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FleaBag Monkey Face- Worst Books I've Ever met..
Ok, Fleabag monkeyface is kiddy stuff.. But it was $2 so I thought, "It must be good.." But it wasn't even good. Fab or AWESOME... Dont buy these rip-off books!
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Animal Jam- What The Heck Does Is This Scammer Thinking?
Welcome to another Animal Jam Scammer Video! So today, Our Silly Scammer is..: Cejmr5. For scamming my Cami, and want's me to send my spike to her so I get my cami back!! Stuipd right?? This Silly Scammer you will have to watch out for- I smell chinese. Oops sorry! This scammer you will have to watch out for because she is deadly and is a virus like fman122 and i dont want chu gettin' hacked and scammed. -Annalise Pup
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Xbox Minecraft- Let's Play Burn The Googlies?
Burn The Googlies!
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Huge Fox Hat Give Away 2014 ~OPEN~
Huge Fox Hat Give Away 2014! ANIMALJAM USERNAME- Plzbeit So :l Plzbeit's mine but I share it with my brother, David. Plus+ If you didnt get that it was- Hey! Plzbeit here! And their's a huge Fox Hat Give Away! Just tell me in the comments below- Reason and Fav colour and STATUS!
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BRINK- Let's End This Once, Not Twice.
BRINK- Download, Buy at games.co.uk or buy at games' in great yarmoth. It's a 12, so it's okay for you guys or they might let 11 or 10 year old's off.... But the way it start is horrible if you do freeplay.
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Midnight Snack-Sub: Samuel Luke Addington, Well Dum Done!
Be sure to check out Sameul Luke Addington's Video's he does loads of blast's and thing's that make's you really exighted! So.. Bye,
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BRINK- The Enimes Smashed Us!
Buy brink at Games.co.uk if you're not english. If you are then go to great yarmonth, all the way To Games.co.uk
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Slideshow- Step To Repeat
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1. The person's name begins with K. 2. Her second letter begins with a. 3. 3rd letter begins with 'T' 4. 4th letter begins with y.
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Hey guys, I got hacked and someone got my voice, somehow, or somewhere. I am so sorry..
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SlideShow- My life.
This is a private video for a few of my friends, subcribers, and just making you getting to know me. Once i'm up to 5 subcribers I will do Movie Star Planet videos, minecraft videos, And Animal Jam videos. I'm doing this with lot's of help of my friends. Friend's Youtube: Animaljamvideos1234 Julian2AJ LilacPetal XxverykindguyXxAJ. I subcribe to a lot of people! Maybe YOU have a chance, for me to subcribe to.. YOU!
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Sarah Didn't Change The Password For Her Animaljam account
You guys im sorry im not agreeing wid you but sarah didnt do it.
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Random person on my Computer?
Who did this? Nobody I know XD so i'm freaked.
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5 Second Rules-
This video is a 5 second video that proves that sweets have to be 5 seconded, ruled.
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Weird Slideshow
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (http://www.youtube.com/upload) I would like you to subcribe to anyone you may like just make sure this is uploaded please? Thank you.
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My Little Frozen- Sing-A-Long Elsa, Anna, And My Dad's Face!
My Little Frozen- Sing-A-Long Elsa, Anna, And My Dad's Face! Includes: Music, Elsa Teddy/Doll, Anna Teddy/Doll, Some Repeat Music, And A Little Touch Of Mist And Fairy Dust!
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Minecraft- Skin Giveaway for Famous youtubers in next one for you!!
Hey guys, in this video I will be giving away a funny chef skin for Minecraft 100% free! All you have to do is, comment below- I vote for ......- Hope you enjoy!
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Animal Jam- Jamma Journla And Tried Doing A Glitch??
Animaljam is a fun game for kids to play. But not all kids, do play it. But this is the Daily News Animal Jam Video... So what? I get bored of Making Webcam videos o.o
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Welcome To The Deathbead- Goodbye.
All I ever wanted was someone to be my friend. They deleted me on skype, left me heartbroken. I wish i could say who it was and when it happened but I will never FOR GIVE them..
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Im so sorry i wish we could be friends again im crying i miss you luke i just want to be friends please
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Animal Jam- Scammer & Hacker Warning + Info
Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDK-r... for how to avoid getting scammed. Plus, LadyBugMaria, A famous scammer, yet still scams on storages. Is LadyBugMaria a man or a women? Is LadyBugMaria even a.... Human..?
