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Budget Friendly and Fun Garden Projects Made with Clay Pots
Budget-Friendly and Fun Garden Projects Made with Clay Pots The garden is the most used space in this season. So why not add some wonderful refreshing DIY decorations for your garden. There are a lot of very interesting and creative projects that can help you dress up your unique garden.
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Stunning Mosaic Projects for Your Garden
Garden is a fantastic place where you can fully express your personality and creativity. If you want bring more bright ideas of decoration to your garden, then mosaic projects will meet you. Beautiful colors and interesting patterns are suitable for every detail of the garden such as planters, pathways, benches and much more. Moreover, it mustn’t lack of the mosaic art pieces that are made of broken china, glass or tiles and other things. They will infuse artistic atmosphere into your garden, and bring it to next level. You don’t need too many skills of art, because a beautiful mosaic decoration certainly is a piece of art. Want to beautify your garden? Make something with mosaic, and they will amaze you.
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Cool Shabby Chic Garden Ideas
Embrace the Imperfection Distressed and timeworn furniture is the epitome of shabby chic decorating. RMS user robinelise embraces the original paint and patina of her small porch by leaving the window and door frames unpainted, as well as bringing in old, antique furniture to display her potted plant collection. Metallics are normally seen as cold and modern, but this entrance's galvanized steel siding was popular in home designs from the 1930s. It only adds to the antique ambiance of the porch. Inside Meets Outside Shabby chic gardens are a continuation of the style inside the home. Shabby interiors are full of floral prints and soft pastels, echoed on this fence row by roses, salvia and catmint. Functionally Feminine RMS user shellshabbygirl shares a passion for gardening with her father. Together they converted an unused screened-in porch into a cottage-style gardening shed. Shabby chic elements like a chandelier, distressed door frame and the use of white give this utilitarian space a decidedly feminine feel while remaining comfortable and lived-in.
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The Beauty Of Bali Garden Idea
One element that is very typical of ethnic Balinese architecture is a garden. Yes, Balinese style garden can be one of the choice to create a natural impression in a dwelling. The presence of bali garden can create the exterior of the house is full of charm. Well, for those of you who are interested in designing a Balinese-style garden, here are some elements that need to be considered are: The selection of a place to park Bali, an area outside of the house that can be seen from the living room, the entrance section, or side pavilion may be an option to create a Balinese garden. Plants suitable for gardens of Bali, selected plants are tropical style plants such as bamboo, palm leaves, Irish, Phillodendron, Spatiphylum, selenium, Tricolor (like a palm tree), and others. To create a shady atmosphere, can be chosen sandalwood or frangipani frangipani jepun (Adenium obesum). Cambodia is a typical Balinese frangipani. Other plants that can support the rural atmosphere of Bali is a water plant that briefly looked like drums rice plants. Ornament or decorative ornament for the garden of Bali, ornaments that can be used to park Bali include stone sculptures, stone garden lamps, ornate doors or gates, which can be filled with barrel-shaped lotus flower, lotus, umbrella ceremony, furniture, carvings on the walls of the garden. For sprinkling the garden floor can be used as coral or other decorative stone in order to create harmony with sculpture ornaments. Stone temple can be used to connect the terrace and garden. Bali Garden does not have to always be displayed as a tropical style garden. You may also include elements of water in it. By adding a little water feature, water spout, decorated with plants and pond water, garden Bali you will look more natural and refreshing. Typically, for a Balinese-style garden, broadleaf plants such as Bali pandanus, bali banana, hibiscus, banana fan, and a variety of plants helikonia shall be presented.
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Fabulous Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones
If you have a garden but you don’t want to spend a lot money to decorate it, rocks and stones may be a good idea for you. Rocks and stones are natural, so you can spend no money getting them. They are everywhere and you can spend no effort to find them. But then can add a few beautiful elements to your garden but require little or no maintenance. All you should do is to collect them and make them beauty your garden according to our ideas provided following. The ideas here have given the fullest tutorial or most details, so can completely do it yourself. Don’t be late, take action now! Wenn Sie einen Garten haben, aber Sie wollen nicht, um eine Menge Geld, um es zu schmücken verbringen kann Felsen und Steine eine gute Idee für Sie sein. Felsen und Steine sind natürlich, so dass Sie kein Geld ausgeben können bekommen sie. Sie sind überall, und Sie keine Mühe, sie zu finden verbringen. Aber dann kann einige schöne Elemente, um Ihren Garten, sondern erfordern wenig oder keine Wartung. Alles, was Sie tun sollten, ist, sie zu sammeln und das machen sie Ihren Garten Schönheit Nach unseren Vorstellungen bereitgestellten folgenden. Die Ideen, die hier sind, so weit wie Tutorial oder die meisten Details angegeben, so kann vollständig do it yourself. Komm nicht zu spät, jetzt handeln! إذا كان لديك حديقة ولكنك لا تريد أن تنفق الكثير من المال لتزيين ذلك، قد تكون الصخور والحجارة فكرة جيدة بالنسبة لك. الصخور والحجارة الطبيعية، لذلك يمكنك قضاء أي مبلغ من المال الحصول عليها. فهي في كل مكان، ويمكنك قضاء أي جهد للعثور عليهم. ولكن بعد ذلك يمكن إضافة قليل من العناصر الجميلة إلى الحديقة الخاصة بك ولكن تحتاج إلى صيانة قليلة أو معدومة. كل ما عليك القيام به هو لجمعها وجعلها حديقة جمالك ووفقا ليلي نقدمها الأفكار. أعطت الأفكار هنا أقصى تعليمي أو معظم التفاصيل، لذلك يمكن أن تفعل ذلك تماما نفسك. لا يكون في وقت متأخر، واتخاذ إجراءات الآن!
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Small Pool Ideas in Your Backyard
A backyard swimming pool is not too different in this regard, as those who actually do not have one often crave at least a small pool that allows them to cool off on a hot summer day. Adding a petite pool to your small backyard need not be a challenging and complex affair, and the result will often leave you amazed, as you will discover a brand new hangout just a few steps away from your living room! With concepts such as ‘staycation’ becoming even more popular in recent times, the small pool has definitely made its way into more urban backyards. All you need is a hint of ingenuity, smart planning and just enough space to squeeze in a small pool. From health and fitness to rest and recreation, you will soon find that this tiny wonder will change your entire life. Clean and Contemporary Since most modern homes adopt a simple, clean design with straight lines and cubic forms ruling the interior, the landscape around your house should be no different. Let the small pool seem like an extension of the home and shape a lovely deck that acts as a transitional zone between the edifice and the pool. Even though you might not be swimming away in a giant lap pool, the classic rectangular design still gives you the satisfaction of having a beautiful pool in the backyard, even if it is far smaller in dimensions. The rectangular, in-ground pool is a classic that never fails, and you can start with one that is as small as 9 by 18 feet. Fall in Love with Curves! Not a conformist at heart? Not to worry, as there are plenty of other options that go beyond the classic rectangle. Circular pools, those with semi-circular designs and ones in irregular shapes with cool twists and turns are becoming more popular with each day. Instead of offering a sterile, modern vibe, these pools (when combined with natural stone and the right canopy) can mimic the dreamy ambiance of a tropical retreat right in your backyard! The exotic design along with some amazing lighting will also help you look past the fact that the pool is relatively small in size. Much like in the world of fashion, curves are definitely sexy in the world of small pools! Think Depth! I can already hear some of our readers asking us how to fit a pool in a backyard that is even smaller than those showcased in the inspirations above. Well, we have got two words for you all – plunge pool. Plunge pools require very little square footage and rely more on depth than on width and length. Smart modern designers and contractors have come up with several ways that you can easily add a plunge pool to the backyard without worrying about compromising on deck area. While some might prefer a Jacuzzi instead of a dipping pool, we strongly suggest you opt for the latter. They are easy to maintain, aid in improving your health and of course, allow you to relax in style. Holiday at Home Do not just think about the small pool while planning your backyard. Work out how it fits into your overall lifestyle, how much deck space you really need for all those summer and fall parties, and how the style of the pool reflects that of the home itself. Even a petite pool does not stand in isolation, so think about a matching deck area, maybe an outdoor dining space or barbecue area for some great family evenings, and even a pool house if you can afford the luxury. A small pool will definitely transform the backyard into a far more happening spot.
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Creative and Low Budget DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas
Adding an outdoor bar is a great way to make your outdoor life more fun and more entertaining. At the end of a busy day at work, it gives you a good place to have a drink or two. Or if you plan to throw a small party on weekend, without it, your party could not be perfect. Having a private outdoor bar is easier than you think, but if you want a unique one, DIY will be quite necessary. Unlike those luxurious bars, DIY outdoor bar can be as simple as a table that is decorated appropriately, but it still brings you an interesting ambiance to the outdoor space. In addition to the beautifully decorated table, the bar made from wine barrels, old doors or shipping pallets could also be an amazing masterpiece. Start DIY and enjoy your outdoor time!
