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An Ending - Vocal Cover by Isabella [Undertale]
Undertale Soundtrack - An Ending - Vocal Lyrical Cover. This track plays at the very end of the Neutral Route. Frisk receives a phone call (from Sans, but here I don't sound like Sans, it's more of an all monsters' lament) and finds out that things are not going particularly well in the Underground since the monsters are still trapped down there and Frisk wasn't able to save them but she can still 'reset' and do it all over again to correct her mistakes. Lyrics by Attica Kish - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkUHTQabHxs This time I didn't record myself on camera because I couldn't think of any visual picture for this song since it's sung by various monsters and at the same by no one in particular, it's more of a narration. And don't forget to participate in my Undertale Q and A! Love y'all!
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Determination (Game Over theme) - Vocal Cover by Isabella (lyrics by Attica Kish)
My female vocal cover of a "Game Over" theme "Determination" from the game Undertale. Lyrics by Attica Kish, go check out her other lyrical adaptations! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gEAKUWu0m5rJOoAQo8rXw It's a simple cover, yet I hope you'll enjoy that ridiculous "death" sequence and reincarnation. Frisk encounters a monster and ultimately loses a battle and... dies. Or probably not. Anyways, (-s)he manages to gather enough determination to magically get back to his save point. Now (-s)he knows exactly what to do to survive. UNDERTALE BELONGS TO TOBY FOX, I OWN NOTHING.
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Oh! One True Love - Female Cover by Isabella [Undertale]
My female cover of two Undertale tracks "Oh! One True Love" and "Oh! Dungeon" performed by Mettaton in his musical sequence. Forgive me this makeup, please. My ideas don't always turn out perfectly. Also I don't like how "Oh! Dungeon" part sounds. No matter what I tried it sounded weird. However, I still decided to include it in this video because why not. It wouldn't be complete with that part. Ending credits song provided by Kevin MacLeod. I OWN NOTHING, UNDERTALE WAS CREATED BY TOBY FOX.
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Underfell Sans - Vocal Cover | Isabella
"Edgy Sans is edgy" is Underfell Sans' theme. And here is my vocal lyrical cover of it. Lyrics by Attica Kish - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gEAKUWu0m5rJOoAQo8rXw So, this time I decided to become a sassy evil skeleton. I think I couldn't possibly make this song sound flawless but I gave it a try. Attica Kish always writes fantastic lyrics! And I love Underswap and Underfell AUs. Underfell Mettaton is next btw! Links to my other social media are in the channel info. Subscribe to my Instagram, Ask and Soundcloud if you please. And remember that I can't reply to some comments on Youtube. Lyrics: Hi human, why are you wearing that expression? You afraid? Maybe it'd be better to be. But no sweat, just forget it and stick with me, kid. You'll be fine! (boy they fall for it every time) The truth is that you're gonna get owned, you nerd. Not the last and you sure as hell aren't the first. I'm afraid, that you entered the wrongest world. You were doomed, kid, the moment you fell under. Hiya brat, you look a little pissed, why is that? ah whatev's, i already get that a lot. Lighten up, I guess someone gave you quite a shock. Was it me? Well I do get to wondering. Seems a bit, well, suspicious of you, y'know. Now you seem to know something you shouldn't though. Did you think this was how you're going to go? Don't be mad at me, kid, it was just a joke! But, you know, there's a grain of truth in every joke! Hahah rip Frisk? Maybe.
