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First time back on aggressive inline sk8..
Time to get fit having fun. My first time on sk8 in 20 years in a sk8 park and my first new pair since my oxygen AR 3.1's. Which I still have... needed a new pair due to the oxygens being so old. The sk8 I'm using are USD AEON 60 Rachard Johnson 20 year anniversary Bought from loco skates. Jake you the man for hooking me up thank dude.
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@ the ring.
This is the start of my inline journey. Way back in the mid 90's this place now "Funky Monkeys" but formerly " solar skate" Opened up and gave us kids a better place to skate other than on the roads and streets For which I was young at the time. Having such a big gap from then to now has left a hole, that is the reason I'm back I'm skating again and feeling epic feeling alive. And getting fit while doing it. Loving the Aeon 60 Rachard Johnson 20y. Feeling smooth on the foot with enough support for a secure feeling around the ankles but having all the flex of a soft cuff for a nice bit of movement. Rolling smooth and flat with great control and a positive feel when locking on to what ever you point these awesome skates @.. Shout out to Jake from locoskates for hooking me up.. Watch this space for a new unboxing video in a few days. ???????????? Leave your thoughts down below. Thanks. Stay aggressive, keep inline, skatelife.
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The end of a great era.
Good bye oxygen it's been epic and it's been a great ride.. time for rest...
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Oxygen AR 3.1's the last roll...
This is my last ride out on these. I have had these from new bought way back in the states from the saw grass mill shopping mall in Florida. They have been the best, I have so many memories thanks to these... time to bust out some new sk8... Oxygen I want to thank you for building what I feel are the tank of the aggressive inline word. And I want to thank USD for building the Aeon 60... what a boot what a feel... so much more to come... This is my second day back after 2 decades off... and boy am I loving it. Sorry for the wobbly session. Still finding my feet.
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Being older and not as flexible.
Getting sketchy I need to practice practice practice. I need Muscle memory back.
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Just more fun
Just having more fun. Trying dropins on my second session
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Aeon second session..
Second time out and just falling in love with the Aeon 60's It's like a glove for ya foot... the boot gives you room to move, with a light and very responsive flat set up giving you enough weight to pump the jumps. Skates bought from loco skates in the UK. They guys there are very knowledgeable and all ride roll or scoot. Great prices with fast delivery. Look them up and they will hook you up. (My boots got delivered to my house 17 hours after buying them) so fast. Thanks Jake.
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