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Minecraft- My Dogs + My Skins
In this minecraft video, I will be showing you my skins! I counted and their was 53. You dont have to buy them
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Slideshow- My Life [Part 3] [Special Will In Next!!]
I created this, for no reason. Well one reason, cause I got really bored and I wanted to make a video so I thought my 3rd Slideshow would be good :)
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Slidshow- My Life [Part 2] NOW WITH MUSIC!!
This Youtube Video wouldn't be made without my brother. :) I love my old one where there was my 8 year old brother and my huskies in the antartic. Plus, This song was the only one with a person singing, even though it's bad, if you like it then thank you for liking it and I only have 1 view but this is a good thing going for Youtube and I love making video's, But what I hate is that i had my wolves doing nothing because I can only do slideshows now.
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Minecraft Let's Play- I found 3 Villagers- 2 not griefed?
Minecraft's a popular game that i've always liked but i decided to record this because i love Xbox and minecraft so i combind them together. Minecraft is also a popular game, which loads of peoplee get subs for....... But im not doing it for the subs, I'm doing it for the SUBCRIBERS and FUNSCRIBERS!
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Minecraft Xbox360- How To Grief A Village
This Minecraft Let's Play video teaches you the steps and creation of how to grief a village.
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Animal Jam- Just A Little Infomation To Know Me!
Hey guys, Welcome to another Video! In this video, I will be touring my Animal Jam Den, Mt Shiver, And 2 friends. This short, video will get me closer to a few 'Likes' 'N' 'Subs' And you will get to know me better!
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Shout Out Video- Samuel Luke Addington! Well Done.
Make sure to check out Samuel Luke Addington's channel it's a real Blast!
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My Edited Video
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Slideshow Of the Summon- My Xbox Games.
Hey guys! Here's a few of my games that I might play on our channel. I upload a video of these, maybe ever single time I'm bored or need views. I'd love you to leave a little 'Like' If you've got these games or a little 'Sub' If you'd like to see more games uploaded!
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Animal Jam- 2011 PC'S. When are my PC's coming back in Jamma..?
2011 PC'S where a beta beta item and only were in store on X-mas. Nobody was online that day expect from me, I bought 6 PC'S for 50g, The next day someone offered me a yellow spike wrist for one. I accepted, and sold my others for 30 gems. Once I found out they where beta I loudly sighed.. -Eats Cookie- :3 So that's my story of Animaljam- 2011 PC's..
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SKYPE- Progress. Strength. And  A Few Tips On How To Use It. [1]
Skype was finnaly realesd in 2011, Aprail//may 30th/31st/1st, It was a fun way to comminicate with family, & friends. The more popular it became, the more likes of Skype got over 1 billion. The owner of skype, have over 10 million billion trillion $ Or £. Thank you for watching Remember- Part 2 out soon!
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Fman122 Back In The Beta Days [1]
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Animal Jam- Why Not Safe For 'Kids' To Play & Have Fun?
Animal Jam isn't safe for kids for some reasons. The free-chat, You can be rude and do () llalalakik and lots of rude words that might not show up. Also, The Mating, when theirs one kid and one adult it can be really awkward because the 'KID' wouldn't know what the Adult was doing so the 'KID' would go along with it. AJ is not safe because of the scamming and it makes kids cry.. If your a kid and you scam it's gonna fail. Adult's get away with it, and doesn't care if they get called by AJHQ, Blocked, reported or getting CONTACTED by AJ. Another REASON, The kid's learn things of the Adults and put mean words like a*** or f***. Then they get SUSPENDED for ADULT reasons...
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Minecraft- I'll Show Chu Who's Boss :3
Hey, And welcome to another minecraft let's play video. Watchin' me is like chu coming to :3 Now I dont get $1 for dis
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Animal Jam -  Living Virus
Lock your dens. Don't go into Alden.
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Member Account's And Non Members Free Chat
Accounts in the video but if you didn't see here they are: Username: Celticbutterfly Password: butterfly Username: rainbowdash12 password: mylittlepony Username: rainbowdash534 password: mylittlepony Rainbowdash534 may have password changed but enjoy remember like and subcribe! :D Plus I didn't hack the accounts they where my old friends that quit animaljam but if they re-join i will tell them to change the password's. Please, don't take any rare or beta, items off them that some people have worked for because the people that worked for them have to take pride in their work. Thanks for watching
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