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Your Best Nightmare - Vocal Cover by Isabella [Undertale] lyrics by KHTLL13
My vocal cover of another Undertale track "Your Best Nightmare" (Omega Photoshop Flowey the Flower boss battle theme in Neutral route). Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this madness! Lyrics by KHTLL13 (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmjBZk_NKMWN5ozEAaLWw1A) Tracks that I used in my video: - You Idiot; Your Best Nightmare; Finale (created by Toby Fox) - Brightly Fancy - Oddities (created by Kevin MacLeod; Creative Commons Attribution) - SilverPoyozo's orchestra remix! It's so amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7cmF45wmV4 So here it is, guys! This is the most time and effort consuming cover that I've probably uploaded so far. The previous one was "This is Halloween". I tried to create completely different characters and personalities and I really hope that it worked. ♣ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns UNDERTALE BELONGS TO TOBY FOX, I OWN NOTHING
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Alphys / Here We Are - Vocal Cover by Isabella [Undertale]
My vocal lyrical cover of two tracks from "Undertale" - "Alphys" and "Here We Are" (pacifist route true lab soundtrack). Lyrics by Attica Kish https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gEAKUWu0m5rJOoAQo8rXw and KHTLL13 https://www.youtube.com/user/KHTLL13 This time I dared not to use green screen but roam into the wild and unknown - the local shopping centre. Although not everything went according to plan (dat advertisement on the elevators) I still think it turned out nicely and funny to watch. Lyrics: Hey there, here I am, The literal trash, The ultimate nerd, A robotics girl. I could help you then And we could be friends? Everybody knows their role inside the story better than I do But it's so much easier to look at things in the light of a Japanese cartoon. And the way it always goes on my TV maybe by helping you You could start to like me just a little bit and I could like me just a little too... I can't do it, at least not yet, It's a secret, I must keep it. Someday, somehow, Someday, without This fear and doubts I'll make you proud. I can't tell the truth, I can't see this through This is my secret, I have to keep it. Determination, How could this go wrong They opened their eyes, I can't send then home. Hey there, here we are, Corners of the heart The things that she left, Secrets that she kept Withing these cold walls Can you hear our calls Weakness keeps us here. Come and we appear. Nobody can ever know what happened I can't think of anything to tell them Something terrible here was created And there's no way I can ever fix it If only I was a stronger person But I can't let fear take over reason Don't worry, I'll find a way to do this But until then I won't let you leave this place. Outro music: Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod (Youtube Audio Library) UNDERTALE BELONGS TO TOBY FOX.
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They Need a Monster - Live Cover by Isabella (song by MandoPony)
So today I got a chance to sing in the local shopping centre (the one where I was recording my Alphys's song, lol) and I brought two songs but they said: "Sing something that is joyful and fast!" And I chose to sing MandoPony's song about Mettaton "They Need a Monster". I am absolutely in love with this song and Undertale. Sorry for the quality of the video and the mistakes I've made, it's a live performance where you don't have a lot of time to plan everything. I still hope you'll enjoy my performance, darlings :3 For the lyrics and everything else you wanna know about this song visit Mandopony's channel MandoPony's video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru-x3CFQ97E
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Megalovania Vocal Cover [Undertale] Sans Battle Theme with Lyrics
ORCHESTRA and lyrics don't belong to me, here is the link to the amazing orchestra version of Megalovania by "yuzuki masu" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuTgHZ... some lines of the lyrics were written by me, but most of them were borrowed from this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9QKKd... Hey there, after my 3-months hibernation I'm finally back with a Megalovania cover from the game Undertale with lyrics! Hope you will enjoy the singing skull-headed gurl :) My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Lyrics: Look who's here before my sight Do you think that you are something special While my might cannot be measured You won't endure this fight. There's no telling how this ends There's still a chance to make amends But still you soldier on only to find Determination fades. What's the point of even going on right now? Is is really you who deserve to be the one alive at the end? Yet you keep on going as if you could gain Without feeling any fu**ing pain. Your potential's wasted on this killing spree Maybe now it's time for you to just give up and fall right to your knees? A pathetic sight which stands before my eyes You better work on saying your goodbyes. Now the time has come Show me what you are Once again engage Such misguided rage. You cannot kill what can never die You do not know why I choose to fight You have come far in your genocide Murdered them all, they couldn't run and hide. Only one's left standing in your way Judging you now, wants to make you pay Listen to me, leave the darkest path What have you done... wretched psychopath... I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. UNDERTALE CHARACTERS AND MUSIC BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTFUL OWNERS.