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Small Garden Design Ideas for Front Yard
Great small garden design ideas should be had to create an impressing garden in the small space in front of your home. Small garden also something that can be easily organized, low maintenance, providing nice outdoor space, as well as improve the home architecture. Make the entryway to become the focal point of the garden design, make sitting area and bring colored landscaping. Make the Sketch Firstly, make the sketch of the front yard garden so you can navigate the project. Give some note for permanent fixtures like walkway to the door or driveway. Plan the Plants to Grow Before you grow some plants, you should determine the plants and trees lists that are going to have in the garden. For thesmall garden design ideas, it is better to have one Japanese maple or other types of small tree, shrubs in small group, small seating area, and three planting beds. The tree should be planted on an area that is far from entryway and on the house’s side. Plant the tree on the left corner if the entryway is in the house’s right side and vice versa. Otherwise, you can place in any side if the entryway is in the middle. Also draw the tree location in the sketch in the form of small tree or just a large circle. For visual balance to the tree, you can use shrubbery in small grouping. Place it at the house front and opposite to the tree. You can draw the sketch as a rectangle. In the area between the door and tree, you can place the planting bed for flowers, herbs, or two of them. Upward growing plants are great option to create visual harmony. Make a path that leads to the doorway and use flowers or herbs to make the line. Also draw the sketch. To create beautiful garden in your small space, find many pictures of small garden design ideas on the internet.
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Front Porch Ideas to Add More Aesthetic Appeal to Your Home
The front porch is the first impression visitors get of who you are. And as the old adage warns us – you never get a second chance to make a first impression- so adding more aesthetic appeal to your home’s entrance is important. These 25 front porch ideas will inspire you to transform the often neglected outdoor space into a usable, attractive and inviting living space that will add value to your home. 1-Railing Decor By simply adding a decorative railing around your front porch the property value and aesthetic appeal has increased dramatically. 2-Outdoor Living Room One great covered porch idea is to add comfy furniture and transform the space into an outdoor living area. 3-Small Porch Small front porch ideas abound and a couple of well-chosen pieces can make even the smallest porch look homey and inviting. 4-Country Look The front porch decor can present the look you want for your entire home and this idea is perfect for the country style. 5-Bungalow Style Front porch design should always include seating and these bungalow style ideas will inspire you to incorporate seating that will match any style of home. 6-Large Porch When the front porch spans the entire width of the house, the porch design ideas are limitless. Use this idea as an inspirational starting point. 7-Rocker Retreat Take a cue from this front porch decorating idea and add some rockers to create an inviting retreat for visitors to sit and rest awhile. 8-Small Porch Use this idea for transforming a small, covered porch into an inviting sitting area. 9-Wrap Around Porch When the house has a wrap around porch the decor should continue all around as well. Use the same color scheme to tie the large outdoor space together. 10-Swing Time Use this small porch idea to make the space look bigger – add a swing that will swing out over the side of the porch. 11-Modern Look Use furniture with clean lines to give the front porch an airy and modern look. 12-Inside Out For a screened porch idea, bring the inside out by using the space as a room of your home. This decorating ideas creates a stylish eating space on the porch. 13-Open and Airy This basic large front porch is open and airy and will lend itself well to any number of outdoor functions with the addition of seating or decor. 14-Sleeping Porch Enjoy sleeping in the cool night air by transforming your porch into a rustic sleeping space. 15-Living Plants The use of living plants in decorative containers add an inviting touch to any front porch space. 16-Craftsman Style Traditional Craftsman style and decor idea featuring clean lines and minimal furnishings. 17-Bench Style Another great idea for a small front porch – add a bench. One bench provides seating for two people and takes up very little space. 18-Room With a View When the front porch is an outdoor room with a view, you want to make the most of that view with the right decor that won’t compete with the natural surroundings. 19-Screened In Porch Comfortable seating and a fireplace can make a screened in porch the place where your family spends time year around. 20-Pop Of Red Red door, red seat cushions and pots of red flowers makes this front porch a place where anyone would want to spend time relaxing. 21-Rustic Charm A roaring fire in the stone fireplace and rustic furnishings made from tree branches make this front porch idea a winner for any country style home. 22-Small and Elegant A small porch can add a touch of elegance to a residence with the right color combination and texture. Don’t be afraid of mixing hard wrought iron with soft fabrics and bold colors, the end results is elegant-looking. 23-Front Patio An open ground-level patio attached to the front of a house is still a space that needs decorating and furnished so it can fully enjoyed. Use this design idea that incorporates furniture, cooking space and potted plants to define the outdoor space and make it comfortable. 24-Holiday Decor The front porch is the perfect location for all Holiday decorations. Start on the steps and continue the Holiday theme decor throughout the house. 25-Enclosed Porch An enclosed porch on the front of back of a home provides space for four season living, dining, cooking and entertaining.
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Simple and Beauty Front Garden Ideas and Planning
Having an empty front yard might be annoying when you cannot make use of it as front garden ideas. A front garden will give you another different touch to your house. It will make a classic nuance even more. Some planning and techniques are required in making a front garden. Follow these tips below to make a fabulous front garden ideas for your house. Order Establishment Organize your front garden by make the plants well-ordered. Divide and classify the plants according to its type. It will make your front garden look neat and well-organized. Customize the landscape with the plant is the first consideration you should make. Think Bigger To accommodate your desire of plants, a front garden is coming your way. Plant some of your favorite plants in your front garden will give another pleasure. Place some large trees, and grass will make your garden look greenish. It will be good for your eyes and can entertain your guest while visiting your house. Make It Flows Repeating the planting forms is used for plantings unity. Place the plants in front of the doors along with the entry pathways. You can also place them around the house corners or on the halfway between the house and the roadway. Door Framing Frame the door to make a crucial point of your front garden. To lead your guest’s eyes to your garden, building a pathway is the best solution. A pathway is designed to frame the door and can be used as the transformation flow between outdoor into indoor. Year-Round Interest Planning When designing the front garden of your house, just remember about the quietest months in November, December and other months. Your guests tend to visit your house during these months due to the holiday season. Ensure to design your garden as beautiful as you can to impress your guest. The front garden ideas, of course will make your guest give you another visit next year.
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Wonderful Fairy Garden Ideas
Do you believe in fairies? I hope so because everyone needs some whimsy and fantasy in their life. Every little girl loves fairies! There is just something about magic, pixie dust (and flying), and a hidden world only accessible to children. Maybe you don’t love pixies and sprites as much as your kids (spoilsport) but you will love these miniature gardens just as much. Maybe even more! I love the water fairy garden! How cute that it has a working waterfall. Using birdhouses to make a village is a lovely idea but I think my favorite would have to be the repurposed wheelbarrow. These mini gardens are especially great if you don’t have a lot of space but are looking for a ‘pop’ of color! Fairies have made quite the comeback. Have you seen the Tinkerbell franchise?! There is a lot of cool stuff out there. Backpacks, shoes, hair ribbons, school supplies and awesome movies. I kid you not, the movies are really good. Solid plots. Fun characters. Strong emotional appeal. 1. Fishing Pond Fairy Garden 2. Fairy Garden In A Wheelbarrow 3. Birdbath Fairy Garden 4. Fairy Garden Table 5. Suitcase Fairy Garden 6. Potted Fairy Garden 7. Fairy Village 8. Kitchen Fairy Garden 9. Drawer Fairy Garden 10. Water Fairy Garden 11. Teacup Fairy Garden 12. Hobbit Hole Fairy Garden
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DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget
People feel disheartened when they want to build their DIY garden ideas on a budget. They get worried when they think whether they will have enough budgets or not to renovate their garden and realize what they have in mind. If you face the same problems, here are some tips to build your DIY garden with limited budget. Define the Space Renovating your garden to make it look like your DIY garden ideas does not mean you have to rebuild all of your garden paths. Often times you will only have to rearrange your garden and define the space and sections in your garden more. You need to define which section of your garden will be the lounging area, the playing area, and where to plant the plants and flower. With this clear definition of garden sections, your garden will look more tidy and arranged. Garden Path and Concrete Cover Creating a meandering garden path can also make your garden look more refreshed. The meandering path will create sections to the garden and also will some of those sections more secluded. With these hidden garden sections, your backyard garden will not look plain and boring. To create the path you will need to edge the dirt path through your garden and then fill it with crushed rock or gravel. Light colored rocks or gravels will be most suitable for your DIY garden ideas path since it will stand out more in the middle of the greeneries. If you have a small plot of land for a garden and covering the soil with a grass bed seem a bit of a hassle for you, you can always use concrete to cover it up. By using concrete cover, you will not have to think about mowing and weeding grass beds anymore. You can also match the concrete’s color with the garden furniture you have. This will surely be great DIY garden ideas. DIY Idéias do jardim em um Orçamento As pessoas se sentem desanimados quando eles querem construir suas idéias jardim DIY em um orçamento. Eles ficam preocupados quando eles acham que se eles vão ter orçamento suficiente ou não para renovar seu jardim e perceber o que eles têm em mente. Se você enfrentar os mesmos problemas, aqui estão algumas dicas para construir o seu jardim DIY com orçamento limitado. Defina o espaço Renovando seu jardim para fazer parecer que suas idéias jardim DIY não significa que você tem que reconstruir todos os seus caminhos de jardim. Muitas vezes você só terá que reorganizar o seu jardim e definir o espaço e seções em seu jardim mais. Você precisa definir qual seção do seu jardim será a área de descanso, área de jogo, e onde plantar as plantas e flores. Com esta definição clara das seções do jardim, seu jardim vai olhar mais arrumado e arranjado. Trajeto do jardim e cobertura de concreto Criando um caminho sinuoso jardim também pode fazer seu olhar jardim mais revigorado. O caminho sinuoso vai criar seções para o jardim e também vai algumas dessas seções mais isoladas. Com estas seções jardim escondido, o seu jardim do quintal não vai olhar simples e chata. Para criar o caminho que você vai precisar para a borda da estrada de terra através de seu jardim e, em seguida, preenchê-lo com brita ou cascalho. Luz pedras coloridas ou cascalhos será mais adequado para o seu jardim ideias DIY caminho, uma vez que vai se destacar mais no meio das hortaliças. Se você tem um pequeno pedaço de terra para um jardim e cobrindo o solo com uma cama de grama parecer um pouco de um aborrecimento para você, você sempre pode usar concreto para encobri-lo. Usando cobertura de concreto, você não terá que pensar sobre roçada e capina camas grama mais. Você também pode combinar a cor do concreto com o mobiliário de jardim que você tem. Esta será certamente grandes ideias para o jardim de DIY.
