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Slimetime #2
Hi guys I hope you enjoyed this asmr video and please like and subscribe and turn in post notifications to be the first one to watch I hope u guys enjoyed follow me on music @btsbunnybtsbunnyjk and comment on one of my music.lys your YouTube channel and I will give you a shout out!!! And if you read this thank you and tell all you friends that like slime or squishys to subscribe I love all of you bye! Also I’m gonna have a give away soon!!!
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First video ( WARNING ⚠️ CRINGY)
Hi guys it’s me Zoe as I said go to my friends YouTube channel Lpspusheenpusheen Pink cupcake Dino Teaganl4ever And follow me on Music ly @btsbunnybtsbunnyjk Go like them and follow me and i will follow u And I will do a asmr vid and a slime tutorial Bye!!
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Hi face reveal
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Slimetime #1 part  1
Hellooo it’s me zoe and the video just cut me off so this is part one
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Hey guys it’s me zoe back with another video showing my face now cause I’m weird! Follow me on music.ly @btsbunnybtsbunnyjk and I hope you enjoyed this video
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Pt 1 asmr
Hey guys I will be doing a give away for those who subbed and liked my vids and you’re probably like what are you giving away???? I’m giving away 8 2oz of the blue slime I hope you enjoyed this video !!! And I will be posting pt 2 which is clay mixing And to enter turn on notifications bell,subscribe, like all vids and you will be entered but don’t forget to share with your friends and comment #DONE and you are all set. bye!!
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