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Spider Dance Vocal Cover [Undertale] by Isabella (with lyrics)
My "Spider Dance/Muffet Boss Battle Theme" cover with lyrics. First of all, check out this amazing orchestra which I used as an instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prD6p_CjBU8 I'm gonna be straight to you, I'm not 100% satisfied with this cover. I mean, I wanted to sound more like a female humanoid-spider, but I have a feeling that I could do it better, but whatever. I hope you'll still enjoy it! ;) As for the video and the plot, I wanted not just to sing a song about a mindless spider-killer. I was determined to tell a story behind a character. I thought that Muffet must get really upset when people consider her to be "just an ugly spider" and don't see her personality. Spidernality. Never mind :) Lyrics: Muffet: Hey there, traveller! Are you enjoying my pastry? Traveller: Oh, thanks, miss, it's delicious. Muffet: So, in this case, I'm inviting you to my little tea party! Traveller: Oh, I'll think about... oh... uh... what? you're a spider! an ugly spider! Get out of here! Leave me alone! Someone help! Muffet: You shouldn't have said that! I don't think you can escape I'll embrace you with eight limbs My five eyes are watching you There's no hope, fall to my knees! My fury was awoken by your fears (x3) Get drowned in my tea or in your tears (x3) I'll spin you round in my spider dance (x3) I think a heart like yours can't stand a chance in this flustering twisted dark romance. I'll put your heart in the kettle and it will turn purple there I hear rude words very often while the compliments are rare. You're gonna be stuck here in spider dance )x3) It's clear a heart like yours won't stand a chance in this flustering twisted dark romance. (Get lost and trapped, get lost and trapped in her spider dance) (x3) If you are so uncouth I will make your death fast and smooth. My poison is your remedy, watch my spider dance Before you curse for the last time give this world a glance Do you know why I have to act in such a ruthless way? Because I won't let anyone break my heart and then get away!
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Death by Glamour - Vocal cover [Undertale] by Isabella (with lyrics)
My vocal cover of Mettaton EX boss battle theme "Death by Glamour" with lyrics from Undertale. All Undertale rights go to Toby Fox. First of all, credits time! Orchestra was created by Fenix Ark Angelus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD2LbwVfIX0I_CuzjBQPmwg Lyrics were written by me, although I borrowed a few lines from this video created by RadixMusic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCtSNAb6WoM And finally I want to thank Mitternacht Cosplay for her makeup inspiration! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y27hL6K0uSU Now back to business. Green screen let me down this time although it's my fault that I don't possess good equipment, I'll fix it in the future (*raised my head with determination). This time the story behind a character was pretty simple. A robot finds his calling and sings about it. Next time I'll take Flowey the Flower's theme "Your Best Nightmare". I'm a little bit terrified of him (and who isn't?) and his makeup is going to be... interesting... Lyrics: Looks like I'm more than just A mindless cold machine Was I designed to rust Or to make your hearts gleam? There's so much passion in My body made of steel And don't you dare to think A robot can't feel. I know I can make the crowds cheer. I am a star, isn't that clear? I feel like the stage is calling for me And limelight can't wait to pour its shine on me I'm afraid I cannot live without my audience As their love is everything that I need. If you need a monster that can be your hero Listen up and turn that volume on. I won't let you down for I am simply flawless I'm programmed to be on the go. I can be free only if you're watching me I can do what you want, I can smile, I can pose Just keep my ratings high, you adore me don't deny Gift (or give) me some pretty things, your love's giving me wings We live in a world where celebrities are kings Where the more people want is the more that we give And I'm more than just an incredible machine That amazes your days from behind of your screen. I will be young and gorgeous forever If looks could kill it'd be death by glamour. And don't you dare to think a robot can't feel. ALL RIGHTS TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS OF UNDERTALE.
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【Moana】Shiny/В Блеске - Female Russian Cover ☀ Isabella
My female Russian cover of Tamatoa's song "Shiny" ("Жить в Блеске") from Disney's Moana. I absolutely love this song! I usually record all my videos and covers in English but this time I decided to record it in Russian because I love the Russian version sung by Ilya Lagutenko so much! He's definitely one of my favourite singers and an amazing person. His talent inspired me to record this humble cover of mine. This song isn't as easy as it seems (although it doesn't even seem to be easy, lol). It's mainly about acting and staying passionate and a little bit evil and arrogant till the very end of the song but it also demands good singing. I swear I was sweating so hard while singing it 'cuz I gave it everything I got. Also, I could translate it but I don't want to. The Russian translation is very similar to the original lyrics but there are also some puns and idioms which I don't feel like translating atm. I hope you will enjoy my cover! Official Russian "Shiny" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZnrBurQff4 I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE. ALL RIGHTS GO TO DISNEY.
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How Did I Start Learning English? [Storytime] Part 1
I am an artificial bilingual. My native language is Russian and I didn't always know how to speak English. In this video I will tell you a story of how I started learning a foreign language and what made me do that. Ariel, James Woods (and his Hades and Mike Toreno) and the Disney Company really made me a different person and I am very thankful to them. In Part 2 I will answer more questions about my experience of learning foreign languages, give you some tips etc.
