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a beautiful Music...RAINFOREST Magic...........  by Tony O' Connor !
an awesome and incredibly nice music by the Late Tony O'Connor ! a tribute to a Great musician...composer and arranger.Taken from his sold out album : RAINFOREST MAGIC !
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Most Beautiful Chinese NEW AGE Instrumental Music.......from the album...Our Gone Home !
Taken from the Chinese New Age Music album..." Our Gone Home " !
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An Incredible Beautiful MUSIC ....by the Late Tony O' Connor !
the Late Tony O'Connor music is inspiring and incredibly nice to the ears ! a Tribute to one of the world's best composer , arranger and performer of his kind of music ! This beautiful track is from his album : RAINFOREST MAGIC !
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Jet Li's  " FEARLESS "..... with original theme music by Shigeru Umeba !
an awesome Movie....a beautiful theme music soundtrack !
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CHEN TAIJI MUSIC........a beautiful tempo beat to stimulate your " CHI " !
Try this music when u practice your Chen Shi Quan.......LaoJiaYiLu or Xin Jia Yi Lu!.Music had already been used by Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang in one of his performance of the Lao Jia Yi Lu..( his own style ! ) some years back in Hongkong ! See his performance video....@ my channel ...ChenShi56!
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A Mantra of AVALOKITESHVARA......The Great Compassion BUDDHA ( Da Bei Zhou ) !...the Mantra lyrics is in Sanskrit.
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PSY- " GANGNAM STYLE "..... by WAVEYA  KOREAN Dance Team !
another PSY Gangnam Style Dance by Waveya Korean Dance Team ! enjoy the show.....! Disclaimer: Video do not belongs to me .It belongs to the artiste and the related recording company.If any infringement ,please notify and will immediately delete video.Just follow the wave to promote your version !
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A Beautiful Buddhist Crystal Music to Calm Your Mind and Generate 'CHI'  within your body  !
Relax & Meditate with this music before you take your shower after TaiChi and your Qigong exercises every morning......U can cool down with this Buddhist crystal music as well ! ....very , very calming to your mind and relax your soul ! Music is generated by the energy from the crystals.......so " CHI " flows smoothly within your body !
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NEW AGE ' TAI CHI  ' MUSIC for ChenShi ...."CHI PERN GONG " ..& LaoJiaYiLu !
Do your Chen Shi " CHI Pern Gong " with is incredibly nice music to relax your body and soul !..the do a bout of ChenShi LaoJiaYiLu !.....U be fresh and alert for the day !...an outdoor recording and sound surround from my AltecLansing BoomBox IMT 8000 !
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Traditional Chinese PIPA Music....by  beautiful Lu Yanan !
a beautiful play on the Chinese musical instrument PIPA....by beautiful Lu Yanan ,
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A Beautiful Buddhist GUZHENG & ERHU Music !
Track taken from an old 1990s Buddhist songs and music CD.....given out as " free distributions " ...with kind donations to a Na Mo Amitabha Society !
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A Beautiful THAI Girl...............a Beautiful THAI Song !
a slow beautiful Thai LOVE ballad !
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2012 Beijing Auto Show......diamonds studded  Chinese SuperModel...LI JINGZHI !.
a medley of pretty auto show models...with diamonds studded dress of supermodel LiJingZhi standing out amongst them !
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PSY " GANGNAM STYLE " ....KOREAN Wave " GANGNAM STYLE "....  by Hatsune Miku !
Latest trendy craze to promote GANGNAM in S.Korea !...the Gangnam Style ! Disclaimer : I do not own anything. All credits to the owners/ artistes/creators of this video. If any infringements , please notify immediately...will delete rightaway !
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Meditation in the Park early morning !
Meditation in the Park II @ Bishan. KGVideoMusicWorks. April 2018.
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A Beautiful FUSION of Chinese Music Instruments.... ERHU , DIZI , GUZHENG & the PIANO !
a perfect FUSION of Chinese musical instruments ....the ERHU , DIZI , GUZHENG with the Western Piano !
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A' Secret Beauty' of the riverPark @ Bishan !..a Pure MEDITATION and RELAXATION Music !
One of the best music video ever been made by KennieGMusicVideos....for your Pure Meditation & Relaxation.Music by Llewellyn. Disclaimer : I do not own the music .It belongs to the artiste and the recording company.
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Summer MEDITATION by the riverbanks @ riverPark @ Bishan !..a Beautiful Chinese DIZI Music!
Do your Mindfulness MEDITATION to reduce and ease your stress level and also help to treat your anger problems and excessive worries ! Quote : Since everything is a REFLECTION of our minds , Everything can be changed by our MINDS !
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"Purple HERON"..comes to the river in the hot afteroon...a RELAXATION MUSIC for lunch-break !
Video taken by KennieGMusicVideos. Music by Medwyn Goodall. Disclaimer: I do not own the music as it belongs to the artiste and the recording company.
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Most Wonderful Time of the Year is Christmas December 2017 !
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year 2017 is Christmas ! aKGMuiscVideos. ARR. Music Credits: Phil & John . December 2017.
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A lonely purple HERON patiently 'hunting' for food @ the riverbanks of the riverPark Bishan !
a Purple Heron can be seen @ the waterways of the naturalised river @ riverPark , Bishan , quite punctually , daily at about 6:30 pm ! This shy lonely Heron prefers to hunt for his meal at the river all alone....usually at the touch of dusk !...eat his meals and flys off fast to his home !.....he listens attentively to this awesome music.......!
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" GANGNAM " Style Dance.......Hatsune Miku in  Christmas Attire !
Disclaimer : I do not own the music nor the video as it belongs to the artiste and related animations by the maker and recording house.Simply putting up it up for anyone to enjoy this latest Korean wave! with no infringement rights intended. If you want it removed......please notify and will remove immediately !
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A Beautiful 'WaterLily' pond early morning...a beautiful Chinese Erhu music..Colors of the Wind !
A beautiful ERHU music ! A beautiful WaterLily pond @ riverPark , Bishan !
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' FOREVER TONIGHT ' .......by Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard...enjoy your night !
Listen to this lovely " LOVE " song by Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard ......enjoy the video for the night ! Music Disclaimer : Music song belongs to the artistes and the recording company.No infringement intended. If you think otherwise , kindly inform me and will immediately delete this music video.
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