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What Type of Gazebo Design is Right for You
A Gazebo is one the most versitile and unique garden structures you can add to your backyard. Gazebos can be used for a quiet retreat, sitting area, entertaining, focal points, outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, or a home office. As you can see with so many different ways you can use a Gazebo, choosing the right design and size is important. The most common designs are the hexagon (six-sided)and octagon (eight-sided), you will also find them in square and rectangle shapes. The Octagon gazebo is the most popular among all designs for Gazebos. When choosing this shape, consider how you will be using it the most. Going with a smaller octagon shape may limit your use of it. For example a 12 foot octagon will accommodate a seating for six, while a 14 foot, will give the same six-person seating, but with room to spare. Square or Rectangle Design are perfect for a hot tub enclosure or an additional outdoor room to your backyard. If you are hosting parties, events or other large gatherings a square or rectangle design will give you the maximum square footage out of a Gazebo. Gazebo Materials When choosing materials to construct your gazebo, keep in mind the the architecture features and materials of your home or other visible structure such as a garage or outbuildings. This will help the gazebo blend in with your landscape. Finished wood is used the most for building a gazebo, if you are wanting a painted or stained gazebo. Western Red Cedar is also a common wood used in building gazebos. Red Cedar is known for its beauty, durability and weather resistance. You will also find them constructed from vinyl, canvas, metal, and aluminum. Gazebo Styles There are endless possibilities when choosing an gazebo style. The two most common are traditional and contemporary. By mixing and matching some different styles you can have a very unique gazebo. Here are some ideas to help you in brainstorming a style you like. 1. Solid Roof 2. Pergola Style Roof 3. Enclosed with screen or glass 4. Floor: Stone, Wood or Natural For something different design your Gazebo to have a sunken floor. Gazebo Add-ons If you plan to use your Gazebo a lot you might want to consider adding some of these to it. 1. Outdoor Patio Lights 2. Ceiling Fan 3. Outdoor Heater 4. Outdoor Speakers 5. Outdoor Garden Water Fountains
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Modern landscape Design : Stretching Your Landscape Budget
A landscape project can range in cost from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. Regardless of your budget, it will pay you to spend some time thinking about ways you can make the best use of your landscaping dollar. The tips below may save you money, or they may let you spend more on the landscaping features that will bring you the most pleasure. 1. Formulate a plan. A well-thought-out design and a plan of action save money and time and reduce stress. 2. Get bids. If you work with contractors, get at least two itemized bids for each project and compare them. Ask for a written guarantee of the work. Set start and finish dates. 3. Don't skimp on the quality of materials or contractors. Flimsy construction will cost more in time and money to correct mistakes or replace materials. 4. Salvage as much as possible in an existing landscape. Before you dig up plants or tear down structures, first think of ways to preserve them. Even a crumbling concrete sidewalk can see new life as a stepping-stone path or garden edging. 5. Move existing trees and shrubs, if necessary, to protect them during construction or to allow them to thrive in a better location. 6. Prepare and improve the soil by working in lots of organic matter, such as compost, rotted manure, and chopped leaves. This is one of the wisest 7. landscaping investments possible. 8. Do some of the work yourself, not only to save on the cost of installation but to invest personal pride in the project. Hire teenagers to help you shovel gravel or lay sod -- to save your back and your pocketbook. 9. Buy the largest trees that your budget allows. They require the most years of any plant to mature but add the most value to the landscape. 10. Weigh the advantages of sod, grass seed, and groundcover. Sod provides an instant lawn but at a premium price compared to grass seed. 11. Grass seed requires at least six months to become established, but it germinates and grows easily; it's one of the best ways to save money.Increasingly popular lawn alternatives, such as low-growing wildflowers or groundcovers cost more than turfgrass up front with little maintenance expense. Gravel is another affordable, carefree alternative. 12. Ask an expert for help at any stage in the planning or installation. 13. If you're running water or power lines to a new area of the garden, install more water spigots and electrical outlets where they may come in handy. 14. Get expert advice from your county extension service or a garden center when selecting the best plants for your garden. Learn what they will need to survive and thrive. Native plants, already adapted to the climate, generally need less water and attention. 15. Avoid impulse buying. Keep a copy of your garden plan handy and take it along to the garden centers. Make sure plant purchases fit the plan. 16. Consider more than just cost when selecting materials. Free wood chips may seem like a good deal for a path, but concrete won't wash away in a hard rain, and it looks tidy for years with little care. In addition to quality and maintenance factors, compare energy savings, comfort, safety, and other aesthetic qualities. 17. If space is tight, choose features that do double duty, such as benches that open for storing cushions or play equipment or an arbor that supports a swing. 18. Rent or borrow expensive tools that you won't use much, such as a rototiller, power washer, or paint sprayer. Go together with several neighbors to purchase a pricey tool that you can all share, such as a chipper/shredder, snowblower, or chain saw. 19. Use your landscape to save on grocery bills. Grow the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that your family enjoys most.
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10 Design Ideas for Beautiful Garden Paths
Anchor your garden with a pretty walkway and savor the rewards of all that digging, planting and weeding. Stone and Gravel Combo A traditional gravel path gets an update thanks to decorative stone chips and staggered Eden dimension stones that provide a landing spot and engage the eye. Stone edging keeps the gravel in line. Elegant Entry Freeform slabs of Tennessee fieldstone and Pennsylvania bluestone create a rustic pathway that enhances the cottage air of the house and grounds. Colorful perennials and groundcovers are sprinkled along the edges. Curve Ahead Highlands granite steppingstones undulate across a fescue lawn and beckon toward the gate in the distance. Mazus reptans, with purple blossoms that add depth and dimension to the setting, line the path on either side. Built-In Rest Stop Oversized steppingstones function like a stairway as this path ascends along the sloped garden. A custom stone bench provides a spot to perch and take in the plantings and wildlife. Straight and Narrow Pavers set on the diagonal draw the eye straight toward the entrance of this home. Dwarf monkey grass planted between them emphasizes their diamond pattern and gives the path dimension. Parterre-Style Intricate gravel paths edged in brick wind through this garden, which evokes classic parterre designs. Fragrant flowers, herbs and vegetables provide moments of discovery along the way. Good Flow Concrete paths entwine at the front entrance of this sleek and modern home. Their curvaceous shape takes the edge off the home’s hard angles and fosters a more inviting atmosphere. Decomposed Granite Decomposed granite (essentially, granite worn down into particles) is compacted into a rustic Southwestern-style path. Small boulders along the edge enhance the desert-like feel. Steppingstones A fieldstone path leads the gaze away from a brightly colored home and cedar pergola, punctuated by sculptures, specimen plants and other pockets of visual interest along the way. Blue spruces frame the path’s entry point, while layered plantings create a sense of intrigue about the garden and grounds beyond. Formal Flair A wet laid full-range bluestone path anchors this formal garden. Its crossway shape connects the driveway, fireplace area, lawn and an entertainment patio.
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Home Gardens Design Ideas
When you are keeping your mind to have home gardens, many factors are coming along. The gardens must be beautiful to see. Seeing a nice home garden from the street will enable you to enjoy the nature of your garden. Take a notice of these following stuffs will help you to build a home garden in the house. Complement the House The design of a home garden is used as the complement of a house. To achieve this, you can take various ways like matching the materials and colors, and also using decorative features. To match the design with the color, consider about the style of your house. Functionality Make sure your home garden is functional since it also used as scenery point of view. The function of the garden typically can amaze your guests to come your house often. Create an Entrance To give a different touch, it will be so good if you place an entrance door in your home garden. The entrance can be used as an access to your house through the door. Decorate the door using decorative, ornaments you can buy at stores or make it by yourself. Give a warm impression to the entrance to entertain and ask your guests to come in your house. Light Your Way For the lighting, you should choose the practical lighting one. It allows people to negotiate with the pathways safely. You can enhance the lighting look depend on your desires. Furthermore, you can create feature lighting for such big plants like trees. Prizing the Privacy If you have limited space in the garden of your home, consider to find other solutions. The privacy is varying like building high walls or hedges for your home. It will provide a private and secure space for entertaining. Low Maintenance Make sure your garden does not need any complicated maintenance as long as you choose the right plants. Your home gardens will need low maintenance somehow.