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somewhat a daily routine of replying to comments of mine #1
Some comments may be rude, stupid or meaningless. Today I turned on my computer and spent some time trying to reply to some of them and banned a few people, yay. I am such a justiceful rageful person, you know, and also a choleric. Boom, baby My other social media is: Instagram, Ask.fm (for QnAs), Soundcloud and Twitter. All links are the channel info.
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Sketch League drawings (best of the worst)
Sketch League is an online game for League of Legends players where you must draw champions (skins, items etc.) with your mouse using all your imagination. The other players must guess the name of the champion. https://www.sketchleague.com/ - the game itself I have collected some realy good drawings and put them into this video. Some of them were drawn by me :) Do you still think you are a bad artist? XD Music: Beep Block Skyway - Super Mario; Mother's Son (Youtube Audio Library)
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Jinx Outplays #1 and League of Legends Moments | Isabella
I main Jinx in League of Legends. I've played this game for some time to achieve some skill and now I want to share some really cool outplays and funny moments from LoL with you. I also main Veigar on mid lane. ♣Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ ♬Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns ◈Twitter - https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns As you can tell by my hair, that intro was recorded an eternity ago for my Get Jinxed cover. I haven't recorded the cover yet and the video itself imo didn't turn out to be good because I made my lips look too big which made me look weird. I want to feature in Wood Division Adventures.
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Fallen Down - Acapella Cover by Isabella [Undertale]
Fallen Down is one of my most favourite Undertale tracks and I really wanted to do an acapella cover of it. Btw, I suck at acapellas. But that didn't stop me from making this. Better listen with headphones, of course! ;) Tim's channel with Undertale acapellas! - https://www.youtube.com/user/Timmifutzelchen/videos ♣Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ ♬Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns ◈Twitter - https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Thank you for watching the video! Hope you enjoyed my cover despite the fact I'm merely an amateur in making acapellas.
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Reflection ♪ Live-Cover by Isabella (from "Mulan")
My Live-performance of the song "Reflection" (originally sung by Christina Aguilera) from Disney's Mulan. Today I got an opportunity to sing in my university. I chose this song because it's very beautiful and powerful. I hope you will enjoy my singing!
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Taliyah Login Theme - Vocal Cover by Isabella [League of Legends] with lyrics
Taliyah Login Screen Theme. My cover. League of Legends. Just like that :) Piano instrumental by Winged Souls https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVb3fQXXWv1OUGKt6Z128zg Freljord Taliyah gameplay by SQUPO https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsddb9Ln5cI-04Hkja9srtw - Brightly Fancy - Oddities (created by Kevin MacLeod; Creative Commons Attribution) When I heard this music for the first time I immediately liked it, especially because it had some vocals in it. I decided to add some lyrics as well, and make a cover. I love this champion! And her Freljord Taliyah skin is awesome (that what's I was trying to impersonate in this video). I'm also glad that I'm coming back to making siren/mermaid-like covers and I hope you like 'em. ♣ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Lyrics: (her lore is HUGE but I decided to include just the key moments) Ice, stone, coming home. My name is Taliyah Earth element is my guardian. When I was little I heard rocks calling me Soon I found out I had some magic within Curse or a blessing that could hurt those I loved I left home to find a way to tame my powers. I met a man who helped me to see The world is a tapestry of our making What matters is why we choose our path Embrace your new title stoneweaver. My name is Taliyah! I came home. I OWN NOTHING. ALL RIGHT GO TO RIOT GAMES.
