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Breathe parkour edit
i tried parkour, i hope you like it
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Relearning Tripple Tailwhips At The Skatepark
in this video I relearn tripple tailwhips at my local skatepark. music: MDK Maverik Hunter
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kung fu cangfeng review
hey guys this is my review about the kung fu cangfeng 4x4 i hope you like it!
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Back At The Skatepark
Welcome to my first weekly vlog. Today I rode my scooter and made a stop motion animation.
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road to sub 20 episode 1
hi this is my first video i hope you like it. music by: MDK.
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Scooter Tricks In My Basement!
i did scooter tricks in my basement songs: KZ-no plans KZ-i don't know.
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Learning 180 Front Flips On a Broken Trampoline! (1st vlog)
hey guys hope you enjoy my first vlog. it was not very long but I started it at 7:30 pm so that is why. hope you enjoy.
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My Brother Bellyfloped Into Snow?!
in this vlog I rode at the skatepark and my brother jumped into snow shirtless. hope you enjoy.
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4 New Learns In 1 Day! (Trick Dice)
Today i got 4 new learns flat with my homemade trick dice.
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Vlog #3 Flips and Scooter Tricks
today I tried some flips and did some scooter tricks. i learned 2 new tricks. I worked hard on this video and i hope you enjoy it. go follow my instagram @jack_humphries
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scooter tricks on wet skatepark!
i finally landed a finger whip. I was barely able to land it before.
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Spring Is Finally Here!
i didn't really get the bar spins in the clips. sorry
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Road to sub 20 episode 2 26.05 average
The average was 26.05. I hope you guys enjoyed.
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My Brother Smashed A Light Bulb!
he threw a basketball at it. and i did scooter tricks
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this trick was so hard!
I landed whip rewinds today, hyped on it.
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game of pig against my brother
plz follow my instagram @jackhscooter. plz
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snowboarding and failing at scooter tricks
i was trigerd!!!!!!! :|
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scooter and trampoline tricks.
i got most of my fly out tricks back today and did some trampoline stuff.
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The stickbot exterminator.
This is a stickbot video I made. Enjoy!
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Jack Humphries scooter edit
hey guys this is a scooter edit I made in the beginning to middle of 2017 hope you enjoy :)
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DJjake - magic
this is the first song i have made that I am uploading, hope you enjoy. BTW I am DJjake.
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pipe bmx glitch
i think this is part of a map the creator is making for the full map. there is a big flat part then a street.
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