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Pallet DIY Projects For Your Kids Playing In The Garden
How can you prove that you are an omnipotent and successful parent? It’s not that you can buy anything for your kids from stores. If you can do something interesting for your kids by yourself, it will mean a big difference. Because in the minds of kids, what their parents made by heart means love that is priceless. Making pallet projects is that kind of great idea will meet your desire that do something for your kids. Everywhere in your kids’ bedroom, playroom, or even outdoor space you can use pallets. All it takes is some creativity and a bit of your free time to complete the fun projects. What’s more, they are not expensive ideas. Pallets are relatively cheap and you can get them easily
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Surprisingly Awesome Garden Bed Edging Ideas
Brick, concrete and stone are quite common materials that you will find on a garden bed border. But why not boost your imagination to change the ordinary and boring borders? Using recycled glass bottles, shipping pallets, clam shells and even logs can make it fresh and different. However, the garden edging is often overlooked though that an unexpected surprise garden view can be expected upon if it is unique and interesting. Do not be hesitant, come and enjoy our great edging ideas. You will find a right style that reflects your personality and you can do it by yourself. You will make it new scenery!
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Make Oriental Atmosphere With Indoor Japanese Garden
You can create a beautiful garden with a minimalist design into the house. Because it will create a garden in the house, you need to select a suitable type of plant. Which is a type of plant that is easy to maintain, has a lot of color, fragrant and resistant with little sunshine. Indoor Japanese Maple To enhance the look of your garden can combine it with a fish pond and fountain in the room. To fill the land area that looks empty, use rocks like sandstone, coral, or stone temple. Then attach the roof of transparent material and select skylights that light can access into the house. You can use the wooden floor as a floor design in the home garden. With the garden in the house, the house will feel cooler even though the outside is hot. Yes, the average person likes and wants even if the house has a garden. Usually this minimalist garden built in the middle of the house. There is in the form of plants and flowers, there is also the added small fish pond and fountain. If you get bored with a minimalist garden design, you can mix the design tries to your garden with a Japanese garden design. Japanese garden created with a design that is rich in natural elements. Water is one of the elements of nature that can not be separated from the concept of a Japanese garden. In addition to describing the nature, the park is also characterized by a minimalist design, simple to perform, as well as clean because there are no plants growing lush and wild. Indoor Apartment Garden Not only water, other ornaments such as rocks, sand, and wood elements are very attached to the concept of a Japanese garden. In order for this park look more beautiful, you can add a fish pond, garden lights, or could have made a fountain. Incorporating other ornaments to complement the park you can do but to keep in mind is the arrangement should not be excessive so as to eliminate the impression of a simple garden. In addition, Japanese garden usually simple and neatly designed in a way so that the trimmed or bonsai plants to decorate the garden is not lush as the tropical garden style.
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Unusual Gardening Ideas
During this time of year, especially this year with its mild temperatures, many thoughts turn to garden. Now is the time to start planning what your garden will be for the coming growing season. You are probably receiving all types of gardening and seed catalogs in the meal and your visions are full of all the gardening possibilities. This year, maybe think more about container gardening. Container gardening gives you some advantages over regular gardening: 1. Contains warm sooner than the ground soil, so you are able to plant some crops sooner. 2. You can place containers where you like them in the garden. 3. Containers are easier to water and maintain than regular garden bed. There are many things that can be used as a container for gardening: wheelbarrows, old buckets, and old cooking pots, anything that will hold soil can potentially be used to garden with. One of my favorite items to use in gardening is used tires – either car or tractor tires. They can be used for all types of gardening, or as compost heaps. Place them in the garden, fill with good garden soil and presto, you have an instant garden. This year I found the pictured flower garden and I have plans to make this for my coming gardens. It is basically several car tires painted different colors and stacked in varying order. When the tires are in the shape you want them, fill with garden soil and plant. Instant beauty and an easy way to have color all through the growing season.
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Modern Garden Design Examples - Planters As Accent
Modern Garden Design Examples - Planters As Accent The oversized minimalist Flowerpot made of sheet metal or concrete are currently in vogue. Here are some tips on how you can use the flower pots attractive scene: -Beautiful garden is the well structured garden – the clear division of the outdoor area into different zones is must for every landscape architect. This task can be quickly done with several modern planters. -Privacy - multiple high Flowerpot can successfully replace the fence and shield the garden from prying eyes. -Visually bigger the garden make - flower pots create the impression of a secluded garden in various sizes and heights - even if the garden area is only a few square meters. -Not in any garden soil is ideal - instead of spending much money and to invest time in soil improvement, just several flower pots can replace the flower beds. -Flower pots with Evergreen perennials and shrubs provide color in the garden even in the cold winter time.
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Backyard Japanese Garden
Western garden layout ideas that are stunning provide inspirations that are excellent to lawn gardening suggestions and Fengshui houses, incorporating relaxing little areas where you refresh and are able to relax. Several asian garden style guidelines can help produce stunning and relaxing outdoor living areas to savor every period and combine the most crucial ideas into your yard styles.
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Impressive Sunken Design Ideas For Your Garden and Yard
Sometimes for comfort and aesthetics, we often design a sunken space in our yard and garden. Of course, for the need of topography, for example, the yard or patio was built on a slope, a sunken space need to be created. No matter what, the sunken structure deftly avoids the shortcomings of the terrain but meanwhile, that bring the comfortable and artistic feeling to our yard or garden. This Video i’ve gathered impressive sunken design ideas for you. You will be surprised to find that there actually are so many amazing ways that make your yard or garden with a sunken area. Have fun.
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Beautiful Japanese garden Design Ideas
rustic native design front plans and layouts landscaping design landscaping backyard pictures authentic provence will awaken all your senses with its most complete and genuine collection of the most distinctive french antiques and home decor rock design better homes high altitude plantings common rock plants grow naturally on high mountains where they need to stand up to harsh conditions such as intense sun high winds rock landscaping home guides sf gate home guides outdoors landscape and design rock landscaping rock landscaping by gryphon adams18 stylish bathroom design the beauty of a gorgeous bathroom lies not just in its sense of minimalism and simplicity but its ergonomic design seems to incorporate tranquil natural 禅デザイン造園と回答禅写真や設計・作成するための石灯籠と水のボウルの使用を含む禅と景観デザインのデザインとスタイルのデザインとスタイルは、オーストラリアの中でますます人気があり、中庭設計ウィキペディアフリー百科事典のデザインは芸術であり、 sおよび景観デザインのレイアウトや植栽の計画を設計し、作成するプロセスは、所有者によって行うことができます 小さな最高の家の設計スタイルは、その造園yardsharecomは造園の写真をブラウズし、庭型サイズの場所とでfeaturefamily部屋のキッチンフロントのオーストラリア小さな池に空間の本当に小さなビットを持っている場合、小さな合うことができる小型の最も小さいスペースにぴったりです私はパロアルト、カリフォルニアの主根のデザイン罰金に設計自然な表情のアニーズ小さなフロントのデザイン
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Ornamental grasses Design For Your Garden
Ornamental grasses usually aren’t the centerpiece of landscaping plans, but their amazing textures and expressive personalities are big contributors to curb appeal. Ornamental grasses are easy to care for, drought-tolerant, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes — from fluffy border edgings to towering privacy screens growing Sudan grass — a hybrid of sorghum — reaches up to 8 feet tall in a single season. It’s an annual, meaning it needs to be replanted every year, but that’ll give you the chance to experiment with it in different locations. Use it as a garden centerpiece, a living privacy screen, or a jungle hideaway for your kids. Exclamation Point Ornamental grasses in containers are a good way to add pizzaz to a deck or patio. A dramatic, showy ornamental, such as this festival grass (Cordyline), makes a strong architectural statement. Container plants need extra watering or they’ll dry out in hot weather. Backyard Meadow Why mow the lawn when you can let it grow into a backyard meadow? A spiky sotol (Dasylirion) and billowy Mexican feather grasses (Nassella tenuissima) line gravel paths and create an easy-care yard you won’t have to cut. But check with your local municipality and HOA before you plant — there may be ordinances that restrict grass height to reduce the risk of fire during dry seasons. Showing Off A good mixer for perennial flower beds, pink muhly grass (Muhlenbergia capillaris) forms feathery reddish plumes that add a splash of color to your landscaping. Keep tall grasses in place over winter so they’ll provide texture and shape even when they’re dormant. Cut down to about 3-4 inches in spring to jump-start new growth. Tread on Me Dwarf mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) grows only 6 inches high, making it ideal for defining the edges of walkways and driveways. Mondo grass spreads slowly, but you can speed the process by dividing clumps with a spade in early spring. Be forewarned: Creating a lush checkerboard pattern like this takes time and dedication. All-Time Favorite If you could only choose one ornamental grass, fountain grass (Pennisetum) should be at the top of your list. With its graceful, arching stems and long, flowing plumes, fountain grasses are 4-foot-tall mounds of pure curb appeal. There are many varieties; check your local nursery for what’s best in your area. Planting Like Pollock Artistically bent? Got a green thumb? Combine your talents with a sedge design — a free-form creation that’ll turn your back yard into a living sculpture. Sedges (Carex) are hearty, finely textured grasses that you can use as borders, in rock gardens, in containers, and as a lawn replacement. Many are native to Western states, and grow there with little care or watering. Living Privacy Wall Fences and other privacy structures work just fine, but nothing beats a wall of friendly greenery for screening views from nearby neighbors. Fast-growing grasses, such as silver grass (Miscanthus sinensis), form dense clumps and grow more than 7 feet tall. Its tropical appearance is great near swimming pools.
