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Harder better faster stronger big collab map [CLOSED, 19/19 PARTS TAKEN]
RULES -you can have 2 parts or less -dont add a watermark unless its the flipaclip watermark -you have 3 weeks to finish, if you need more time let me know -you can slide frames but please crop it so it looks animated -try to make the timing as right as possible -dont complain if you dont get chosen -add this background (read the pinned comment) -dont trace -you can tween if you want -post your part on yt or instagram (my instagram is kaawaiix_) -say kawaii if you read the rules uvu PARTS Intro: Cutiecreampuff Løl Part1: kawaiix (aka me) [DONE] Part2: RedMint GACHA [DONE] Part3: Cutiecreampuff Løl Part4: CattyDog [DONE] Part5: Akame Shirayuki Part6: Midnight Lynx Part7: RayAnimation Channel Part8: Fantasy S.D Part9: xXŁynx Đraws Part10: Ruellia [DONE] Part11: Redcrystalmoon Part12: Breanimations Part13: snow animates Part14: SEDcookiez [DONE] Part15: Silvignis The Omega-Nightfury Part16: Fluffy Oreoz Part17: MJ_Art Artsy Part18: (taken by someone but idk how 2 spel their name) Dont forgot pls qwq Subscribe to my sister Everyday Marifer 💘.
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Bye bye//animation meme
Tbh i think i'll start doing 30 fps lol Original: eddoddles Inspired: eddoddles, casualsusan Subscribe to my sister Everyday Marifer 💘.
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Change the formality // flipaclip (READ DESC)
I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO THE пока лена проблем MEME BUT I JUST HAD TO DO THIS Original: https://youtu.be/MTn1j8Pv0Zw Inspired: https://youtu.be/mbSp0QQeWfI , https://youtu.be/ve7Ox_kdah8 Subscribe to my sister Everyday Marifer 💘.
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I have no friends so here ya go xD https://discord.gg/TGyfERK
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