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My BILL CIPHER Cosplay & Cosplay Event
I finally made it! Here is my cosplay of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. That's the way I see him in real life if he was a female humanoid. This yellow triangular villain is one of my favourite characters. The event I took part in is called Chillicon and it takes place in Kursk, Russia. Music: 1) League of Legends Login Screen - Slayers Jinx and Pantheon. 2) Youtube Audio Library: Kevin Macleod - The Cannery; Sugar Zone. ♣ Extra Social Media ♣ ☆ Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/isabellaquinns ★ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mermaidvoice.isabella/ ♥ VK(in rus) group - https://vk.com/isagaming ♫ Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns GRAVITY FALLS WAS CREATED BY ALEX HIRSCH. #billcipher #gravityfallscosplay
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Her Name is Alice ♣ Live-Cover + A Funny Blooper | Isabella
02:35 is where the song starts. Chillicon is a cosplayers' event that takes place in Kursk, Russia. Today I have performed a song "Her Name is Alice" there. My suit was inspired by the game Alice: Madness Returns and Disney's & Tim Burton's movies. The whole performance is dedicated to the "Alice in Wonderland" universe. When I came on stage for the first time I soon figured out that the song was being played with delay. I ran back to the concert hall to get my usb card and try to fix the problem with the audio. The host had to entertain the audience meanwhile. Apparently, the sound engineer fixed everything soon afterwards and turned on the video instantly. The problem was that I wasn't backstage then, lol. When I did run there and the host said: "Well, now we can go!" for some reason the sound engineer hesitated and didn't turn my song on. Well, that was a funny case I will definitely remember for a long time :) As for my performance, I don't think it was very good. I messed up with the lyrics for two times and my voice cracked for one time! Maybe that was because I was too concerned about the instrumental at that time and wasn't paying enough attention. I am sorry. I hope you will enjoy my performance anyways and forgive me for my mistakes :((((
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'Would You Rather' League of Legends Questions | Isabella
I've found 21 "Would You Rather...?" questions about League of Legends and in this video I'm going to answer them! You might find this video boring if you know nothing about LoL, but if you play it and understand what's going on, then you are free to answer all the questions too and post your results in the comment section! Next video will include a song, I promise, and today enjoy me talking, lol. Love y'all.
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Lament of the Highborne - Cover by Isabella [Sylvanas, World of Warcraft]
Ishnu-alah! Greetings! Finally I am ready to upload my "Lament of the Highborne" cover, the song which was performed by Sylvanas Windrunner in "World of Warcraft". Orchestra/instrumental was recorded entirely by Vladimir Zhukouski(Dartadaar). Here's a link to his channel and to his version of this cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwHYFlbK4FI Choir vocal: Irina Deikalo(Deimelana) Composed by: Russell Brower Link to the original music video (which I also used in my cover) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5Y4GerrnZg As you can tell by my hair, this video was recorded an eternity ago. Although that doesn't really matter. I love Sylvanas. I love WoW. I don't know what else I can tell you about. Oh yeah, have a great day. And... stay inspired! P.S. that makeup though. I seriously need to buy better body paint. P.P.S. yes, I am wearing a bra over my polo-neck. :) I OWN NOTHING, ALL RIGHTS, MUSIC AND FOOTAGE GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS.
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Bean Boozled Challenge & Lemon Face
That's right, I recorded a video 6 months ago and was too lazy to edit it. So, the intro basically shows you how I see all those "challengers" who dare to call their videos "Bean Boozled Challenge". I decided not to include myself eating those beans because I did the same thing in my Harry Potter Beans challenge and it was boring (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj52VDIqR5s). I mean, I just ate all the candies and that's it. There was no cringing at all. ♣ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Music: Bluebird; Galactic Damages, Love Explosion, Payday. I found them in YouTube Audio Library. Some of those tracks were composed by Kevin MacLeod. Hope you got entertained by my derpy behaviour :)
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2k+ subs 'THANK YOU' Speech/Song/Celebration
Time to say a huge and sweet "thank you" to all of my lovely subscribers! Fallen Down Orchestra by Jamie Mckenna - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5umvr0Bv_WM Lyrics of the song (Undertale Fallen Down Reprise): I'm here to make you believe Magic's something real. I'll tell you a story that Will make you feel inspired. Crazy, weird and unusual That is all about my art You don't have to be so moody To relax and have some fun. P.S.: that raspberry tho Music provided by epidemicsound.com
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Jinx Outplays # 3 and Names for a Jinx Main
I main Jinx in League of Legends. I've played this game for some time to achieve some skill and now I want to share some really cool outplays and funny moments from LoL with you. I also main Veigar on mid lane. ♣Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ ♬Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns ◈Twitter - https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Part one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ch-khBa-o Part two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49PBmX0UKAo One day I will feature in Wood Division Adventures (sigh)
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Elementalist Lux ★ Parody Song + My Top 10 Forms List
Elementalist Lux is an ultimate skin from League of Legends. In this video you'll be able to hear my parody cover about it (Witch Tv-series opening theme) and check out my top 10 forms list (I borrowed the idea from Lilypichu because our opinion differ greatly). Eldimarix (Lux's abilities comparision footage) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaTUp8scPEw&t=125s SkinSpotlights (Lux footage) Lyrics: I am, I am the master of the elements. There is a rift where low-skill reigns I've got the power to fight back I save the say and I bring down their Nexus. I can become more than you know Combining elements I'll see what I'll unlock. Water, Fire, Nature, Air! Elements, unite! I am, I am the master of the elements. I have 10 forms, 4 elements, one final evolution. In day and night I have the shields and binds. I can become more than you know Combining elements I'll see what I'll unlock. Mystic, Magma, Darkness, Ice! Elements, unite! I was once called the Lady of the Sparking Light But now I've found new powers, elements to bind.
