos are improving, although I still make many mistakes. Please forgive me green screen flaws, it's really hard to make sure that you look convincing and stay in the right position at the same time. As I said in the end, I didn't do Marceline's voice impression, so that's basically me singing her songs. Such a pity she doesn't have more than 4 (I don't count her cameos and unfinished pieces of guitar music) songs. Thanks for watching the video! I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day.
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What More is Out There - Cover by Isabella [Equestria Girls: Friendship Games]
Reupload + link = reuplink. https://vimeo.com/148678114 I had to do this because I do not see the reason for deleting my cover. Is it all about the footage from the movie? If so, why not tell me about it? This is stupid, I'm sorry. P.S. my voice sounds weird and quiet because it's night time and I am kinda tired after a busy day :)
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Lament of the Highborne - Cover by Isabella (machinima by Dartadaar)
When I think of WoW music I instantly remember this tragically beautiful (lol, "I'm Elphaba and I'm beautifully tragic" XD) song performed by Sylvanas and her banshees' band in Undercity. This song gives everyone chills 'cos it's both creepy and enchanting, so I couldn't resist recording it. So, that's it, I hope you enjoy this cover and the machinima created by a talented musician Dartadaar (if he decides to upload his violin covers on Youtube I'll give you a link asap ;)
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How you might feel during Noblegarden - WoW
I guess that's how some people feel on Noblegarden in World of Warcraft XD Of course, that's just a joke, so don't take it seriously! Happy Easter!
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[Vlog Light #1] - Taking Pottermore Quiz
Hey there, this is my first Vlog Light where I'm taking Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz! It has lots of derps and also some derps with a little bit of derps. It was an interesting experience to record such a video and I will record many more, so stay tuned :D If you know any tips how to become good friends with Twitch or you are an aspiring artist who can quickly draw sketches and you also want to help, I will fully appreciate it, just let me know in the comments below! If you want to ask me whether I have taken this quiz before I'd say yes, that was approximately a year ago, but the questions were different and, of course, I don't remember most of them. I was always getting Slytherin (4 out of 5 times I guess) and one time I accidently got Ravenclaw. I hope you enjoyed this video, thanks for watching!
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Get Jinxed ► Cover by Isabella [League of Legends]
My cover of "Get Jinxed" song which was the trailer of the new champion of "League of Legends" game - Jinx! Where did I get the instrumental? I mixed four amazing instrumentals together, there they are! And I'm saying a big and heartful "thank you" to all those people! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qVtLUK-6VY - Dethraxx (metal lord) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcNq2H0cFKE - LilyPichu (piano princess) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEX727JNeQU - Ravenborn Fighter (electronic master) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qU51Zc01smQ - Neechyou (8 bit wonder) "Rules are made to be broken..." Dat song is so hot oh my god. The music video is just perfect, such beautiful animation and the gorgeous voice of Agnete, just wow. No matter whether you play LoL or not (though you should) you will adore it. Trust me, it's rly impressive. "I'm trying to care but I just can't!" I would never support such behaviour but the character of Jinx is quite peculiar. I wish we could know her background story 'coz that would explain many things. Anyways, the song is great, the Loose Canon is loose, you are subscribing... Wait, where was I? Oh right, wreaking havoc! Haha! Oh, now I am talking like Jinx. If by talking you mean pasting her quotes and trying to be witty. Actually, initially I wanted to record a video with cosplay and some real-life craziness, but I don't yet have the necessary props. I need to order a wig, buy a costume... Costly. So for now (for now!) enjoy this. Pleeeease :) "All part of the plan I just made up!"
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League of Legends Impressions (Part 1)
For my next voice impressions video I decided to do some voices from my favourite game "League of Legends" (instead of Gravity Falls that I promised in WoW VI video). I was just in a mood of doing this kind of thing. Yes, I am fully aware that those impressions suck, I tried to make them sound good but you can't do those deeeeeep men or women voices when you are an 18 years old mermaid. And my rule is NEVER use voice editors for voice impressions videos. I mean, come on, all the fun will go away then, what's the point in letting voice editors do your job? Even the mere echo effects disturb me very much. I play LoL on russian server. Ask me more if you want. I know I didn't include many champions, and in addition to what I said in the end of the video I want to say that I will make part 2 only if you (my dear viewers) will enjoy this one. Otherwise it will just be useless.
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Blood-Queen Lana'thel - Monster [WoW Parody Cover]
Hello there! This is my second World of Warcraft parody about one of the most beautiful and deathly characters - Blood-Queen Lana'thel. I've always found her story kinda sad and tragic and felt sympathetic to her, but still she's one of the bosses in the Ice Crown Citadel, so her fate ("cut off my wings") is inevitable. The lyrics: I. Ever since I could remember Everything inside of me Just wanted to fight back. I was never one for betrayers Everything I tried to do Was to stop the march of Scourge. I retrieved the Quel'delar For the children of the Blood But with all my force and might I lost the fight. The Lich King overpowered me Forcing to become the vampire queen To serve my enemies in death. Refrain: I'm only an elf with a cursed blade that got me. I'm taking a stand to escape that blood hunger. A monster, a monster, I'm turning into a monster. A monster, a monster, Now terror is my haunter. II. Can I clear my conscience If I know I meant no harm, I despise what I've become. I never said that I want this, This burden came to me Making ICC my home. If I told you what I was Would you cry over my fate Or if I seem dangerous Cut off my wings. I get the feeling just because I dreamed to be the sexiest girl in WoW I turned against what I died for. That's it, guys! Thanks for watching this video! ;) P.S.: I can't make good machinimas, mind it XD
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