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Mangrove Charcoal Living Museum video presentation
A way to co-exist with the surroundings Not just a museum, An activated spaces with time captured It's a living exhibition itself My very Final Thesis Project of Master of Architecture 2017/2018 Department of Architecture, University of Malaya
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It's time to say GoodBye SAYONARA JAPAN
Yea, I know this video is quite raw because It's time for studio time, it's time for design,it's gonna be busy time Scene1 Arashyiyama Bamboo Park: Train passing by Scene2 Kinkakuji: Western VVVIPs visiting Scene3 Central Kyoto: Taking a cab Scene4 Osaka Castle Park: Orange yellowish leaves Scene5 Fushimi-Inari: The red torii Scene6 Osaka Castle Scene7 Kiyomizu dera Scene8 Toutaji Temple Scene9 Dontoburi: Drums games Scene10 Central Kyoto: Pedestrians Scene11 Kaiyukan Osaka: Kawaii kids Scene12 Nakanoshima: Sunset and me Scene13 KuraZushi Osaka: Tomoya Scene14 Nipponbashi: Okonomiyaki and soba Scene15 Kyoto River Side: Ramen Scene16 Kaiyukan Osaka: Giant creatures everywhere Scene17 KuraZushi Osaka: Eating 100yen per Sushi plate Scene18 Kurama: Fire Festival Scene19 Central Kyoto: Drunk Rap Battle with cops Scene20 Hotel Toyo: Small anthromethric room Scene21 Kyoto-Nagoya: Bullet Train *Credit to Namewee 新山真好
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Viet[NORTH] Trip
Thank you for everything there...
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Twinkles 2015
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Kia Ora, Aotearoa!
An Unexpected Journey to the Middle Earth. 00:01 Gold Coast 00:13 Southern Alps 00:18 Lake Wakatipu 00:25 Hobbiton 01:20 One Tree Hill 01:23 Paradise 01:26 Homer Tunnel 01:30 Lake Pukaki 01:40 Middlemarch 01:51 Milford Sound 01:53 Pukaki 01:56 Glenorchy 02:00 Kinloch 02:14 Fiorland National Park 02:45 Mount Creighton 02:50 Lake Salt Sutton 02:54 Auckland 03:03 Tekapo 03:10 Hooker Valley 03:21 Mount Cook 03:34 Christchurch
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"Kia Ora, Aoteroa!" Teaser
Full video length coming soon.
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Tropic Love @ Tioman Island
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UTM Archi 1st Year (Sectatio) Harlem Shake 2013
Oh yea ... finish project
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