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How to make glass on Minecraft pocket edition (ridiculous recipe)
This recipe is ridiculous glass make of sand REALLY? Like subscribe I really need some ideas for videos tell me but not things crazy like entity303 and herobrine or god Steve...
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Playing piano with my friend (i am a little good)
I was grtting this song from my head my turn and my friend did whatever he do hope you enjoyed
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Armor coloring with the teen titans tower
Subscribe and smash that like button if you want to play with me so no problem UNLESS YOU ARE THE PC MINECRAFT enjoy tell me what kind of videos I do
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Color text and enormous text
Xbox available account it’s Omar alamary I am on MCPE the color text is available on MCPC too maybe I hope so
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Ligne world Minecraft
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Roblox: Blox Hunt with friends
My friend youroster haves more than a channel so i will do the one he really uses. Yourosterblox : https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcbHiFabCLbFuqehxlJVkKQ
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Copying unreplaçable items (dancing item at the end of video)
This is a video to copy unreplacable items i mean If you enchanted something you can’t copy but normal diamond sword you can copy
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Automatic machine ( read description ) and smash that like button
To make a auto machine you ressource are redstone redstone repeater and redstone block and piston and any kind of block but also you will need sand that’s if necessary first put a piston place a redstone block in front of it then put a block then a piston but to start you have to put a pressure plate then 1 redstone then the repeater put redstone until you come for the first piston if you want what you saw I mean the sand falling it’s you have to put 2 blocks and 1 sand block cause sand=falling under the sand you have to put a pressure plate then do the steps again and again to make a long one don’t care about the command block
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This is a true story. Tell me what I have to do like games for my next videos I have games like pixel gun 3D shadow fight 3 and ROBLOX tell me which game
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Wizard set
Send me seeds so I could make videos about it
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MCV gameplay (short clip)
I created a website so you can enter and i will be uploading as soon as i can
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Sub to my. Friend
Jad hijazi http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxiCAXABi5L8IN8CKdQkelA Cool game player n http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNKtqvxkcRVdeKvu06vvyew
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How to build the crusher from clash of clans
Crusher is a tower from clash royal you can use it to kill mods that enters your world or use it for PVP use it for anything I don’t know
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Survival series-Go to nether (everything goes wrong) ep 2
Everything goes wrong cause in the last episode Whe n I said I skip the portal making there happened the chaos the Lava gots out and it mAked all the mountain lava when the water floated out too it transformed all the mountain to stone I losted my resources and losted all valuable stuff
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Subscribe to my friend ajdamkocz MCPE
Thats my friends ajdamkocz link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK_RmT8Bd8P3DLkiZMWbC8Q My discord server link https://discord.gg/U5pCaDT
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ROBLOX YouTube video with Omar hide and seek extreme
It’s not a very good episode but watch the next one available on 9/12/2017 maybe it’s between 9/12/2017 and 13/12/2017
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Entity303 The Final Shadow part 1
Entity303 will avenge in earth and we have to stop him or the world will fall to terror
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Minecart rail to cave survival series ep 3
There was no intro cause i cutted the video
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Entity303 The Final Shadow part 2
Entity were coming for you
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How to use beacon and how to tame enderman
Beacon is used to not be lost in survival or creative and to tame endermans I used it for decoration wanna add me on xbox to play Minecraft on iPad? So my name is Omar alamary
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Dungeon simulator and Mining simulator codes
Sub and like the video it means alot to me
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