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Best Ideas for Tropical Landscaping
If you are living in a tropical area, it will be amazing if you have tropical landscaping at your yard. This landscape is very popular these days. The tropical design also suits with any backyard space or size obviously. It depends on your demand. If you think it is too small for tropical design, you can decrease the features such as fish pound, pool or anything that really eat your yard’s size or space. This landscape typically relies on the colorful flowers and plants and stone or concrete floor above. You can change it into sands flooring if you need something different such as Tropical Island. Tropical Themes Yep, the name of this tropical landscaping is Tropicali based on the site. For your information, you can adopt some tropical themes from Bali as one of the best tropical islands in the world. The landscape will be full of colorful colors such as yellow, orange and green. The tropical foliage won’t be far away with such colors for sure. You need to make a deal with the nature in order to gain the tropical theme like Bali. Flowers should be the focal point of your garden or backyard. Therefore, play with their color will make you nearly get the theme properly. Raise the mysterious feel Another idea for tropical landscaping is by raising the mysterious impression for your guests or visitors. It is very easy to gain that impression. Buy some bamboo on the plant market and consider the length which adequate for your garden or yard. After that, arching them all as your entrance is the next step that you have to do. I believe that people will be easily attracted to come to your landscape. I prefer to use Mexican bamboo here, but it regards where you are living now. The point is you will reveal the best landscape slowly to your guest. Living Palette Yep, you must use living palette for your tropical landscaping. It is necessary because to give bolder theme for your garden obviously. How to do that? It is very easy. You just remember this formula. Mix and match your big plants with others foliage. I recommend with many colorful flowers here. For example, the butterfly bush can be combined with philodendron and other yellow plants as the palette. With these flowers, the people will get the point that your garden theme is tropical plants. In addition, your palette has also textured very well with the combination. Natural Sounds Your tropical landscaping will never be complete if there are no natural sounds. The sounds here refer to the bird’s tweet, water from the rock and something like that. Moreover, it is also adding natural feel for your garden obviously. Some recommendations here are bird tweeting and water’s sound. You can gain some birds by providing high tree such as bamboo. For the water, just build a well or mini-pool which have natural stone in the middle. The most appropriate example is a fountain in the middle of your backyard or garden. That makes a bolder theme of tropical place for sure.
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Dreamy and Classic Boxwood Gardens
Dreamy and Classic Boxwood Gardens Potted Boxwood It doesn’t have to grow in the ground to count as a garden, you know? Boxwood looks great when planted in large terracotta pots and can make a grand statement, as in this case. Not everyone has a staircase quite this grand, but imagine the impact a little potted boxwood could have on your front steps, and how grand even 2-3 steps would look flanked like this. Boxwood in Varying Heights Talk about a great entrance! Though the space is small, I imagine it would feel a bit like walking into your own little labyrinth every time you come home. I also happen to love that the boxwood provides privacy here, so if you want to sit and enjoy a cup of tea, no one will see that you’re still in your pajamas! Geometric Boxwood You can tell by now that boxwood is a very shapely plant to work with, and that means you can put all of your geometry math lessons from grade school to good use as you create awesomely intricate gardens. Mixing sharp and rounded edges means you always have something interesting to look at!
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15 Inspiring PVC Pipes Projects for Gardeners
Plastic PVC pipe can be used to create a variety of interesting and useful things in the garden and landscape. PVC pipe is lightweight, inexpensive, versatile and sturdy. Try some of these DIY PVC projects in your garden. 1: Pvc Chicken Feeder Easy to fill and hard to spill, this chicken feeder can be created in just a few minutes with a piece of PVC pipe and a couple of fittings. 2: Tomato Cage Forget about those flimsy wire tomato cages sold at garden supply center to support your tomato plants. They can’t do the job very well and must be replaced every couple of years. Use this PVC pipe idea to build a tomato cage that will last for years and support all your tomato plants. 3: Sleeve Planters Use short lengths of PVC pipe to elevate your short flowers to new heights. Place a length of pipe in the ground, fill with soil and plant a flower. Easy and attractive way to use leftover pieces of PVC pipe. 4: Chicken Pen Combine this project with number 1 for 2 PVC projects that will keep your backyard chickens happy, safe and well-fed. Some PVC pipe and nylon of wore mesh can be fashioned into a safe and movable pen for chickens or turkeys. 5: Fold-Down Greenhouse This is a must-do for all gardeners. A simple, yet very effective fold down greenhouse that utilizes a lean-to style. This DIY PVC project uses plastic pipe and sheeting to create a fold down greenhouse that will protect tender garden plants from the elements. 6: Tomato Shelter If you grow tomatoes for market (or are planning too) this unique Pvc shelter idea will enable you to grow bigger and more tomatoes. Sheltered from the harsh elements, this shelter allows just the right amount of sun light and rain to come through to the tomato plants. 7: Garden Irrigation System Use PVC pipes and a water hose to create an inexpensive irrigation system for your raised bed garden. No more carrying water, no more wasted water from overhead sprinklers, this irrigation system puts the water right where its needed. 8: Planters for Succulents Use varying lengths of PVC tube to create this unique planters for succulent. Attractive, portable and practical, leftover pieces of PVC pipe can always be used as a diy planter. 9: Strawberry Planter Tower Easy to make, easy to plant, easy to harvest. What could be better than that for aspiring strawberry growers? These PVC planter towers allows you to grow an abundance of strawberries in a small space. 10: Aquaponic Garden Use PVC pipes to create a vertical growing garden for any indoor space. Small cost, small space, big yields with this DIY idea. 11: PVC Greenhouse If you thought a greenhouse was to expensive for you to own, think again. Use these greenhouse plans to build your own large and productive greenhouse in your own backyard. PVC pipe, plastic sheeting and some shelving is all that’s needed for this functional and attractive greenhouse. 12: Garden Hoop House Extend your vegetable growing season by starting early and ending late with this protective hoophouse. Use lengths of plastic tube to create semi-circles over your garden plot, then cover with plastic sheeting as needed to protect tender garden plants. 13: PVC Watering Grid Create this watering grid to water large areas of your lawn or garden without wasting one drop of water. 14: Corn and Bean Planter Stop bending and stooping when planting your corn and beans with this unique planter. Easy to make and it will save a lot of wear and tear on the knees and back. 15: Raised Bed Cover Protect your garden beds from hungry deer and other wandering wildlife by creating this raised bed cover using PVC pipes and plastic netting.
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10 Beautiful Gardens with Tropical Plants
Do you live in a part of the world where very hot summers are the norm, and winter temps can fall below freezing, especially at night? In other words, not a tropical climate? no matter where you live, you’re determined to add some tropical greenery to your yard this spring, even if only in containers that can be moved to more comfortable spots as the weather fluctuates. Since we still have a bit more winter to endure before warmer weather arrives, let’s take a break from the cold by enjoying some garden design inspiration from these beautiful outdoor spaces filled with tropical plants… Plants That Make an Impact There’s nothing like a yard filled with tropical statements, such as the 40-ft wall of greenery below! The beauty of vertical gardening is on display, thanks to plants such as Acorus, Carex, Colocacia, Philodendron and Begonia. [from Amelia B. Lima & Associates] To add height, consider a hardy plant with a tropical look, such as bamboo. Clumping bamboo isn’t invasive, so it won’t easily spread to other areas of the yard. Below we see golden goddess clumping bamboo make a statement against a neutral-toned wall. [from DesignBlue, Inc.] Clumping bamboo against a neutral wall To highlight the bold shapes of tropical greenery in your garden, consider using dramatic lighting, as shown in the outdoor space below. Bright colors and tropical plants are enhanced by the strategic use of lighting. [from The Art of Space] Balcony garden with a stunning view My yard has a Mediterranean look, thanks to plants that were already present before I moved in. Yet there are some holes in the landscaping that I’d like to fill with a few tropical plants. I wasn’t sure if tropical and Mediterranean styles would blend, but when I saw the stunning yard below, my mind was filled with amazing gardening possibilities. [from Haddonstone] Don’t underestimate the power of container gardening when it comes to tropical plants. This may be the perfect solution for climates that are anything but tropical. Containers (that aren’t massive) can be moved indoors during the winter and relocated to the shade during the hot summer. [from AHBL] Adding Color to Tropical Gardens Now let’s talk color, and important component of the tropical garden! Try painting an outdoor wall a vibrant color. For example, the orange wall is a radiant focal point in the outdoor space below, which features greenery of all heights. On a side note, succulents such as echeveria are a wonderful addition to the tropical garden. [from Simbiosi] For an extra dose of brightness, try adding a few colors to an accent wall. Unexpected hues can give a tropical garden true personality. For example, the shades of purple, magenta and pink below beautifully offset the succulents in shades of blue and green. As noted above, succulents have a look that can enhance a yard’s tropical theme, especially in warmer climates where other tropical plants won’t thrive. [from HGTV] Outdoor seating can introduce color to the tropical yard. The lime green chairs and umbrella in the next featured image are vivid yet soothing. [from Cultivart Landscape Design] In addition to colorful seating, a painted door can create a bright focal point. As we saw with the painted wall at the top of this section, orange is a popular color for tropical gardens. [from Lonny] Speaking of orange, check out the blooms on the Los Angeles patio below. In addition to the blue-green door, the plants themselves add a lovely dose of color to the space. [from Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design] Colorful plants, radiant walls, vibrant seating…there are so many ways to add style to the tropical outdoor space! Are you inspired for spring?
