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Dr. phil calls a gangsta (soundboard)
Dr. Phil gets GHETTO,
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dr phil calls james part 1(soundboard)
Dr. Phil calls james
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Hank Hill calls michelle at denney's (soundboard Prank)
hank hill showing how racist he really is lol
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testing out the ps3 eye toy camrea with my guitar
this is the the ps3 eye toy it works with pc. the drivers are a pain to find though
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Space Mountain Extreme
This is not a recreation of space mountain. It is meant to be space mountain taken to the next level, So don't write me saying how it doesn't look like space mountain. Shawn Zelmer gets full credit for the name of the coaster. Special Thanks to mattatt14 for the custom parts. Hope you enjoy. this is my 2 time trying to upload
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My Dad Paul Clifford Hawks Tribute
This is a video Honoring the life of my dad it was played at his funeral. My dad died sunday September 21 2008 9:30 AM from End stage liver disease due to life time of alcoholism. he will be always be remembered.
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Hank Hill calls denney's looking for a hammer
Hank confused. he thinks denney's is a hardware store (Becky gets credit for this one)
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baby 19 weeks
here is my kid at 19 weeks. we still don't know what the sex is yet. This baby has got some long legs though lol
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My future child
Here He or She is at 14 weeks. The baby is healthy so far :)
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Dr. Phil calls james part 2(soundboard)
dr phil starts to get mad
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Air Force One landing at long beach airport
Obama lands at long beach, and then heads onto marine one. He goes to oc fair grounds for a speech. he will also go onto the toinght show while he is out here.
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Star Spangled Banner
The national anthem of America
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Richard henne's New reality show  theme song
Richard Henne finally got the chance he was looking for. NOT lol ( This is all in good fun Richard.)
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my cool toy!
this is me showing off my monitor too Tim. I think it's a 24 inch screen but not sure.
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My new daughter
No more ultra sounds. Here she is in 3 D. April Featherston Hawks born on 3/ 23/2010!
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Stewie calls an old friend. (soundboard prank call)
This one is short but funny
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Another village Arni
This is a cover that I did of a song called Another village Arni. It comes from the Playstaton game Chrono Cross.
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Dr. phil calls his friend Tim (sountboard)
Dr. phil calls his friend who is cool and dosen't get pissed off
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O Canada
I Seem to have have taken a liking to some of the sites of Canada. so I thought a would share them. yes that is me singing lol.
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Dr. Phil prank calls his mom (soundboard)
this is my first crank call . It's Dr. Phil calling his mom and confusing her as to whether or not it's her son. note It's really my mom not Dr. Phil's mom ok.
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