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The Most Unwanted Badminton Player... (that's me)
In University we have to do some exercises during PE lessons twice a week. Those who have some time to spare at the end of the lesson can play badminton. I am awful at it but... I am always super-enthusiastic about all games! Too enthusiastic to care about such thing as skill. Sorry for the quality, I recorded everything with my tablet. The first clip basically shows you how I made the birdie get stuck in the ceiling above (I am a troublemaker, yep) and the second part is my "best" plays. Hope you enjoy the video, guyz!
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Burning Bright - Star Guardians | Cover by Isabella
League of Legends - Star Guardians Jinx, Lux, Poppy, Lulu and Janna login screen theme. My vocal cover. Warning: the costumes are very bad and cringy! I know that. Piano cover by N - Pianime - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=go3v96p1m_A I am a creative boss and a cringe queen master. I am sorry for the awful quality of costumes and everything, just enjoy the music and crazy stuff which is happening on the screen, I guess XD In order to repent I promise to cosplay Star Guardian Jinx for real in December. Lyrics: We were born from light before there even was a dawn So pure, so bright Falling from the skies above into our darkened fate The time has come Walking through this world we bear the secret of our lives The light we share Caught in destiny we shine for we are meant to be The Star Guardians! Gone in a flash before our time Up in the skies together The vow we have made has kept us strong Don’t fade away, it’s time to shine! Burning bright As we reach out for the same horizon Burning brighter Running out of time, we’re chasing the light The thought of us stuck in my mind I long for the days when we were young The song in my heart, the light in your eyes But now I drown in tears I’ve cried Yelling your name into the rain Don’t push me away, let’s head for the sky! LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BELONGS TO RIOT COMPANY. I OWN NOTHING.
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Jinx Outplays #2 and How to win a 4 vs 5 game | Isabella
I main Jinx in League of Legends. I've played this game for some time to achieve some skill and now I want to share some really cool outplays and funny moments from LoL with you. I also main Veigar on mid lane. ♣Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ ♬Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns ◈Twitter - https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns Part one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ch-khBa-o One day I will feature in Wood Division Adventures (sigh)
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League of Legends Impressions (part 2)
I finally decided to upload another voice impressions video. This time it's part 2 of my League of Legends impressions. I am trying to entertain you guys :) don't take everything too seriously. Some voices were worse than the others but I really hope that on the whole they were ok. My Twitter - https://twitter.com/Isabella_Quinns I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE, RIOT GAMES OWN LOL.
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i talk about the "Orianna's Story" video and champions' backgrounds
This video was supposed to be an outro for my "Orianna's Alternate Story/Transformation" video, but I was too tired and sick to edit it yesterday. So I decided to make it a solid separate speech video instead. Here I talk about League of Legends champions' biographies and my 'expectations vs reality' impressions. And I also help you to unlock the true meaning of my latest video sharing my personal feelings with ya. I hope you will find something useful in my speech which will 'inspire' you and brighten your day. Omg, I said "I didn't voice the male characters", but that's a lie, I voiced Veigar and the Demon, holy sh It's worth watching for the girly Terminator pic.