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Garden Fence Ideas
Some basic garden fence ideas will help determine a couple of factors to get you started. Money and the type of materials you want to use are important considerations. As far as your cost is involved, you are going to want to know that a fence is long term investment. A high quality fence may possibly last ten to fifteen years. Divide the expense over the number of years your fence will be used. Doing this will give you a better idea on what the fence will cost per year. The kind of materials that you would like to use for creating your fence also has effects on the yard fence ideas because some resources can not be molded into particular types and designs. Areas of the essential garden fence selection should include cost, materials, expected duration and the design. Basic Garden Fence Ideas Using Wood One particular of the best backyard fence concepts is by utilizing timber as the main material for fencing. Wood is not an expense product but hold up with regular painting or staining. Wood is very natural in appearance in your backyard garden. You may be ready to paint it green to make it fit with your backyard garden. On the other hand, the difficulty with utilizing wooden is that it is not automatically really strong the average existence of a wood fence is ten to twenty years. If you are looking for a low maintenance then it really is far much better to choose vinyl fence you can have a range of yard fence tips utilizing vinyl the way it gives the very same physical appearance as wood. The typical price of vinyl fences can be rather high, you will not likely harm the real look of your yard. White picket fences offer you your home a standard all round search and are wonderful for men and women who have kids at home. They may possibly be white in color, contrasting with the greenery of the yard and its boards are very so significantly apart, thus individuals will have the capability to look at your backyard although passing by. White packet fences are very sturdy, enduring for around ten to fifteen years, yet their price of installation rather significant. Higher Quality Basic Garden Fence Ideas Available When you have received a far better fund, then there are many modern-day garden fence suggestions. One illustration is, you can employ the metal fences, that may previous for far more than 20 many years. All these backyard garden fence suggestions can make your backyard garden search classy and much more popular of the men and women you can research for much more backyard fence tips on the web or will take aid of some pro companies to beautify your backyard garden with a large-top quality wall.
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Garden Design In Minimalist House
Garden Design In Minimalist House ----------------------------------------------------------- Music by : www.bensound.com
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Top 20 Stunning Low-Budget DIY Garden Pots and Containers
The garden is an exciting place where people never stop their innovation. Every corner and every detail of the garden is worth your attention. Sometimes a little change can bring a surprising difference to your garden. Such as garden pots and containers, they are not only served for the flowers, but also a beautiful landscape of the garden. Replacing the boring terracotta pots with some interesting DIY pots will make your garden be wonderful. There is no need to buy from stores, because old tires, boots, cabinets, wine barrels, and more bizarre items can be turned into garden pots that will amaze you. If you want to know more new ideas for making them, then the following ideas can help you. الحديقة هي مكان رائع حيث لم يتوقف الناس عن ابتكاراتهم. كل زاوية وعلى كل التفاصيل من حديقة تستحق انتباهكم. في بعض الأحيان يمكن تغيير يذكر تجلب تغييرا مفاجئا في الحديقة الخاصة بك. مثل الأواني حديقة وحاويات، لا يخدم إلا أنها لالزهور، ولكن أيضا المناظر الطبيعية الجميلة للحديقة. سوف تحل محل الأواني الفخارية مملة مع بعض الأواني DIY مثيرة للاهتمام جعل حديقتك تكون رائعة. ليست هناك حاجة للشراء من المتاجر، لإطارات السيارات القديمة، والأحذية، وخزانات وبراميل النبيذ، وأكثر البنود غريبة يمكن أن تتحول إلى الأواني الحديقة التي سوف تدهش لكم. إذا كنت تريد أن تعرف المزيد من الأفكار الجديدة لجعلها، ثم الأفكار التالية يمكن أن تساعدك. Der Garten ist ein aufregender Ort, wo die Menschen nie ihre Innovationen zu stoppen. Jede Ecke und jedes Detail des Gartens ist wert Ihre Aufmerksamkeit. Manchmal ist eine kleine Veränderung kann eine überraschende Unterschied zu Ihrem Garten zu bringen. Wie beispielsweise Garten Töpfe und Container, sind sie nicht nur für die Blumen serviert, aber auch eine schöne Landschaft auf den Garten. Austausch der langweiligen Terrakotta-Töpfe mit einigen interessanten DIY Töpfen machen Ihren Garten wunderbar. Es gibt keine Notwendigkeit, in den Geschäften zu kaufen, weil alte Reifen, Stiefel, Schränke, Weinfässer und mehr bizarre Gegenstände können in den Garten Töpfe, die Sie in Erstaunen versetzen wird eingeschaltet werden. Wenn Sie mehr neue Ideen, auf denen er wissen wollen, dann sind die folgenden Ideen können Ihnen helfen.
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12 Inspiring Square Foot Gardening Plans Ideas
Gardening is an interesting hobby. When you have some nice vegetable pots you will derive lots of pleasure by watching their lush growth. At the same time, you will save money and will be able to cook vegetables picked up from your own home garden. But what if you live in an urban area and do not have enough space to spare? Square foot gardening is the answer. This new concept of gardening is nothing but growing your veggies in square shaped wooden boxes to use limited space to grow multiple vegetables. Out of the following ideas you could pick up one to create your square foot garden. The links are also available. Square Foot Gardening 1. A well protected box for a small garden: Boxes in which the plants are grown are 3 feet wide and 4 feet long. Made out of 5/4X5 cedar decking, they are attached to the ground with 18” – 24” lengths of ½” rebar. Strong nylon netting provides support for vines. There is the possibility to use netting to protect plants as well. These are cheap to make and easy to maintain. Get the details here 2. Boxes for large gardens: In case you have a larger garden, your wooden squares for planting could be 8" long and 3" wide. Timber necessary could be scrap obtained from a nearby saw mill. Mixing seasoned horse manure, compost and soil will make up good square foot gardening soil. Diy square foot gardening 3. Gardening for tight spaces: Digging a 4"X 4" bed and lining it with some wooden boards is the specialty with this one. In order to grow different crops in each square you could divide each side into 4 strips with some kind of wire to have 16 squares. Get the Plan here 4. No dig Square foot garden layout: In this case, you never need to do any digging. The only need is to make some 4"X 4" squares with wood and divide them into 16 equal squares with Twine. Plant your crops in these squares. This is cheap and easy to work with. Square foot gardening planting guide 5. Elevated square foot gardening: This is a plan for a raised square foot garden plot. In this case a structure similar to a table is built in order to add soil mixture and plant the crops. The 4"X 4" box is divided into 16 squares. The following square foot gardening pdf provides you with details. Diy square foot garden 6. Green foot project: You could buy everything you need to create a small garden consisting of two 48”X 48” boxes, all types of soil you need and other tidbits for just $130. It is a case of adding the soil into the boxes before planting your seeds or the plants. Square foot garden plan 7. Plant spacing for novices: Square foot gardening is a good way to do plant spacing. When you go to this link you could learn a lot on this subject. In order to have your little garden of this type you never need to have any previous experience either. Plant spacing 8. Creating DIY garden beds: It is a good idea to go for 4" X 4" garden beds if you are a novice. You only need to buy some cheap wood or get some of those ones that are given free and use a few basic tools to create your garden boxes. Diy square foot garden. 9. Use of templates to space plants: When you need to have the perfect space between your plants you could create some templates. You could have several of them for different kinds of spacing. The link here tells you how to make them. 10. Using 2"X 4" configuration boxes: In case you think you can manage, the possibility is there for you to have your own way with creating the boxes. Here, the boxes are narrower and they are more suitable for small gardens. You could use them for square foot gardening tomatoes conveniently with necessary adjustments when you turn out a suitable DIY trellis. 11. Square foot gardening without wood: For this type of gardening it is not a must to buy expensive wooden boxes. You could make your garden even with makeshift concrete structures. Pictures available in this link provide evidence. Square foot garden idea 12. A garden plan for a large garden: In this one, the boxes used are odd in size. The length of each box is 9½"and the width is 4½". Such boxes are fit for large gardens. When you go to the site you will be able to find some useful information on spacing of plants as well.
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Beautify Your Patio With Garden Wall Art Ideas
Are you bored with your old style patio? Do you want to renew its look by doing the simple way? Well, if you are looking for a way or trick to beautify your patio area trough the simple way that save your budget as well, the answer is quite simple.you can beautify and change the whole look of your patio area by exploring some garden wall art ideas to your patio. Then, how does it work? Don’t worry. It is very simple and easy to be applied in your patio area. Here are the ideas of beautifying your patio area. The first thing you can do in developing the garden wall art ideas for your patio is, you have to choose which thing you are going to apply on your wall patio area. There are many things you can apply for your wall patio area, such as creating a hanging garden as the wall art design. If you are going to make the hanging garden by yourself, you can us the unused pipes as the planting media. On the other hand, you may also apply the vertical garden as the best solution to make your patio area looks green and clean. The treatment of both two wall art ideas are quite easy so you don’t need to give a special treatment. Besides two reasons above, you may also apply some interesting painting if you want to get a different look for your garden. Thus, of course, you have to adjust the condition of your patio with the theme of your wall painting. Doing so, you will get the new look of your patio area without spending much money for your budget.
