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🔫s n 🌹 cover
Awesome covers dude
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How to play seven nation army on one string.
Hey. Sorry for the lighting, two bulbs blew yesterday and haven't had time to replace them. Frets: 9-9-12-9-7-5-4 -9-9-12-9-7-5-7-5-4 Shout out to batlit boy and cocker Like and subscribe Project g has been moved to a week away instead of two weeks. WAHOO!
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How to play seven nation army on bass
My first bass vid. Please sub And check out jaw1580
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Guitar riffs 2. Finally.
It's about time I uploaded this. To be honest I had planned to do it on the day after ep1 but, well, u know, I'm lazy. Like and subscribe And shout out to "batlit boy and cocker" Who will be getting a new name. ;) See u.
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Testing ms-2mini amp with 1960buddy Holly style squire (bridge pickup)
Best guitar Smallest amount What can go wrong
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How to play wild thing on one string.
This time I think I was loud enough but I may not be. Like and and subscribe Shout out to Isabel and batlit boy and cocker Ps turn on captions it is great
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How to play another one bites the dust one string
Sorry for being so quite in this video. I'm usually very confident but recently I've been busy and, well let's say, seen humanity in a while. Nah just kidding it was coz I was tired. And busy. Frets: 0-0-0-slap-0-0-3-0-5-slap-5-3-repeat. Shout out to 'batlit boy and cocker' go subscribe to them. Subscribe and like heroic goat will be starting in around 4 months And project g will be starting VERY soon. ;)
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Some of my favourite riffs EVER!!!!!!!!!
Best riffs ever.... Wait till the end
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Guitar riffs 1
This is my first few riffs Please subscribe and like
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So I found this
Dankey and shruk
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Best green Day riffs
My fave green Day riffs
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Bad cover of the trooper
I worked on playing this classic maiden song for 1/2 of a year and got nowhere!
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Blues jam
Yeah I messed up a bit near the end but no one ever watches these so hey
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