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Vlog ✿ I dyed my hair blonde
Some of you might like it, others not, but the most important thing is that I like it :) Deal with it, dudes "Change makes people sad." @Brizzy Never mind my accent, English is not my native language and I am surrounded by Russian-speaking people, so yeah Music: Easy Lemon by Kevin Macleod; Sonic 3D Ice Zone
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Sketch League Drawings # 2 [worst of the best of the worst]
Sketch League is an online browser mini-game about "League of Legends" where you draw champions while the others try to guess who they are. Sometimes the power of art is too strong and I just have to show you some truly glorious paintings. I hope you don't mind it when I upload LoL stuff because I know that most of my subs are here for Undertale covers and my music. But I can't keep from making videos about my favourite game, I just get too excited about it. I hope you understand. the game itself - http://sketchleague.com/
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Orianna's Transformation - Alternate Story of the Lady of Clockwork in a Song | Isabella
Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork, is a champion from League of Legends. Her "real official" biography doesn't seem interesting for me, so I decided to write my own story of her robot transformation. I think I have fallen ill today, so I am not feeling particularly well and, therefore, I'm planning to edit and upload my "backstage" video tomorrow separately. And I also misspelled the word "practising", nevermind, I'm sick. Script/lyrics/vocals/editing/voice acting (Orianna's aunt, Orianna, Veigar, Demon) - Isabella (that's me) Voice acting (Orianna's father, Barman) - Westen (my great friend) Piano cover of Winter Wonder Orianna's login screen theme - Winged Souls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMnUlNVTZO4 Song lyrics: There once was a girl named Orianna A beautiful, graceful swan. Despite being so sweet and charming She always was seen alone. Her waist was so slender and movements so smooth No wonder she loved to dance. Her ballet would take special place in your heart If you watched it only once. Indeed dancing was her biggest passion But there was something more. Orianna had one really big obsession With the League she dreamed fighting for. If you think this was her only problem You need to think again. For those whose feelings are being neglected Love quickly turns into a bane. Orianna was lucky to worship a very Grateful mage from the League. He made friends with her ‘coz she stayed loyal to him Despite all defeats and misclicks. Orianna knew she had no choice but to summon The demon to help her through. She wanted to suffer from love no longer And also join the League’s crew. Her wishes were granted though at the last moment Right when she was being transformed She started to miss what she had lost. Sharp beauty forever A body of metal She lost all emotions All feelings, all conscience. There once was a girl named Orianna A robot with iron heart. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BELONGS TO RIOT COMPANY, I OWN NOTHING.
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Reading Positive Comments (somewhat a daily pleasure of replying to comments #2)
I was making that video about hateful comments for fun, not to complain, but still received many inspiring encouraging comments. Then I decided to dedicate more videos to positive comments full of love and support. Here are my shout outs to my lovely viewers who leave great comments evri taim! Enjoy ^^ 4-Piano Orchestra - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaortKkmoUYjRx-oIDEBR9g VideoGame Master - https://www.youtube.com/user/suzypie1990 Music provided by Epidemicsound.
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My Funny LoL #4 - The Most Fortunate Miss Fortune
I am still too sick to sing or even speak, so I decided to make another LoL montage featuring Arcade Miss Fortune, Heartseeker Orianna and tilted Tryndamere and Brand. Enjoy! I main Jinx, Orianna and Veigar in League of Legends. I've played this game for some time to achieve some skill and now I want to share some really cool outplays and funny moments from LoL with you. ♣Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/isabella.quinns/ ♬Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/isabella-quinns ◈Ask.fm (for QnAs!) http://ask.fm/Isabella_Quinns Part one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7ch-khBa-o Part two - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49PBmX0UKAo Wood Division Adventures, notice me senpai
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Bot Lane of Love ♦LoL Parody Cover♦ Isabella
League of Legends parody cover "The Bot Lane of Love" of "Celine Dion - The Power of love" by Isabella. Featuring Heartseeker Ashe and Taric of the Fifth Age. So, basically yesterday I was in ranked and there was that guy who asked me what support I wanted. I consider Taric to be a useless support (if you can't play him, of course) and that is pretty fair in Bronze-Gold, I guess, because players there know nothing about champs they choose. But that man was a professional rank 7 Taric who didn't disappoint me and returned me my faith in the power of love and gems. P.S.: I am still a bit sick, I hope I'll recover fully next week to record vlogs etc. :( Lyrics: I wanted to go ranked I was an adc You asked what support to choose I said: "No Taric, please." He said: "You've no clue, baby. My armour's of the fifth age." I look at us and I know Our love will help us win this game. Cause I'm your carry And you are my sup Whenever you stun my foes I damage them hard. Even though there may be times I make a mistake and die But you are always in my range And you make sure we take revenge. (the same verse as above) We're fabulous, darling. I shoot while you shield us. Our teammates are lucky 'cuz they're carried tonight By the bot lane of love. I OWN NOTHING BUT MY VOICE.
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