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10 DIY Greenhouse Building Plans Ideas
1: Barn Greenhouse If you want to build a mini greenhouse, this wooden barn greenhouse plan would work best for you. Get started by working on the idea given below: Cut the wall framing from the boards (wood) you have available – you can even purchase it for a few dollars easily.for the side paneling you can use roofing tin, it would provide strength to the house as well. You can use metal flashing to trim the corners of the panels. Also, this type of greenhouse’s entire structure is covered with corrugated roofing. 2: Lumber Frame Greenhouse You can make a smart 8ft in height greenhouse with a beautiful garden – all you need is a lumber frame for the foundation, big window frames for ventilation, and a door of course. You can nail the frame and fix it in the garden with stakes. 3: Hoop Style Greenhouse Plan Wood for laying out the basic foundation – measurements solely depend upon the area you want to cover. Rebar for making the hoop stand – take the open ended PVC pipes and fix them on the hoop stands. For the better grip, you can simply use screws to tight the PVC pipe and the stand. In order to provide strength to the circular frame, insert strong PVC pipe at the top. Cover the entire naked greenhouse with plastic sheet and attach it with the lathe. Lastly, do not forget to add the door, the basic wood frame which has plastic covering all around; and you are done. hoop style green house 4: Small Greenhouse The first step is to build the side frames – also, you must cut the ends of the studs keeping 8 inch difference. After that you must drill pilot holes in the frames and fix them with the screws. Likewise you can make the front and the back of the greenhouse – place the horizontal plates of this structure and in the similar manner, fix them with screws; you will find it an easier process. Lastly, make the door with basic wooden frame and place it on the front side – in order to provide the perfect professional touch, you can coat the entire joint area with the paint of your choice. 5: $50 Greenhouse Plan Hoop like greenhouse are very popular – here is another plan for getting a tunnel type greenhouse, these are ideal to have a small greenhouse garden too. You can construct the basic frame from pressure or compressed lumber. They last for at least 3 years even if the weather it at worst. You can leave the door open while making the structure – for the covering or top, you can use clear sheets or plastic. In the market you can easily find a special type of greenhouse sheets too. Last but not the least, insert or attach PVC pipes at the sides of the wooden structure so that it maintains the shape of the hoop. For details just go through this 50$ green house plan. 6: Dome Shaped Greenhouse If you love assembling the broken triangles, you must construct this kind of a greenhouse – it’s beautiful. You would not see this normally everywhere because it requires time to get completed. You can simply lay the foundations by fixing it in the ground with stakes. The tough part comes in when you have to get the wood cut in equal length and width – moreover, assembling takes time. You need to have proper measurement and a diagram to get a perfect shape. However, it is fun – you can cover the entire structure with a special kind of greenhouse sheet so get the perfect desired look. 7: Scrap Window Greenhouse This kind of project just requires you to make the most of the old and unwanted window frames that are lying in your junkyard. Simply make the basic wooden structure (foundation) and with the help of screws adjust and assemble the windows on it. You can add tin roofing and add glass to the windows which have broken ones. Simply add flowers to it so that beauty can be enhanced. 8: Scrap Door Greenhouse You must be having some old doors in your storeroom – it is the perfect time to take them out and make most of them. Follow the idea of simplest greenhouse and instead of side paneling, simply use the old doors – add tin roofing or plastic sheets to make a gorgeous and effective greenhouse for your west garden. 9: Pyramid Shape Greenhouse You can also make a greenhouse, a stylish one by doing: Take two doors and attach them from the hinges – place them on the ground in such a way that it looks like an inverted “V” – you can simply keep your plants under this – enjoy gardening! 10: Plastic Bottle Greenhouse I am not sure whether you would be able to collect a 1000 bottle – it is very interesting though! Within the simplest greenhouse structure made from wood, you can insert the collected plastic bottles to get the desired kind of greenhouse. I think this idea can work best for smaller space; you would need to add fewer bottles and get the task done easily.
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Small NFT Hydroponics System - Step By Step
Hydroponics is a type of agriculture that uses no dirt, and usually results in larger, fuller plants. I recently became interested in the topic, and decided to start my own vegetable garden using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT). It involves a channel of nutrient enriched water constantly flowing past a plant's roots. Step 1: The Idea Because hydroponics requires a resevoir for water to be drawn from and returned to simultaneously, and I was just building a small system, my design has two gullies. This allows the water to easily go full circle. Along with the water pump, my system uses gravity to assist the flow of water. Each end of the PVC is one inch higher than the end that comes next in the circle. The end of the tube that water enters from is the highest, and the end that it leaves from is the lowest. To achieve this, I built supports out of lumber for the pipes. The supports also keep them high enough to be above the reservoir, so that gravity will return the water to it. Step 2: Materials 66" of 4" PVC Pipe - If I didn't already have PVC, I would have probably bought plastic gutters. 4 rubber adjustable end caps with hose clamps - about $3 each Submersible pump - I'm using this 16 oz Plastic cups Plants Irrigation tubing Opaque Bucket Plumbing cement Growing medium - I used expanded clay ball Hydroponics Nutrient Step 3: Build the stands Once you figure out the height of your reservoir, you can start designing your stands. Mine is about 13" tall, so my stands are 13", 14", 15", and 16". After cutting the lengths, I cut a triangle (with a height of 2.5") out of each one to hold the PVC. Next, I attached them together with the 2x4's. I found out the hard way that it's easier to make them level if you attach the 2x4's mid way up, instead of at the bottom. Step 4: Plumbing You'll need to drill a hole with a spade bit suitable for your tubing in each of the end caps. Drill the holes at the height that you want your water level to be at. I didn't think about it at first, so you'll see in the pictures that they're at the edge, I later had to adjust this, but there's a picture of that, too. Make sure your water level is high enough that the bottom of your cups will be submerged. My pump came with a removable attachment for the tubing, so I wrapped one side of it with Teflon tape and used plumbing cement to attach it to a piece of tubing long enough to reach from the upper tube to the bottom of the reservoir. I then pushed the tube through an end cap's hole. Push another piece long enough to reach from the lower tube to the reservoir. Then attach two end caps via tubing long enough to fit on both pieces of PVC. Step 5: Holes Depending on your plants, the spacing of your holes will be different. I wanted to plant at least six plants, so my spacing worked out to be 8-9 inches between each hole. I would have spread them out farther if I could, but my PVC isn't long enough. Step 6: Assemble Bring everything out to your final destination and set it up. Because mine is up against the screen of our porch, the lower side faces out, so everyone can get equal amounts of sunlight. Double check that the stands are all in the right orientation...i spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why the water wouldn't run correctly. I drilled three holes in the lid to my bucket, one for the intake tube, one for the output tube, and one for the power cord. It allows me to leave the lid on, and thus help prevent algae from growing. Step 7: Cups Drill plenty of holes in the bottom and edges of each plastic cup, for the roots. Use the cups to measure out clay balls into a bucket of water. The water will wash off any dust that has accumulated on them. Step 8: Planting Carefully use a hose (I like the flat setting) to clean as much dirt as possible off the roots. Try not to mess them up...they don't like that so much. Once they're clean, surround them in the cups with clay balls. Use enough that they can support themselves and stand tall. When you're arranging the plants in the system, keep in mind what kind of plant they are. Put taller plants in the back, so they don't block the sun. My plants that grow heavier veggies are on the lower section, so that I can build a table from the plywood and 2x4's to support their crops. Step 9: Nutrients Mix according to the label. Mine required 20mL per 4L. Because I don't have any way of measuring mL, I converted it to about 4 tsp per 4L and mixed it in a 2L soda bottle. That was a pain. Next time I make it to the hydroponics store, I'm definitely buying a syringe. Step 10: Maitenance The nutrients have to be changed periodically, and it's hard to tell when it needs to be done. People do it anywhere from once a week to once a month, and it depends on how much you mix at a time. Some people also monitor their ph levels. Pool stores generally will check it for free. I don't have a lot of information on the subject to offer, however.
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Beautiful Brick Patio Design Ideas
There are so many different types of hard construction materials such as stones, concrete and bricks from which you can choose the right one for alleys, garden paths, backyard, patio and sitting area paving. All these materials, especially bricks can be used in many and different ways, for outdoor projects or the interior of your home. However, if you are looking to use bricks in your landscape project, you will notice that bricks can be used in many variant ways. Usually, bricks are used for paving paths, alleys and roads, but also they are an appropriate construction materials for other home projects such as stairs, fountains, walls, etc. There are many backyard gardens, where you can see many and different ways of brick arrangements that can give you an idea about what and where you can use this fantastic construction material. After all, an increasing number of families are moving their living rooms outdoors, so why not do it in elegant and aesthetic style? A brick patios will add charm to your outdoor living room. Whether you use brick pavers or real bricks, the result is the same, a stunning paved patio, which will create a beautiful setting area for unforgettable evenings in your backyard.
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Inspiring Ideas For A Charming Garden Pathway
The garden pathway is a good place for your walks. Moreover, they are also a great decorative element to further enrich your landscape. So you cannot ignore their aesthetic value in garden designs. In a sense, a unique and charming garden path may reflect the personality and taste of the house owner. Create an inspiring garden path, you need to get rid of old ideas and boost your creativity. Even the most common stone, brick or concrete path can also make an amazing difference. You can decorate them with artistic mosaic patterns, or create a mix of natural grass and the materials above. There are many clever ideas. Well, if you are planning to enhance the appearance of your garden to make it more attractive, please start from the walkway!
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Tropical Sense Outdoor Garden Design Ideas
TROPICAL SENSE OUTDOOR GARDEN DESIGN IDEAS Palm, bamboo and other plants arranged with tropical forest style, look dense and look natural. Side of it, outdoor dining and relaxing space create with minimalist elegant look. The benches has unique, innovative and characterize by reiterate the shape of the indoor fireplace. The hardwood continues the lines of the flooring. The granite in the waterfall increases in size while alternating texture and alignment, producing a captivating flow. For continuous form of open living house with roof terrace, this garden landscaping design is wonderful. Music By : www.bensound.com
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Small Yard Landscape Design
Small garden landscapes are incredibly detail-oriented. Whether the garden is gracing a condominium, a tiny bungalow, or a rooftop, there is no room for sloppy design or incompleteness. That's because what is neglected will invariably become an eyesore. Упркос њиховој величини сићушном, мали вртови могу имати биљне палете свестрана, као и већег врта. Мали ГарденСцапес може да варира од необичним викендица у стилу дизајна до савремених, упсцале изгледом. За смјештај ограничења у простору у малом врту, дизајнери ландсцапинг често користе минијатурне биљних врста, патуљасте узорке и друге прилагођене материјале. Добар дизајнер не смањи исту башту план користи за дворске имању, већ зна како да нагласи и отеловљују даинтиер димензије малом отвореном простору.
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Beautifull Garden Sheds Ideas to Keep Any of your Gardening Stuffs Inside
The garden sheds become really interesting for all people who are interested in gardening and also who really care about their home and garden condition. Of course, the sheds will be such really helpful for keeping any tools or even any equipment which is needed for gardening. That does not only need to be completely big to accommodate you storing or keeping all of your gardening tools and stuff. You only need to be smart in choosing one for building or even buying the garden sheds for your need. That will be really great to help you get what you need and suitable for your condition as well. Există unele idei pe care le puteți face cu dacă aveți de gând să cumpere sau chiar a construi grajduri de gradina. Primul este despre materialul, dacă veți alege plastic, metal, sau chiar cea din lemn. Fiecare dintre ele are personaje unice asa ca alege-le în funcție de necesități și de grădină starea dumneavoastră va fi o idee bună. Următor este marimea. Asta poate fi o idee bună pentru tine, deoarece dimensiunea poate fi variată. Acesta poate fi de mare sau chiar mici. Aveți nevoie pentru a lua în considerare spațiul disponibil pentru plasarea și, de asemenea, ia în considerare nevoia și bugetul în alegerea dimensiunii. Luarea în considerare de lângă pentru a face față este de aproximativ accesul pentru confortul dumneavoastră și, de asemenea, robustețea pentru siguranța și durabilitatea. Када ћеш купити или изградити шупу, боље је да пронађе најбољи избор једног јер постоји толико много опција које можете изабрати. То је важно за вас да се баве вашим потребама као и стање. Познавајући добро о ваше потребе, као и стање вашег врта, можете једноставно добити прави избор једног. Имати доброг управљања унутар шупи ће такође бити од помоћи да прими ли кријете много ствари у вашем ограниченом простору шупе. Кључ ако имају прави управљања унутар своје баште шупе.
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15 Garden Path Ideas With Stepping Stones
15 Garden Path Ideas With Stepping Stones Stepping stone pathways can be a great addition to your outdoor landscape. Find ideas here about the design, shape, and size of stones that will best fit your garden.
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Ideas for a Landscape Garden
When you plan a landscape garden, one of the first things you consider is how good it will look once it is finished. Just as important as this, is another factor – whether the garden accommodates the needs of those who are likely to use it the most. Here are a few ideas that can help you create such a landscape garden: Develop a relationship diagram Before developing a plan for the landscape garden, you should discuss with family members what they want most from it. Some of the common functions that families require are – protection from wind, a barbecue area, a dog pen, a dining area, recreation space and a play area. Once you decide what you want from the garden, you can make a sketch which shows the location of the areas. This is called a relationship diagram. For instance, if you want a dining area, position it close to the kitchen. Based on this, you can decide where the plants have to be, and where the furniture and other fixtures are to be placed in the garden. Decorate the garden Here are a few simple, cost-effective ways to decorate the garden: Pick an area in the garden that you feel is a good spot for relaxing. Add an elegant patio day-bed. Arrange a few pillows that are convenient to lean against. If it is placed in an area that does not have a shade, get a canopy fixed overhead. Look for flat slabs used as stepping stones a few decades ago. You can get a glass splash-back fixed on it as a table-top. Place the stepping stone in between two to three short wooden chairs, and it can make a great arrangement where you can have a cup of tea in the evening. Glass splash-backs on walls can be a great addition to a greenhouse. Get the surfaces fixed before you arrange the plants against the wall. The splash-backs will prevent the walls from gathering the dirt and grime that it otherwise will, as a result of splashing when you water the plants. In keeping with the functionality of the room, you should opt for a green glass splash-back. Glass worktop surfaces can look very beautiful when the lighting is right. A good option is to place lights on the surface. Add lights that reflect the mood of the garden. For instance, if you want to give it a cool, breezy feel, place votives in seashells that are oversized. Arrange the shells in a shallow tray filled with sand. Place this arrangement on a worktop saver in the garden. Another idea to light up the area in the garden is a set of small, clear apothecary bottles with wicks and lamp oil in them, placed on a big glass cake stand covered by a hurricane. If you are apprehensive about using candles and other votives, the best option is battery operated lights. Make origami balloon lanterns in which you can place the lights and hang all over the garden. This is a safe option for kids’ parties, where there is a good chance that children will bump into the lights.
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Balcony Gardens Prove No Space Is Too Small For Plants
Ready for some fall gardening? Even if you live in a small place without a yard, don’t let an opportunity for cultivating plants pass you by! In fact, some of my favorite garden spaces are balcony gardens. Why? Because on a balcony, every square inch counts. And sometimes when you have less to work with, you are forced to give everything more attention. Compact Balcony Gardens “But all I have is a slab of concrete and a confining rail”… Well, so did these folks! And look what they’ve done with their outdoor spaces! From growing produce to letting bright orange blooms have their moment in the spotlight, the curators of this charming balcony garden have used a variety of strategies to create a truly green space with a natural look. [from Priscilla Torres] Don’t be afraid of color…or a little drama! We love how the sculpture below emerges from the ivy… Not to mention, a little bistro seating is the perfect complement to a slew of red and purple blossoms. [from Houzz user Jeannie] Dramatic lighting in a tropical backyard Layering a variety of plants by combining them into one container is a wonderful technique for creating a wild look. And there’s something so European about the way it all comes together We love this diverse collection of plants featured at seebyzoe. Remember to make sure your blooms and greenery can handle a lot of sun if they are out in the open. [via Potted Plant Society] Make sure you enjoy your balcony garden to the fullest by including a place to sit. Or better yet, two spots so you can take in the view with a friend… [from Ed Roth via Houzz] Then again, if you only have room for one chair, there IS something quite special about having a quiet getaway for one. A place to rest your feet and a table to rest your drink are other essentials, as shown below: If you feel extra ambitious, include a table so you can enjoy a meal among the vines. In fact, we can’t help but admire the charming overgrown look of this next balcony garden… [from Lonny] Spacious Balcony Gardens We now move on to balcony gardens with a bit more space. If you have room for a potting bench or a little table, you can incorporate the element of height. In fact, the wooden planks on the balcony wall below help add character to this plant-filled space. Note the variety of pots involved, and the use of greenery from floor to ceiling. [from Pambaboma] Lining the rail with plants is an excellent option, especially if you have flowerbeds in the vicinity of the metalwork. Not only does greenery bring a sense of life to the balcony, it creates privacy… [from Airbnb] Grass and flowers can be seen along the interior of the rail below. The radiant flowers are the perfect counterpart to the green hills on the outside of the glass. [from Savio & Rupa] Today we’ve showcased a variety of looks, from the wild and overgrown to the manicured and carefully planned. And there’s nothing more modern and manicured than sleek planters filled with spiky leaves. Throw in comfy seating with clean lines, and you have a contemporary space worth celebrating! [from Lonny] If you’re lucky enough to have room for a dining table on your balcony, you can entertain outdoors! Give the space a garden-like feel with a touch of greenery. Make sure to include some tall plants that draw the eye upward and surround guests with greenery as eye-catching as the delicious food you will undoubtedly serve! [from Sage Ecological Landscapes] Plants, trees, benches. Green, purple, white. So much on display, yet it all seamlessly blends. Design perfection! [from The Artist Garden] This next balcony garden is truly plant-centered. Pots line the walls and the ledge. Not to mention, there’s a greenhouse! Good thing there are also chairs and a table for enjoying the all of this lush vegetation! [from Port + Quarter] A little rain never hurt anything! How amazing are the “gravel-scapes” below?! From the metal edging to the raised planters with modern blooms, this space is truly a work of art… [from Breaux Design] We end with a shot from the inside out. Because that’s the view you’ll get from the inside of your home once you take the time to cultivate your outdoor space! And if your balcony happens to have a view, you’ll get a double dose of scenic beauty! [from Martin Kobus Home] When I had a balcony garden of my own, my look was definitely “tropical”…with a hint of Miami style! Today we’ve seen a variety of balcony garden looks, from the sleek and modern to the charmingly layered and overgrown. What’s your balcony style?
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